List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
#Street Name
1Addison Place
2Afton Court
3Agincourt Crescent
4Albany Terrace
5Allison Drive
6Almora Court
7Amaranth Crescent
8Amethyst Crescent
9Ancaster Court
10Andrew Avenue
11Arklow Drive
12Armbro Lane
13Ashgrove Avenue
14Ashley Drive
15Aspen Way Crescent
16Astral Drive
17Atholea Drive
18Attwood Crescent
19Auburn Drive
20Autumn Place
21Avondale Road
22Balsam Place
23Baron Court
24Bass Court
25Beaufort Drive
26Beaver Crescent
27Becks Way
28Bellroyal Court
29Bissett Lake Road
30Bissett Road
31Blossom Court
32Boling Green Crescent
33Briarlynn Crescent
34Brookfield Avenue
35Brookview Drive
36Caldwell Road
37Cape Road South
38Carisbrooke Lane
39Carlisle Drive
40Carnaby Crescent
41Carolyns Way
42Castlewood Drive
43Cathy Lane
44Cedar Crescent
45Chameau Crescent
46Chaswood Drive
47Cherrywood Drive
48Circassion Drive
49Clermont Crescent
50Colby Drive
51Cole Drive
52Cole Harbour Road
53Cole Harbour Road
54Cole Harbour Village Road
55Coleridge Court
56Comfort Lane
57Coronation Crescent
58Coventry Lane
59Covey Court
60Crestwood Place
61Cumberland Drive
62Dalkeith Drive
63Davies Lane
64Deerbrooke Drive
65Deganis Drive
66Delta Drive
67Delwood Place
68Donegal Drive
69Driftwood Crescent
70Durham Way
71Eagle Lane
72Eastwood Court
73Edgecombe Crescent
74Ellerslie Crescent
75Elm Street
76Estate Drive
77Estelle Drive
78Evelyn Wood Place
79Evergreen Drive
80Fiddlers Green
81Fieldwood Circle
82Fireside Drive
83Flagstone Drive
84Flying Cloud Drive
85Forest Hills Parkway
86Galway Road
87Gammon Crescent
88Geldart Court
89Glazebrook Lane
90Glenalva Court
91Greenborough Crescent
92Greenmount Drive
93Greenwich Drive
94Gregory Drive
95Grenadier Drive
96Griffin Place
97Hallmark Crescent
98Halo Lane
99Hampshire Way
100Hampstead Court
101Hampton Green
102Hannebury Drive
103Hardisty Court
104Havelock Crescent
105Heathland Way
106Hickory Lane
107Highland Crescent
108Highway 316
109Highway 316
110Hillside Lane
111Hollyoake Lane
112Hugh Allen Drive
113Huntingdon Drive
114Inglewood Crescent
115Jasper Drive
116John Stewart Drive
117Kirtland Court
118Kuluna Court
119Lakeridge Crescent
120Lakeshire Crescent
121Lanarkshire Court
122Landsdown Drive
123Lawlor Crescent
124Leacock Court
125Linden Court
126Lodge Court
127Maplewood Drive
128Merrimac Drive
129Millbrook Avenue
130Morash Drive
131Morris Lake Drive
132Navara Crescent
133Nestor Crescent
134Nova Terrace
135Old Lawrencetown Road
136Old Miller Road
137Opal Court
138Otago Drive
139Pacific Avenue
140Parkedge Crescent
141Parkland Avenue
142Parkway Drive
143Patrick Lane
144Paxton Drive
145Pearl Drive
146Pernix Court
147Perron Drive
148Phillips Lane
149Pinewood Crescent
150Poplar Drive
151Port Felix Loop
152R-24 Road
153Ritcey Crescent
154Rockhaven Court
155Roode Court
156Roseway Court
157Rowan Court
158Savona Court
159Sedgemoor Court
160Selig Street
161Shalimar Crescent
162Sherwood Street
163Shrewsbury Road
164Silistria Drive
165Sirius Crescent
166Smith Avenue
167Sophia Crescent
168Southampton Drive
169Spence Drive
170Stirling Drive
171Stonehaven Crescent
172Stratford Drive
173Tamara Drive
174Tamerlane Court
175Unknown_01 Other
176Westfield Crescent
177Wexford Road
178Willowdale Drive
179Wilton Crescent
180Woodbury Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)