List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Kitchener, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
55th Avenue
66th Avenue
78th Avenue
89 Pines Road
99th Avenue
10Aberdeen Road
11Acacia Street
12Activa Avenue
13Ada Street
14Adam Ferrie Place
15Adam Street
16Adelaide Street
17Adencliffe Street
18Admiral Road
19Agnes Street
20Ahrens Street East
21Ahrens Street West
22Albion Court
23Albion Street
24Alice Avenue
25Alpine Court
26Alpine Road
27Amand Drive
28Amber Drive
29Amelia Court
30Amelia Street
31Amherst Drive
32Anastasia Drive
33Andrew Street
34Ann Street
35Anson Court
36Anthony Place
37Anvil Street
38Appalachian Crescent
39Apple Ridge Drive
40Apple Tree Court
41Apple Tree Drive
42Applerock Court
43Applewood Avenue
44Archer Place
45Ardelt Avenue
46Ardelt Place
47Ardwood Place
48Argyle Street
49Arlington Boulevard
50Armenian Court
51Arnold Street
52Arrowhead Crescent
53Arrowhead Place
54Arthur Place
55Ash Street
56Ashley Court
57Askin Place
58Aspen Avenue
59Audrey Place
60Autumn Hill Crescent
61Autumn Ridge Trail
62Avalon Place
63Avon Road
64Avondale Avenue
65Baden Court
66Baird Avenue
67Balfour Crescent
68Balmoral Drive
69Balzer Road
70Banbury Street
71Bancroft Street
72Banff Place
73Banffshire Court
74Banffshire Crescent
75Banffshire Street
76Bankside Crescent
77Bankside Drive
78Bannockburn Road
79Barbara Crescent
80Barberry Place
81Barclay Avenue
82Barwood Crescent
83Batterswood Court
84Battler Road
85Baxter Place
86Beasley Drive
87Beaumont Crescent
88Bechtel Drive
89Becker Street
90Bedford Road
91Beechcroft Place
92Beechmanor Crescent
93Beechroyal Place
94Bell Lane
95Belleview Avenue
96Belmont Avenue East
97Belmont Avenue West
98Belmont Lane East
99Belmont Lane West
100Belton Drive
101Belwood Crescent
102Benesfort Court
103Benesfort Crescent
104Benesfort Drive
105Bent Willow Drive
106Benton Street
107Berry Moss Street
108Berwick Place
109Bettina Place
110Bettley Crescent
111Betzner Avenue North
112Betzner Avenue South
113Bianca Court
114Biehn Drive
115Big Springs Court
116Bingeman Street
117Bingemans Centre Drive
118Binscarth Road
119Birch Avenue
120Birchcliff Avenue
121Birkshire Court
122Bishop Court
123Bismark Avenue
124Black Maple Court
125Black Maple Crescent
126Black Walnut Drive
127Black Walnut Place
128Blackfriars Place
129Blackhorne Crescent
130Blackhorne Drive
131Blackwell Drive
132Bleams Road
133Bleams Road
134Block Line Road
135Bloomingdale Road North
136Bloomingdale Road South
137Blucher Boulevard
138Blucher Street
139Blue Lace Crescent
140Blue Spruce Court
141Blueridge Avenue
142Boehmer Street
143Bond Street
144Bonfair Court
145Bonfield Place
146Boniface Avenue
147Bonnybank Court
148Bonnylyn Drive
149Borden Avenue North
150Borden Avenue South
151Borden Parkway
152Bosworth Crescent
153Bound Brook Court
154Bournemouth Avenue
155Bradley Drive
156Bradley Place
157Bramblewood Street
158Bramm Street
159Brandon Avenue
160Brandy Crescent
161Brant Crescent
162Branwood Place
163Brassey Court
164Braun Street
165Breckenridge Drive
166Breckwood Place
167Breithaupt Street
168Brembel Court
169Brembel Crescent
170Brembel Street
171Brentwood Avenue
172Briar Avenue
173Briar Knoll Drive
174Briar Knoll Place
175Briar Patch Lane
176Briarfield Court
177Briarfield Street
178Briargate Drive
179Briarmeadow Crescent
180Briarmeadow Drive
181Briarmeadow Place
182Briarwood Place
183Brick Street
184Bridge Street
185Bridge Street East
186Bridge Street West
187Bridgemill Court
188Bridgemill Crescent
189Bridgeport Road
190Bridleridge Street
191Bridlewreath Court
192Bridlewreath Street
193Brierdale Drive
194Brierdale Place
195Brisbane Court
196Brisbane Drive
197Brittania Crescent
198Britton Place
199Broadleaf Place
200Broadmoor Avenue
201Broadview Avenue
202Broadview Court
203Brock Street
204Broken Oak Crescent
205Brookfield Crescent
206Brookmead Street
207Brookside Crescent
208Brookview Court
209Brubacher Street
210Bruce Street
211Bruder Avenue
212Brunswick Avenue
213Bryan Court
214Brybeck Crescent
215Buerkle Court
216Burbank Road
217Burgetz Avenue
218Burlington Drive
219Burn Place
220Burnaby Crescent
221Burnside Avenue
222Burnt Ember Court
223Bush Clover Crescent
224Butler Lane
225Buttonwood Drive
226Byron Avenue
227Cait Avenue
228Calais Place
229Calmcrest Drive
230Calvert Close
231Cambridge Avenue
232Camden Place
233Cameo Drive
234Cameron Street North
235Cameron Street South
236Campbell Avenue
237Camrose Court
238Candle Crescent
239Cannes Street
240Canters Close
241Caprice Court
242Carisbrook Drive
243Carlin Avenue
244Carlton Street
245Carlyle Drive
246Carlyle Place
247Carnaby Crescent
248Carnaby Place
249Carrol Street
250Carson Drive
251Cartier Drive
252Carwood Avenue
253Carwood Crescent
254Caryndale Drive
255Casey Drive
256Catalina Court
257Cayley Court
258Cayuga Drive
259CÚcile Drive
260Cedar Crest Street
261Cedar Street North
262Cedar Street South
263Cedarhill Crescent
264Cedarview Place
265Cedarwoods Crescent
266Centennial Court
267Centennial Road
268Centreville Street
269Century Hill Drive
270Chalmers Street
271Champlain Court
272Champlain Crescent
273Chandaria Place
274Chandler Drive
275Chandos Court
276Chandos Drive
277Chantilly Street
278Chapel Hill Drive
279Chapel Street
280Charles Best Place
281Charles Street East
282Charles Street West
283Charleston Place
284Charlotte Crescent
285Charlotte Place
286Charnwood Court
287Chartwell Court
288Chelsea Road
289Cherokee Court
290Cherry Hill Drive
291Cherry Street
292Cherrytree Court
293Chestnut Hill Crescent
294Chestnut Street
295Chicopee Park Court
296Chicopee Terrace
297Chopin Drive
298Christine Crescent
299Church Street
300Circa Drive
301Claremont Avenue
302Clarence Place
303Clark Avenue
304Claycroft Crescent
305Clemens Lane
306Clifford Road
307Clifton Road
308Clive Road
309Clover Place
310Cloverdale Crescent
311Cluthe Crescent
312Coach Hill Drive
313Cobblestone Street
314Colebrook Court
315College Street
316Colony Drive
317Colton Circle
318Colyer Place
319Commonwealth Crescent
320Commonwealth Street
321Condor Street
322Conestoga College Boulevard
323Confederation Drive
324Connaught Place
325Connaught Street
326Connelly Drive
327Connor Street
328Conway Drive
329Coopershawk Street
330Copper Leaf Crescent
331Copper Leaf Street
332Cora Drive
333Coral Crescent
334Corfield Drive
335Corfield Place
336Cornell Avenue
337Coronet Lane
338Corsica Street
339Costain Court
340Cotton Grass Street
341Country Clair Place
342Country Clair Street
343Country Hill Drive
344Countryside Crescent
345Countrystone Crescent
346Countrystone Drive
347Countrystone Place
348Courtland Avenue East
349Courtland Avenue West
350Coventry Drive
351Covington Crescent
352Craig Drive
353Cranbrook Street
354Cranshaw Street
355Cray Crescent
356Creek Ridge Street
357Crescent Street
358Cress Lane
359Cressman Avenue
360Crest Haven Street
361Crestview Place
362Crestwood Avenue
363Cricket Hollow
364Crosby Drive
365Culloden Place
366Cumberland Place
367Cyprus Drive
368D'arcy Place
369Dahlia Street
370Daimler Drive
371Dalegrove Drive
372Dalewood Drive
373Dane Street
374Daniel Avenue
375Darlington Place
376David Bergey Drive
377David Elsey Street
378David Street
379Dawn Ridge Court
380Dawn Ridge Drive
381Dayman Court
382Daytona Street
383Deans Gate Court
384Deer Creek Court
385Deer Creek Place
386Deer Creek Street
387Deer Ridge Court
388Deer Ridge Crescent
389Deer Ridge Drive
390Deerfield Avenue
391Deerpark Crescent
392Deerwood Crescent
393Dekay Street
394Delaware Avenue
395Delisle Avenue
396Dellroy Avenue
397Delta Street
398Denlow Street
399Derby Lane
400Desmond Street
401Devon Street
402Devonglen Court
403Devonglen Drive
404Dieppe Avenue
405Dill Street
406Dineen Court
407Dinison Crescent
408Dinison Place
409Dirksen Court
410Dixon Street
411Dodge Drive
412Doll Court
413Dominion Street
414Donald Street
415Donley Street
416Donnenwerth Drive
417Dooley Drive
418Doon Creek Street
419Doon Mills Drive
420Doon Road
421Doon South Drive
422Doon Valley Drive
423Doon Village Road
424Doonbrook Place
425Downey Street
426Dreger Avenue
427Driftwood Drive
428Driftwood Place
429Drummond Drive
430Drumoak Place
431Dubrick Crescent
432Duchess Avenue
433Duke Street East
434Duke Street West
435Dumart Place
436Dumfries Avenue
437Dunbar Road
438Dunblane Court
439Duncairn Avenue
440Dundas Avenue
441Dunedin Court
442Dunham Avenue
443Dunlop Place
444Dunnigan Drive
445Dunnington Court
446Dunsmere Court
447Dunsmere Drive
448Durham Street
449Eagen Drive
450Eaglecrest Street
451Earl Street
452East Avenue
453East Lansdowne Avenue
454Eastforest Trail
455Eastwood Drive
456Eby Street North
457Eby Street South
458Ebydale Drive
459Eckert Street
460Eden Avenue
461Eden Oak Trail
462Edenbridge Drive
463Edenbridge Place
464Edgehill Drive
465Edgewater Crescent
466Edgewood Drive
467Edinburgh Road
468Edmund Road
469Edna Street
470Edwin Street
471Eliza Avenue
472Elizabeth Street
473Elkington Drive
474Ellen Street East
475Ellen Street West
476Ellis Avenue
477Elm Ridge Drive
478Elm Street
479Elmbank Trail
480Elmsdale Drive
481Elmwood Avenue
482Emerald Avenue
483Emma Avenue
484Englewood Place
485Ephraim Street
486Erie Avenue
487Erika Court
488Erinbrook Court
489Erinbrook Drive
490Esson Street
491Ethel Street
492Eton Drive
493Euler Avenue
494Evelyn Crescent
495Evens Pond Court
496Evens Pond Crescent
497Evenstone Avenue
498Everglade Crescent
499Evergreen Crescent
500Everwood Run
501Executive Place
502Fairbank Place
503Faircrest Court
504Fairfield Avenue
505Fairlawn Road
506Fairmount Road
507Fairview Avenue
508Fairway Court
509Fairway Crescent
510Fairway Road North
511Fairway Road South
512Falconridge Crescent
513Falconridge Drive
514Falesy Avenue
515Fall Harvest Drive
516Fallowfield Drive
517Fallview Court
518Fallview Street
519Farmbrook Place
520Farmington Place
521Farnham Avenue
522Farrier Drive
523Farrier Place
524Featherstone Crescent
525Featherstone Street
526Feenstra Street
527Fenwick Court
528Ferdinand Avenue
529Fergus Avenue
530Fernwood Place
531Fieldgate Street
532Fife Avenue
533Filbert Street
534Fischer Court
535Fischer Hallman Road
536Flint Drive
537Floral Crescent
538Florence Avenue
539Floyd Street
540Folkstone Crescent
541Folkstone Place
542Folleys Lane
543Forest Breeze Court
544Forest Creek Court
545Forest Creek Drive
546Forest Edge Trail
547Forest Glen Court
548Forest Glen Crescent
549Forest Hill Drive
550Forestwood Drive
551Forfar Avenue
552Forfar Court
553Forwell Court
554Forwell Road
555Four Seasons Court
556Foxbrook Court
557Foxglove Crescent
558Foxwood Place
559Fran Ellen Crescent
560Francis Street North
561Francis Street South
562Frankfurt Street
563Franklin Street North
564Franklin Street South
565Frederick Street
566Frey Crescent
567Fung Place
568Furness Drive
569Gage Avenue
570Gallarno Court
571Garden Avenue
572Garden Path Place
573Gateway Park Drive
574Gatewood Road
575Gatsby Court
576Gaukel Street
577Gay Crescent
578Gehl Place
579General Drive
580General Place
581Geneva Crescent
582Georgian Crescent
583Georgian Place
584Georgian Street
585Gerard Avenue
586Gibson Court
587Gibson Drive
588Gildner Street
589Gilmour Crescent
590Glasgow Lane
591Glasgow Street
592Glen Avon Crescent
593Glen Lake Crescent
594Glen Park Crescent
595Glen Road
596Glencliffe Court
597Glendale Road
598Glenwood Drive
599Gloucester Court
600Golden Meadow Crescent
601Golden Meadow Drive
602Golden Terrace Court
603Golfview Place
604Goodrich Drive
605Gordon Avenue
606Gottscheer Court
607Goudies Lane
608Goundry Crescent
609Graber Place
610Gracefield Crescent
611Grand Avenue
612Grand Crest Place
613Grand Hill Drive
614Grand River Boulevard
615Grasswood Street
616Gravel Ridge Trail
617Gray Street
618Graystone Avenue
619Graywood Court
620Green Street
621Green Valley Drive
622Greenbough Court
623Greenbrook Drive
624Greencroft Court
625Greendale Crescent
626Greenfield Avenue
627Greengable Court
628Greengable Way
629Greenock Drive
630Greensview Drive
631Gregg Court
632Grenville Avenue
633Grey Fox Drive
634Griffin Avenue
635Groff Place
636Groh Drive
637Gruhn Street
638Grulke Street
639Guelph Street
640Guerin Avenue
641Gzowski Lane
642Gzowski Street
643Hackberry Street
644Hahn Place
645Halifax Drive
646Halliwell Drive
647Halls Lane East
648Halls Lane West
649Hamel Avenue
650Hampton Place
651Hanover Street
652Hanson Avenue
653Harber Avenue
654Harcourt Crescent
655Harding Street
656Harold Avenue
657Hartwood Avenue
658Hartwood Place
659Harvest Court
660Havenwood Court
661Hawkswood Drive
662Hayward Avenue
663Hazelglen Drive
664Hearth Crescent
665Hearthbridge Street
666Hearthway Street
667Hearthwood Crescent
668Hearthwood Drive
669Heather Avenue
670Heatherwood Place
671Hebel Place
672Hedgestone Court
673Hedgestone Crescent
674Heffner Court
675Heiman Street
676Heins Avenue
677Heit Lane
678Heldmann Road
679Helen Avenue
680Helena Feasby Street
681Henhoeffer Court
682Henhoeffer Crescent
683Henry Street
684Herbert Street
685Heritage Drive
686Herlan Avenue
687Hermie Place
688Hesh Crescent
689Hett Avenue
690Hickory Heights Crescent
691Hickory Hollow Crescent
692Hickson Drive
693Hidden Creek Drive
694Hidden Valley Crescent
695Hidden Valley Road
696High Acres Crescent
697Highbarry Crescent
698Highbrook Court
699Highbrook Crescent
700Highbrook Street
701Highcroft Court
702Highgate Court
703Highgate Road
704Highland Crescent
705Highland Road East
706Highland Road West
707Highland Road West
708Highpark Avenue
709Highview Drive
710Highview Place
711Highway 7
712Highway 7 & 8 W Bnd To Highway 8 S Bnd
713Highway 7 And 8
714Highway 7 And 8
715Highway 8 N Bnd To Highway 7 E Bnd
716Highway 85
717Highway 85 Collector
718Hilda Place
719Hill Street
720Hillbrook Crescent
721Hillcrest Court
722Hillcrest Lane
723Hillmount Street
724Hillsborough Crescent
725Hillside Drive
726Hillview Street
727Hoddle Crescent
728Hoffman Street
729Hofstetter Avenue
730Hohner Avenue
731Holborn Court
732Holborn Drive
733Hollinger Crescent
734Hollyridge Crescent
735Homer Watson Boulevard
736Homer Watson Boulevard
737Homestead Place
738Homewood Avenue
739Hopp Street
740Horizon Court
741Horning Drive
742Howard Place
743Howe Drive
744Howland Drive
745Huber Street
746Huck Crescent
747Hudson Court
748Hudson Crescent
749Hugo Crescent
750Huntingdale Drive
751Huntingdale Place
752Huntington Place
753Huntingwood Court
754Huntley Crescent
755Huron Road
756Huron Road
757Huron Road Ramp From Huron Road To Huron Road
758Huron Road To Regional Road 28 N Bnd
759Huron Road To Regional Road 28 S Bnd
760Hurst Avenue
761Idle Creek Drive
762Idle Ridge Court
763Idlewood Drive
764Imperial Drive
765Inadale Court
766Indian Road
767Indiana Street
768Indigo Street
769Inge Court
770Ingleside Drive
771Ingleside Place
772Inlet Avenue
773International Place
774Inverness Drive
775Inwood Crescent
776Inwood Drive
777Ira Needles Boulevard
778Iron Gate Street
779Irvin Street
780Isabella Street
781Isaiah Crescent
782Isaiah Drive
783Isaiah Place
784Islington Avenue
785Israel Place
786Ivy Lane Court
787Jack Avenue
788Jackson Avenue
789Jacob Gingrich Drive
790Jacqueline Place
791Jadestone Court
792Janet Court
793Janine Street
794Jansen Avenue
795Jasper Court
796Jay Court
797Jean Avenue
798Johnston Street
799Jones Place
800Joseph Schoerg Crescent
801Joseph Schoerg Place
802Joseph Street
803Joshua Street
804Jubilee Drive
805Julia Crescent
806Juniper Crescent
807Karn Street
808Katherine Crescent
809Keewatin Avenue
810Keewatin Place
811Kehl Street
812Keller Crescent
813Kelly Drive
814Kelvin Avenue
815Kennedy Avenue
816Kenneth Avenue
817Kenora Drive
818Kensington Avenue
819Kent Avenue
820Kenwood Drive
821Kesselring Court
822Kesselring Drive
823Kestrel Street
824Kevco Place
825Kilbirnie Court
826Kilkerran Crescent
827Killarney Crescent
828Kimberly Crescent
829King St Bypass Highway 8 Cam Bnd
830King St Bypass Highway 8 Cam Bnd
831King St Bypass Highway 8 Kit Bnd
832King Street Bypass Highway 8 Cam Bend
833King Street Bypass Highway 8 Cam Bnd
834King Street Bypass Highway 8 Kit Bend
835King Street Bypass Highway 8 Kit Bnd
836King Street East
837King Street East
838King Street West
839Kingsbury Drive
840Kingston Crescent
841Kingsway Drive
842Kingswood Drive
843Kinzie Avenue
844Kipling Avenue
845Knell Drive
846Knollwood Court
847Knox Court
848Kraft Avenue
849Kristi Place
850Krug Street
851Lackner Boulevard
852Lakeside Drive
853Lambert Place
854Lanark Court
855Lanark Crescent
856Lancaster Street East
857Lancaster Street West
858Landgren Court
859Lang Crescent
860Langton Drive
861Lansdowne Boulevard
862Lantern Street
863Lark Street
864Larkspur Crescent
865Laurel Springs Court
866Laurentian Drive
867Lawrence Avenue
868Layton Street
869Leacrest Court
870Leander Place
871Lemon Grass Crescent
872Lemon Grass Street
873Lemonbalm Street
874Lennox Crescent
875Lennox Lewis Way
876Leonard Street
877Lewis Crescent
878Liberty Avenue
879Lichty Crescent
880Lilac Street
881Limerick Drive
882Linden Avenue
883Linton Place
884Linwood Avenue
885Littlefield Crescent
886Locust Street
887Lois Street
888Lombardy Court
889Longview Crescent
890Lookout Lane
891Lorilee Crescent
892Lorne Avenue
893Lorne Crescent
894Lorraine Avenue
895Louisa Street
896Lower Canada Crescent
897Lower Mercer Street
898Lucerne Drive
899Luella Street
900Lydia Street
901Lyle Place
902Lyndhurst Drive
903Lynn Court
904Lynnhaven Court
905Lynnvalley Court
906Lynnvalley Crescent
907Macintosh Place
908Mackie Place
909Macville Avenue
910Madeleine Street
911Madison Avenue North
912Madison Avenue South
913Magdalena Court
914Mahogany Street
915Maitland Street
916Major Street
917Manchester Road
918Manitou Drive
919Manitoulin Crescent
920Manor Drive
921Manorbrook Court
922Mansion Street
923Maple Avenue
924Maple Hill Drive
925Maple Manor Court
926Maplewood Place
927Marcon Court
928Margaret Avenue
929Margaret Avenue South
930Marigold Court
931Marina Road
932Mariposa Court
933Marisa Street
934Market Lane
935Market Street
936Marketa Crescent
937Markwood Drive
938Marl Meadow Court
939Marl Meadow Crescent
940Marl Meadow Drive
941Marlborough Avenue
942Marlis Crescent
943Marquette Drive
944Martin Street
945Martinglen Crescent
946Martinwood Street
947Mary Street
948Massel Place
949Massey Avenue
950Master Court
951Matthew Court
952Matthew Street
953Maurice Street
954Mausser Avenue
955Max Becker Drive
956Maxwell Drive
957May Place
958Mayfair Court
959Maynard Avenue
960Maywood Road
961Mcbrine Drive
962Mcbrine Place
963Mccabe Court
964Mcgarry Drive
965Mcgee Avenue
966Mcgibbon Court
967Mcintyre Drive
968Mcintyre Place
969Mckenzie Avenue
970Mclennan Park Gate
971Mcleod Court
972Meadow Crescent
973Meadow Woods Crescent
974Meadowbrook Drive
975Meadowlane Drive
976Medford Street
977Meinzinger Avenue
978Melinda Street
979Melrose Avenue
980Melvern Court
981Merkling Street
982Merner Avenue
983Metzloff Drive
984Michael Street
985Michelle Court
986Michener Court
987Michener Crescent
988Midland Drive
989Miehm Place
990Milfoil Crescent
991Mill Park Drive
992Mill Park Place
993Mill Street
994Mill View Street
995Millwood Crescent
996Misty Court
997Misty Crescent
998Misty Street
999Mistywood Street
1000Mitchell Street
1001Mitierra Drive
1002Mitton Place
1003Monarch Woods Drive
1004Montana Crescent
1005Montcalm Drive
1006Monte Carlo Street
1007Monteagle Crescent
1008Monterey Crescent
1009Monterey Road
1010Montgomery Road
1011Montrose Avenue
1012Moore Avenue
1013Mooregate Crescent
1014Morgan Avenue
1015Morningview Place
1016Morrison Road
1017Mossgrove Drive
1018Mount Hope Street
1019Mountain Laurel Crescent
1020Mountain Mint Crescent
1021Mowat Boulevard
1022Moyer Place
1023Munroe Street
1024Murrayhill Court
1025Muskoka Court
1026Natchez Road
1027Nathaniel Crescent
1028Nelson Avenue
1029Netherwood Crescent
1030New Dundee Road
1031New Dundee Road
1032Newbury Drive
1033Newcastle Drive
1034Niagara Road
1035Nichole Crescent
1036Nipigon Place
1037Nipigon Street
1038Noel Crescent
1039Nomad Court
1044Norbert Place
1045Norfolk Crescent
1046North Drive
1047North Hill Place
1048Northbrook Place
1049Northforest Trail
1050Northmanor Crescent
1051Notchwood Court
1052Nottingham Avenue
1053Nyberg Street
1054Oak Street
1055Oakdale Court
1056Oakhurst Crescent
1057Oakwood Avenue
1058Obermeyer Drive
1059Old Carriage Court
1060Old Carriage Drive
1061Old Chicopee Drive
1062Old Chicopee Trail
1063Old Cottage Place
1064Old Country Drive
1065Old Country Place
1066Old Forest Crescent
1067Old Huron Court
1068Old Huron Place
1069Old Huron Road
1070Old Maple Lane
1071Old Mill Road
1072Old Park Lane
1073Old York Crescent
1074Old Zeller Drive
1075Oldfield Drive
1076Oliver Court
1077Olympic Drive
1078Oneida Place
1079Ontario Street North
1080Ontario Street South
1081Onward Avenue
1082Oprington Court
1083Oprington Drive
1084Oprington Place
1085Orchard Mill Crescent
1086Orchard Park Crescent
1087Orchid Crescent
1088Oregon Court
1089Oregon Drive
1090Oswego Court
1091Otonabee Drive
1092Ottawa Street North
1093Ottawa Street North
1094Ottawa Street South
1095Otterbein Road
1096Otto Street
1097Overland Drive
1098Overlea Court
1099Overlea Crescent
1100Overlea Drive
1101Owen Avenue
1102Owl Ridge Street
1103Oxford Street
1104Paddock Court
1105Paige Place
1106Paige Street
1107Palmer Avenue
1108Pandora Avenue North
1109Pandora Avenue South
1110Pandora Crescent
1111Park Street
1112Parkhill Court
1113Parkland Crescent
1114Parkvale Court
1115Parkvale Drive
1116Parkview Crescent
1117Parsons Court
1118Pathfinder Crescent
1119Patricia Avenue
1120Patrick Street
1121Pattandon Avenue
1122Paulander Drive
1123Peach Blossom Court
1124Peach Blossom Crescent
1125Peachwood Avenue
1126Peachwood Court
1127Pearl Place
1128Pearwood Court
1129Pebblecreek Court
1130Pebblecreek Drive
1131Peltz Avenue
1132Penelope Drive
1133Pennsylvania Crescent
1134Penrose Avenue
1135Pepperwood Crescent
1136Pequegnat Avenue
1137Perin Place
1138Periwinkle Street
1139Perkell Place
1140Perth Road
1141Peter Street
1142Pine Hill Place
1143Pine Hollow Court
1144Pine Martin Crescent
1145Pine Street
1146Pine Valley Drive
1147Pinebrook Hollow
1148Pinecrest Drive
1149Pinedale Court
1150Pinedale Drive
1151Pinehurst Crescent
1152Pinnacle Drive
1153Pioneer Drive
1154Pioneer Ridge Drive
1155Pioneer Tower Crescent
1156Pioneer Tower Road
1157Pipers Green Court
1158Plains Road
1159Plaza Court
1160Pleasant Avenue
1161Plymouth Road
1162Pompeii Street
1163Pondcliffe Court
1164Pondcliffe Drive
1165Prescott Court
1166Preston Street
1167Primrose Path
1168Prince Street
1169Prospect Avenue
1170Prosperity Drive
1171Prueter Avenue
1172Purple Sage Crescent
1173Putnam Place
1174Quail Hollow
1175Quaiser Court
1176Quaiser Street
1177Queen Charlotte Crescent
1178Queen Street North
1179Queen Street South
1180Queens Boulevard
1181Queenston Crescent
1182Queenston Drive
1183Quinte Court
1184Quinte Crescent
1185Radcliffe Drive
1186Radcliffe Place
1187Raitar Avenue
1188Ralgreen Crescent
1189Ramblewood Way
1194Randerson Avenue
1195Rauch Court
1196Raylene Drive
1197Raymond Road
1198Red Clover Court
1199Red Clover Crescent
1200Red Maple Place
1201Redtail Street
1202Regional Road 28 N Bnd To Huron Road
1203Regional Road 28 S Bnd To Huron Road
1204Regional Road 4 To Highway 7 & 8 E Bnd
1205Reichert Drive
1206Reidel Drive
1207Reinhardt Street
1208Reistview Street
1209Rennie Drive
1210Resurrection Drive
1211Rex Drive
1212Reyburn Avenue
1213Reynolds Court
1214Richmond Avenue
1215Richwood Court
1216Ridgemere Court
1217Ridgemere Street
1218Ridgemount Street
1219Ridgeway Crescent
1220Ridgewood Avenue
1221Riehm Street
1222Ripley Crescent
1223Ripplewood Crescent
1224Ristau Crescent
1225Ristau Place
1226Rittenhouse Road
1227River Birch Court
1228River Birch Street
1229River Ridge Court
1230River Ridge Street
1231River Road East
1232River Road West
1233River Valley Drive
1234River Valley Trail
1235Riverbend Drive
1236Riverlink Way
1237Riverstone Court
1238Riverview Place
1239Robert Ferrie Drive
1240Roberts Crescent
1241Robertson Crescent
1242Rochefort Street
1243Rock Avenue
1244Rockcliffe Drive
1245Rockway Drive
1246Rockwood Road
1247Roehampton Court
1248Roland Street
1249Rolling Acres Court
1250Rolling Acres Drive
1251Rolling Meadows Drive
1252Roos Street
1253Rose Garden Street
1254Rose Street
1255Rosebank Crescent
1256Rosebank Place
1257Rosedale Avenue
1258Rosemount Drive
1259Roseneath Crescent
1260Rosewood Drive
1261Rosewood Place
1262Ross Avenue
1263Rossford Crescent
1264Rothsay Avenue
1265Roxborough Avenue
1266Roy Street
1267Royal Orchard Drive
1268Royal Orchard Place
1269Ruby Street
1270Rush Meadow Court
1271Rush Meadow Crescent
1272Rush Meadow Street
1273Rushbrook Drive
1274Rusholme Road
1275Ruskview Road
1276Russel Street
1277Russet Place
1278Rutherford Drive
1279Sabrina Crescent
1280Saddlewood Drive
1281Samuel Street
1282Sandra Avenue
1283Sandsprings Court
1284Sandsprings Crescent
1285Sandwell Court
1286Sasaga Drive
1287Sassafras Street
1288Scenic Drive
1289Scenic Wood Crescent
1290Schneider Avenue
1291Schofield Drive
1292Schueller Street
1293Schweitzer Street
1294Scott Street
1295Seabrook Drive
1296Secord Avenue
1297Selkirk Court
1298Selkirk Drive
1299Seneca Drive
1300Sereda Road
1301Settlers Court
1302Settlers Drive
1303Severn Avenue
1304Shadeland Crescent
1305Shadyridge Place
1306Shadywood Crescent
1307Shaftsbury Drive
1308Shanley Street
1309Shantz Lane
1310Shea Crescent
1311Sheldon Avenue North
1312Sheldon Avenue South
1313Shelley Drive
1314Shelley Place
1315Sherbourne Avenue
1316Sheridan Court
1317Sherwood Avenue
1318Shirk Place
1319Shirley Avenue
1320Shirley Drive
1321Shoemaker Street
1322Shuh Avenue
1323Siebert Avenue
1325Sienna Court
1326Sienna Crescent
1327Silver Aspen Crescent
1328Silverspring Crescent
1329Simeon Street
1330Simpson Avenue
1331Sims Estate Drive
1332Sims Estate Place
1333Sleepy Hollow Court
1334Smetana Drive
1335Smithson Street
1336Snowdrop Court
1337Snowdrop Crescent
1338Somerfield Place
1339Sophia Crescent
1340Sorrento Court
1341Sorrento Street
1342South Creek Drive
1343South Drive
1344Southdale Avenue
1345Southill Drive
1346Southmoor Drive
1347Southridge Drive
1348Southwood Court
1349Southwood Drive
1350Spadina Road East
1351Spadina Road West
1352Spencer Court
1353Spetz Street
1354Sportsworld Crossing
1355Sportsworld Crossing Road
1356Sportsworld Drive
1357Spring Hill Place
1358Spring Mist Drive
1359Spring Valley Road
1360Springbank Crescent
1361Springcreek Street
1362Springdale Drive
1363Springmount Drive
1364Springmount Place
1365Sprucedale Crescent
1366St Clair Avenue
1367St Emilion Place
1368St George Street
1369St Jerome Avenue
1370St Jerome Crescent
1371St Leger Street
1372St Vincent Street
1373Stafford Lane
1374Stahl Avenue
1375Stanley Avenue
1376Stanmore Avenue
1377Stanson Close
1378Stauffer Drive
1379Steckle Place
1380Steepleridge Court
1381Steepleridge Street
1382Stewart Street
1383Stillwater Street
1384Stirling Avenue North
1385Stirling Avenue South
1386Stirling Lane
1387Stoke Court
1388Stoke Drive
1389Stonegate Drive
1390Stonehenge Place
1391Stonybrook Drive
1392Strange Street
1393Strasburg Road
1394Strathcona Crescent
1395Suffolk Avenue
1396Sugar Maple Place
1397Sugar Maple Street
1398Sugarmill Court
1399Summerhill Crescent
1400Summit Avenue
1401Sunbridge Crescent
1402Sunny Meadow Court
1403Sunrise Drive
1404Sunrise Place
1405Sunset Place
1406Susan Court
1407Susan Crescent
1408Sutherland Walk
1409Sutton Place
1410Swartz Street
1411Sweet William Street
1412Sweetbriar Drive
1413Sycamore Place
1414Sydenham Street
1415Sydney Street North
1416Sydney Street South
1417Sylvia Street
1418Tagge Crescent
1419Tagge Street
1420Talbot Street
1421Tami Court
1422Tamroth Close
1423Tamvale Crescent
1424Tanglewood Avenue
1425Tara Crescent
1426Tecumseh Crescent
1427Templeton Drive
1428Templewood Drive
1429Terrace Wood Crescent
1430Terrace Wood Drive
1431Thaler Avenue
1432The Boardwalk
1433The Country Way
1434The Crestway
1435The Kirksway
1436Theresa Street
1437Thistledown Drive
1438Thomas Slee Drive
1439Thorncliffe Street
1440Thornridge Crescent
1441Tilley Court
1442Tillsley Drive
1443Tilt Drive
1444Timber Ridge Court
1445Timberlane Crescent
1446Tinatawa Court
1447Tisdale Court
1448Topper Woods Crescent
1449Tottenham Street
1450Toynbee Crescent
1451Tradewinds Place
1452Trafalgar Avenue
1453Trailview Drive
1454Trailwood Crescent
1455Traynor Avenue
1456Trelawney Street
1457Tremaine Crescent
1458Tremaine Drive
1459Trillium Drive
1460Trillium Park Place
1461Troy Street
1462Trussler Road
1463Trussler Road
1464Tu Lane Street
1465Tudor Street
1466Tuerr Drive
1467Tupper Court
1468Tupper Crescent
1469Turner Avenue
1470Tweedsdale Street
1471Tweedsmuir Court
1472Tyson Drive
1473Udvari Crescent
1474Underhill Crescent
1475Union Boulevard
1476Union Lane
1477Union Street
1478University Avenue West
1479Uplands Drive
1480Upper Canada Drive
1481Upper Canada Place
1482Upper Mercer Street
1483Uxbridge Crescent
1484Valebrook Court
1485Valebrook Street
1486Valencia Avenue
1487Valewood Place
1488Valleyview Road
1489Van Horne Place
1490Vancamp Avenue
1491Vanier Drive
1492Venturin Street
1493Vernon Avenue
1494Verona Street
1495Veronica Court
1496Veronica Drive
1497Vicmount Drive
1498Victoria Street North
1499Victoria Street North
1500Victoria Street South
1501Viewmont Close
1502Village Crescent
1503Village Road
1504Vintage Crescent
1505Vista Crescent
1506Volta Avenue
1507Wabanaki Drive
1508Wagner Place
1509Wagon Street
1510Wake Robin Crescent
1511Wake Robin Drive
1512Walker Street
1513Walnut Street
1514Walter Street
1515Walton Avenue
1516Wandsworth Place
1517Warren Road
1518Warwick Court
1519Washburn Drive
1520Water Street North
1521Water Street South
1522Waterbend Crescent
1523Waterbridge Court
1524Watercress Court
1525Waterford Court
1526Waterloo Street
1527Watervale Crescent
1528Watervale Drive
1529Waterwillow Court
1530Waverly Road
1531Wayne Drive
1532Weber Street East
1533Weber Street East
1534Weber Street West
1535Webster Road
1536Wedgewood Drive
1537Weichel Street
1538Wellington Street North
1539Wellington Street North
1540Wellington Street South
1541Wendy Court
1542Wendy Crescent
1543Wentworth Avenue
1544West Acres Crescent
1545West Avenue
1546West Lansdowne Avenue
1547Westchester Drive
1548Westchester Place
1549Westforest Trail
1550Westgate Walk
1551Westheights Drive
1552Westmeadow Drive
1553Westmount Road East
1554Westmount Road West
1555Westview Court
1556Westview Crescent
1557Westwood Crescent
1558Westwood Drive
1559Wexford Crescent
1560Wheatfield Crescent
1561Whippletree Place
1562Whisperwood Court
1563White Sands Court
1564Whitney Place
1565Wild Meadow Street
1566Wilderness Drive
1567Wildlark Crescent
1568Wilfong Drive
1569Wilfred Avenue
1570Wilhelm Street
1571Wilkins Drive
1572William Lewis Street
1573Williamsburg Road
1574Willow Green Court
1575Wilson Avenue
1576Wilton Place
1577Wimbleton Crescent
1578Windale Crescent
1579Windermere Court
1580Windflower Crescent
1581Windflower Drive
1582Windflower Place
1583Winding Meadow Court
1584Winding Way
1585Winding Wood Crescent
1586Windom Road
1587Windrush Trail
1588Windsor Crescent
1589Windward Place
1590Windy Ridge Drive
1591Windy Ridge Place
1592Windy Wood Court
1593Winifred Street
1594Winslow Drive
1595Wisteria Court
1596Wolfes Court
1597Wood Street
1598Woodbine Avenue
1599Woodbine Court
1600Woodcrest Court
1601Woodfern Court
1602Woodfield Court
1603Woodfield Street
1604Woodhaven Road
1605Woodhurst Court
1606Woodland Avenue
1607Woodmans Court
1608Woodpoppy Court
1609Woodside Avenue
1610Woodsmere Drive
1611Woodview Court
1612Woodview Crescent
1613Woodward Avenue
1614Woolner Drive
1615Woolwich Street
1616Wordsworth Place
1617Wren Crescent
1618Wren Place
1619Wrenwood Place
1620Wyandotte Court
1621Wycliffe Place
1622Yager Avenue
1623Yarrow Court
1624Yarwood Place
1625Yellow Birch Drive
1626York Street
1627Young Street
1628Yule Place
1629Zeffer Place
1630Zeller Court
1631Zeller Crescent
1632Zeller Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)