List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in St. Clements, Manitoba
#Street Name
1102 Road
2202 Road
3202 Road
4212 Road
529 Road East
630 Road East
7304 Road
8304 Road
9304 Road
10306 Road
11317 Road
12317 Road
13319 Road
14319 Road
154 Miles Road
1642 Road East
1743 Road East
18435 Road
1944 Road East
2045 Road East
2146 Road East
2247 Road East
23500 Road
24508 Road
2574 Road East
2687 Road North
2787 Road North
2887 Road North
2988 Road North
3088 Road North
3188 Road North
3289 Road North
3389 Road North
3489 Road North
3589 Road North
3690 Road North
3791 Road North
3892 Road North
3992 Road North
4093 Road North
4193 Road North
4294 Road North
4394 Road North
44Aden Street
45Anderson Street
46Arnhold Street
47Ashfield Road
48Ashfield Road
49Autumnwood Bay
50Balsam Cove
51Bayview Drive
52Beach Boulevard
53Bellanca Place
54Board Walk
55Boundary Road
56Boundary Road
57Boundary Road
58Briday Road
59Bridgeview Drive
60Brittany Road
61Bunns Road
62Byers Drive
63C.i.l. Road
64Cedar Street
65Christina Street
66Christine Cove
67Church Road
68Church Road
69Clarke Road
70Colville Road
71Cooks Cove
72Coronation Road
73Country Road
74Danko Drive
75Deago Road
76Debra Avenue
77Deepdale Avenue
78Dion Drive
79Donald Road
80Donald Street
81Dorothy Cove
82Doyle Road
83Drobot Road
84Dunning Road
85Dunning Road East
86East Street
87Elias Street
88Elken Place
89Elm Street
90Emerald Bay
91Evergreen Bay
92Evergreen Place
93Ferry Road
94Ferry Road
95First Street South
96Fiwchuk Drive
97Floodway Drive
98Floodway Road South
99Four Mile Road
100Frank Street
101Freda Avenue
102Frontier Road
103George Street
104Goodman Drive
105Gowryluk Road
106Grace Street
107Grand Marais Boulevard
108Greening Avenue
109Grey Avenue
110Harold Avenue
111Hay Road
112Henderson Highway
113Henderson Highway
114Henderson Highway
115Henderson Highway
116Hide-away Crescent
117Hornshaw Street
118Inga Avenue
119James Boulevard
120Janine Street
121Joan Boulevard
122John Boulevard
123John Street
124Joyce Drive
125Judith Cove
126Kirkness Road
127Kirkness Road
128Kittson Road
129Kuharski Crescent
130Lakeview Bay
131Lakeview Drive
132Lakeview Drive
133Lakeview Road
134Laurie May Cove
135Lawrence Boulevard
136Leah Avenue
137Limousin Road
138Lorne Hill Road
139Ludwick Road
140Luzny Place
141Lyons Road
142Main Street
143Margaret Street
144Marvin Garden Road
145Matilda Avenue
146Mckay Road
147Mckay Road
148Meadows Way
149Melody Lane
150Michael Place
151Michelle Street
152Mile 31 Rd East
153Mile 32 Rd East
154Mile 33 Rd East
155Mile 40 Rd East
156Mile 75 Road North
157Mile 77 Road North
158Mile 77 Road North
159Mile 77 Road North
160Mile 78 Road North
161Mile 78 Road North
162Mile 78 Road North
163Mile 79 Road North
164Mile 79 Road North
165Mile 79 Road North
166Mile 80 Road North
167Mile 80 Road North
168Mile 80 Road North
169Mile 81 Road North
170Mile 81 Road North
171Mile 82 Road North
172Mile 82 Road North
173Mile 83 Road North
174Mile 83 Road North
175Mile 84 Road North
176Mile 84 Road North
177Miller Creek Road
178Miller Road
179Mowatt Road
180Nancy Cove
181Nanton Road
182Neil Boulevard
183Nicholas Street
187Norseman Place
188North Drive
189Notarianni Road
190Novak Drive
191Oak Avenue
192Oak Ridge Street
193Oak View Drive
194Oakdale Avenue
195Old Henderson Highway
196Old River Road
197Park Avenue
198Park Cove
199Park Drive
200Park Place
201Parkside Drive
202Partridge Bay
203Pat Street
204Pelican Bay
205Peltz Drive
206Peninsula Point Drive
207Pine Place
208Pine Road
209Pine Street
210Pinecrest Drive
211Pinehurst Avenue
212Pioneer Road
213Poplar Bay
214Poplar Street
215Provincial Trunk 12 Highway
216Provincial Trunk 12 Highway
217Provincial Trunk 12 Highway
218Provincial Trunk 12 Highway
219Provincial Trunk 12+59 Highway
220Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
221Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
222Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
223Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
224Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
225Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
226Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
227Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
228Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
229Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
230Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
231Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
232Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
233Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
234Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
235Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
236Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
237Provincial Trunk 59 Highway
238Quarry Road
239Railway Avenue East
240Railway Avenue West
241Readgan Road
242Rebeck Road
243Rebeck Road
244Rica Road
245River Road
246Riverby Lane
247Rock Haven Road
248Rodeo Drive
249Roman Drive
250Roscoe Road
251Roxanne Close
252Sayer Street
253Shalom Road
254Shamrock Place
255Shannon Crescent
256Sherwood Street
257Shirley Bay
258Shirley Drive
259Sinclair Street
260South Avenue
261South Bay
262Spruce Drive
263St. Francis Drive
264St. Peters Road
265Stone Church Road
266Strathcona Road
267Summerland Drive
268Sunset Avenue
269Sunset Cove
270Theodor Drive
271Thorncliffe Avenue
272Trevor Street
273Two Mile Road
274Tyler Drive
275Vernon Keats Drive
276Victory Road
277Wachal Drive
278Wallie Road
279Warren Road
280West Road
281West Street
282Whitepine Road
283William Avenue
284William Road
285Willow Street
286Willow Way
287Woodrow Road
288Yale Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)