List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Kenora, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Avenue South
210th Street
310th Street North
410th Street South
511th Avenue North
611th Street North
712th Avenue North
812th Street
912th Street North
1013th Avenue North
1113th Street North
1214th Avenue North
1315th Avenue North
1416th Avenue North
1517th Avenue North
1618th Avenue North
171st Avenue South
181st Avenue West
191st Street North
201st Street South
211st West Bay Road
222nd Avenue South
232nd Avenue West
242nd Street North
252nd Street South
262nd West Bay Road
273rd Avenue South
283rd Avenue West
293rd Street
303rd Street North
313rd Street South
324th Avenue North
334th Avenue South
344th Street
354th Street North
364th Street South
375th Avenue South
385th Street
395th Street North
405th Street South
416th Avenue South
426th Street
436th Street North
446th Street South
457th Avenue North
467th Avenue South
477th Street
487th Street North
497th Street South
508th Avenue North
518th Avenue South
528th Street
538th Street North
548th Street South
559th Avenue North
569th Avenue South
579th Street North
589th Street North
599th Street South
60A Street West
61Agate Bay
62Agur Street
63Airport Road
64Airport Road
65Alcock Lake Road
66Alcock Road
67Amethyst Street
68Anderson Branch Road
69Anderson Branch Road
70Anne Crescent
71Austin Lake Road
72Barskys Hill Road
73Bay Street
74Bay Street West
75Bayridge Road
76Bayview Drive
77Beatty Street
78Beggs Road
79Belle Avenue
80Bernier Drive
81Birchwood Crescent
82Birchwood Place
83Birchwood Road
84Brinkman Road
85Bruchenburger Road
86Bunny Street
87C Street West
88Cambrian Drive
90Campbell Road
91Canfield Drive
92Carlton Branch Road
93Carlton Branch Road
94Chapel Street
95Charles Street
96Chipman Street
97Colonization Road
98Community Club Road
99Crawford Road
100Crestview Avenue
101Currie Road
102Darlington Bay Road
103Darlington Way Road
104Darren Avenue
105Davies Street
106Davis Road
107Deacon Street West
108Dean Street
109Decemvir Road
110Deporto Road
111Donbrock Crescent
112Donbrock Drive
113Doner Avenue
114Donkirk Road
115Dowsett Street
116Drewry Drive
117Duffus Road
118Eagle Drive
119East Way Bay Road
120Erie Street
121Essex Road
122Essex Road
123Florence Avenue
124Front Street
125Garrow Road
126Gauthier Road
127Gay Street
128Gerald Street
129Gertie Court
130Gertie Street
131Glen Cameron Drive
132Golf Course Road
133Goss Road
134Gould Road
135Government Road
136Granite Court
137Greenwood Road
138Grouse Drive
139Guelph Street
140Gunne Crescent
141Heenan Place
142Hennepen Lane
143Henry Street
144Herbacz Road
145Herbacz Road
146Hidden Trail Road
147Highway 17
148Highway 17
149Highway 17
150Highway 17
151Highway 17a
152Highway 17a
153Highway 17a
154Highway 17a
155Highway 17a
156Highway 17a
157Highway 658
158Highway 659
159Highway 659
160Hillside Crescent
161Hilly Lake Road
162Homestake Road
163Houghton Road
164Huron Street
165James Road
166John Street
167Johnson Landing Road
168Johnson Road
169Jones Road
170Jones Road
171Joseph Street
172Karen Road
173Kay Street West
174Keewatin Beach Road
175Keewatin Street
176Kelly Road
177Kerr Drive
178Kinger Road
179Kirkpatrick Avenue
180Kitt Road
181Lake Street
182Lakeshore Drive
183Lakeside Beach Road
184Lakeview Drive
185Lakeview Drive
186Lakeview Trail
187Laurenson Lane
188Lawton Drive
189Lester Street
190Lyndale Avenue
191Macdonnell Street
192Machin Drive
193Main Rideout Street
194Main Street
195Main Street North
196Main Street South
197Maple Street
198Martin Road
199Marylou Street
200Mascott Avenue
201Mather Street
202Matheson Bay Road
203Matheson Bay Road
204Matheson Street North
205Matheson Street South
206May Avenue
207Mcclellan Avenue
208Mcdonald Road
209Mcgregor Road
210Mckenzie Portage Road
211Mclean Avenue
212Mcquillan Street
213Meadow Trail
214Mellick Avenue
215Mikado Avenue
216Mikana Way
217Mill Street
218Miller Rapids Road
219Miller Road
220Minnesota Street West
221Minto Avenue
222Minto Bay
223Minto Crescent
224Minto Drive
225Moores Road
226Mount Evergreen Road
227Nairn Avenue
228Nash Street
229Nelson Street
230Nethercutt Drive
231Ninth Street
237Norman Dam Road
238Norman Drive
239North Campbell Street
240North Hamilton Street
241Ocean Avenue
242Old Chalet Lane
243Ontario Street
244Ontario Street
245Ottawa Street
246Outen Lane
247Park Avenue
248Park Street
249Parmeter Road
250Parsons Street
251Paterson Street
252Paul Wyder Road
253Pearl Avenue
254Pearson Street West
255Perrons Road
256Peter Avenue
257Peter Street
258Peter Street West
259Peterson Drive
260Peterson Road
261Pine Portage Road
262Pine Ridge Drive
263Pinecone Drive
264Pinewood Drive
265Poplar Street
266Portage Street
267Power Street
268Preston Street
269Pump Avenue
270Rabbit Lake Road
271Rabbit Lake Road
272Railway Street
273Ratcliffe Drive
274Redditt Road
275Regina Avenue
276Ritchie Road
277Ritchie Road North
278River Street
279River Street
280Robertson Street
281Rocky Heights Road
282Rocky Point Drive
283Ross Street
284Rupert Road
285Sandstone Place
286School Road
287Scramble Avenue
288Sedesky Road
289Seegmiller Avenue
290Shawna Crescent
291Silverstone Drive
292Sinclair Road
293Snow Drive
294Snow Place
295South Park Drive
296Spalton Road
297Spruce Street
298St Clair Street
299Strecker Road
300Sunrise Place
301Sunrise Trail
302Sunset Bay Road
303Sunset Place
304Sunset Trail
305Superior Street
306Sylvan Street
307Tailleau Road
308Tetroe Road
309Transmitter Road
310Treadway Road
311Tressor Point Road
312Trojan Street
313Universal Drive
314Valley Drive
315Veterans Drive
316Victoria Crescent
317Villeneuve Road
318Villeneuve Road North
319Water Street
320West Bay Road
321Wharf Street
322Whitehead Road
323Wildwood Drive
324Williams Road
325Wolsley Street
326Woodfield Drive
327Woods Drive
328Worona Road
329Zimmerman Drive
330Zroback Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)