List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Amherst, Nova Scotia
#Street Name
1Abbey Road
2Abbott Street
3Academy Street
4Acadia Street
5Admore Avenue
6Agnew Street
7Albion Street
8Allison Avenue
9Alma Street
10Anson Avenue
11Arlington Avenue
12Ash Street
13Bayview Crescent
14Bayview Drive
15Beacon Street
16Belliveau Avenue
17Belmont Street
18Birch Court
19Blois Avenue
20Boylston Avenue
21Brentwood Estate
22Brownell Avenue
23Cambridge Court
24Casper Court
25Cedar Drive
26Centennial Court
27Central Avenue
28Chamberlain Street
29Chandler Road
30Charles Street
31Chignecto Street
32Christie Street
33Church Street
34Clarence Street
35Clifford Street
36Clinton Street
37Coates Street
38Colin Court
39Copp Avenue
40Copp Lane
41Cordova Street
42Cornwall Avenue
43Cornwall Street
44Costin Drive
45Crescent Avenue
46Croft Street
47Cumberland Ridge Drive
48Dale Street
49Davison Street
50Derby Street
51Dickey Street
52Donald Avenue
53Douglas Avenue
54Duke Street
55Dundonald Street
56Dunlap Street
57Durley Street
58East Pleasant Street
59Eddy Street
60Edgewood Avenue
61Electric Street
62Elmwood Drive
63Erncliffe Street
64Fairview Avenue
65Fernwood Drive
66Fillmore Street
67Fleming Avenue
68Fletcher Drive
69Forest Glen Court
70Foundry Street
71Franklyn Street
72Freeman Street
73Fullerton Street
74Garden Court
75Gerard Avenue
76Gladstone Avenue
77Gould Street
78Haliburton Street
79Hamlet Court
80Harding Avenue
81Havelock Street
82Herbert Street
83Hickman Street
84Highfield Street
85Highway 104 East
86Highway 104 West
87Hill Street
88Industrial Park Drive
89Kay Street
90Kent Drive
91Kimberly Court
92King Street
93Lamy Street
94Lansdowne Avenue
95Laplanche Street
96Lawrence Street
97Lennox Avenue
98Liberty Lane
99Longleah Court
100Lord Amherst Drive
101Lorne Crescent
102Lower Laplanche Street
103Lusby Street
104Maple Avenue
105Marshview Drive
106Matthews Terrace
107Mccully Street
108Meadow Street
109Melrose Street
110Milford Street
111Mill Avenue
112Mill Street
113Minto Street
114Mission Street
115Mosher Street
116Motor Avenue
117Myrtle Street
118Newton Avenue
119Norman Street
120North Adelaide Street
121Oceanview Drive
122Ottawa Avenue
123Palmer Street
124Paradise Avenue
125Park Street
126Parkwood Drive
127Patterson Street
128Pearl Place
129Pender Street
130Penny Lane
131Pinehurst Street
132Poplar Street
133Prince Arthur Street
134Princess Street
135Queen Street
136Queen Street Extension
137Race Track Road
138Ralston Place
139Rambler Street
140Ratchford Street
141Redland Avenue
142Regent Street
143Rhodes Avenue
144Ridgewood Court
145Robert Angus Drive
146Robie Street
147Rogers Avenue
148Rosewood Drive
149Rupert Street
150Russell Street
151Sackville Road
152Sandstone Crescent
153Senator Avenue
154Senior Street
155Sherwood Court
156Silver Street
157Smith Street
158Snowden Avenue
159South Adelaide Street
160South Albion Street
161Spence Court
162Spring Street
163Stanley Street
164Station Street
165Summer Street
166Summit Avenue
167Tantramar Court
168Tantramar Crescent
169Taplin Drive
170Terrace Street
171Townshend Avenue
172Townsview Court
173Tupper Boulevard
174Veno Avenue
175Victor Avenue
176Victoria Street East
177Victoria Street West
178Walter Purdy Avenue
179Webster Street
180Wellington Street
181West Pleasant Street
182Westland Estates
183Westminster Avenue
184Willow Court
185Willow Street
186Winston Avenue
187Woodlawn Drive
188York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)