List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Thompson, Manitoba
#Street Name
123 Highway
223 Highway
323 Highway
423 Highway
523 Highway
623+240 Highway
7240 Highway
8240 Highway
9338 Highway
10391 Highway
11432 Highway
12Arctic Drive
13Arctic Place
14Ash Street
15Ashberry Place
16Assiniboine Place
17Baffin Crescent
18Baker Avenue
19Basswood Avenue
20Beaver Crescent
21Berens Road
22Birch Avenue
23Blight Street
24Brandon Crescent
25Broadway Street
26Broadway Street
27Burntwood Road
28Cambridge Place
29Cambridge Street
30Cameron Avenue
31Campbell Drive
32Caribou Road
33Caribou Road
34Caribou Road
35Carleton Place
36Cedar Street
37Centennial Drive East
38Centennial Drive West
39Char Bay
40Churchill Drive
41Cobalt Crescent
42Collins Street
43Commercial Place
44Confederation Crescent
45Copper Road
46Coral Crescent
47Cornell Place
48Crane Street
49Cree Road
50Cypress Crescent
51Deerwood Drive
52Despins Road
53Dominion Bay
54Duke Place
55Eider Bay
56Elder Avenue
57Elizabeth Drive
58Elk Bay
59Elm Street
60Evans Avenue
61Farrell Drive
62Fifth Street
63First Street
64Fourth Street
65Fox Bay
66Gay Street
67Goldeye Crescent
68Granite Crescent
69Grass River Drive
70Greenway Crescent
71Grey Wolf Bay
72Hambley Road
73Hargrave Bay
74Harvard Street
75Hayes Road
76Hearne Avenue
77Hemlock Crescent
78Hickory Avenue
79Hillside Crescent
80Hudson Bay
81James Street
82Jasper Drive
83Johnston Crescent
84Juniper Drive
85Kelsey Bay
86Kerby Avenue
87Knife Crescent
88Knight Place
89Laval Place
90Letain Street
91Lynx Crescent
92Macmaster Bay
93Mallard Crescent
94Manasan Drive
95Martin Bay
96Mcgill Place
97Mid Road
98Minago Bay
99Mitishto Bay
100Mystery Lake Road
101Nelson Road
102Nickel Road
103Norton Avenue
104Notigi Bay
105Oak Avenue
106Oak Street
107Ospwagon Drive
108Oxford Bay
109Paint Road
110Parkway Crescent
111Partridge Crescent
112Pelican Crescent
113Perch Avenue
114Pickerel Crescent
115Pike Crescent
116Pintail Crescent
117Pipe Road
118Poplar Crescent
119Princeton Drive
120Public Lane
121Public Road
122Purdue Avenue
123Quartz Road
124Quartz Street
125Queens Bay
126Rainbow Crescent
127Rankin Crescent
128Red River Drive
129River Road
130Riverside Drive
131Robinson Way
132Sandpiper Crescent
133Sauger Crescent
134Scott Street
135Selkirk Avenue
136Severn Crescent
137Silver Crescent
138Smith Crescent
139Spoonbill Crescent
140Spruce Road
141Staghorn Drive
142Stanford Bay
143Station Road
144Sturgeon Crescent
145Teal Avenue
146Third Street
147Third Street
148Thompson Drive North
149Thompson Drive South
150Treeline Avenue
151Trout Avenue
152Walnut Avenue
153Waterloo Avenue
154Waterloo Place
155Weir Road
156Wekusko Street
157Westwood Drive
158William Street
159Wolf Street
160Wuskwatim Bay
161Yale Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)