List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
#Street Name
1Abercrombie Road
2Aberdeen Avenue
3Acadia Street
4Albert Street
5Albion Street
6Alexander Street
7Almont Avenue
8Ann Street
9Arch Street
10Archimedes Street
11Athletic Street
12Atlantic Drive
13Balfour Street
14Beech Street
15Bell Street
16Bells Lane
17Belmont Street
18Bennett Street
19Bernard Street
20Birch Street
21Birchview Crescent
22Blair Street
23Blue Heron Drive
24Branch Street
25Brookside Avenue
26Brother Street
27Brother Street Extension
28Brown Street
29Cameron Avenue
30Campbell Street
31Campbells Lane
32Canary Drive
33Cardinal Court
34Carleton Street
35Carmichael Court
36Carmichael Street
37Cavell Street
38Cedar Street
39Chelsea Court
40Chestnut Street
41Chisholm Street
42Churchill Drive
43Clyde Street
44Company Street
45Cottage Street
46Dalcrombie Drive
47Dalhousie Street
48Donald Street
49Douglas Street
50Dover Avenue
51Duff Street
52Duke Street
53Dunbar Avenue
54East River Road
55Edward Street
56Egerton Street
57Eighth Street
58Ellis Street
59Elm Court
60Elm Street
61Enid Street
62Essex Court
63Essex Drive
64Fairview Avenue
65Forbes Street
66Forest Hill Drive
67Fourth Street
68Fraser Street
69Frasers Lane
70Frederick Street
71George Street
72Gerald Street
73Ghana Avenue
74Gillis Lane
75Glasgow Street
76Graham Street
77Grant St Extension
78Grant Street
79Granville Street
80Green Street
81Hawthorne Drive
82Helene Street
83Herbert Street
84High Street
85High Street Estates
86Highland Drive
87Highway 104 East
88Highway 104 Eb Exit 23 On Ramp
89Highway 104 Wb Exit 23 Off Ramp
90Highway 104 Wb Exit 23 Off Ramp Branch
91Highway 104 Wb Exit 23 On Ramp
92Highway 104 West
93Hillcrest Avenue
94Hillside Street
95Hollis Street
96Hospital Avenue
97Hunter Street
98James Street
99Jarvis Street
100John Street
101Jury Street
102Kennedy Court
103Kestral Ridge
104King Street
105Lancaster Avenue
106Laurier Avenue
107Lavinia Street
108Liberty Avenue
109Linden Avenue
110Little Harbour Road
111Lorne Street
112Louis Road
113Lovat Crescent
114Macdonald Street
115Macgregor Street
116Macintosh Street
117Mackay Street
118Maclaren Avenue
119Maclean Street
120Macneil Street
121Maple Avenue
122Maplewood Drive
123Marcus Road
124Marsh Street
125Martin Avenue
126Martin Drive
127Matheson Street
128Matterhorn Drive
129May Street
130Mayflower Drive
131Mccoll Street
132Meadow Green Road
133Meadowlark Drive
134Merigomish Road
135Military Lane
136Milne Street
137Mitchell Street
138Morris Road
139Morrow Street
140Mount Batton Drive
141Mountain Road
142Muirs Lane
143Munroe Avenue
144Nelson Street
145Newbury Court
146Norma Court
147Norma Street
148North Albert Street
149North Avenue
150North Provost Street
151North Street
152Oak Street
153Obrien Street
154Old Marsh Road
155Orion Avenue
156Park Street
157Parkview Drive
158Pine Street
159Pineview Crescent
160Pleasant Street
161Poplar Street
162Prince Street
163Prospect Street
164Provost Street
165Queen Street
166Reservoir Street
167River Bank Road
168Riverside Parkway
169Riverside Street
170Riverview Drive
171Robertson Street
172Robin Row
173Roderick Street
174Rose Auburn Avenue
175Ross Street
176Rowan Avenue
177Roy Street
178Samson Court
179Sanborne Street
180Second Street
181Shelburne Street
182Sierra Drive
183Sixth Street
184Skylark Street
185South Albert Street
186South Frederick Street
187Spring Street
188St Johns Street
189St Theresa Street
190Stellarton Road
191Stewart Street
192Summer Street
193Summit Avenue
194Sutherland Street
195Swallows Street
196Tanager Street
197Temperance Street
198Terra Cotta Drive
199Terra Nova Avenue
200Terrace Heights Drive
201Terrace Street
202Third Street
203Townsend Avenue
204Tremont Street
205Tremont Street Extension
206Trenton Road
207Underwood Street
208Vale Road
209Victoria Avenue
210Victoria Street
211View Street
212View Street Extension
213Vista Drive
214Walker Street
215Walkerville Road
216Waring Avenue
217Warren Street
218Washington Street
219Western Avenue
220Westville Road
221William Street
222Willow Avenue
223Winter Street
224Wren Drive
225York Court
226York Street
227Yorkshire Court

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)