List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in North Sydney, Nova Scotia
#Street Name
1Aberdeen Street
2Alecia Drive
3Allans Lane
4Allens Drive
5Amey Boulevard
6Archibald Avenue
7Armstrong Crescent
8Baird Street
9Beacon Crescent
10Beacon Street
11Beech Street
12Blaine Boulevard
13Blowers Street
14Brook Street
15Bushells Lane
16Cabot Street
17Caledonia Street
18Campbell Street
19Cartwright Street
20Catherine Street
21Centre Street
22Chapel Street
23Clearyville Street
24Clifford Street
25Cogan Street
26Collins Drive
27Columbia Street
28Commercial Street
29Connaught Street
30Convent Street
31Copp Street
32Cornwall Street
33Cottage Street
34Court Street
35Crandall Street
36Crescent Street
37Cuthbertson Street
38Davis Street
39Dinaut Drive
40Disraeli Street
41East Street
42Edward Street
43Emerald Street
44Fairmount Street
45Felixs Lane
46Ferris Street
47Forbes Avenue
48Forman Street
49Forrest Street
50Foundry Street
51Gannon Road
52George Street
53Gisborne Street
54Hackett Street
55Haley Street
56Hare Avenue
57Hartigan Drive
58High Street
59Highway 105
60Highway 105 Eb Exit 20 Off To Hwy 125 Eb Ramp
61Highway 105 Eb Exit 20 Off To Hwy 125 Wb Ramp
62Highway 105 Eb Exit 21 Off Ramp
63Highway 105 Eb Exit 21 Off Ramp Branch
64Highway 105 Wb Exit 20 Off To Hwy 125 Wb Ramp
65Highway 105 Wb Exit 21 On Ramp
66Highway 105 West
67Highway 125
68Highway 125 East
69Highway 125 Eb Exit 2 Off Ramp
70Highway 125 Eb Exit 2 On Ramp
71Highway 125 Wb Exit 1 Off To Hwy 105 Eb Ramp
72Highway 125 Wb Exit 1 Off To Hwy 105 Wb Ramp
73Highway 125 Wb Exit 2 Off Ramp
74Highway 125 Wb Exit 2 On Ramp
75Highway 125 West
76Hillier Avenue
77Hodder Avenue
78Holic Avenue
79Howe Street
80Ingraham Street
81Johnston Street
82Kehoe Street
83King Street
84Logan Street
85Logue Street
86Lorne Street
87Macinnis Drive
88Macintosh Drive
89Macphee Drive
90Manning Street
91Mapleview Drive
92Marconi Street
93Margaret Street
94Maria Street
95May Street
96Meech Avenue
97Memorial Drive
98Miles Avenue
99Minto Street
100Moulton Avenue
101Muir Street
102Musgraves Lane
103Napoleon Street
104Palmerston Street
105Park Street
106Parnell Street
107Peppett Street
108Perry Street
109Pierce Street
110Pleasant Street
111Power Street
112Prince Street
113Purves Street
114Queen Street
115Quilty Drive
116Regent Street
117Riggs Avenue
118Robinson Lane
119Ross Avenue
120Spruce Street
121Stacey Avenue
122Stagg Street
123Stanley Street
124Station Street
125Summer Street
126Thistle Drive
127Thompson Avenue
128Tobin Avenue
129Tobin Road
130Union Street
131Unnamed Road
132Vale Street
133Victoria Street
134View Street
135Wall Street
136West Street
137Wilkie Drive
138William Street
139Young Avenue
140Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)