List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line
211th Concession
31st Street
41st Street
52nd Concession
62nd Concession
72nd Street
82nd Street
93rd Concession
103rd Concession
113rd Concession
123rd Concession
133rd Concession
143rd Street
153rd Street
164 Points Road
174th Line
184th Street
194th Street
205th Concession
215th Street
225th Street
236th Concession
246th Concession
256th Line
266th Street
277th Concession
287th Concession
298th Line
309th Concession
31Abbot Street
32Acorn Road
33Acrevale Road
34Adelaide Street North
35Adelaide Street South
36Adella Road
37Admiral Drive
38Agnes Street
39Aino Beach Road
40Albert Circle
41Albert Street
42Albert Street
43Albert Street
44Albert Street North
45Albert Street South
46Alexander Avenue
47Alfred Street
48Algonquin Road
49Algonquin Road
50Allens Lane
51Alma Road
52Alma Street North
53Alma Street South
54Alpine Street
55Als Avenue
56Alton Lane
57Alvar Road
58Alvar Road
59Alvins Lane
60Amelia Street
61Amon Drive
62Anderson Drive
63Anderson Line
64Andrew Court
65Andrew Drive
66Angeline Street North
67Angeline Street South
68Anne Street
69Antiquary Road
70Apple Grove Road
71Applewood Crescent
72Arbour Court
73Arbour Street
74Ardmore Avenue
75Arena Road
76Argyle Street
77Armitage Avenue
78Armour Court
79Armstrong Court
80Arrowood Road
81Ash Loop
82Ash Road
83Ashtree Road
84Aspen Drive
85Aster Lane
86August Lane
87Augusta Street
88Auk Trail
89Austin Boulevard
90Austin Drive
91Auto Lane
92Autumn Lane
93Autumn Lane
94Avery Point Road
95Aylmer Drive
96Bailey Drive
97Baker Boulevard
98Baker Lane
99Baker Road
100Balaclava Street
101Ball Point Road
102Ballyduff Road
103Ballyduff Road
104Ballyduff Road
105Ballyduff Road
106Balsam Grove Road
107Balsam Lake Drive
108Balsam Lake Drive
109Balsam Park Road
110Balsam Road
111Bank Road
112Barkwell Lane
113Barr Street
114Barron Boulevard
115Barrys Road
116Baseline Road
117Basswood Drive
118Basswood Street
119Bay Drive
120Bay Street
121Bayside Street
122Bayview Court
123Bayview Drive
124Bayview Drive
125Bayview Drive
126Bayview Estates Road
127Bayview Road
128Beach Road
129Beach Road
130Beach View Drive
131Beachli Lane
132Beacroft Road
133Beall Street
134Beatrice Drive
135Beattys Road
136Beaver Drive
137Beaver Point Road
138Beaver Road
139Beaver Road
140Beavers Lane
141Beech Road
142Beech Street
143Beechnut Road
144Beechnut Street
145Beehive Drive
146Beers Road
147Bell Road
148Bellamy Road
149Bells Lane
150Belvedere Road
151Bend Street
152Benson Boulevard
153Benson Street
154Berry Lane
155Bertha Street
156Bertie Street
157Bethany Hills Road
158Bethany Hills Road
159Bethany Hills Road
160Bethel Road
161Bettys Bay Road
162Beverly Drive
163Beverly Street
164Bexley Laxton Boundary Road
165Bexley Laxton Boundary Road
166Bexley Place
167Bick Street
168Birch Court
169Birch Court
170Birch Crescent
171Birch Glen Drive
172Birch Lane
173Birch Point Drive
174Birch Point Road
175Birch Point Road
176Birch Road
177Birchcliff Avenue
178Birchleaf Drive
179Birchmount Court
180Birchwood Lane
181Birdie Drive
182Black Bear Drive
183Black Bear Road
184Black River Road
185Black River Road
186Black River Road
187Black School Road
188Black School Road
189Black School Road
190Black School Road
191Blackbird Road
192Blanchards Road
193Blanchards Road
194Blue Water Avenue
195Bluebird Court
196Blythe Shore Road
197Bobcaygeon Road
198Bolsover Road
199Bolton Street
200Bona Vista Drive
201Bond Street
202Bond Street East
203Bond Street West
204Boulder Street
205Boundary Road
206Boundary Road
207Boundary Road
208Boundary Road
209Bowen Road
210Boyce Trail
211Boyd Street
212Bradley Street
213Bramble Road
214Branch Street
215Brechin Road
216Breezeway Road
217Brenda Boulevard
218Brenda Court
219Briar Street
220Bridge Street
221Bridle Road
222Bristol Road
223Broad Street
224Brock Street
225Brokenshire Shore Road
226Bronte Lane
227Bronze Street
228Brook Road
229Brook Street
230Brooks Lane
231Brookview Road
232Brotherston Gate
233Brotherston Road
234Bruce Drive
235Bruce Street
236Brunon Avenue
237Buck Lane
238Buckhorn Road
239Buller Road
240Bulmers Road
241Burke Road
242Burnetts Shore Road
243Burnt River Road
244Burrows Court
245Burys Green Road
246Burys Green Road
247Burys Green Road
248Bush Road
249Butternut Drive
250Byers Street
251Byrne Court
252Cable Road
253Cactus Lane
254Cadillac Boulevard
255Caister Lane
256Callaghans Road
257Callburn Lane
258Calm Street
259Cambray Road
260Cambray Road
261Cambray Road
262Cambridge Street North
263Cambridge Street South
264Camelot Place
265Cameron Drive
266Cameron Road
267Cameron Street
268Camp Street
269Campbell Beach Road
270Campbell Street
271Canal Road
272Canal Street East
273Canal Street West
274Canon Street
275Capstick Road
276Cardinal Drive
277Cardinal Road
278Carew Boulevard
279Carlton Crescent
280Caroline Street
281Carscadden Road
282Cartwright Manvers Boundary Road
283Cedar Avenue
284Cedar Bay Road
285Cedar Court
286Cedar Crescent
287Cedar Dale Drive
288Cedar Glen Road
289Cedar Lane
290Cedar Nook Road
291Cedar Park Road
292Cedar Point Road
293Cedar Ridge Drive
294Cedar Road
295Cedar Street
296Cedar Tree Road
297Cedar Tree Road
298Cedar Tree Road
299Cedar Villa Road
300Cedarhurst Avenue
301Cedarplank Road
302Cedarview Drive
303Centennial Drive
304Centennial Park Road
305Centreline Road
306Century Farm Road
307Chadwin Drive
308Chaingate Drive
309Chambers Road
310Chambers Road
311Champlain Boulevard
312Charles Street
313Charlore Park Drive
314Charlotte Crescent
315Chase Place
316Chateau Place
317Cheese Factory Road
318Chemongview Street
319Cherryhill Street
320Chester Lane
321Chickadee Court
322Chicory Lane
323Childs Road
324Chipmunk Alley
325Chipmunk Road
326Chipmunk Trail
327Chisholm Trail
328Christie Road
329Church Street
330Church Street
331Church Street East
332Churchill Crescent
333Circle Drive
334Circle Drive
335Circle Street
336Clark Street
337Clearview Drive
338Clifford Drive
339Cliffside Drive
340Clifton Street
341Clipper Street
342Clonsilla Drive
343Clover Court
344Clover Drive
345Cloverhill Road
346Cobble Lane
347Cockburn Street
348Colborne Street
349Colborne Street East
350Colborne Street North
351Colborne Street West
352Colborne Street West
353Coldstream Road
354Cole Street
355Colonel William Lane
356Colonial Street
357Colony Road
358Colony Road
359Columbus Street North
360Columbus Street South
361Commerce Place
362Commerce Road
363Community Centre Road
364Concession Road
365Confederation Road
366Cook Street
367Coone Street
368Copes Lane
369Copper Lane
370Cops Cove
371Corbett Drive
372Corby Crescent
373Cork Road
374Corneil Street
375Corner Road
376Cornwall Street
377Coronation Drive
378Corson Court
379Coshs Road
380Cottage Road
381Cottage Road
382Cottingham Crescent
383Cottingham Road
384Cottingham Road
385Cottingham Road
386Coulter Drive
387Country 46 Road
388Country 46 Road
389Country 46 Road
390Country Club Circle
391Country Club Drive
392Country Lane
393County Road 121
394County Road 121
395County Road 121
396County Road 121
397County Road 24
398County Road 24
399County Road 24
400County Road 30
401County Road 30
402County Road 36
403County Road 36
404County Road 36
405County Road 36
406County Road 41
407County Road 41
408County Road 45
409County Road 45
410County Road 45
411County Road 45
412County Road 45
413County Road 45
414County Road 45
415County Road 45
416County Road 45
417County Road 45
418County Road 48
419County Road 48
420County Road 48
421County Road 49
422County Road 49
423County Road 57
424County Road 8
425County Road 8
426County Road 8
427County Road 8
428County Road 8
429Courtland Road
430Courtney Lane
431Cove Road
432Cowans Crescent
433Cowans Drive
434Cranberry Lake Road
435Crandall Street
436Crane Bay Road
437Craven Road
438Crawford Road
439Creek View Road
440Crego Lake Road
441Crego Street
442Crescent Court
443Crescent Drive
444Cresswell Road
445Cresswell Road
446Cresswell Road
447Crestwood Avenue
448Cricket Hollow Road
449Crimson Lane
450Cromwell Road
451Crooked Court
452Crosby Drive
453Cross Creek Road
454Cross Street South
455Crosswind Road
456Crystal Street
457Curls Road
458Daisy Drive
459Daisy Trail
460Daniel Court
461Dartmoor Road
462Dartmoor Road
463David Drive
464Davis Street
465Day Drive
466Daytonia Beach Road
467Deane Street
468Deane Street North
469Deer Lake Road
470Deerwood Avenue
471Demoe Road
472Denfield Road
473Denniston Street
474Derek Taylor Road
475Dermot Street
476Deverell Lane
477Devitts Road
478Devon Drive
479Dew Drop Inn Road
480Dewberry Lane
481Dickie Road
482Dickson Street
483Digby Laxton Boundary Road
484Digby Laxton Boundary Road
485Distillery Street East
486Division Street
487Division Street North
488Doble Drive
489Dobson Street
490Dodd Street
491Doe Lane
492Doig Street
493Dominion Drive
494Don Court
495Dormer Road
496Dorosz Lane
497Douglas Drive
498Dove Street
499Dovehaven Road
500Dover Street
501Doyle Road
502Dranoel Road
503Driftwood Crescent
504Driftwood Shores Road
505Driftwood Village Road
506Druan Drive
507Drum Road
508Drum Road
509Drum Road
510Duke Street
511Duke Street
512Duke Street
513Dukelow Road
514Dunbar Drive
515Duncombe Drive
516Dunn Street
517Dunromin Drive
518Dunsford Court
519Dunsford Road
520Durham Street East
521Durham Street West
522Dutrisac Drive
523Dwinnell Lane
524Dyana Drive
525Eagle Road
526Eakins Court
527Eakins Crescent
528Earl Kennedy Road
529Earnest Street
530East Beehive Drive
531East Street
532East Street North
533East Street South
534Ebony Street
535Echo Bay Road
536Eden Road
537Edgewood Drive
538Edgewood Drive
539Edgewood Road
540Edna Street
541Edward Street
542Edwin Street
543Eglington Street
544Eklin Park Drive
545Elaine Drive
546Elder Street
547Eldon Drive
548Eldon Road
549Eldon Road
550Eldon Station Road
551Eldon Station Road
552Eldon Station Road
553Eldon Station Road
554Eldonia Road
555Eldridge Lane
556Elgin Street
557Elgin Street
558Elinor Avenue
559Elizabeth Street
560Elk Street
561Ella Place
562Ellard Court
563Ellice Street
564Elliot Falls Road
565Elliot Street
566Ellis Crescent
567Elm Court
568Elm Street
569Elm Street
570Elm Street East
571Elm Tree Road
572Elm Tree Road
573Elm Tree Road
574Elysian Field
575Emerald Street
576Emily Court
577Emily Creek Road
578Emily Manor Drive
579Emily Park Road
580Emily Street North
581English Road
582English Road
583English Street West
584Eoin Road
585Erin Drive
586Esker Road
587Esturian Road
588Eva Street
589Evans Drive
590Everett Road
591Evergreen Drive
592Ewen Street
593Fair Avenue
594Fairbairn Road
595Fairview Court
596Falcon Lane
597Fallingbrook Crescent
598Falls Bay Road
599Farmers Road
600Farmers Road
601Farmingdale Lane
602Farms Road
603Farms Road
604Farmstead Road
605Farmstead Road
606Farmstead Road
607Farmview Road
608Fawn Street
609Fell Station Drive
610Fells Bay Road
611Fells Point Road
612Fenel Road
613Fenel Road
614Fenelon Drive
615Fenelon Way
616Ferguson Drive
617Ferguson Road
618Fern Avenue
619Fieldside Road
620Fieldview Drive
621Finch Street
622Fingerboard Road
623Fir Trail
624Fire Route 101
625Fire Route 1201
626Fire Route 1301
627Fire Route 1401
628Fish Hawk Road
629Fishermans Lane
630Fishog Trail
631Fitzgerald Lane
632Flavelle Crescent
633Fleetwood Road
634Fleetwood Road
635Fleetwood Road
636Flint Street
637Flintrock Road
638Flora Street
639Forest Drive
640Forest Harbour Trail
641Forest Road
642Forgotten Lane
643Found Avenue
644Fox Beach Lane
645Fox Road
646Francis Street
647Francis Street East
648Francis Street West
649Frank Hill Road
650French Settlement Road
651Front Drive
652Front Street East
653Front Street West
654Frost Place
655Fulsom Crescent
656Fulton Drive
657Fur Court
658Gable Street
659Galloway Road
660Gardiner Road
661Gardiner Shore Avenue
662Gardner Drive
663Gatewood Road
664Gee Court
665George Drive
666George Street
667George Street East
668George Street North
669George Street South
670George Street West
671Georgian Street
672Gillis Street
673Gilmar Road
674Gilson Point Place
675Gilson Point Road
676Gilson Street
677Glamorgan Road
678Glassford Road
679Glenarm Road
680Glenarm Road
681Glenarm Road
682Glenarm Road
683Glenarm Road
684Glenelg Street East
685Glenelg Street West
686Glengarry Road
687Glenvale Drive
688Glenway Drive
689Gold Street
690Golden Road
691Goldenmile Road
692Goldrock Road
693Golf Club Crescent
694Golf Course Road
695Golf Course Road
696Golf Court
697Golf Links Road
698Goodman Road
699Goose Lake Road
700Government Dock Road
701Governors Drive
702Graham Drive
703Graham Lane
704Grandview Drive
705Grandy Road
706Grant Drive
707Grasshill Road
708Grassy Road
709Gray Road
710Gray Road
711Gray Road
712Green Acres Lane
713Green Forest Drive
714Green Street East
715Green Street West
716Greenfield Road
717Greenway Road
718Greenwood Crescent
719Greenwood Road
720Grey Wood Drive
721Greystone Street
722Griffin Drive
723Grills Road
724Grove Road
725Grozell Road
726Gull Crescent
727Hall Point
728Hallett Crescent
729Halls Road
730Halter Road
731Hamilton Drive
732Hamilton Street
733Hapley Circle
734Happy Days Trail
735Hardwood Street
736Hardy Drive
737Hargrave Road
738Harmony Pines Road
739Hart Lane
740Hartley Road
741Hartley Road
742Harvest Street
743Hawke Drive
744Hawthorne Lane
745Hayes Line
746Hayes Line
747Hayes Line
748Hayes Line
749Hayward Drive
750Hazel Street
751Hazel Street
752Head River Lane
753Head Street
754Head Street
755Heights Road
756Heights Road
757Helen Crescent
758Helen Drive
759Helen Street
760Helen Street
761Hemlock Drive
762Hemlock Street
763Hemminger Place
764Henry Street
765Henrys Road
766Heritage Way
767Heron Street
768Hickory Beach Road
769Hickson Road
770Hidden Valley Road
771High Avenue
772High Park Road
773High Point Lane
774High Point Road
775Highgate Road
776Highland Court
777Highway 115
778Highway 35
779Highway 35
780Highway 35
781Highway 35
782Highway 503
783Highway 7
784Highway 7
785Highway 7
786Highway 7
787Highway 7
788Highway 7
789Highway 7
790Highway 7
791Highway 7
792Highway 7
793Highway 7
794Highway 7
795Highway 7 And 35
796Highway 7a
797Highway 7a
798Highway 7a
799Highway 7a
800Highway 7b And 35
801Hill Street
802Hillcrest Avenue
803Hillhead Road
804Hills Road
805Hills Road
806Hillside Avenue
807Hillside Drive
808Hillside Drive
809Hillside Drive
810Hilltop Court
811Hilltop Street
812Hillview Drive
813Hiltons Point Road
814Hiltons Point Road North
815Hiltons Point Road West
816Hodgson Drive
817Hogsback Road
818Holllowcreek Road
819Hollowtree Road
820Holly Street
821Hollyville Boulevard
822Homestead Drive
823Homestead Road
824Homewood Avenue
825Homewood Park Road
826Honeysuckle Road
827Hooper Drive
828Hope Avenue North
829Hopkins Line
830Hopkins Road
831Horncastle Road
832Horseshoe Crescent
833Horton Place
834Horton Street
835Hoskin Road
836Hotel Road
837Howard Avenue
838Hows Road
839Hudspeth Court
840Hughes Court
841Hughes Point Road
842Hughes Street South
843Hugill Road
844Hugill Road
845Hummingbird Drive
846Hummingbird Lane
847Hunter Street
848Hunters Lane
849Huntingdon Court
850Huntingwood Crescent
851Huron Street
852Hyler Line
853Ideal Point
854Indian Court
855Indian Point Road
856Indian Trail
857Indian Trail
858Industrial Park Drive
859Irene Avenue
860Iris Drive
861Irwins Road
862Island Bay Drive
863Island Drive
864Island View Park Drive
865Island View Road
866Islandview Drive
867Islay Road
868Ivy Street
869Jack Pine Trail
870Jackson Street
871Jakeman Street
872James Street
873James Street
874James Street North
875Jane Street
876Jane Street
877Janet Drive
878Janetville Road
879Janice Drive
880Janlisda Drive
881January Lane
882Jarvis Street
883Jasper Drive
884Jefferson Boulevard
885Jenkins Road
886Joan Avenue
887Joan Drive
888John Street
889John Street
890John Street
891John Street
892John Street East
893Johnston Road
894Jones Avenue
895Jordan Street
896Joseph Street
897Jubbs Shore Road
898Juniper Court
899Juniper Crescent
900Juniper Isle Road
901Juniper Park Road
902Juniper Street
903Juniper Trail
904Juniper View Drive
905Kagawong Road
906Kanata Trail
907Karch Street
908Karen Drive
909Kari Court
910Kawartha Crescent
911Kawartha Drive
912Kelly Road
913Kellys Bay Road
914Kelvin Rock Road
915Kenedon Drive
916Kenhill Beach Road
917Kennedy Bay Road
918Kennedy Drive
919Kenrei Road
920Kenscott Crescent
921Kenstone Beach Road
922Kent Street East
923Kent Street West
924Kenver Street
925Kett Road
926Killarney Bay Road
927Killarney Bay Road
928Killdeer Drive
929King Fisher Court
930King Street
931King Street
932King Street
933King Street
934King Street
935King Street East
936King Street West
937Kingfisher Lane
938Kings Lane
939Kings Wharf Road
940Kings Wharf Road
941Kings Wharf Road
942Kingsway Drive
943Kirkconnell Road
944Kirkfield Road
945Kirkfield Road
946Kirkfield Road
947Kirkfield Road
948Kirkfield Road
949Knox Crescent
950Kodiak Road
951Kozy Kove Road
952L O F Road
953Lagoon Drive
954Lagoon Road
955Laidlaw Drive
956Laird Drive
957Lake Avenue
958Lake Dalrymple Road
959Lake Street
960Lakebreeze Road
961Lakeland Road
962Lakeshore Drive
963Lakeside Drive
964Lakeview Boulevard
965Lakeview Cottage Road
966Lakeview Crescent
967Lakeview Park Road
968Lakewood Crescent
969Lambs Lane
970Lambs Road
971Lancaster Drive
972Lance Street
973Lane Street
974Lang Court
975Langton Lane
976Langton Place
977Lankin Lane
978Laurel Drive
979Laurent Boulevard
980Lawrence Street North
981Lawrence Street South
982Lawson Avenue
983Lawson Court
984Laxton Lutterworth Boundary Road
985Laxton Quarter Line South
986Leaf Street
987Leaside Street
988Ledge Hill Road
989Lees Road
990Leisure Lane
991Lenal Street
992Lenora Street
993Lenwil Road
994Leslie Frost Lane
995Lester Drive
996Lewisham Lane
997Liberty Lane
998Lifford Road
999Lifford Road
1000Lifford Road
1001Lift Lock Road East
1002Lift Lock Road West
1003Lightning Point Road
1004Lila Court
1005Lila Street
1006Lilac Lane
1007Lilac Road
1008Lilac Road
1009Lily Lane
1010Lime Street
1011Linden Valley Road
1012Linden Valley Road
1013Linden Valley Road
1014Lindsay Street
1015Lindsay Street North
1016Lindsay Street South
1017Lindway Place
1018Linwood Road
1019Lisbeth Crescent
1020Little Bob Drive
1021Little Britain Road
1022Little Britain Road
1023Little Britain Road
1024Little Britain Road
1025Little Britain Road
1026Lloyd Place
1027Lochan Lane
1028Locust Lane
1029Lodge Road
1030Log House Road
1031Loggers Road
1032Logie Street
1033Logwood Street
1034Long Beach Road
1035Long Beach Road
1036Longfield Drive
1037Loon Drive
1038Loon Lane
1039Loon Street
1040Loop Line
1041Loraine Drive
1042Lori Boulevard
1043Lorneville Road
1044Lorneville Road
1045Lorneville Road
1046Lorneville Road
1047Lotus Road
1048Louisa Street
1049Lucas Crescent
1050Lupton Court
1051Lyles Line
1052Lynn Court
1053Macal Drive
1054Macintyre Road
1055Mackenzie Place
1056Mackenzie Road
1057Macpherson Crescent
1058Macy Lane
1059Madill Crescent
1060Main Street
1061Majestic Street
1062Major Street
1063Malibu Lane
1064Mallard Bay Road
1065Manchester Trail
1066Mancini Drive
1067Manitou Lane
1068Manor Road
1069Manor Road
1070Mansfield Street
1071Manvers Drive
1072Manvers Station Road
1073Maple Avenue
1074Maple Avenue
1075Maple Court
1076Maple Court
1077Maple Crescent
1078Maple Grove Road
1079Maple Grove Road
1080Maple Hills Drive
1081Maple Lane Drive
1082Maple Ridge Drive
1083Maple Street
1084Mara Carden Boundary Road
1085Margaret Avenue
1086Margaret Street
1087Marilyn Crescent
1088Marina Street
1089Maritime Road
1090Mark Road
1091Mark Street
1092Marlene Drive
1093Marlene Lane
1094Marsh Court
1095Marsh Creek Road
1096Marsh Street
1097Martins Road
1098Mary Street East
1099Mary Street East
1100Mary Street West
1101Mary Street West
1102Maryknoll Avenue
1103Mason Lane
1104Matchett Crescent
1105Matheson Road
1106Matilda Drive
1107Matilda Street
1108Maxwell Street
1109May Street
1110Mccrackin Avenue
1111Mccreedie Street
1112Mcdonagh Drive
1113Mcgibbon Boulevard
1114Mcgill Drive
1115Mcgillivray Lane
1116Mcginnis Road
1117Mcgregor Drive
1118Mcguire Beach Road
1119Mcindoos Cemetery Road
1120Mckelvey Road
1121Mclarens Creek Road
1122Mclaughlin Road
1123Mcleish Drive
1124Mclernon Street
1125Mcnabb Road
1126Mcnamee Road
1127Mcnamee Road
1128Mcnevan Drive
1129Mcquarrie Road
1130Meachin Drive
1131Meadowview Road
1132Meadowview Road
1133Meadowview Road
1134Melbourne Street East
1135Melbourne Street West
1136Merrydale Drive
1137Micro Road
1138Midland Drive
1139Mill Street
1140Mill Street
1141Millbrook Ridge Road
1142Miller Road
1143Miller Road
1144Miller Street
1145Mink Alley
1146Minns Avenue
1147Miriam Drive
1148Mitchell Drive
1149Mitchells Road
1150Mitchellview Road
1151Mockingbird Lane
1152Mohawk Drive
1153Monarch Road
1154Monck Street
1155Montgomery Point
1156Montys Inn Street
1157Moon Lane
1158Moor Road
1159Moore Crescent
1160Moorings Drive
1161Moose Road
1162Morning Dew Street
1163Morrison Street
1164Morton Lane
1165Mount Hope Street
1166Mount Horeb Road
1167Mount Horeb Road
1168Mount Horeb Road
1169Mount Nebo Road
1170Munroe Street
1171Murdoch Court
1172Murray Street
1173Murrays Place
1174Muskie Drive
1175Muskrat Drive
1176Muskrat Trail
1177Mustang Drive
1178Mustang Drive
1179Nappadale Street
1180Navigators Trail
1181Naylor Road
1182Neals Drive
1183Need Street
1184Needham Street
1185Nesbitt Line
1186Nevison Drive
1187Newman Drive
1188Newman Road
1189Newton Avenue
1190Nightingale Road
1191Nipissing Street
1207Nonquon Drive
1208Nook Street
1209Nordale Court
1210Normwood Crescent
1211North Bay Drive
1212North Bayou Road
1213North Mountain Road
1214North Mountain Road
1215North Shore Road
1216North Street
1217North Street
1218North Taylor Road
1219Northlin Park Road
1220Northline Road
1221Northside Road
1222Northview Street
1223Norway Road
1224Nursery Street
1225O'connell Court
1226Oak Park Road
1227Oak Street
1228Oakdene Crescent
1229Oakland Lane
1230Oakwood Drive
1231Odessa Road
1232Ogemah Road
1233Old Brick Road
1234Old Cameron Road
1235Old Mill Road
1236Old Surrey Lane
1237Olde Forest Lane
1238Oliver Court
1239Olivers Lane
1240Olivers Road
1241Olympia Court
1242Omega Road
1243Opmar Road
1244Ops Drive
1245Orange Corners Road
1246Orchard Drive
1247Orchard Park Road
1248Orchard Street
1249Oreilly Lane
1250Oriole Road
1251Osborne Street
1252Osprey Lane
1253Osprey Road
1254Osprey Trail
1255Otter Lane
1256Otter Line
1257Otter Road
1258Outlook Court
1259Owl Court
1260Oxby Lane
1261Pacific Street
1262Palestine Road
1263Palestine Road
1264Palestine Road
1265Palestine Road
1266Palmer Avenue
1267Paradise Road
1268Paradise Street
1269Park Avenue
1270Park Crescent
1271Park Drive
1272Park Lane
1273Park Street
1274Park Street
1275Parkhill Drive
1276Parkin Drive
1277Parkside Drive
1278Parkside Drive
1279Parkside Road
1280Parkview Court
1281Parkway Avenue
1282Patricia Court
1283Patricia Place
1284Patterson Road
1285Paul Place
1286Pavillion Road
1287Payne Street
1288Peace Point Road
1289Peace Road
1290Peace Road
1291Peace Road
1292Pearce Road
1293Pearns Road
1294Pearson Street
1295Peel Street
1296Peller Court
1297Peniel Road
1298Peniel Road
1299Peniel Road
1300Peniel Road
1301Peninsula Drive
1302Perch Road
1303Perdue Road
1304Perfectus Drive
1305Perry Lane
1306Perry Street
1307Pheasant Street
1308Pheasant Trail
1309Pickerel Point Road
1310Pigeon Creek Road
1311Pigeon Creek Road
1312Pigeon Creek Road
1313Pigeon Lake Road
1314Pigeon Lake Road
1315Pigeon Lake Road
1316Pigeon Lake Road
1317Pigeonview Street
1318Pine Court
1319Pine Park Road
1320Pine Point Cottage Road
1321Pine Ridge Road
1322Pine Street
1323Pinery Road
1324Pinewood Avenue
1325Pinewood Boulevard
1326Pinewood Crescent
1327Pioneer Road
1328Pit Road
1329Pitts Cove Road
1330Pleasant Point Road
1331Pleasant Point Road
1332Pleasant View Crescent
1333Pleasant View Street
1334Pleasure Street
1335Plum Point Lane
1336Point Road
1337Pontypool Road
1338Pontypool Road
1339Pontypool Road
1340Poplar Grove Trail
1341Port Colony Road
1342Port Hoover Road
1343Portage Road
1344Portage Road
1345Portage Road
1346Porter Lane
1347Porter Road
1348Portland Street
1349Ports Drive
1350Post Road
1351Post Road
1352Potash Street
1353Potters Road
1354Pottinger Street
1355Potts Shore Road
1356Poulsom Road
1357Powell Lane
1358Power Court
1359Powles Road
1360Prescott Road
1361Primose Lane
1362Prince Street East
1363Prince Street West
1364Princes Street East
1365Princes Street West
1366Princess Elizabeth Crescent
1367Propp Drive
1368Prospect Road
1369Prospect Road
1370Providence Road
1371Purdy Avenue
1372Purdy Court
1373Purpledusk Drive
1374Quaker Road
1375Quaker Road
1376Quaker Road
1377Quarter Line West
1378Queen Street
1379Queen Street
1380Queen Street
1381Queen Street
1382Queen Street
1383Queen Street South
1384Queens Gate
1385Rabbit Run
1386Raby Street
1387Rabys Shore Drive
1388Rail Drive
1389Rainbow Ridge Road
1390Rainbow Road
1391Rama Dalton Boundary Road
1392Ramblewood Trail
1395Ramsey Road
1396Ramsey Road
1397Ramsey Road
1398Ramsey Road
1399Ranch Road
1400Ranch Road
1401Ranch Road
1402Ranchers Road
1403Ranchwood Trail
1404Raven Lake Road
1405Raven Street
1406Red Boat Lane
1407Redcap Beach Lane
1408Redwing Avenue
1409Redwing Street
1410Reed Boulevard
1411Regatta Street
1412Regent Street
1413Regina Road
1414Regional Road 20
1415Reid Street
1416Reids Road
1417Relax Avenue
1418Reo Avenue
1419Resort Lane
1420Reynolds Court
1421Rhodes Avenue
1422Richard Avenue
1423Richardson Court
1424Richmond Street East
1425Richmond Street West
1426Rideau Drive
1427Ridge Drive
1428Ridge Hill Court
1429Ridgeway Road
1430Ridgewood Road
1431Ridout Street
1432Riel Road
1433Riley Lane
1434Ripleys Way
1435Ripple Street
1436Rita Crescent
1437River Bend Drive
1438River Drive
1439River Park Road
1440River Road
1441River Road
1442River Street
1443Riverbank Road
1444Riverside Drive
1445Riverside Drive
1446Riverview Drive
1447Riverview Road
1448Riverview Road
1449Riverwood Park Road
1450Robert Street
1451Robin Road
1452Robinglade Avenue
1453Robinson Avenue
1454Robmar Crescent
1455Rock Point Road
1456Rock Street
1457Rockside Lane
1458Rockview Road
1459Rockway Trail
1460Rocky Ridge Road
1461Rocky Road
1462Rodeo Drive
1463Rodman Drive
1464Rogers Road
1465Rohallion Road
1466Rolande Street
1467Romany Ranch Road
1468Roosevelt Street
1469Rose Street
1470Roselyn Court
1471Rosemary Drive
1472Rosies Road
1473Roundtree Road
1474Royal Avenue
1475Royal Cedars Road
1476Royal Estates Drive
1477Royal Oak Road
1478Rumohr Drive
1479Rush Lake Road
1480Russell Hill Road
1481Russell Street East
1482Russell Street West
1483Russett Road
1484Rustic Bay Road
1485Rustic Street
1486Rustic Trail
1487Rutherford Road
1488Rutland Street East
1489Ryan Road
1490Ryley Avenue
1491Sackitt Road
1492Sadowa Road
1493Sail Vista Drive
1494Salem Road
1495Salem Road
1496Salem Road
1497Salem Road
1498Samuel Place
1499Sand Bar Road
1500Sandaraska Road
1501Sandaraska Road
1502Sandbourne Drive
1503Sanderling Court
1504Sanderling Crescent
1505Sandhills Road
1506Sandringham Road
1507Sandy Beach Road
1508Sandy Hook Road
1509Sandy Hook Road
1510Sandy Point Road
1511Sanmar Hill Road
1512Sarah Crescent
1513Saturn Road
1514Schell Line
1515School House Road
1516School Road
1517Scotch Line Road
1518Scott Street
1519Scotts Road
1520Scugog Drive
1521Sedona Court
1522Selena Street
1523Settlement Road
1524Settlers Road
1525Settlers Road
1526Shadow Lake 10 Road
1527Shadow Lake 12 Road
1528Shadow Lake 14 Road
1529Shadow Lake 16 Road
1530Shadow Lake 18 Road
1531Shadow Lake 2 Road
1532Shadow Lake 22 Road
1533Shadow Lake 24 Road
1534Shadow Lake 26 Road
1535Shadow Lake 3 Road
1536Shadow Lake 30 Road
1537Shadow Lake 4 Road
1538Shadow Lake 40 Road
1539Shadow Lake 43 Road
1540Shadow Lake 53 Road
1541Shadow Lake 55 Road
1542Shadow Lake 6 Road
1543Shadow Lake 8 Road
1544Shadow Lake Road 28
1545Shadow Lake Road 36
1546Shamrock Road
1547Shamrock Road
1548Shankland Drive
1549Sharp Drive
1550Shawn Avenue
1551Sheddon Street
1552Shelley Drive
1553Shelter Bay Street
1554Sherwin Road
1555Sherwood Street
1556Shields Lane
1557Shiloh Lane
1558Shirley Anne Drive South
1559Shirley Drive North
1560Shirley Drive South
1561Shoreview Lane
1562Shoreview Road
1563Short Avenue
1564Short Drive
1565Short Street
1566Short Street
1567Shrike Road
1568Shuttleworth Road
1569Sibley Avenue North
1571Silver Avenue
1572Silver Birch Street
1573Silver Street
1574Simcoe Street
1575Simcoe Street
1576Simcoe Street
1577Simcoe Street
1578Simpson Road
1579Sinclair Street
1580Sioux Street
1581Ski Hill Road
1582Skyline Road
1583Skyline Road
1584Skyline Road
1585Slalom Drive
1586Slanted Road
1587Smith Crescent
1588Smith Street
1589Snake Point Road
1590Snug Harbour Road
1591Solanum Way
1592Solanum Way
1593South Bayou Road
1594South Fork Drive
1595South Harbour Drive
1596South Mountain Road
1597South Water Street
1598Southam Drive
1599Southshore Road
1600Southside Road
1601Southview Drive
1602Spanish Drive
1603Sparrow Court
1604Sparrow Lane
1605Sparrow Road
1606Speer Street
1607Spen Haven Road
1608Spring Lane
1609Spring Street
1610Springbank Road
1611Springdale Drive
1612Spruce Lane
1613Squires Row
1614St Alban Road
1615St Albans Road
1616St David Street
1617St George Street
1618St James Street
1619St Joseph Road
1620St Lawrence Street
1621St Lukes Road
1622St Lukes Road
1623St Marys Road
1624St Patrick Street
1625St Paul Street
1626St Peter Street
1627Stanley Drive
1628Stanley Road
1629Staples Crescent
1630Star Hill Road
1631Star Road
1632Star Road
1633Starr Boulevard
1634Station Road
1635Station Road
1636Steeles Line
1637Stephen Court
1638Stewarts Road
1639Sticky Lane
1640Stillwater Drive
1641Stinsons Bay Road
1642Stone Gate Road
1643Stonefield Street
1644Stonegate Drive
1645Stoney Creek Road
1646Strawberry Street
1647Stuart Street
1648Stub Road
1649Stub Road
1650Sturgeon Crescent
1651Sturgeon Glen Road
1652Sturgeon Point Road
1653Sturgeon Road
1654Sturgeon Road
1655Sturgeon Road North
1656Sturgeon Road South
1657Sugar Bush Road
1658Sugar Bush Road
1659Sugar Bush Road
1660Sugar Bush Trail
1661Sugarbush Trail
1662Suggitt Road
1663Sumac Trail
1664Summer Drive
1665Summerside Road
1666Sun Valley Road
1667Sunny Acres Road
1668Sunnywood Road
1669Sunrise Crescent
1670Sunset Beach Road
1671Sunset Court
1672Sunset Lane
1673Sunset View Road
1674Superior Road
1675Sussex Street North
1676Sussex Street South
1677Suter Drive
1678Sweetnam Drive
1679Sylvan Court
1680Sylvan Crescent
1681Sylvester Drive
1682Talbot River Road
1683Talbot Road
1684Tall Pines Court
1685Tartan Street
1686Taylor Road
1687Taylor Street
1688Taylors Road
1689Tee Pee Court
1690Telecom Road
1691Telecom Road
1692Telecom Road
1693Telecom Road
1694Terry Road
1695The Avenue
1696The Captains Corners
1697The Glen Road
1698The Glen Road
1699The Glen Road
1700The Glen Road
1701The Moorings
1702Thistle Trail
1703Thomas Drive
1704Thomas Street
1705Thompson Lane
1706Thorn Street
1707Thorndyke Drive
1708Thornhill Road
1709Thorton Street
1710Thrushwood Trail
1711Thunder Bridge Road
1712Thunder Bridge Road
1713Thurston Street
1714Thurstonia Road
1715Tiffany Lane
1716Tina Court
1717Titan Road
1718Tonys Trail
1719Tower Road
1720Tower Road
1721Townline Manvers Scugog
1722Traceys Hill Road
1723Traceys Hill Road
1724Traceys Hill Road
1725Traceys Hill Road
1726Trails End Road
1727Treeview Line
1728Treewood Lane
1729Trent Canal Road
1730Trent River Road North
1731Trent River Road South
1732Trillium Court
1733Trillium Lane
1734Trinity Drive
1735Tumbleweed Road
1736Turner Road
1737Turner Road
1738Turtle Lane
1739Tuscon Court
1740Twigg Road
1741Twilight Road
1742Union Creek Road
1743Union Street
1744Vale Drive
1745Valentia Road
1746Valley Road
1747Valley Road
1748Vanier Court
1749Vern Court
1750Verna Drive
1751Verulam Drive
1752Verulam Road North
1753Veterans Way
1754Viamede Street
1755Victoria Avenue North
1756Victoria Avenue South
1757Victoria Drive
1758Victoria Road
1759Victoria Road
1760Victoria Road
1761Victoria Street
1762Victoria Street
1763Victoria Street East
1764Victory Grove Road
1765Village Street
1766Vimy Road
1767Vista Drive
1768Vivi Street
1769Wagar Road
1770Waite Road
1771Waite Road
1772Wakeford Road
1773Wakelin Way
1774Walker Street
1775Walkers Road
1776Wallace Drive
1777Walmac Shores Road
1778Walnut Hill Road
1779Walnut Street
1780Walnut Street West
1781Walsh Road
1782Warnica Drive
1783Washburn Island Road
1784Water Lane
1785Water Street
1786Water Street
1787Water Street
1788Water Street North
1789Watermans Road
1790Waterside Street
1791Watson Drive
1792Watt Lane
1793Weldon Court
1794Weldon Drive
1795Weldon Road
1796Wellington Street
1797Wellington Street East
1798Wembley Drive
1799West Bay Boulevard
1800West Street
1801West Street North
1802West Street South
1803Weston Road
1804Westview Avenue
1805Westview Drive
1806Westwood Court
1807Wheatfield Road
1808Whippoorwill Lane
1809White Birch Way
1810White Rock Road
1811White Rock Road
1812Whites Road
1813Whiteside Street
1814Whitetail Road
1815Whitetail Road
1816Whitney Court
1817Whitt Crescent
1818Wild Turkey Road
1819Wilkinson Drive
1820Willen Road
1821William Avenue
1822William Booth Crescent
1823William Street
1824William Street North
1825William Street South
1826Willow Glen Drive
1827Wilmont Road
1828Wilson Avenue
1829Wilson Road
1830Wilson Street
1831Winchester Drive
1832Windmere Road
1833Windmere Road
1834Windmill Road
1835Wispi Shore Road
1836Wolf Run Lane
1837Wolfe Road
1838Wolfe Street
1839Wood Court
1840Wood Road
1841Woodcock Line
1842Woodfern Road
1843Woodfield Drive
1844Woodfield Street
1845Woodland Trail
1846Woods Avenue
1847Woodville Road
1848Woodville Road
1849Woodville Road
1850Woodworth Drive
1851Wren Street
1852Wrenhaven Road
1853Wrex Road
1854Wrights Road
1855Wychwood Crescent
1856Wychwood Drive East
1857Wylie Road
1858Wylie Road
1859Yankee Line
1860Yankee Line
1861Yelverton Road
1862York Street North
1863York Street South
1864Young Street
1865Zion Road
1866Zion Road
1867Zion Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)