List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in New Minas, Nova Scotia
#Street Name
1Aalders Avenue
2Aalders Extension
3Amira Place
4Ashley Court
5Barron Drive
6Bendix Drive
7Birch Street
8Bishop Avenue
9Bishop Avenue West
10Bonavista Avenue
11Brookside Drive
12Castle Loma Drive
13Catherine Crescent
14Cedarwood Crescent
15Cloverleaf Drive
16Club Crescent
17Coldwell Court
18Colonial Crescent
19Commercial Street
20Commercial Street
21Commodore Court
22Cornwallis Avenue
23Cornwallis River Crossing
24Country Club Boulevard
25Country Walk
26Crescent Drive
27Crestwood Court
28Danielle Drive North
29Danielle Drive South
30Daphne Court
31Deep Hollow Road
32Dempsey Drive
33Douglas Street
34Dow Road
35Elm Square
36Emily Street
37Evangeline Court
38Evergreen Avenue
39Forsythe Road North
40Fowler Court
41Frontier Drive
42Garden Court
43George Street
44Glendale Drive
45Granite Drive
46Green Acres Drive
47Green Street
48Greg Avenue
49Highbury Road
50Highland Avenue
51Highland Court
52Homco Drive
53Howe Avenue
54Jill Street
55Jill Street West
56Jones Road
57Jordan Street
58Ken Wo Crescent
59Kentucky Court
60King Arthur Court
61Kings Crescent
62Lockhart Drive
63Maple Drive
64Maple Leaf Drive
65Marina Drive
66Memory Lane
67Michael Street
68Milbury Street
69Mill Road
70Millet Drive
71Milne Avenue
72Minas Crescent
73Minas Warehouse Road
74Myrtle Drive
75New Minas Connector Road
76Nova Drive
77Old Dyke Road
78Old Dyke Road Branch
79Old Dyke Road Extension
80Old Farm Lane
81Olympic Avenue
82Orchard Drive
83Parkway Drive
84Parkwood Drive
85Patricia Drive
86Perrier Drive
87Peter Street
88Pinecrest Drive
89Pineridge Drive
90Prospect Road
91Redden Avenue
92Redmond Place
93Rembec Drive
94Roy Avenue
95Russet Street
96Scotia Avenue
97Shamrock Drive
98Shelby Crescent
99Silver Fox Avenue
100Sumac Avenue
101Thistle Crescent
102Trailer Park Access Road
103Turner Drive
104Valley View Drive
105West Street
106William Drive
107Woodsedge Drive
108Woodvale Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)