List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Kingston, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
21st Canada Court
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
54th Avenue
64th Concession Road
74th Concession Road
85th Avenue
95th Field Company Lane
105th Street
116th Concession Road
126th Concession Road
137th Avenue
14Abbey Dale Court
15Abbey Dawn Road
16Abbey Glen Drive
17Abbot Street
18Abdo Road
19Aberdeen Street
20Aberfoyle Road
21Acadia Drive
22Accommodation Road
23Acron Street
24Adams Avenue
25Adelaide Street
26Adley Place
27Ainsley Place
28Alamein Drive
29Albany Drive
30Albert Street
31Alder Street
32Alexander Street
33Aley Street
34Alfred Crescent
35Alfred Street
36Algonquin Trail
37Allen Point Drive
38Allum Avenue
39Alma Street
40Alnwick Lane
41Alpine Place
42Alwington Avenue
43Alwington Place
44Amanda Court
45Amaryliss Street
46Amberdale Crescent
47Amberley Place
48Ambleside Crescent
49Amiens Avenue
50Anchor Lane
51Andersen Drive
52Ann Street
53Anne Street
54Apollo Trail
55Apple Down Drive
56Apprentice Street
57Aragon Road
58Arbour Crescent
59Arch Street
60Arlington Park Place
61Armadale Place
62Armstrong Road
63Arne Crescent
64Arnold Street
65Arrowhead Place
66Arthur Street
67Arundel Place
68Ashley Crescent
69Ashton Place
70Ashwood Drive
71Aspen Street
72Assoro Crescent
73Atkinson Street
74Atlantic Avenue
75Atwood Place
76Auden Park Drive
77Audrey Street
78Augusta Drive
79Auld Street
80Authors Lane
81Avenue Road
82Avondale Crescent
83Aylmer Crescent
84Babcock Road
85Back 40 Trail
86Bader Lane
87Bagot Street
88Baiden Street
89Bailey Gate
90Baker Crescent
91Baker Street
92Balaclava Street
93Balantrae Circle
94Baldwin Court
95Balmoral Court
96Balsam Lane
97Barbara Avenue
98Barclay Road
99Barker Drive
100Barleson Avenue
101Barnaby Court
102Barnes Court
103Barnsley Crescent
104Barrack Street
105Barrett Court
106Barrie Street
107Basswood Avenue
108Basswood Place
109Bateau Lane
110Bath Road
111Bath Road
112Bath Road
113Batoche Avenue
114Battersea Road
115Bauder Crescent
116Baxter Avenue
117Bay Road
118Bay Shore Road
119Bay Street
120Bayridge Drive
121Bayswater Place
122Beach Lane
123Beaconhill Court
124Beagle Court
125Beaver Creek Lane
126Beaver Crescent
127Beech Avenue
128Beech Lane
129Beech Path
130Beechgrove Lane
131Begonia Court
132Belle Park Drive
133Bellwood Place
134Belmont Avenue
135Benson Street
136Bentley Trail
137Bernadette Court
138Bernice Drive
139Berrywood Crescent
140Bertrim Place
141Berwick Place
142Best Chase Road
143Beverley Street
144Bexley Gate
145Bicknell Crescent
146Bigham Court
147Billy Bishop Road
148Binnington Court
149Binnington Lane
150Birch Avenue
151Birch Hollow Road
152Birchwood Drive
153Birkley Place
154Biscayne Street
155Bishop Street
156Bittersweet Place
157Blackburn Mews
158Blenheim Trail
159Blue Bell Lane
160Bluffwood Avenue
161Bonny Lane
162Bonnycastle Court
163Booth Avenue
164Boundary C6 Road
165Bourne Crescent
166Bourne Place
167Boxwood Street
168Brackenwood Crescent
169Bradstone Street
170Braelorne Place
171Braemar Road
172Braeside Crescent
173Bramble Path
174Brandy Court
175Brant Avenue
176Brass Drive
177Brentwood Crescent
178Brewers Mills Road
179Briarwood Drive
180Briceland Street
181Bridle Path Crescent
182Bridlewood Place
183Brimley Court
184Bristol Street
185Britt Street
186Brock Street
187Brodie Avenue
188Brooke Place
189Brookside Drive
190Brothlin Crescent
191Brule Road
192Buckingham Court
193Bullen Road
194Bur Brook Road
195Bur Brook Road
196Bur Brook Road East
197Bur Brook Road West
198Burnett Street
199Burnt Hills Road
200Burr Oak Lane
201Butler Street
202Butternut Creek Road
203Butternut Street
204Byng Avenue
205Byron Crescent
206Cable Lane
207Caen Crescent
208Cairn Grove
209Caitlin Crescent
210Calderwood Drive
211Camberley Crescent
212Cambrai Avenue
213Camden Court
214Cameron Street
215Campbell Crescent
216Cana Boulevard
217Canal Drive
218Canal Du Nord Drive
219Canatara Court
220Candover Crescent
221Canniff Place
222Canterbury Crescent
223Cardinal Lane
224Carlaw Avenue
225Carleton Street
226Carlisle Street
227Carmil Boulevard
228Carnaby Street
229Carre Ridout Square
230Carriage Court Avenue
231Carrie Crescent
232Carruthers Avenue
233Cartwright Avenue
234Cashman Place
235Casino Court
236Cassidy Street
237Castell Road
238Casterton Avenue
239Cataraqui Street
240Cataraqui Woods Drive
241Cataraqui Woods Drive
242Cattail Place
243Cavendish Crescent
244Cecilia Street
245Cedarwood Drive
246Celeste Drive
247Cemetery Lane
248Centennial Drive
249Centre Street
250Centre Street
251Chadwick Court
252Chadwick Drive
253Champlain Avenue
254Chancery Street
255Channelview Road
256Chapel Avenue
257Chapman Street
258Charles Street
259Chartwell Crescent
260Chateauguay Park
261Chatham Street
262Chatsworth Place
263Chelsea Road
264Cherry Street
265Cheryl Place
266Chesham Place
267Chestnut Street
268Chimo Lane
269Christine Crescent
270Christus Circle
271Church Lane
272Church Street
273Churchill Crescent
274Churchill Street
275Citation Crescent
276Clarence Street
277Clark Crescent
278Clayson Court
279Clearfield Crescent
280Clergy Street East
281Clergy Street West
282Cliff Crescent
283Clipper Court
284Cloggs Road
285Club House Drive
286Clyde Court
287Code Street
288Colborne Street
289Cole Hill Road
290College Street
291Collegeview Crescent
292Collingwood Street
293Collins Bay Road
294Colonel By Lane
295Compass Court
296Compton Street
297Conacher Drive
298Concession Street
299Concord Avenue
300Conlon Court
301Connaught Street
302Conning Drive
303Conservatory Drive
304Cooke Crescent
305Copperfield Drive
306Cordukes Road
307Corkey Drive
308Corrigan Street
309Cottage Farms Road
310Cottonwood Avenue
311Cottsmere Court
312Counter Street
313Country Club Drive
314Countryside Crescent
315Couper Street
316Court Street
317Coventry Crescent
318Coverdale Drive
319Cowdy Street
320Cowslip Path
321Crab Apple Lane
322Craftsman Boulevard
323Craig Lane
324Cranbrook Street
325Creek Lane
326Creekford Road
327Creekford Road
328Creighton Street
329Crerar Boulevard
330Crescent Drive
331Crescent Drive North
332Crescent Drive South
333Crest Hill Street
334Crestwood Avenue
335Cross Street
336Crossfield Avenue
337Cummins Road
338Cunningham Road
339Curtis Crescent
340Cyprus Road
341D'artisan Road
342Dale Street
343Dalgleish Avenue
344Dalton Avenue
345Daly Street
346Danbury Road
347Dane Road
348Danforth Avenue
349Datzell Lane
350Dauphin Avenue
351Davidson Street
352Davis Drive
353Dawson Court
354Day Street
355Daylan Avenue
356Days Road
357De La Merite Drive
358Dedrick Drive
359Deer Ridge Drive
360Deerfield Drive
361Deering Place
362Deerview Drive
363Delmar Street
364Depot Street
365Derby Gate Crescent
366Development Drive
367Devercheres Drive
368Devotion Lane
369Dianna Street
370Dickens Drive
371Dieppe Avenue
372Dillingham Street
373Discovery Avenue
374Division Place
375Division Street
376Dixon Road
377Dolshire Street
378Donald Street
379Donell Court
380Doris Court
381Dorrance Street
382Douglas Avenue
383Downing Street
384Downsview Drive
385Draper Avenue
386Drayton Avenue
387Drennan Street
388Driftwood Drive
389Drummond Street
390Duck Pond Lane
391Duff Street
392Duffe Lane
393Dufferin Street
394Dundas Street
395Dundon Drive
396Dunham Street
397Dunkirk Avenue
398Dunlop Street
399Durham Street
400Dusty Lane
401Duty Drive
402Earl Street
403Earnhart Street
404East Avenue
405Eastfield Drive
406Edgar Street
407Edgehill Street
408Edinborough Crescent
409Edward Riley Court
410Edwin Street
411Eldon Hall Place
412Elizabeth Avenue
413Elizabeth Street
414Elk Crescent
415Ellen Avenue
416Ellerbeck Street
417Ellesmeer Avenue
418Ellice Street
419Elliott Avenue
420Elm Street
421Elmhurst Court
422Elmwood Street
423Elva Avenue
424Emerald Street
425Emily Street
426English Way
427Entretien Avenue
428Esdon Street
429Estafette Street
430Estates Lane
431Eugene Court
432Eunice Drive
433Evangeline Avenue
434Evelyn Street
435Evergreen Path
436Everitt Avenue
437Executive Lane
438Faircrest Boulevard
439Fairfax Drive
440Fairleigh Street
441Fairview Road
442Fairway Hills Crescent
443Fairway North
444Fairway South
445Falaise Way
446Falcon Crescent
447Falkirk Trail
448Farmstead Street
449Farnham Court
450Fawn Court
451Fay Street
452Featherstone Court
453Fergus Street
454Fern Path
455Fernmoor Drive
456Festubert Street
457Fieldstone Drive
458Finch Street
459Findlay Station Road
460Fireside Court
461Fisher Crescent
462Fitzpatrick Road
463Flanders Place
464Flanigan Road
465Fleet Street
466Flint Avenue
467Florence Street
468Florida Road
469Floyd Avenue
470Folger Street
471Ford Street
472Forest Drive
473Forest Hill Drive East
474Forest Hill Drive West
475Forsythe Avenue
476Fort Henry Drive
477Fortune Crescent
478Foster Street
479Founders Row
480Fox Court
481Fox Run Place
482Foxdale Place
483Francis Street
484Frank Street
485Franklin Place
486Fraser Street
487Freeman Crescent
488Friarhill Crescent
489Friendship Court
490Front Road
491Front Road
492Frontenac Street
493Frost Drive
494Futures Gate
495Gable Lane
496Gainsborough Place
497Gardiner Street
498Gardiners Road
499Garrett Road
500Garrett Street
501Gates Boulevard
502Gavin Court
503General Crerar Crescent
504Genesis Court
505Geneva Avenue
506Genge Road
507George Street
508Gibraltar Road
509Gibson Avenue
510Gilmour Avenue
511Givenchy Street
512Gladstone Way
513Glen Cairn Trail
514Glen Castle Road
515Glen Cove Street
516Glen Lawrence Crescent
517Glen More Avenue
518Glen Path
519Glenaire Mews
520Glenarden Place
521Glencoe Crescent
522Glengarry Road
523Glenview Avenue
524Glenwood Court
525Golden Mile Road
526Good Shepherd Lane
527Gordon Street
528Gore Road
529Gore Street
530Grace Avenue
531Graceland Avenue
532Graham Street
533Grandour Court
534Grandtrunk Avenue
535Grandtrunk East Avenue
536Grange Street
537Granite Court
538Grant Timmins Drive
539Green Bay Road
540Greenlees Drive
541Greensboro Avenue
542Greenview Drive
543Greenwood Park Drive
544Greer Street
545Grenadier Drive
546Grenville Crescent
547Grenville Road
548Gretna Green
549Grey Street
550Groom Street
551Grosvenor Court
552Grouse Crescent
553Grousewood Lane
554Guthrie Drive
555Guy Street
556Hagerman Street
557Haggertys Sideroad
558Halifax Drive
559Hamilton Street
560Hampstead Heath
561Hampton Gray Gate
562Hanover Drive
563Harmony Lane
564Harpell Road
565Harriet Avenue
566Harrison Court
567Harrison Lane
568Harrow Place
569Harten Lane
570Hartman Street
571Harvey Street
572Hathway Trail
573Hatter Street
574Haverhill Drive
575Hawthorne Avenue
576Heakes Lane
577Heath Street
578Heathcliffe Lane
579Heaton Road
580Helen Street
581Helena Avenue
582Helena Place
583Hemlock Path
584Henderson Boulevard
585Herbert Street
586Herchmer Crescent
587Heritage Circle
588Heritage Court
589Hermes Drive
590Heron Court
591Hewitt Avenue
592Hickorywood Crescent
593Hickson Avenue
594High Gate Park Drive
595Highland Heights Drive
596Highway 15
597Highway 15
598Highway 15
599Highway 15
600Highway 15
601Highway 2
602Highway 2
603Highway 2
604Highway 2
605Highway 2
606Highway 38
607Highway 38
608Highway 401
609Highway 401
610Highway 401
611Highway 401
612Highway 401
613Highway 401
614Highway 401
615Highway 401
616Highway 401
617Hill Street
618Hillcrest Avenue
619Hillcroft Drive
620Hillendale Avenue
621Hillside Drive
622Hillview Road
623Historic Way
624Hitchcock Road
625Holgate Crescent
626Holland Crescent
627Holman Drive
628Homeward Avenue
629Honeysuckle Lane
630Honeywood Avenue
631Hop Hornbeam Lane
632Horning Road
633Howard Crescent
634Howe Island Ferry Road
635Huckleberry Lane
636Hudson Drive
637Hughes Road
638Humberside Drive
639Huntsmill Crescent
640Hutcheson Lane
641Hyde Street
642Hyperion Court
643Indian Road
644Innovation Drive
645Inverness Crescent
646Ironwood Road
647Irving Court
648Isle Of Man Lane
649Isle Of Man Road
650Italia Lane
651Jackson Boulevard
652Jackson Mills Road
653James Lane
654James Street
655Jane Avenue
656Jarvis Road
657Jasmine Street
658Jasper Court
659Jean Worrell Crescent
660Jenkins Street
661Jennifer Court
662Jenson Road
663Jesse Crescent
664John Counter Boulevard
665John F Scott Road
666John Marks Avenue
667John Street
668Johnson Street
669Johnson Street
670Jorene Drive
671Joseph Street
672Joyce Street
673Joyceville Road
674Juniper Avenue
675Juniper Drive
676Justus Drive
677Kananaskis Drive
678Kanata Court
679Kapyong Crescent
680Karen Glen Road
681Karlee Court
682Katharine Crescent
683Keates Place
684Keenan Drive
685Keewaten Street
686Kellys Avenue
687Kennedy Street
688Kenshaw Street
689Kensington Avenue
690Kent Street
691Kenwoods Circle
692Kepler Road
693Kerns Road
694Keyes Street
695Kilburn Street
696Killarney Crescent
697Kimberley Street
698King Pitt Road
699King Street
700King Street East
701King Street West
702Kingscourt Avenue
703Kingsdale Avenue
704Kingsgate Place
705Kingsland Crescent
706Kingston Mills Road
707Kingston Mills Road
708Kinogama Avenue
709Kirkpatrick Street
710Kirkwood Road
711Knightsbridge Road
712Kph Drive
713La Salle Boulevard
714La Salle Causeway
715Laidlaw Crescent
716Lake Head Road
717Lakeland Point Drive
718Lakeshore Boulevard
719Lakeview Avenue
720Lakewatch Lane
721Lancaster Drive
722Lance Street
723Landfill Lane
724Landing Drive
725Langfield Street
726Lansdowne Street
727Lappans Lane
728Larchwood Crescent
729Lashford Street
730Latimer Road
731Laura Avenue
732Lawton Place
733Lea Place
734Leahurst Lane
735Lee Road
736Leeman Road
737Legacy Court
738Len Birchall Way
739Lennox Street
740Leo Lake Road
741Leonard Street
742Leroy Grant Drive
743Leyton Avenue
744Liddell Crescent
745Lilac Path
746Lillian Court
747Limeridge Drive
748Limestone Drive
749Lincoln Drive
750Linden Avenue
751Lindsay Lane
752Linton Street
753Lisa Street
754Liston Drive
755Little Lane
756Littlestone Crescent
757Livingston Avenue
758Lochinvar Road
759Lockview Crescent
760Logan Street
761Lombardy Street
762Longwood Trail
763Loon Lane
764Loradean Crescent
765Lorne Street
766Lotus Avenue
767Loughborough Drive
768Louis Court
769Louis Street
770Lower Drive
771Lower Union Street
772Lower University Avenue
773Ludgate Crescent
774Lundys Lane
775Lydia Court
776Lynwood Drive
777Lyons Street
778Macalpine Road
779Maccauley Street
780Macclement Drive
781Macdonnell Street
782Machar Place
783Mack Street
784Mackenzie Crescent
785Maclean Court
786Macpherson Avenue
787Macrow Street
788Magnolia Drive
789Main Street
790Maitland Street
791Malabar Drive
792Mallard Lane
793Malvern Trail
794Mancora Circle
795Mangan Boulevard
796Maple Avenue
797Maple Lawn Drive
798Maple Path
799Maple Ridge Drive
800Maple Street
801Marclen Drive
802Margaret Way
803Maria Avenue
804Marian Crescent
805Marino Drive
806Market Street
807Markland Street
808Marley Street
809Marsh Crescent
810Marwood Place
811Mary Street
812Mary Street
813Matias Court
814Maureen Street
815Mayfair Crescent
816Mayview Drive
817Mcadoos Lane
818Mccallum Street
819Mccarey Road
820Mccarthy Court
821Mccarthy Road
822Mcclements Road
823Mccullough Park Drive
824Mcdonald Avenue
825Mcewen Drive
826Mcfadden Lane
827Mcfarlane Road
828Mcivor Road
829Mckay Street
830Mckendry Road
831Mckendry Road
832Mckenna Avenue
833Mcknight Road
834Mclean Court
835Mclellan Court
836Mcmahon Avenue
837Mcmichael Street
838Meadow Avenue
839Meadow Place
840Meadowcrest Road
841Meadowood Road
842Medical Way
843Medley Court
844Megans Street
845Melanie Avenue
846Melrose Street
847Memory Lane
848Mercury Crescent
849Metcalfe Avenue
850Michael Grass Crescent
851Middle Road
852Middle Road
853Middle Road
854Midland Avenue
855Midpark Drive
856Mildred Street
857Miles Avenue
858Milford Drive
859Millbrook Crescent
860Millennium Court
861Millers Lane
862Millwood Drive
863Milton Avenue
864Mimosa Court
865Mohawk Place
866Mohini Place
867Molly Mcglynn Street
868Mona Drive
869Monaco Court
870Mons Way
871Montcalm Avenue
872Monterey Court
873Montgomery Boulevard
874Montreal Street
875Mooallim Road North
876Moore Lane
877Morenz Crescent
878Morin Avenue
879Morningside Drive
880Moro Street
881Mortley Hill Road
882Morton Street
883Moss Path
884Mount Chesney Road
885Mowat Avenue
886Muirfield Crescent
887Mulcaster Street
888Mundell Road
889Murrays Road
890Napier Street
891Natureshore Lane
892Nelson Street
893Newcastle Street
894Newcourt Place
895Newhall Drive
896Niagara Park Drive
897Nickle Avenue
898Ninas Lane
899Noname Road
906Nora Court
907Nordic Avenue
908Norman Rogers Drive
909Normandy Crescent North
910Normandy Crescent South
911Norris Court
912North Bartlett Street
913North Park Drive
914North Street
915Norwest Road
916Notch Hill Road
917Nottingham Place
918Nottinghill Avenue
919O'connor Drive
920O'kill Street
921Oak Avenue
922Oak Street
923Oakridge Avenue
924Oakview Avenue
925Oakwood Crescent
926Old Colony Road
927Old Front Road
928Old Henry Lane
929Old Hillview Road
930Old Kingston Mills Road
931Old Oak Road
932Old Quarry Road
933Old Sand Hill Road
934Old Willow Lane
935Olive Crescent
936Olympus Avenue
937Ontario Street
938Opera Lane
939Orchard Street
940Ordnance Street
941Oriole Lane
942Orser Road
943Orser Road
944Ortona Point
945Oswego Way
946Ottawa Street
947Overlea Court
948Owens Crescent
949Paaradeburg Place
950Paige Road
951Palace Road
952Palmerston Crescent
953Parade Road
954Park Crescent
955Park Place
956Park Street
957Parkington Place
958Parkland Drive
959Parkside Crescent
960Parkview Drive
962Parkway Avenue
963Parkwood Place
964Passchendale Drive
965Patrick Street
966Patterson Road
967Paul Boulevard
968Peace Lane
969Peachwood Street
970Pearl Road
971Pember Place
972Pembridge Crescent
973Pembroke Street
974Percy Crescent
975Perradice Drive
976Perth Road
977Petronella Place
978Phillips Street
979Picard Place
980Pickwick Place
981Pimlico Place
982Pin Oak Lane
983Pine Avenue
984Pine Grove Road
985Pine Point Avenue
986Pine Street
987Pinegrove Road
988Pinewood Crescent
989Pinewood Place
990Pixley Place
991Place D'armes
992Plainview Place
993Plum Street
994Point Crescent
995Point Frederick Drive
996Point St Mark Drive
997Poplar Grove
998Portsmouth Avenue
999Potter Street
1000Powley Garden Drive
1001Precision Drive
1002Prestwick Crescent
1003Prime Street
1004Primrose Way
1005Prince Charles Drive
1006Prince Henry Drive
1007Princess Mary Avenue
1008Princess Royal Avenue
1009Princess Street
1010Princess Street
1011Princess Street
1012Progress Avenue
1013Pump House Lane
1014Purcell Crescent
1015Purdy Place
1016Purdys Court
1017Purdys Mill Road
1018Quabbin Road
1019Quail Court
1020Quarry Pond Court
1021Quebec Street
1022Queen Mary Road
1023Queen Street
1024Queens Crescent
1025Queenston Heights
1026Radage Road
1027Radar Street
1028Raglan Road
1029Railway Street
1030Rainbow Crescent
1037Rankin Crescent
1038Raymond Road
1039Red Oak Lane
1040Red Patch Avenue
1041Red Pine Lane
1042Redan Street
1043Redden Street
1044Redwood Crescent
1045Regatta Crescent
1046Regency Court
1047Regent Street
1048Regent Street
1049Remembrance Lane
1050Remorquage Drive
1051Renda Street
1052Resort Road
1053Resurrection Lane
1054Retreat Lane
1055Richard Street
1056Richardson Drive
1057Richdale Court
1058Richfield Place
1059Richwood Court
1060Rick Hansen Crescent
1061Rideau Street
1062Rideau Trail
1063Ridge Avenue
1064Ridley Drive
1065Rigney Street
1066Ringstead Street
1067River Ridge Drive
1068River Street
1069River Styx Lane
1070Rivermeade Avenue
1071Riverside Drive
1072Robert Wallace Drive
1073Robinson Court
1074Robson Place
1075Rochdale Crescent
1076Rock Road
1077Rockford Place
1078Rockwood Drive
1079Roden Street
1080Rogers Sideroad
1081Roosevelt Drive
1082Rose Abbey Drive
1083Rosedale Drive
1084Roselawn Place
1085Rosemount Trail
1086Rosemund Crescent
1087Rosemund Place
1088Roshan Drive
1089Ross Street
1090Rowantree Crescent
1091Roys Road
1092Ruart Street
1093Rudd Avenue
1094Runnymede Road
1095Ruskin Street
1096Russell Street
1097Ryan Court
1098Rylande Court
1099Sackville Crescent
1100Sadie Avenue
1101Safari Drive
1102Sand Bay Lane
1103Sand Gully Road
1104Sand Hill Road
1105Sand Hill Road
1106Sandringham Place
1107Sandy Beach Lane
1108Satellite Drive
1109School Road
1110Schooner Drive
1111Scott Street
1112Seabrooke Road
1113Seaforth Road
1114Seale Court
1115Select Drive
1116Selkirk Road
1117Serpentine Lane
1118Sexton Lane
1119Shama Court
1120Shannon Road
1121Sharmans Lane
1122Sharp Court
1123Shaw Street
1124Sheila Court
1125Shepherd Drive
1126Sheppard Street
1127Sheridan Street
1128Sherman Street
1129Sherwood Drive
1130Shewell Court
1131Shieling Crescent
1132Shillington Place
1133Shiloh Avenue
1134Shires Way
1135Shop Way
1136Shore Road
1137Sibbit Avenue
1138Sicily Drive
1139Sierra Avenue
1140Signal Avenue
1141Silver Maple Lane
1142Silver Street
1143Simcoe Street
1144Simpson Place
1145Sinclair Street
1146Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard
1147Slocan Place
1148Smale Court
1149Smith Lane
1150Smith Road
1151Smith Street
1152Smithfield Crescent
1153Smugglers Cove Drive
1154Smugglers Cove Place
1155Soccer Lane
1156Somerset Crescent
1157Somme Avenue
1158South Bartlett Street
1159South Boulevard
1160Southwood Drive
1161Spindlewood Street
1162Spinnaker Place
1163Splinter Court
1164Spooner Road
1165Spooner Road East
1166Springfield Drive
1167Sproule Street
1168Spruce Avenue
1169Sprucewood Crescent
1170St Catherine Street
1171St Lawrence Avenue
1172St Lawrence Avenue
1173St Martha Street
1174St Pauls Place
1175St Remy Place
1176Stadium Lane
1177Stanford Street
1178Stanley Street
1179Starr Place
1180Station Road
1181Station Street
1182Stella Avenue
1183Stephen Street
1184Stephentown Lane
1185Sterling Avenue
1186Steve Fonyo Drive
1187Stonehead Circle
1188Stoneridge Drive
1189Stormont Avenue
1190Strachan Avenue
1191Strand Boulevard
1192Strathaven Place
1193Strathcona Crescent
1194Strawberry Path
1195Stuart Street
1196Sumac Path
1197Summerfield Place
1198Sunbury Road
1199Sunny Acres Road
1200Sunnyside Road
1201Sunrise Crescent
1202Sunset Boulevard
1203Sunset Lane
1204Sussex Boulevard
1205Sutherland Drive
1206Sutherland Road
1207Sutton Mills Court
1208Swanfield Street
1209Sycamore Street
1210Sydenham Road
1211Sydenham Street
1212Sydney Street
1213Tacoma Crescent
1214Tamarac Avenue
1215Tamarac Path
1216Tamarac Street
1217Tanglewood Drive
1218Tanner Drive
1219Taylor Kidd Boulevard
1220Taylor Kidd Boulevard
1221Taylor Kidd Boulevard
1222Teal Court
1223Telegraphe Drive
1224Terraceview Road
1225Terry Fox Drive
1226The Point Road
1227Theresa Crescent
1228Thomas Street
1229Thompson Crescent
1230Thornwood Crescent
1231Thunderbird Circle
1232Tiller Lane
1233Tivoli Avenue
1234Tollgate Trail
1235Toronto Street
1236Tower Street
1237Townline Geology
1238Trailhead Place
1239Traymoor Street
1240Trident Yacht Club Lane
1241Trillium Court
1242Trillium Lane
1243Trimble Gate
1244Truedell Road
1245Truman Drive
1246Turcotte Lane
1247Union Street
1248Unity Road
1249Unity Road
1250Unity Road
1251Unity Road
1252Unity Road
1253University Avenue
1254Uxbridge Crescent
1255Valleyview Avenue
1256Valour Drive
1257Van Order Drive
1258Van Order Road
1259Vandalay Crescent
1260Vanguard Court
1261Verite Avenue
1262Victoria Street
1263Victoria Street
1264Village Drive
1265Vine Street
1266Vintage Court
1267Virginia Street
1268Vista Drive
1269Wagner Street
1270Walden Gate
1271Walker Court
1272Wallace Place
1273Walters Street
1274Warbler Lane
1275Warburton Crescent
1276Warne Crescent
1277Wartman Avenue
1278Water Tower Lane
1279Waterbury Crescent
1280Waterloo Drive
1281Waterside Way
1282Watford Place
1283Watts Crescent
1284Waverley Crescent
1285Welborne Avenue
1286Weller Avenue
1287Weller Place
1288Wellington Street
1289Welsh Street
1290Wembly Place
1291Wentworth Drive
1292West Avenue
1293West Campus Lane
1294West Path
1295West Place
1296West Street
1297Westbrook Road
1298Westdale Avenue
1299Westgate Court
1300Westminster Place
1301Westmoreland Road
1302Weston Crescent
1303Westview Road
1304Wheathill Street
1305Whistler Trail
1306White Church Road
1307White Spruce Lane
1308Whiteoak Crescent
1309Whitetail Street
1310Wickham Circle
1311Wiley Street
1312Wilfred Crescent
1313William Street
1314Willingdon Avenue
1315Willis Street
1316Willowood Drive
1317Wilmot Street
1318Wilson Street
1319Wilton Road
1320Winchester Lane
1321Windfield Crescent
1322Windmill Drive
1323Windsor Street
1324Windward Place
1325Winford Place
1326Wintergreen Crescent
1327Wise Street
1328Wolfe Street
1329Woodbine Road
1330Woodbine Road
1331Woodburn Road
1332Woodburn Road
1333Woodfield Crescent
1334Woodland Place
1335Woodmount Grove
1336Woodpecker Lane
1337Woods Sideroad
1338Woodside Drive
1339Woodstone Crescent
1340Worthington Way
1341Wright Crescent
1342Wycliffe Crescent
1343Yacht Club Lane
1344Yonge Street
1345York Street
1346Ypres Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)