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List of Street Maps in City of Elliot Lake, Ontario
#Street Name
1Albert Street
2Alberta Road
3Alemany Road
4Algom Road
5All Nations Terrace
6Amsterdam Road
7Athens Road
8Axmith Avenue
9Bailey Lane
10Balsam Place
11Beaumier Crescent
12Beckett Boulevard
13Beech Road
14Benner Place
15Bennett Drive
16Birch Road
17Blackwell Place
18Blackwell Road
19Bouck Road
20Boychuk Road
21Bracken Place
22Brown Road
23Brunet Road
24Buckles Crescent
25Canberra Crescent
26Canmet Road
27Capillo Road
28Capital Place
29Cedar Place
30Central Avenue
31Chalmers Crescent
32Christy Lake Road
33College Place
34Colwill Drive
35Denison Road
36Diefenbaker Court
37Dieppe Avenue
38Dunlop Lake Road
39Dunn Road
40Easterly Cul De Sac
41Edinburgh Road
42Elizabeth Walk
43Esten Drive North
44Esten Drive South
45Farquhar Place
46Farrell Crescent
47Feltz Road
48Ferguson Road
49Forest Place
50Frame Crescent
51Frobel Drive
52Gatenby Place
53Gauthier Place
54Gillanders Road
55Hart Road
56Hemlock Place
57Hergott Avenue
58Highland Place
59Highway 108
60Highway 108
61Highway 108
62Highway 108
63Highway 639
64Highway 639
65Hillside Drive North
66Hillside Drive South
67Hirshhorn Avenue
68Holt Place
69Hutchison Avenue
70Hydroline Road
71Johnson Place
72Joubin Road
73Jowsey Place
74Kain Crescent
75Kay Road
76Kilborn Way
77Kostuik Crescent
78Lachance Place
79Lakeshore Road
80Lakeview Road
81Laprairie Crescent
82Laurier Road
83Lauzon Crescent
84Lawrence Avenue
85Link Road
86Lisbon Road
87London Crescent
88Macdonald Court
89Macfarlane Road
90Manitoba Road
91Maple Road
92Mario Place
93Mcafee Street
94Mccarthy Lake Road
95Mckeown Road
96Mclaren Crescent
97Mcquarrie Place
98Milliken Mine Road
99Milliken Road
100Mississauga Avenue
101Mitchell Place
102Mountain Road
112Nordic Townsite
113Nordic Trailer Park
114Oak Hill Road
115Oakland Boulevard
116Ontario Avenue
117Ottawa Avenue
118Paris Drive
119Pearson Drive
120Perini Road
121Philip Walk
122Pine Road
123Pipeline Road
124Poplar Road
125Pountney Place
126Prince Edward Walk
127Robertson Road
128Roddis Road
129Roger Lane
130Roman Avenue
131Rome Court
132Rossmere Lake Road
133Rossmere West Road
134Saskatchewan Road
135Senator Place
136Short Road
137Ski Hill Road
138Smith Place
139Spine Road
140Spruce Avenue
141St Laurent Place
142Stanleigh Mine Road
143Ste Camillus Crescent
144Stevens Road
145Stewart Crescent
146Stollery Place
147Summers Lake Road
148Tamarack Road
149Taylor Boulevard
150Tecumseh Road
151Timber Road
152Timmins Road
153Tokyo Crescent
154Valley Crescent
155Vienna Place
156Warsaw Place
157Washington Crescent
158Westerly Cul De Sac
159Westhill Road
160Westview Crescent
161Willoughby Road
162Willow Lane
163Young Crescent

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)