List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Avenue
210th Avenue
311th Avenue
412th Avenue
51st Avenue
61st Avenue
71st Avenue
81st Avenue
91st Avenue Annex
101st Avenue Crescent
111st Avenue North
121st Avenue South
131st Street
141st Street
152nd Avenue
162nd Avenue
172nd Avenue North
182nd Avenue North
192nd Avenue South
202nd Avenue South
212nd Street
223rd Avenue
233rd Avenue
243rd Avenue
253rd Avenue North
263rd Avenue South
273rd Street
284th Avenue
294th Avenue
304th Avenue
314th Avenue North
324th Street
335th Avenue
345th Avenue North
355th Street
365th Street
376th Avenue
386th Avenue North
397th Avenue
408th Avenue
419th Avenue
42A Street
43Abbe Street
44Aberdeen Court
45Abigail Court
46Access Road
47Adam Street
48Adams Street
49Adanac Gardens Road
50Adanac Village Road
51Addy Crescent
52Adelaide Street
53Adelard Street
54Adie Street
55Adie Street
56Admiral Drive
57Afton Avenue
58Agincourt Avenue
59Agnes Street
60Agnes Street
61Agnes Street
62Agnew Lake Mine Road
63Aino Road
64Air Ambulance Road
65Airport Road
66Airport Road
67Albany Street
68Albert Street
69Albert Street
70Albert Street
71Albert Street
72Albert Street
73Alberts Road
74Albinson Street
75Aldege Street
76Alder Street
77Alexander Street
78Alexander Street
79Alexandre Street
80Algoma Hospital Road
81Algoma Street
82Algonquin Road
83Alice Street
84Alice Street
85Alice Street
86Allan Street
87Allingham Court
88Alliston Street
89Alma Street
90Alpine Road
91Alpine Street
92Amadori Lane
93Amanda Street
94Amberdale Court
95Amberwood Drive
96Anderson Avenue
97Anderson Drive
98Anderson Farm Road
99Andre Street
100Andrew Street
101Angeline Street
102Ann Court
103Anna Road
104Anna Street
105Annala Drive
106Anne Street
107Annette Street
108Annette Trailer Park
109Annie Street
110Anson Drive
111Anthony Street
112Anthony Street
113Anton Avenue
114Antwerp Avenue
115Applegrove Street
116Arena Road
117Argyle Avenue
118Arlington Boulevard
119Arlington Drive East
120Arlington Drive West
121Armand Crescent
122Armand Street
123Armory Trail
124Armstrong Road
125Armstrong Street
126Armstrong Street
127Arnley Street
128Arnold Avenue
129Arnold Street
130Arthur Street
131Arvo Avenue
132Ascot Street
133Ash Street
134Ash Street
135Ash Street
136Ash Street
137Ashgrove Street
138Ashigami Road West
139Ashigami South Shore Road
140Ashwood Co Op Road
141Aspen Court
142Aspenwood Court
143Athletic Building Road
144Attlee Avenue
145Aubry Avenue
146Auger Avenue
147August Street
148Aurele Court
149Aurore Drive
150Aurore Street
151Austin Street
152Autumnwood Crescent
153Avalon Road
154Axeli Road
155Azilda Street
156B Street
157Baikie Street
158Baker Avenue
159Baker Street
160Baker Street
161Balfour Street
162Ballpark Road
163Balmoral Drive
164Balsam Crescent
165Balsam Street
166Balsam Street
167Balsam Street
168Bancroft Drive
169Bancroft Drive
170Bank Street
171Bank Street
172Barbara Street
173Barbe Street
174Barlow Street
175Barrington Street
176Barry Downe Road
177Barry Street
178Barrydowne Road
179Basilio Street
180Bathurst Street
181Baudreau Drive
182Bay Street
183Bay Street
184Baycrest Road
185Bayou Street
186Bayridge Court
187Bayview Court
188Bayview Lane
189Bayview Road
190Beaton Avenue
191Beatrice Crescent
192Beatty Street
193Beaudelaire Court
194Beaudry Crescent
195Beaudry Road
196Beaumont Avenue
197Beaver Avenue
198Beaver Road
199Bedard Road
200Bedford Court
201Beech Crescent
202Beech Street
203Beech Street
204Beech Street
205Belanger Street
206Belanger Street
207Belfry Avenue
208Belisle Drive
209Belisle Street
210Bell Park Road
211Bell Road
212Bell Street
213Bell Street
214Bellevue Avenue
215Belmont Court
216Belmont Drive
217Ben Street
218Benita Boulevard
219Benjafield Road
220Benn Drive
221Bennet Street
222Benny Street
223Berkley Court
224Bernadette Street
225Berrygrove Court
226Berthiaume Street
227Bessie Avenue
228Bethel Lake Court
229Bethune Avenue
230Beverley Street
231Beverly Drive
232Beverly Street
233Big D Road
234Big Nickel Road
235Bigwood Drive
236Birch Crescent
237Birch Drive
238Birch Hill Road
239Birch Lane
240Birch Street
241Birch Street
242Birch Street
243Birch Street
244Birch Street
245Birchglen Avenue
246Birkdale Village Road
247Birmingham Drive
248Bishop Crescent
249Bishop Road
250Black Lake Road
251Blais Road
252Blanchard Avenue
253Blenheim Avenue
254Bloor Street
255Bloor Street
256Bloor Street
257Blue Sea Road
258Blueberry Hill Road
259Blyth Road
260Boardwalk Avenue
261Bodson Drive
262Boivin Avenue
263Boivin Street
264Boland Avenue
265Boland Avenue
266Bond Street
267Bonhomme Road
268Bonin Street
269Bonnie Drive
270Borgia Street
271Bouchard Street
272Boundry Road
273Bowlands Bay Road
274Boy Scouts Camp Road
275Boyce Street
276Brabant Street
277Bradley Road
278Bradley Street
279Brady Street
280Brady Street
281Braemore Court
282Brebeuf Avenue
283Brenda Drive
284Brenda Street
285Brennan Road
286Brentwood Court
287Brian Mckee Lane
288Brian Street
289Briar Avenue
290Bridge Street
291Bridgewater Court
292Brierwood Court
293Brighton Street
294Broadway Street
295Brock Street
296Brodie Avenue
297Brodie Street
298Brodill Lake Road
299Brookfield Avenue
300Brookside Road
301Brookview Gardens Road
302Brosseau Street
303Bruce Avenue
304Bruce Street
305Brunet Crescent
306Brunet Street
307Bruno Street
308Bruno Street
309Bruyere Street
310Bruyere Street
311Bryce Street
312Buchanan Street
313Buckingham Drive
314Bugg Lake Road
315Bulmer Avenue
316Bunker Street
317Burma Road
318Burr Oak Drive
319Burton Avenue
320Burton Avenue
321Burton Avenue
322Bushy Bay Road
323Byng Street
324Byrnes Drive
325C Johnson Road
326C Street
327Cabot Street
328Cadieux Lane
329Calford Street
330Cam Street
331Camanor Court
332Cambrian Heights Drive
333Cambrian Village Road
334Camelot Drive
335Campbell Street
336Campeau Street
337Cana Court
338Candlewood Court
339Canterbury Street
340Canton Road
341Capreol Lake Road
342Cardinal Court
343Caribou Road
344Carina Drive
345Carl Street
346Carl Street
347Carleton Street
348Carling Crescent
349Carmelo Avenue
350Carmen Street
351Carmichael Village Road
352Carol Road
353Carol Street
354Caroline Avenue
355Caroline Court
356Caroline Street
357Caron Street
358Carr Avenue
359Carriere Street
360Carrs Landing Road
361Carter Street
362Cartier Avenue
363Caruso Street
364Cassandra Court
365Castlebrook Lane
366Caswell Drive
367Catalina Court
368Catherine Drive
369Cavarzan Drive
370Cavendish Court
371Cawthorpe Street
372Ceasar Road
373Cecil Street
374Cecile Street
375Cedar Avenue
376Cedar Green Drive
377Cedar Grove Park Road
378Cedar Lane
379Cedar Point Road
380Cedar Street
381Cedar Street
382Cedar Street
383Cedar Street
384Cedar Street
385Cedarview Crescent
386Cemetery Road
387Centennial Drive
388Centennial Park Road
389Centennial Road
390Central Lane
391Centre Street
392Cerilli Crescent
393Chalmers Street
394Champlain Street
395Chantal Crescent
396Chapel Drive
397Chapman Street
398Chapman Street
399Charette Avenue
400Charette Street
401Charlebois Street
402Charles Court
403Charles Street
404Charles Street
405Charlotte Avenue
406Charlotte Street
407Chateau Crescent
408Chatelain Street
409Chelmsford Mall Road
410Chelsea Avenue
411Chelsea Avenue
412Chenier Street
413Cherry Street
414Cherrywood Crescent
415Chesser Street
416Chestnut Crescent
417Chicago Mine Road
418Chicago Mine Road
419Chief Lake Road
420Chinaberry Drive
421Chisholm Street
422Chriskal Court
423Christa Street
424Christakos Street
425Christina Drive
426Church Street
427Church Street
428Church Street
429Churchill Avenue
430Civic Memorial Cemetary Road
431Ckso Road
432Claire Street
433Claire Street
434Clairmont Street
435Clairview Avenue
436Clarabelle Road
437Clarence Street
438Clark Road
439Classic Parkway
440Classic Parkway
441Claude Street
442Claudette Street
443Claudia Court
444Clearview Avenue
445Clearview Street
446Clearwater Lake Road
447Clement Street
448Clementine Street
449Clemow Avenue
450Cliff Street
451Clifford Crescent
452Clinton Avenue
453Club Road
454Club Road
455Clyde Street
456Cobalt Street
457Cobalt Street
458Cochrane Street
459Cognac Street
460Colby Street
461Coldstream Place
462Cole Street
463Coleen Avenue
464Coleman Mine Road
465Colette Street
466College Street
467College Street
468Collins Drive
469Colonial Court
470Colonial Gate Road
471Colonization Road
472Columbus Court
473Commercial Avenue
474Concession Street
475Concord Crescent
476Concorde Street
477Coniston Hydro Road
478Connaught Avenue
479Connie Street
480Cook Street
481Copper Street
482Copper Street
483Copper Street
484Coral Court
485Corbin Street
486Corfab Drive
487Coronation Boulevard
488Corsi Hill
489Cote Avenue
490Cote Boulevard
491Cote Boulevard
492Cottage Lane
493Coulson Street
494Country Club Drive
495Country Lane Road
496Countryside Drive
497Countryside Drive
498Courtemanche Street
499Courtland Drive
500Courtney Hill
501Couture Street
502Covewood Crescent
503Covington Avenue
504Craig Lane
505Craig Street
506Cranberry Court
507Cranbrook Crescent
508Crater Crescent
509Crean Hill Road
510Creighton Mine Road
511Creighton Road
512Creighton Road
513Crescent Avenue
514Crescent Park Road
515Cressey Street
516Crestmoor Road
517Croatia Road
518Cross Road
519Cross Street
520Cross Street
521Crown Ridge Road
522Crown Street
523Culver Crescent
524Cumberland Court
525Curlook Drive
526Cuthbertson Drive
527Cwethko Road
528Cypress Street
529Cyr Street
530D'youville Street
531Dale Street
532Dalia Court
533Damaris Crescent
534Danforth Avenue
535Daniel Avenue
536Darby Street
537Davenport Court
538Davey Road North
539Davey Road South
540David Street
541David Street
542David Street
543Davidson Street
544Dean Avenue
545Dearbourne Drive
546Deborah Street
547Decou Road
548Dee Street
549Del Street
550Delaware Avenue
551Delia Court
552Dell Street
553Delores Street
554Delwood Court
555Demorest Avenue
556Dempsey Road
557Den & Lou Road
558Dena Court
559Denis Avenue
560Denis Crescent
561Dennie Street
562Deschene Road
563Desjardins Street
564Desloges Road
565Desmarais Road
566Desormeau Road
567Despatie Street
568Devon Road
569Devuono Street
570Dew Drop Road
571Diamond Street
572Diane Street
573Diane Street
574Dill Lake Road
575Dill Siding Road
576Dillons Trail
577Diorite Lane
578Diorite Street
579Division Street
580Dixon Lake Road
581Dixon Road
582Docking Road
583Dollard Avenue
584Domenico Street
585Dominion Drive
586Dominion Drive
587Dominion Drive
588Donald Street
589Donald Street
590Donald Street
591Donald Street
592Donaldson Crescent
593Donat Street
594Donna Drive
595Donnelly Drive
596Donovan Street
597Donwood Drive
598Dopson Road
599Dora Street
600Dorchester Crescent
601Dorsett Drive
602Double S Road
603Douglas Crescent
604Douglas Street
605Dow Drive
606Downing Street
607Downland Avenue
608Driftwood Avenue
609Drinkwater Street
610Druides Street
611Drummond Avenue
612Dryden Road East
613Dryden Road East
614Dryden Road West
615Dube Road
616Dublin Street
617Dubroys Road
618Dudes Road
619Dufferin Street
620Dugas Street
621Duhamel Road
622Duke Street
623Dumas Lane
624Dump Road
625Dump Road
626Dunbar Street
627Dundas Street
628Dunvegan Court
629Dupont Street
630Dupont Street
631Dupuis Drive
632Durham Avenue
633Durham Street
634Dutrisac Boulevard
635Eaglestone Court
636East Bay Road
637East Hanmer Lake Road
638East Notre Dame Street
639East Street
640East Street
641Eastern Avenue
642Eastern Avenue
643Eastern Road
644Eden Point Drive
645Eden Township Road
646Edgecliff Crescent
647Edgehill Drive
648Edgewater Road
649Edinburgh Street
650Edison Road
651Edith Street
652Edmond Street
653Edmund Street
654Edna Street
655Edna Street
656Edward Avenue
657Edward Avenue
658Edward Drive
659Edwards Road
660Edwin Street
661Elaine Street
662Elderwood Drive
663Eldon Avenue
664Elgin Street
665Elisabella Street
666Elizabeth Crescent
667Elizabeth Street
668Elizabeth Street
669Elizabeth Street
670Elks Club Road
671Ella Road
672Ellen Street
673Elliot Avenue
674Ellsmere Drive
676Elm Crescent
677Elm Street
678Elm Street
679Elm Street
680Elm Street
681Elm Street
682Elman Road
683Elmhurst Court
684Elmview Drive
685Elysee Crescent
686Embassy Court
687Emery Avenue
688Emile Crescent
689Emile Street
690Emily Street
691Emily Street
692Energy Court
693Epiphany Street
694Equinox Crescent
695Eric Court
696Erie Street
697Erindale Street
698Ernest Street
699Ernest Street
700Errington Avenue North
701Errington Avenue South
702Errington Street
703Estaire Road
704Estaire Road
705Este Drive
706Estelle Street
707Ester Street
708Ethel Street
709Ethelbert Street
710Eugene Street
711Eugene Street
712Eugenie Road
713Eva Avenue
714Eva Street
715Eva Street
716Evans Road
717Evans Road
718Eve Court
719Eve Street
720Evelyn Street
721Evergreen Court
722Evergreen Street
723Evergreen Street
724Eyre Street
725Fabbro Street
726Fabian Crescent
727Facer Street
728Fairbank East Road
729Fairbank Lake & Mr 4 Road
730Fairbank Lake Road
731Fairbank Lake Road
732Fairburn Street
733Fairmount Drive
734Fairview Avenue
735Falcon Crescent
736Falcon Street
737Falcon Street
740Falconbridge Highway
741Falconbridge Highway
742Felix Street
743Fen Road
744Fenske Road
745Fenton Street
746Fergus Avenue
747Ferguson Avenue
748Fernand Avenue
749Ferndale Avenue
750Fernwood Street
751Field Street
752Field Street
753Field Street
754Fielding Road
755Fielding Street
756Fines Road
757Finland Street
759Finni Road
760Finnwoods Road
761Fir Lane
762Fir Street
763Fire Route 1 Road
764Fire Route 2 Road
765Fire Route 3 Road
766Fire Route 4 Road
767Fire Route 4a Road
768Fire Route 5 Road
769Fire Route 6 Road
770Fire Route 6a Road
771Fire Route 7 Road
772Fire Route A
773Fire Route B
774Fire Route D
775Fire Route E
776Fire Route G
777Fire Route I
778Fire Route J
779Fire Route L
780Fire Route M
781Fire Route N
782Fire Route O
783Fire Route P
784Fire Route P - 1
785Fire Route S
786Fire Route T
787Fire Route V
788Fire Route W
789Fire Route Y
790Fire Route Y
791Firmin Court
792Fisher Road
793Fitzgerald Street
794Flake Street
795Fleetwood Drive
796Fleming Street
797Florence Street
798Flowers Road
799Foch Street
800Ford Avenue
801Ford Drive
802Forest Court
803Forest Lake Road
804Forest Ridge Road
805Forestdale Drive
806Forestview Court
807Foundry Street
808Fournier Drive
809Fournier Gardens Road
810Fram Road
811Francis Street
812Frank Street
813Franklin Avenue
814Franklin Street
815Frappier Road
816Fraser Avenue
817Fraser Crescent
818Fraser Extension
819Fraser Mine Road
820Fraser Street
821Fred Street
822Frederick Street
823Frenchman Bay Road
824Frenchman Lake Road
825Frenchman Lake Road
826Frenchman Lake Road North
827Frenchman Lake Road South
828Frencman Lake Road South
829Frobisher Street
830Front Street
831Front Street
832Frontenac Crescent
833Frontenac Street
834Frood Road
835Frood Road
836Frost Avenue
837Gabrielle Street
838Gagne Street
839Gagnon Street
840Galaxy Court
841Galic Street
842Galway Court
843Garden Street
844Gardenvale Court
845Garland Crescent
846Garnier Street
847Garrow Road
848Garson Coniston Road
849Garson Lake Road
850Gary Avenue
851Gaston Avenue
852Gateway Drive
853Gatien Avenue
854Gaudette Street
855Gauthier Street
856Gemini Crescent
857Gemma Street
858Gemmell Street
859Geneva Street
860Gennings Street
861Genoa Street
862George Avenue
863George Street
864George Street
865George Street
866Gerald Street
867Gerard Avenue
868Gerard Court
869Ghandi Lane
870Ghandi Lane
871Gibson Road
872Gilbert Avenue
873Gilbert Street
874Gill Avenue
875Gill Crescent
876Gill Lane
877Gill Street
878Gilles Court
879Gilman Street
880Gino Street
881Gladu Road
882Gladys Street
883Glen Avenue
884Glen Avenue
885Glenbower Crescent
886Glendale Avenue
887Glendale Court
888Gleneden Court
889Glenn Street
890Glenview Avenue
891Gloria Avenue
892Gloucester Court
893Glover Avenue
894Godfrey Drive
895Gold Street
896Goldenwood Court
897Goldie Street
898Golf Course Road
899Golf Course Road
900Golf Course Road
901Goodview Road
902Goodwill Drive
903Goodwill Drive
904Gordon Avenue
905Gordon Lake Road
906Gordon Street
907Gorman Avenue
908Government Road
909Governors Road
910Graham Road
911Graham Street
912Granddale Street
913Grandview Boulevard
914Granite Street
915Grassy Lake Road
916Grassy Lake Road
917Gratton Street
918Gravel Drive
919Gravel Drive
920Gravel Street
921Gravelle Avenue
922Gravelle Road
923Graywood Drive
924Green Avenue
925Greenbriar Drive
926Greenvalley Drive
927Greenwich Court
928Greenwood Drive
929Gregg Lane
930Grenadier Drive
931Grenoble Street
932Greta Street
933Grey Street
934Gribble Street
935Griffith Street
936Guenette Drive
937Guhbawin Co Op Road
938Guillet Street
939Guimond Avenue
940Gun Club Road
941Gutcher Avenue
942Guy Avenue
943Haig Street
944Haig Street
945Hamersveld Road
946Hamilton Crescent
947Hampden Crescent
948Hanmer Lake Road East
949Hanmer Lake Road West
950Hanna Avenue
951Hannah Lake Road
952Hansen Street
953Happy Valley Road
954Hardy Heights
955Hardy Street
956Hardy View
957Hargreaves Avenue
958Harju Crescent
959Harold Crescent
960Harpenden Road
961Harrison Drive
962Harry Crescent
963Harry Street
964Hartman Avenue
965Hartman Street
966Harty Street
967Harvest Moon Co Op Road
968Harvey Street
969Hastings Crescent
970Hatchery Road
971Havenbrook Drive
972Hawthorne Drive
973Hazel Street
974Hazel Street
975Hearne Avenue
976Heatherglen Place
977Hebert Street
978Hector Crescent
979Heino Road
980Helene Street
981Helens Point
982Hemlock Road
983Hemlock Street
984Hemlock Street
985Hemlock Street
986Hennessey Road
987Henri Street
988Henry Court
989Henry Court
990Henry Street
991Henry Street
992Henshell Road
993Heritage Drive
994Herman Mayer Drive
995Herold Drive
996Herve Avenue
997Hesta Street
998Hickory Street
999Hietanen Road
1000Higgins Road
1001High Falls Road
1002High Falls Road
1003High Street
1004Highgate Road
1005Highland Crescent
1006Highway 144
1007Highway 144
1008Highway 144
1009Highway 144
1010Highway 144
1011Highway 144
1012Highway 17
1013Highway 17
1014Highway 17
1015Highway 17
1016Highway 17
1017Highway 17
1018Highway 17
1019Highway 17
1020Highway 17
1021Highway 17
1022Highway 17
1023Highway 17
1024Highway 17
1025Highway 17
1026Highway 17
1027Highway 17 West
1028Highway 69
1029Highway 69
1030Highway 69
1031Highway 69 South
1032Hildegarde Avenue
1033Hill Road
1034Hill Street
1035Hill Street
1036Hill Street Ramp
1037Hillcrest Avenue
1038Hillcrest Avenue
1039Hillcrest Crescent
1040Hillcrest Drive
1041Hillcrest Street
1042Hillsboro Avenue
1043Hillsdale Court
1044Hillsdale Crescent
1045Hillsdale Crescent
1046Hillside Avenue
1047Hillside Avenue
1048Hillside Court
1049Hillview Drive
1050Hines Street
1051Hodge Street
1052Holland Road
1053Holmstedt Road
1054Homes Of Prosperity & Equality Road
1055Homewood Avenue
1056Hope Street
1057Horace Avenue
1058Horizon Co Op Road
1059Horizon Drive
1060Horobin Street
1061Horseshoe Lake Road
1062Houle Avenue
1063Howey Drive
1064Hubert Street
1065Hudson Street
1066Hulda Street
1067Humber Court
1068Hungarian Road
1069Hunter Street
1070Huntington Drive
1071Huron Street
1072Hydro Road
1073Hyland Drive
1074Ida Crescent
1075Ida Street
1076Ignatius Street
1077Imperial Drive
1078Inco Dam Road
1079Inco Road
1080Indian Road
1081Industrial Road
1082Industrial Road
1083Industrial Road South
1084Inglewood Court
1085Iode Street
1086Irene Crescent
1087Irene Crescent
1088Ironside Lake Road
1089Ironside Lake Road
1090Ironside Lake Road East
1091Ironside Lake Road North
1092Irving Street
1093Isaac Road
1094Isabel Street
1095Isabelle Street
1096Isidore Street
1097Island Road
1098Issacson Road
1099Ivan Street
1100Ivydale Court
1101Jackpine Street
1102Jacob Street
1103Jacobson Drive
1104Jacqueline Street
1105Jalonen Road
1106James Street
1107Jane Street
1108Janet Drive
1109Janet Street
1110Janmar Court
1111Janti Road
1112Jarvi Road
1113Jarvis Court
1114Jay Street
1115Jean Street
1116Jeanne D'arc Avenue
1117Jeanne D'arc Drive
1118Jeanne D'arc Street
1119Jeanne D'arc Street
1120Jessica Street
1121Jessica Street
1122Jessie Street
1123Jesuites Lane
1124Joanette Road
1125Joe Lake Private Road West
1126Joe Lake Road
1127Joe Lake Road East
1128Joe Lake Road East
1129Joe Lake Road West
1130Jogues Street
1131John C Mcissac Drive
1132John Street
1133John Street
1134John Street
1135John Street
1136Johnson Road
1137Johnson Road
1138Johnson Road
1139Johnson Road
1140Jolette Avenue
1141Jones Lane
1142Jones Street
1143Jones Street
1144Josee Place
1145Joseph Avenue
1146Joseph Street
1147Joseph Street
1148Josephine Drive
1149Josephine Street
1150Joudrey Road
1151Judy Court
1152Jules Street
1153Julien Place
1154Juliette Drive
1155Jumbo Road
1156Junction Avenue
1157Juniper Street
1158Jupiter Court
1159Justin Street
1160Kaireen Street
1161Kalio Road
1162Kalmo Road
1163Kangas Street
1164Kantola Road
1165Kari Road
1166Karla Road
1167Katherine Street
1168Kathleen Road
1169Kathleen Street
1170Kathleen Street
1171Kathleen Street
1172Kaupppi Road
1173Kaye Crescent
1174Keast Drive
1175Keen Street
1176Keewatin Court
1177Kehoe Avenue
1178Keith Avenue
1179Kelly Lake Road
1180Kelly Street
1181Kelsey Avenue
1182Kelvin Street
1183Kennedy Street
1184Kenneth Drive
1185Kenneth Drive
1186Kensington Place
1187Kent Court Road
1188Kenwood Street
1189Ketto Road
1190Kevin Drive
1191Keziah Court
1192Kiandra Court
1193Killarney Avenue
1194Kilpatrick Avenue
1195Kimberly Court
1196Kin Drive
1197Kincora Court
1198King Street
1199King Street
1200King Street
1201King Street
1202King Street
1203Kings Crescent
1204Kingslea Court
1205Kingsmount Boulevard
1206Kingsmount Boulevard
1207Kingston Court
1211Kingsway Ramp
1212Kinnos Road
1213Kipling Court
1214Kirkwood Drive
1215Kirkwood Mine Road
1216Kitchener Avenue
1217Kivi Road
1218Kivinen Road
1219Klondike Bay Road
1220Knight Court
1221Kontola Road
1222Kormak Street
1223Koti Road
1224Krats Road
1225Kreko Street
1226Kristi Court
1227Kristi Court
1228Kukagami Lake Road
1229Kukagami Lake Road
1230Kusk Road
1231Kuusisto Road
1232La Habre Avenue
1233Labelle Street
1234Laberge Lane
1235Labine Street
1236Labre Road
1237Lady Ashley Court
1238Lafontaine Street
1239Laforest Avenue
1240Laforge Street
1241Lagace Street
1242Lake Point Court
1243Lake Shore Road
1244Lake Street
1245Lakeland Lodge Road
1246Lakeshore Drive
1247Lakeshore Drive
1248Lakeshore Drive
1249Lakeshore Street
1250Lakeview Avenue
1251Lakeview Drive
1252Lakeview Place
1253Lakewood Crescent
1254Lakewood Drive
1255Lalonde Street
1256Lambton Court
1257Lammis Road
1258Lamondin Street
1259Lamothe Lake Road
1260Lamothe Street
1261Lancaster Drive
1262Landerville Drive
1263Landing Road
1264Landing Road
1265Landreville Drive
1266Landry Street
1267Landsend Street
1268Lane Avenue
1269Langdon Road
1270Langdon Street
1271Lansdowne Street
1272Lansing Avenue
1273Lapointe Street
1274Lapointe Street
1275Larch Street
1276Larch Street
1277Larch Street
1278Larchmont Drive
1279Larchwood Avenue
1280Larchwood Court
1281Larchwood Drive
1282Laren Street
1283Larocque Avenue
1284Lasalle Boulevard
1285Lasalle Boulevard
1286Lasalle Boulevard
1287Lasalle Boulevard
1288Latimer Crescent
1289Laura Avenue
1290Laura Avenue
1291Laura Drive
1292Laura Street
1293Laurelcrest Avenue
1294Laurelwood Court
1295Laurence Street
1296Laurentian Crescent
1297Laurentian Hospital Road
1298Laurentian Street
1299Laurentian Village
1300Laurette Street
1301Laurier Crescent
1302Laurier Street
1303Laurier Street East
1304Laurier Street West
1305Laurin Street
1306Lauzon Avenue
1307Laval Street
1308Lavallee Road
1309Lavoie Street
1310Lavola Road
1311Lawrence Street
1312Lawrence Street
1313Lawson Street
1314Lebel Street
1315Leblanc Street
1316Leduc Avenue
1317Leedale Avenue
1318Lefebvre Street
1319Legault Lane
1320Leger Crescent
1321Lenox Avenue
1322Leo Avenue
1323Leo Street North
1324Leo Street South
1325Leon Avenue
1326Leonard Avenue North
1327Leonard Avenue South
1328Leonard Street
1329Leroux Street
1330Leslie Street
1331Levack Drive
1332Levesque Street
1333Levina Street
1334Levis Street
1335Lexington Court
1336Libra Circle
1337Lighthouse Co Op Road
1338Lilac Street
1339Lillian Boulevard
1340Lillian Street
1341Lina Street
1342Lincoln Crescent
1343Lincoln Road
1344Lincoln Street
1345Linda Street
1346Lindala Road
1347Linden Drive
1348Linden Street
1349Lindsley Street
1350Lionel Avenue
1351Lisgar Street
1352Little Panache Road
1353Little Stobie Mine Road
1354Lloyd Street
1355Lloyd Street
1356Lloyd Street
1357Loachs Road
1358Lockerby Mine Access Road
1359Logan Avenue
1360Lombardy Street
1361Loney Lane
1362Long Lake Road
1363Long Lake Road
1364Longyear Drive
1365Lonsdale Avenue
1366Loon Lane
1367Lorne Falls Road
1368Lorne Street
1369Lorne Street
1370Lorraine Street
1371Lorraine Street
1372Lougheed Lane
1373Louis Street
1374Louis Street
1375Louisa Drive
1376Lourdes Street
1377Lucille Avenue
1378Lumsden Road
1379Luoma Road
1380Lynn Street
1381Lynwood Drive
1382Mabel Avenue
1383Macdonald Street
1384Macdonnel Street
1385Mackenzie Street
1386Mackenzie Street
1387Maclachlan Street
1388Maclennan Drive
1389Maclennan Mine Road
1390Macmillan Drive
1391Macmillan Street
1392Macnaughton Street
1393Madeleine Avenue
1394Madeleine Crescent
1395Madison Avenue
1396Madrid Lane
1397Mae Street
1398Magill Street
1399Magnolia Boulevard
1400Main Street
1401Main Street
1402Main Street
1403Main Street
1404Main Street
1405Main Street East
1406Main Street West
1407Mainville Street
1408Major Road
1409Makada Drive
1410Makala Road
1411Maki Avenue
1412Maki Crescent
1413Maki Road
1414Makynen Road
1415Maley Drive
1416Mallards Landing Drive
1417Manchester Crescent
1418Manhattan Crescent
1419Manitou Road
1420Manitou Road
1421Manninen Road
1422Manor Road
1423Maple Avenue
1424Maple Boulevard
1425Maple Street
1426Maple Street
1427Maple Street
1428Maple Street
1429Maple Street
1430Mapleridge Street
1431Maplewood Crescent
1432Marcel Street
1433Marcel Street
1434Marconi Street
1435Marcus Drive
1436Margaret Avenue
1437Margaret Street
1438Margaret Street
1439Marguerite Street
1440Maria Street
1441Marie Avenue
1442Marie Avenue
1443Marier Street
1444Marigold Place
1445Marina Road
1446Marine Landing Road
1447Marion Street
1448Marion Street
1449Marion Street
1450Mark Street
1451Market Street
1452Markusson Drive
1453Marlborough Drive
1454Marlene Court
1455Marquis Court
1456Marshall Lane
1457Martha Street
1458Martin Avenue
1459Martin Road
1460Martindale Road
1461Marttila Drive
1462Mary Avenue
1463Mary Street
1464Mary Street
1465Mason Road
1466Massachusetts Lane
1467Matagamasi Lake Road
1468Mathew Street
1469Matilda Avenue
1470Matson Road
1471Maureen Crescent
1472Maureen Street
1473Maurice Street
1474Mayfair Court
1475Mcallister Avenue
1476Mccharles Lake Road
1477Mccormack Court
1478Mccrea Heights Avenue
1479Mccreedy West Mine Road
1480Mcdougall Street
1481Mcfarlane Lake Road
1482Mckeen Street
1483Mckenzie Road
1484Mckenzie Road
1485Mckim Street
1486Mckinnon Street
1487Mclean Street
1488Mcleod Street
1489Mcnaughton Street
1490Mcnaughton Terrace
1491Mcneill Boulevard
1492Mcnevin Street
1493Meadowside Avenue
1494Mederic Street
1495Medina Lane
1496Medora Street
1497Meehan Avenue
1498Melbourne Street
1499Melins Road
1500Melvin Avenue
1501Melvyn Avenue
1502Menard Street
1503Merrygale Drive
1504Mervyn Street
1505Metcalfe Avenue
1506Michael Street
1507Michael Street
1508Micheal Avenue
1509Michelle Drive
1510Middle Lake Road
1511Mikkola Road
1512Milan Street
1513Mildred Street
1514Mill Road
1515Miller Street
1516Millwood Crescent
1517Milnet Road
1518Milton Avenue
1519Mina Street
1520Mine Road
1521Mine Road
1522Minto Street
1523Mirage Boulevard
1524Misit Avenue
1525Mission Hill
1526Mist Hollow Drive
1527Mitchell Street
1528Mitchell Street
1529Moland Street
1530Mollys Road
1531Mona Avenue
1532Monck Street
1533Monique Crescent
1534Monique Street
1535Mont Adam Street
1536Montague Avenue
1537Montcalm Avenue
1538Montcalm Street
1539Montebello Street
1540Montee Coutu
1541Montée Genereux
1542Montée Principale
1543Montée Rouleau
1544Montel Street
1545Montfort Street
1546Montgomery Street
1547Montpellier Road
1548Montreal Lane
1549Montrose Avenue
1550Mooney Road
1551Mooney Street
1552Moonlight Avenue
1553Moonlight Beach Road
1554Moonrock Avenue
1555Moose Lake Road
1556Moose Lake Road
1557Moose Mountain Mine Road
1558Morbin Road
1559Moreau Avenue
1560Morgan Road
1561Morgan Road
1562Morin Avenue
1563Morin Street
1564Morin Street
1565Morlock Street
1566Morningside Crescent
1567Morrie Court
1568Morris Street
1569Morris Street
1570Morrison Avenue
1571Moss Street
1572Mott Street
1573Mountain Avenue
1574Mountain Street
1575Mountain View Street
1576Mountainview Street
1577Mountview Crescent
1578Moxam Drive
1579Moxam Landing Road
1580Mtc Road
1581Mulberry Court
1582Mullen Road
1583Mumford Drive
1584Municipal Road 08
1585Municipal Road 15
1586Municipal Road 15
1587Municipal Road 15
1588Municipal Road 15
1589Municipal Road 35
1590Municipal Road 35
1591Municipal Road 35
1592Municipal Road 55
1593Municipal Road 55
1594Municipal Road 55
1595Municipal Road 55
1596Municipal Road 55
1597Municipal Road 55
1598Municipal Road 55
1599Municipal Road 80
1600Municipal Road 80
1601Municipal Road 80
1602Municipal Road 84
1603Muriel Crescent
1604Murray Avenue
1605Murray Street
1606Myles Street
1607Myllinen Road
1608Nadia Street
1609Nagy Road
1610National Street
1611Navanod Road
1612Neal Street
1613Neelon Avenue
1614Nelson Lake Road
1615Nelson Lake Road
1616Nelson Road
1617Nelson Street
1618Nepahwin Avenue
1619Neptune Avenue
1620Nesbitt Drive
1621New Cobden Road
1622New Cobden Road
1623Newgate Avenue
1624Newton Crescent
1625Nickel Basin Road North
1626Nickel Basin Road South
1627Nickel Offset Road
1628Nickel Rim South Mine Road
1629Nickel Street
1630Nickel Street
1631Nickel Street
1632Nicole Street
1633Nicolet Street
1634Niemi Drive
1635Niemi Road
1636Noble Street
1637Noel Street
1638Nolin Street
1657Norfolk Court
1658Norite Street
1659Norma Street
1660Norman Avenue
1661Norman Crescent
1662Norman Street
1663Normand Avenue
1664Normand Avenue
1665Normandy Court
1666Noront Road
1667North Avenue
1668North Fairbank Road
1669North Range Mine Road
1670North Shore Black Lake Road
1671North Shore Drive
1672North Shore Road
1673Northway Avenue
1674Northwest Bypass
1675Norvic Drive
1676Notre Dame Avenue
1677Notre Dame Avenue
1678Notre Dame Street East
1679Notre Dame Street West
1680Nottingham Avenue
1681Nova Street
1682Nurmi Road
1683O'connor Street
1684O'connor Street
1685O'donoghue Drive
1686O'grady Street
1687O'neil Drive
1688O'neil Drive East
1689O'neil Drive West
1690O'neil Drive West
1691Oak Avenue
1692Oak Ridge Road
1693Oak Street
1694Oak Street
1695Oak Street
1696Oak Street
1697Oakdale Street
1698Oakridge Trail
1699Oakwood Avenue
1700Oberon Street
1701Octave Street
1702Odile Street
1703Odonaghue Drive
1704Oja Street
1705Ojibway Road
1706Old Burwash Road
1707Old City Hall Lane
1708Old Creighton Road
1709Old Falconbridge Highway
1710Old Falconbridge Road
1711Old Highway 144
1712Old Highway 537
1713Old Highway 537
1714Old Poupore Mine Road
1715Old School Road
1716Old Skead Road
1717Old Soo Road
1718Old Station Road
1719Old Station Road
1720Old Wanup Road
1721Old Wanup Road
1722Oliver Street
1723Oliver Street
1724Olivia Street
1725Oman Road
1726Omer Legault Lane
1727Omer Street
1728Omer Street
1729Onaping Drive
1730Onex Shaft Road
1731Ontario Street
1732Ontario Street
1733Onwatin Lake Road
1734Onwatin Lake Road East
1735Orange Grove Drive
1736Orange Road
1737Orchid Drive
1738Orell Street
1739Orford Street
1740Oriole Drive
1741Ormsby Avenue
1742Oscar Street
1743Osias Street
1744Outremont Boulevard
1745Overbrook Crescent
1746Pacific Avenue
1747Palace Place Road
1748Palisade Place
1749Palm Dairy Road
1750Panache Lake Municipal Road 10
1751Panache North Shore Road
1752Panache North Shore Road
1753Panache Quartz Street
1754Papineau Crescent
1755Paquette Street
1756Paquette Street
1757Paquette Street
1759Paris Crescent
1760Paris Street
1761Paris Street
1762Parisien Avenue
1763Park Avenue
1764Park Avenue
1765Park Lane
1766Park Road
1767Park Street
1768Parkdale Avenue
1769Parkdale Crescent
1770Parkinson Street
1771Parkland Village Road
1772Parkside Drive
1773Parkview Drive
1774Parkview Drive
1775Parkwood Street
1776Patie Street
1777Patricia Street
1778Patricia Street
1779Patrick Avenue
1780Patterson Street
1781Patterson Street
1782Paul Avenue
1783Paul Street
1784Paul Street
1785Paul Street
1786Paul Street
1787Paul Street
1788Pauline Street
1789Paulines Road
1790Peacock Street
1791Pearl Street
1792Pearson Drive
1793Pebblehill Place
1794Peel Street
1795Pella Avenue
1796Pellinen Road
1797Penman Avenue
1798Pennala Street
1799Penny Court
1800Pentney Road
1801Peny Lane
1802Peppertree Village Road
1803Percy Avenue
1804Percy Avenue
1805Perkovich Lane
1806Perreault Drive
1807Perreault Street
1808Pertula Road
1809Peter Avenue
1810Peter Street
1811Pharand Street
1812Phil Street
1813Philip Road
1814Philippe Street
1815Phillip Street
1816Picard Street
1817Pierre Street
1818Pietro Street
1819Pilon Crescent
1820Pilon Crescent
1821Pilon Street
1822Pilon Street
1823Pilotte Road
1824Pine Cone Road
1825Pine Cone Road
1826Pine Court
1827Pine Court
1828Pine Hill Road
1829Pine Street
1830Pine Street
1831Pine Street
1832Pine Street
1833Pine Street
1834Pine Street
1835Pine Street
1836Pinellas Road
1837Pioneer Road
1838Pioneer Road
1839Pipeline Road
1840Pit Road
1841Place Hurtubise Road
1842Place Vercheres Road
1843Placide Street
1844Platinum Place
1845Plumtree Crescent
1846Poland Street
1847Polvi Avenue
1848Pond Hollow Drive
1849Poole Court
1850Poplar Street
1851Poplar Street
1852Poplar Street
1853Portage Avenue
1854Portage Lake Road
1855Portelance Road
1856Portelance Road
1857Porter Street
1858Potvin Crescent
1859Poulin Street
1860Poulin Street East
1861Poupore Road East
1862Poupore Road West
1863Power Street
1864Powerhouse Road
1865Prescott Street
1866Prestige Place
1867Prete Street
1868Prevost Street
1869Prevost Street North
1870Primrose Drive
1871Prism Co Op Road
1872Proulx Court
1873Providence Lane
1874Puska Street
1875Queen Elizabeth Street
1876Queen Street
1877Queen Street
1878Queen Street
1879Queens Court
1880Quiet Road
1881Quimby Court
1882Quinn Street
1883Racicot Drive
1884Radar Road
1885Radar Road
1886Radar Road
1887Radcliff Park
1888Radisson Avenue
1889Raft Lake Road
1890Railway Avenue
1891Railway Road
1892Ralph Street
1902Ramp Balsam Street
1903Ramp Municipal Road 80
1904Ramp Municipal Road 80
1905Ramp Notre Dame Avenue
1906Ramp Regent Street
1907Ramsey Lake Road
1908Ramsey Road
1909Ramsey View Court
1910Randolph Road
1911Randolph Street
1912Ranger Avenue
1913Ranta Road
1914Ravina Avenue
1915Ray Street
1916Raymond Crescent
1917Raymond Street
1918Raymond Street
1919Rayside Avenue
1920Rebecca Street
1921Red Cross Boulevard
1922Red Deer Lake Road North
1923Red Deer Lake Road South
1924Red Deer Road
1925Redfern Street
1926Redwood Drive
1927Reed Street
1928Regent Ramp
1929Regent Street
1930Regent Street
1931Reginald Street
1932Remington Road
1933Rene Street
1934Renee Crescent
1935Rheal Street
1936Rheaume Street
1937Richard Court
1938Richard Lake Drive
1939Richard Lake Road
1940Richard Street
1941Richard Street
1942Richard Street
1943Richard Street
1944Richelieu Court
1945Richgrove Court
1946Rideau Avenue
1947Rideau Street
1948Ridgemount Avenue
1949Rinfret Street
1950Rink Street
1951Rio Road
1952Ripple Road
1953Ristimaki Road
1954Rita Street
1955Rita Street
1956River Road
1957River Road
1958Riverbend Road
1959Riverside Drive
1960Riverside Drive
1961Riverside Drive
1962Riverside Drive East
1963Riverside Drive West
1964Riverview Avenue
1965Rivest Entrance
1966Rix Street
1967Robert Drive
1968Robert Drive
1969Robert Street
1970Robert Street
1971Roberta Avenue
1972Robin Avenue
1973Robin Street
1974Robinson Drive
1975Robinson Drive
1976Rochon Road
1977Rockview Road
1978Rockwood Drive
1979Roderick Avenue
1980Rodney Street
1981Rodrigue Avenue
1982Roger Street
1983Roland Street
1984Roma Street
1985Romanet Lane
1986Romeo Street
1987Ronald Avenue
1988Ronald Court
1989Ronald Crescent
1990Ronald Drive
1991Ronka Road
1992Rose Court
1993Rose Court
1994Rose Marie Avenue
1995Rose Street
1996Rosebud Court
1997Roseland Drive
1998Ross Street
1999Rowat Street
2000Roxborough Drive
2001Roxborough Drive
2002Roy Avenue
2003Roy Court
2004Roy Street
2005Royal Court
2006Royal Street
2007Rudd Street
2008Rule Street
2009Rumball Terrace Road
2010Rushbrooke Crescent
2011Rustic Street
2012Rutherglen Crescent
2013Ryan Heights Road
2014Ryan Street
2015Sable Street
2016Sabourin Road
2017Saddle Creek Drive
2018Sagebrush Place
2019Salminen Road
2020Salo Road
2021Salo Road
2022Salo Road
2023Samson Avenue
2024Samuel Street
2025Sandra Boulevard
2026Sandra Court
2027Sandra Street
2028Sandy Beach Road
2029Sandy Cove Road
2030Sanfrancisco Street
2031Sanitary Landfill Road
2032Santa Monica Street
2033Santala Road
2034Sara Street
2035Saturn Court
2036Sauve Avenue
2037Sauve Street
2038Savard Road
2039Scarlett Drive
2040Scarlett Road
2041Scenic Drive
2042Scenic Way
2043School Lane
2044School Street
2045School Street
2046Seaforth Lane
2047Seal Lake Road
2048Secord Court
2049Seguin Street
2050Seguin Street
2051Seguin Street
2052Selkirk Street
2053Selkirk Street
2054Sellwood Avenue
2055Selma Avenue
2056Seppala Road
2057Serenna Drive
2058Serge Street
2059Serpentine Street
2060Service Road
2061Service Road
2062Service Road
2063Service Road
2064Severn Street
2065Shadybrook Place
2066Shappert Avenue
2067Sharon Avenue
2068Shaughnessy Street
2069Shaw Street
2070Shaw Street
2071Shawn Street
2072Shelbourne Street
2073Shelley Drive
2074Sheppard Drive
2075Sherwood Avenue
2076Shevchenko Avenue
2077Shields Street
2078Shirley Avenue
2079Shirley Lane
2080Shirley Street
2081Short Street
2082Short Street
2083Short Street
2084Silkwood Street
2085Silpaa Street
2086Silver Lake Road
2087Silverbirch Crescent
2088Silverman Street
2089Simard Street
2090Simcoe Street
2091Simmons Road
2092Simmons Road
2093Simon Lake Drive
2094Simon Street
2095Skead Road
2096Skead Road
2097Skead Road
2098Skyward Drive
2099Slalom Street
2100Sleepy Hollow Road
2101Smelter Road
2102Smith Street
2103Snider Street
2104Snowdon Avenue
2105Solidarity Lane
2106Soloy Drive
2107Solski Court
2108Somers Street
2109Somerset Street
2110South Bay Road
2111South Lane Road
2112South Shore Road
2113Southgate Crescent
2114Southview Drive
2115Southview Drive
2116Southwest Bypass
2117Spanish River Road
2118Spanish River Road
2119Spanish River Road
2120Sparks Street
2121Spencer Road
2122Springbrook Place
2123Springdale Crescent
2124Springhill Drive
2125Spruce Street
2126Spruce Street
2127Spruce Street
2128Spruce Street
2129Spur Street
2130St Agnes Street
2131St Albert Street
2132St Alphonse Street
2133St Andrews Road
2134St Anthony Street
2135St Antoine Street
2136St Brendan Street
2137St Catharines Street
2138St Charles Lake Road
2139St Charles Street
2140St Clair Street
2141St Cloud Road
2142St Denis Street
2143St George Street
2144St Isidore Street
2145St Jacques Street
2146St James Street
2147St James Street
2148St Jean Baptiste Street
2149St Jean Street
2150St Jean Street
2151St Jerome Street
2152St Joseph Street
2153St Joseph Street
2154St Joseph Street
2155St Laurent Street
2156St Lawrence Street
2157St Louis Street
2158St Marie Street
2159St Mary Boulevard
2160St Michel Street
2161St Nicholas Street
2162St Onge Street
2163St Peter Court
2164St Pothier Road
2165St Raphael Street
2166St Roch Lane
2167St Therese Street
2168St Thomas Street
2169Stacey Crescent
2170Stafford Street
2171Stanley Street
2172Stanley Street
2173Stanyon Street
2174Starlight Street
2175Stathcona Mine Road
2176Station Road
2177Ste Anne Road
2178Stephanie Street
2179Stephen Street
2180Stephen Street
2181Stewart Drive
2182Stillbrook Place
2183Stinson Hydro Road
2184Stobie Dam Road
2185Stonegate Drive
2186Stoney Bay Road
2187Stos Road
2188Strathcona Mine Road
2189Strathcona Mine Road
2190Strathmere Court
2191Strudwick Avenue
2192Struthers Street
2193Stull Street
2194Sturgeon Street
2195Subway Street
2196Succo Street
2197Sudbury Landfill Road
2198Sudbury Road 84
2199Sudbury Road 84
2200Sudbury Road 84
2201Sudbury Transit Lane
2202Sudbury Water Treatment Plant Road
2203Suez Drive
2204Suffolk Lane
2205Sugarbush Drive
2206Suihkola Road
2207Summerhill Crescent
2208Sunday Street
2209Sunderland Road
2210Sunny Street
2211Sunnybrae Avenue
2212Sunnyside Road
2213Sunnyside Road
2214Sunrise Ridge Drive
2215Sunset Avenue
2216Sunset Cove Road
2217Sunset Drive
2218Sunvalley Avenue
2219Suomi Road
2220Sutherland Avenue
2221Suzanne Avenue
2222Suzanne Street
2223Swan Road
2224Swanson Court
2225Swedlund Street
2226Sweetberry Drive
2227Sycamore Street
2228Sylvio Street
2229Taipales Road
2230Talon Street
2231Talon Street
2232Tamarack Avenue
2233Tamarack Village Road
2234Tanguay Avenue
2235Tarneaud Street
2236Tasha Court
2237Tate Boulevard
2238Tawny Port Drive
2239Taylor Road
2240Tedman Avenue
2241Telesphore Street
2242Telstar Avenue
2243Temperance Street
2244Tena Street
2245Tennis Club Lane
2246The Lamo Street
2247The Lamo Street
2248The Mews Street
2249Theresa Avenue
2250Theriault Road
2251Theriault Road
2252Thomas Avenue
2253Thomas Street
2254Thomas Street
2255Thompson Street
2256Thomson Road
2257Thorncliffe Court
2258Tilly Street
2259Tilton Lake Road
2260Tilton Lake Road
2261Timber Ridge Court
2262Timothy Avenue
2263Torbay Road
2264Torrington Street
2265Totten Mine Road
2266Tower Road
2267Tower Road
2268Trailridge Drive
2269Trailside Court
2270Trailview Drive
2271Travers Street
2272Treeview Road
2273Tremblay Street
2274Trent Street
2275Trottier Avenue
2276Trudeau Drive
2277Trudyville Road
2278Tuddenham Avenue
2279Tudor Court
2280Tulane Avenue
2281Tulip Terrace
2282Tupper Street
2284Turner Avenue
2285Turner Drive
2286Tuscany Trail
2287Tymchuck Road
2288Tyyne Street
2289Unicorn Co Op Road
2290Union Street
2291University Road
2292Uphill Road
2293Urbandale Street
2294Ursa Court
2295Vachon Street
2296Vagnini Court
2297Vaillancourt Crescent
2298Valley Road
2299Valleystream Drive
2300Valleyview Road
2301Van Horne Street
2302Vanier Lane
2303Vanier Lane
2304Vaughan Avenue
2305Velma Street
2306Velray Court
2307Velvet Court
2308Venice Street
2309Vera Street
2310Vermilion Lake Road
2311Vermilion Lake Road
2312Vermilion South Shore Road
2313Vermilion Street
2314Vern Drive
2315Veterans Road
2316Victor Mine Road
2317Victor Street
2318Victoria Street
2319Victoria Street
2320Village Crescent
2321Vincent Street
2322Vine Avenue
2323Vintage Way
2324Virginia Drive
2325Viscount Place
2326Voyageur Street
2327Wabagishik Road
2328Wagner Street
2329Wahamaa Road
2330Wahamaa Street
2331Wala Street
2332Waldenwood Road
2333Walford Road
2334Walford Road
2335Wallace Road
2336Walnut Street
2337Walter Avenue
2338Walter Avenue
2339Walter Street
2340Warsaw Road
2341Water Street
2342Waterview Road
2343Watson Court
2344Wavell Street
2345Wayne Crescent
2346Wayne Road
2347Webbwood Drive
2348Wedgewood Drive
2349Weller Street
2350Wellington Heights
2351Wellington Street
2352Welsh Street
2353Wembley Drive
2354Wembley Drive
2355Wendy Street
2356Wessex Street
2357West Bay Road
2358West Bay Road
2359West Riverside Drive
2360Westbourne Street
2361Westend Road
2362Westmorland Avenue
2363Westmount Avenue
2364Westshore Road
2365Westview Crescent
2366Westview Drive
2367Whippoorwill Avenue
2368Whispering Pine Road
2369Whissell Avenue
2370White Avenue
2371White Road
2372White Street
2373Whitson Lake Drive
2374Whittaker Street
2375Wickie Road
2376Wickwas Street
2377Wilderness Road
2378Wilfred Avenue
2379Wilfred Street
2380Wilfred Street
2381Wilfred Street
2382Will Street
2383Willard Avenue
2384William Avenue
2385William Avenue
2386William Avenue
2387William Street
2388William Street
2389Willow Crescent
2390Willow Street
2391Willow Street
2392Willow Street
2393Willow Street
2394Wilma Street
2395Wilson Street
2396Wiltshire Street
2397Winchester Avenue
2398Winchester Avenue
2399Windermere Crescent
2400Windle Drive
2401Windsor Crescent
2402Windsor Crescent
2403Windy Lake Marina Road
2404Winfield Lane
2405Winterhaven Avenue
2406Wirtanen Road
2407Woodbine Avenue
2408Woodland Avenue
2409Woodland Road
2410Woodland Street
2411Woodlawn Avenue
2412Woodlawn Road
2413Woods Street
2414Worthington Crescent
2415Worthington Road
2416Wuorinen Road
2417Xavier Street
2418Yale Street
2419Yarmouth Street
2420Yollie Street
2421Yonge Street
2422York Drive
2423York Street
2424York Street
2425Yorkshire Drive
2426Young Street
2427Young Street
2428Young Street
2429Zinc Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)