List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Barrie, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line
2Aconley Court
3Adam Avenue
4Adam Drive
5Adam Street
6Addison Trail
7Adelaide Street
8Agnes Street
9Aikens Crescent
10Albert Street
11Aldergrove Close
12Aleda Street
13Alexander Avenue
14Alfred Street
15Algonquin Trail
16Alliance Boulevard
17Allsop Crescent
18Alva Street
19Ambler Bay
20Amelia Street
21Anne Street North
22Anne Street South
23Arbour Trail
24Arch Brown Court
25Archer Street
26Ardagh Road
27Ardagh Road
28Argyle Road
29Armstrong Boulevard
30Army Navy & Air Force Drive
31Arthur Avenue
32Ashdale Court
33Ashford Drive
34Aspen Drive
35Assiniboine Drive
36Athabaska Road
37Atwood Court
38Auburn Court
39Austen Lane
40Autumn Lane
41Bailey Court
42Baker Crescent
43Baldwin Lane
44Balliston Road
45Balmoral Place
46Balsam Trail
47Baltimore Road
48Barre Drive
49Barrett Crescent
50Barrie View Drive
51Bartor Boulevard
52Barwick Drive
53Basswood Drive
54Bates Court
55Batteaux Street
56Bay Lane
57Bayfield Street
58Bayshore Boulevard
59Bayview Drive
60Beach Court
61Beacon Road
62Bear Creek Drive
63Beatrice Lane
64Beechcroft Close
65Beecroft Gate
66Belcourt Avenue
67Bell Farm Road
68Bell Street
69Bellevue Crescent
70Benjamin Lane
71Bennet Road
72Benson Drive
73Bentley Crescent
74Berard Court
75Berczy Street
76Bernick Drive
77Berry Court
78Bertha Avenue
79Bethune Place
80Bibby Court
81Big Bay Point Road
82Bingham Court
83Birchshire Drive
84Birchwood Drive
85Bird Street
86Birkhall Place
87Bishop Drive
88Black Ash Trail
89Black Cherry Crescent
90Black Willow Drive
91Blackbird Lane
92Blair Crescent
93Blake Street
94Bloom Crescent
95Bloxham Place
96Blue Mound Drive
97Blueberry Lane
98Bluegrass Drive
99Bluejay Drive
100Bluewater Trail
101Boag Court
102Boorman Court
103Booth Lane
104Bothwell Crescent
105Boulton Court
106Bourbon Close
107Bowman Avenue
108Boyd Street
109Boys Street North
110Boys Street South
111Bradford Street
112Brennan Avenue
113Briar Road
114Brighton Road
115Bristow Court
116Broadfoot Road
117Broadmoor Avenue
118Brock Street
119Bronte Crescent
120Brookdale Drive
121Brookfield Crescent
122Brooks Street
123Brookwood Drive
124Brown Street
125Brown Wood Drive
126Browning Trail
127Bruce Crescent
128Brucker Road
129Brunton Crescent
130Brushwood Crescent
131Bryne Drive
132Buchanan Street
133Buggs Gate
134Buman Court
135Burbank Place
136Burke Drive
137Burns Close
138Burton Avenue
139Butternut Drive
140Byron Crescent
141Callaghan Drive
142Callaway Court
143Camelot Square
144Campbell Avenue
145Campfire Court
146Canary Reed Court
147Capilano Court
148Caplan Avenue
149Capps Drive
150Cardinal Street
151Caribou Court
152Carley Crescent
153Carlton Road
154Carman Court
155Carol Road
156Caroline Street
157Carr Drive
158Carruthers Crescent
159Carter Road
160Cartwright Drive
161Cassandra Drive
162Castle Drive
163Catherine Drive
164Cedar Crescent
165Cedar Pointe Drive
166Celeste Drive
167Centre Street
168Chalmers Drive
169Chamboro Court
170Chantal Street
171Charlbrook Avenue
172Charlemagne Avenue
173Charles Court
174Charleson Drive
175Charlotte Court
176Chaucer Crescent
177Checkley Street
178Cheltenham Road
179Cherry Court
180Chestnut Court
181Chieftain Crescent
182Chippawa Court
183Christie Crescent
184Churchill Drive
185Churchland Drive
186Cityview Close
187Claire Drive
188Clapperton Street
189Clarence Court
190Claudio Crescent
191Clearwater Court
192Cliff Road
193Cloughley Drive
194Clover Avenue
195Clute Crescent
196Codrington Street
197Coleman Drive
198Coles Street
199Colleen Avenue
200College Crescent
201Collete Crescent
202Collier Street
203Collingwood Street
204Columbia Road
205Commerce Park Drive
206Commonwealth Road
207Connaught Lane
208Consort Drive
209Cook Street
210Copeman Crescent
211Corbett Drive
212Coronation Parkway
213Corrinhall Street
214Cottage Lane
215Coughlin Road
216Coulter Street
217Counsellor Terrace
218Country Lane
219County Road 27
220Couples Court
221Courtney Crescent
222Cox Mill Road
223Craig Crescent
224Cranberry Lane
225Crawford Street
226Crestwood Drive
227Creswick Court
228Crimson Ridge Road
229Crompton Drive
230Cross Street
231Cumberland Street
232Cumming Drive
233Cundles Road East
234Cundles Road West
235Cunningham Drive
236Currie Street
237Curtiss Court
238Cuthbert Street
239Cynthia Court
240D'ambrosio Drive
241Dalton Street
242Danielle Crescent
243Daphne Crescent
244Darcel Crescent
245Davidson Street
246Davies Crescent
247Dean Avenue
248Deborah Way
249Debra Crescent
250Deerpark Drive
251Delaney Crescent
252Diana Way
253Dickens Drive
254Dixon Court
255Dock Road
256Dodson Road
257Donald Street
258Doris Drive
259Douglas Drive
260Dove Crescent
261Downing Crescent
262Downsview Drive
263Doyle Drive
264Drake Drive
265Draper Crescent
266Drury Lane
267Duckworth Street
268Dufferin Street
269Dundonald Street
270Dunlop Street East
271Dunlop Street West
272Dunn Street
273Dunnett Drive
274Dunsmore Lane
275Duval Drive
276Dyer Boulevard
277Dykstra Drive
278Dyment Road
279Eaglestone Lane
280East Gate
281East Street
282Eccles Street North
283Eccles Street South
284Eden Drive
285Edge Water Drive
286Edgehill Drive
287Edwards Drive
288Eileen Drive
289Elizabeth Street
290Ellen Street
291Elliott Avenue
292Ellis Drive
293Elm Street
294Elmbrook Drive
295Emily Court
296Emms Drive
297Empire Drive
298Engel Crescent
299Epsom Road
300Essa Road
301Esther Drive
302Etherington Crescent
303Eugenia Street
304Evergreen Court
305Fairview Road
306Falcon Crescent
307Falling Brook Drive
308Farmingdale Crescent
309Farmstead Crescent
310Fawn Crescent
311Felt Crescent
312Fenchurch Manor
313Ferguson Drive
314Ferndale Drive North
315Ferndale Drive South
316Ferndale Industrial Drive
317Ferris Lane
318Finlay Road
319Finsbury Street
320Firman Drive
321Fitzgerald Lane
322Fitzroy Terrace
323Fleming Crescent
324Fletcher Drive
325Florence Park Road
326Florence Street
327Ford Street
328Forest Dale Drive
329Forestview Place
330Forestwood Lane
331Foster Drive
332Fox Run
333Frances Street North
334Frances Street South
335Fraser Court
336Fred Grant Street
337Frederick Street
338Frost Trail
339Gables Way
340Gadwall Avenue
341Gallie Court
342Garden Drive
343Garibaldi Drive
344Garrett Crescent
345Garson Street
346Gaskin Court
347Geddes Crescent
348George Street
349Georgian Drive
350Gibbon Drive
351Ginger Drive
352Girdwood Drive
353Glen Court
354Glen Oak Court
355Glenecho Drive
356Glenhill Drive
357Glenridge Road
358Glenwood Drive
359Gloria Street
360Gloucester Street
361Golden Eagle Way
362Golden Meadow Road
363Golds Crescent
364Golfdale Road
365Goodwin Drive
366Gordon Court
367Gore Drive
368Gosney Crescent
369Governors Drive
370Gowan Street
371Grace Crescent
372Graihawk Drive
373Grand Forest Drive
374Grand Place
375Grants Way
376Granville Street
377Grasett Crescent
378Gray Lane
379Greenfield Avenue
380Gregory Court
381Griffin Gate
382Gross Drive
383Grouse Glen
384Grove Street East
385Grove Street East
386Grove Street West
387Gunn Street
388Hadden Crescent
389Hailey Hollow
390Hambly Court
391Hamilton Road
392Hanmer Street East
393Hanmer Street West
394Harding Avenue
395Harrison Crescent
396Harrogate Court
397Hart Drive
398Harvie Road
399Harwood Drive
400Hawkins Drive
401Hawthorne Crescent
402Hazel Avenue
403Heath Street
404Heather Street
405Hemingway Crescent
406Hemlock Court
407Henry Street
408Heritage Court
409Herrell Avenue
410Hersey Crescent
411Hewitt Place
412Hickling Trail
413Hickory Lane
414Higgin Court
415High Street
416Highcroft Road
417Highland Avenue
418Highview Road
419Highway 400
420Hilderbrand Court
421Hill Court
422Hillcrest Road
423Hodgson Drive
424Hogan Court
425Holgate Street
426Holly Meadow Road
427Hollyholme Farm Road South
428Honey Crescent
429Hook Court
430Hooper Road
431Hopkins Road
432Horsfield Drive
433Howard Crescent
434Hubbert Crescent
435Huitema Court
436Humber Street
437Hunter Road
438Huntington Drive
439Huron Street
440Huronia Road
441Hurst Drive
442Imperial Crown Lane
443Indian Arrow Road
444Ingram Court
445Innisfil Street
446Irene Drive
447Irish Lane
448Irwin Drive
449Isobel Street
450Jackson Street
451Jacobs Terrace
452Jagges Drive
453James Street
454Jane Crescent
455Janice Drive
456Janine Street
457Jean Street
458Jeffrey Street
459Jessica Drive
460Jewel House Lane
461Jills Court
462Joanne Court
463John Street
464Johnson Street
465Jonathan Court
466Jones Drive
467Joseph Crescent
468Kearsey Court
469Keats Drive
470Kell Place
471Kelly Place
472Kelsey Crescent
473Kemp Street
474Kempenfelt Drive
475Kempview Lane
476Kenneth Avenue
477Kenny Crescent
478Kensington Trail
479Kenwell Crescent
480Kerrydale Road
481Kestrel Court
482Kierland Road
483King Street
484Kingsridge Road
485Kinzie Lane
486Kipling Place
487Knicely Road
488Knupp Road
489Kozlov Street
490Kraus Road
491Laidlaw Drive
492Lake Crescent
493Lakeshore Drive
494Lakeshore Mews
495Lakeview Crescent
496Lakewoods Court
497Lamont Crescent
498Lampman Lane
499Lancaster Court
500Lang Drive
501Larkin Drive
502Laurelwood Lane
503Laurie Crescent
504Lawrence Road
505Lay Street
506Layton Crescent
507Leacock Drive
508Lee Crescent
509Leece Road
510Leggott Avenue
511Lennox Drive
512Leslie Avenue
513Letitia Street
514Lewis Lane
515Libra Road
516Lillian Crescent
517Lindsay Court
518Lions Gate Boulevard
519Lisa Jane Court
520Lismer Boulevard
521Lister Drive
522Little Avenue
523Little Lake Drive
524Livia Herman Way
525Livingstone Street East
526Livingstone Street West
527Lockhart Road
528Logan Court
529Loggers Run
530Longman Drive
531Lonsdale Place
532Looker Drive
533Loon Avenue
534Lorena Street
535Lougheed Road
536Lount Street
537Lovers Court
538Loyalist Court
539Lucas Avenue
540Lyfytt Crescent
541Macallister Court
542Maclaren Avenue
543Macmillan Crescent
544Madelaine Drive
545Magna Carta Road
546Mailey Lane
547Maitland Drive
548Majesty Boulevard
549Mall Street
550Manor Gate
551Maple Avenue
552Maple Crown Terrace
553Maplehurst Crescent
554Mapleton Avenue
555Mapleview Drive East
556Mapleview Drive East
557Mapleview Drive West
558Marcus Street
559Margaret Drive
560Marion Crescent
561Marjoy Avenue
562Marsellus Drive
563Marshall Street
564Marwendy Drive
565Mary Anne Drive
566Mary Street
567Masters Drive
568Maw Court
569Max Avenue
570Mayes Court
571Mayfair Drive
572Mayor Lane
573Mcavoy Drive
574Mccarthy Court
575Mccausland Court
576Mcconkey Place
577Mccron Crescent
578Mccuaig Court
579Mccullough Court
580Mccutcheon Court
581Mcdonald Street
582Mcdougall Drive
583Mcintyre Drive
584Mckenzie Crescent
585Mcveigh Drive
586Meadow Lane
587Meadowland Avenue
588Meadowlark Road
589Megan Crescent
590Melinda Crescent
591Melrose Avenue
592Merganser Court
593Merrett Drive
594Meyer Avenue
595Michael Crescent
596Michelle Drive
597Milburn Street
598Miller Drive
599Mills Road
600Milne Court
601Minets Point Road
602Moir Crescent
603Mollard Court
604Monarchy Street
605Monique Crescent
606Montgomery Drive
607Montserrand Street
608Moon Drive
609Moore Place
610Morrow Road
611Morton Crescent
612Mountbatten Crescent
613Mountbatten Road
614Mowat Crescent
615Muir Drive
616Mulberry Court
617Mulcaster Street
618Mulholland Street
619Murray Street
620Nakiska Court
621Napier Street
622Nathan Crescent
623Neelands Street
624Nelson Square East
625Nelson Square West
626Nelson Street
627Neva Road
628Newberry Court
629Newton Street
630Nicholson Drive
631Nicklaus Drive
632Nicole Marie Avenue
633Nightingale Crescent
634Nina Road
635Noam Drive
638Norman Drive
639Norris Drive
640North Lane
641North Street
642Northpark Road
643Northview Crescent
644Nugent Court
645O'shaughnessy Crescent
646Oak Street
647Oakley Park Square
648Oakridge Drive
649Oakside Court
650Oates Lane
651Oliver Street
652Orchard Drive
653Oren Boulevard
654Oriole Court
655Orleans Avenue
656Orok Lane
657Orsi Court
658Orwell Crescent
659Osprey Ridge Road
660Ottaway Avenue
661Owen Street
662Pacific Avenue
663Pae Drive
664Palling Lane
665Palmer Drive
666Parisian Crescent
667Park Street
668Parkdale Crescent
669Parker Court
670Parkside Drive
671Parkway Place
672Partridge Road
673Pass Court
674Patricia Avenue
675Patrick Drive
676Patterson Place
677Patterson Road
678Patton Road
679Peacock Lane
680Peck Street
681Peel Street
682Penetang Street
683Penetanguishene Road
684Penton Drive
685Penvill Trail
686Pepin Court
687Pepler Place
688Peregrine Road
689Perry Street
690Peter Street
691Pheasant Trail
692Phillips Street
693Pickett Crescent
694Pine Drive
695Pinecliff Crescent
696Pinsent Court
697Pioneer Trail
698Player Drive
699Plunkett Court
700Poolton Lane
701Poplar Drive
702Porcupine Close
703Porritt Street
704Porter Crescent
705Powell Drive
706Poyntz Street
707Pratt Road
708Presedents Drive
709Primrose Crescent
710Prince Edward Place
711Prince Of Wales Drive
712Prince William Way
713Princess Margaret Gate
714Pringle Drive
715Priscillas Place
716Proclamation Drive
717Puget Street
718Purbrook Court
719Purt Court
720Quail Crescent
721Quance Street
722Quarry Ridge
723Queen Street
724Quinlan Road
725Radenhurst Crescent
726Ramblewood Drive
729Raquel Street
730Rawson Avenue
731Raymond Crescent
732Rebecca Court
733Red Oak Drive
734Redfern Avenue
735Redpath Road
736Redwood Court
737Regalia Way
738Regina Road
739Reid Drive
740Residence Road
741Revelstoke Court
742Reynolds Lane
743Richler Crescent
744Ridgeway Avenue
745Ridwell Street
746Ring Road
747River Ridge Road
748Riverwood Court
749Robert Street
750Robin Court
751Robinson Street
752Rodney Street
753Rolston Drive
754Rose Street
755Rosedale Place
756Rosenfeld Drive
757Roslyn Road
758Ross Street
759Round Leaf Court
760Royal Jubilee Drive
761Royal Oak Drive
762Royal Park Boulevard
763Royal Parkside Drive
764Ruffet Drive
765Rundle Crescent
766Russell Hill Drive
767Ryan Court
768Salem Road
769Sampson Street
770Sandalwood Court
771Sandringham Drive
772Sanford Street
773Sarjeant Drive
774Saunders Road
775Sawmill Road
776Saxon Road
777Scott Crescent
778Seaforth Street
779Sedgewood Way
780Seline Crescent
781Selkirk Crescent
782Serena Lane
783Seymour Crescent
784Shadowood Road
785Shaina Court
786Shakespeare Crescent
787Shalom Way
788Shamrock Lane
789Shannon Street
790Shanty Bay Road
791Shaw Crescent
792Sheila Way
793Shelley Lane
794Sherwood Court
795Shirley Avenue
796Shoreview Drive
797Short Street
798Shortreed Court
799Silver Maple Crescent
800Silver Trail
801Silvercreek Crescent
802Simcoe Street
803Simcoe Terrace
804Simmons Crescent
805Simpson Street
806Sinclair Court
807Snowden Avenue
808Snowshoe Trail
809Snowy Owl Crescent
810Sophia Street East
811Sophia Street West
812Southview Road
813Sovereigns Gate
814Spearin Court
815Speirs Road
816Spencer Drive
817Sperling Drive
818Springdale Drive
819Springhome Road
820Springwood Court
821Sproule Drive
822Spruce Crescent
823Srigley Street
824St Brunos Close
825St Pauls Crescent
826St Vincent Square
827St Vincent Street
828Stanley Street
829Stapleton Place
830Steel Street
831Stephanie Lane
832Stollar Boulevard
833Stoneybrook Crescent
834Strabane Avenue
835Strathmore Place
836Stroud Place
837Stuart Avenue
838Stunden Lane
839Succession Crescent
840Sumac Street
841Summerset Drive
842Sun King Crescent
843Sundew Drive
844Sunnidale Road
845Sunset Place
846Surrey Drive
847Susan Place
848Sutherland Trail
849Sutton Drive
850Sydenham Wells
851Sylvia Street
852Tamarack Trail
853Tara Road
854Tascona Court
855Taylor Drive
856Teal Place
857Teck Road
858Templeton Crescent
859Thackeray Crescent
860The Boulevard
861The Queensway
862Theresa Street
863Thicketwood Avenue
864Thomson Street
865Thorncrest Road
866Thrushwood Drive
867Tiffin Street
868Tiffin Street
869Timothy Lane
870Todd Drive
871Tollendal Mill Road
872Tomlin Court
873Toronto Street
874Touchette Drive
875Tower Crescent
876Townline Hickling
877Townline Road
878Townline Tamarack
879Trask Drive
880Trevino Close
881Trillium Crescent
882Truman Road
883Tudor Crescent
884Tunbridge Road
885Turner Drive
886Twiss Drive
887Tyndale Road
888Tynhead Road
889Unicorn Lane
890Valley Drive
891Valley View Court
892Vancouver Street
893Vansittart Court
894Varden Avenue
895Varden Crescent
896Versailles Crescent
897Vespra Street
898Veterans Drive
899Veterans Lane
900Victoria Street
901Victorway Drive
902Villers Street
903Vine Crescent
904Vine Street
905Violet Street
906Virgilwood Crescent
907Waddington Crescent
908Wall Court
909Wallace Drive
910Wallwins Way
911Walnut Crescent
912Ward Drive
913Warner Road
914Warnica Road
915Watson Drive
916Weatherup Crescent
917Webb Street
918Weldon Crescent
919Weldon Street
920Welham Road
921Wellington Street East
922Wellington Street West
923Wells Crescent
924Wesley Street
925Wessenger Drive
926West Gate
927Westminster Close
928Weymouth Road
929Whispering Pine Place
930White Crescent
931White Elm Road
932White Oaks Road
933White Pine Place
934Whitehorn Crescent
935Whitty Lane
936Wice Road
937Widgeon Street
938Wilde Place
939Wildflower Court
940Wildwood Trail
941William Paddison Drive
942William Street
943Willow Drive
944Willow Fern Drive
945Wilson Court
946Winchester Terrace
947Winchester Trail
948Windsor Crescent
949Wiseman Court
950Wismer Avenue
951Wood Street
952Woodcrest Road
953Woodfern Court
954Woodgrove Court
955Worsley Street
956Wright Drive
957Wynes Road
958Yeates Avenue
959Yonge Street
960Yonge Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)