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List of Street Maps in Whitemouth, Manitoba
#Street Name
11st Street
21st Street West
32nd Street
42nd Street West
5307 Road
6307 Road
7307 Road
8307 Road
9307 Road
10307 Road
113rd Street West
12406 Road
13408 Road
14506 Road
15506 Road
16Beaver Creek Road
17Big Rock Road
18Big Rock Road
19Boulder Road
20Brookfield Road
21Carl Street
22Christmas Tree Road
23Clifford Street
24Contour Road
25Cooks Falls Road
26Corrigan Street
27Crossing Road
28Elevator Road
29Flora Street
30Front Street
31Grassland Road
32Grouse Road
33Henderson Avenue
34Herzog Drive
35Hideaway Road
36Homestead Road
37Homestead Road
38Homestead Road
39Hospital Street
40Irene Avenue
41Juno Road
42Kildeer Avenue
43Lake Road
44Lewis Road
45Lonely Dale Road
46Main Street
47Mill Street
48Moss Spur Road
49Moss Spur Road
50Neva Falls Road
51Noel Road
52Old 15 Road
53Old 15 Road
54Old 15 Road
55Oldenberg Road
56Oldenberg Road
57Pahjunen Road
58Pinetree Road
59Pit Road
60Plum Creek Road
61Ponderosa Drive
62Provincial Trunk 11 Highway
63Provincial Trunk 11 Highway
64Provincial Trunk 15 Highway
65Provincial Trunk 15 Highway
66Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
67Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
68Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
69Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
70Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
71Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
72Railway Avenue
73Regan Avenue
74Reinto Road
75Rice Road
76River Avenue
77River Road
78Rocky Plains Road
79Scotts Hill Road
80Shaun Dale
81Shelly Road
82Shelly Road
83Silver Bridge Road
84Silver Bridge Road
85Smith Creek Road
86South Street
87Stoney Creek Road
88Stony Hill Road
89Tamarac Road
90Tamarac Road
91Tower Road
92Township Road
93Townsite Road
94Twin River Road
95Two River Drive
96Water Street
97Waterline Road
98Whitemouth Avenue
99Whitemouth Street
100Whitetail Road
101William Avenue
102William Drive
103Zimmeran Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)