List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of London, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33 Valleys Crescent
43 Valleys Place
53rd Street
64 Oaks Crescent
7Abbey Rise
8Abbott Street
9Aberdeen Drive
10Acorn Crescent
11Acorn Place
12Acton Crescent
13Ada Street
14Adare Crescent
15Addison Drive
16Adelaide Street North
17Adelaide Street South
18Adevon Avenue
19Adirondack Road
20Admiral Court
21Admiral Drive
22Adrians Way
23Adswood Place
24Adswood Road
25Afton Road
26Agincourt Gardens
27Agincourt Place
28Ailsa Place
29Ainsley Court
30Aintree Road
31Air Ontario Drive
32Airforce Road
33Airport Road
34Airport Road
35Alanbrook Street
36Alaunia Street
37Alayne Crescent
38Albany Street
39Albert Street
40Albion Street
41Alder Grove
42Aldersbrook Crescent
43Aldersbrook Gate
44Aldersbrook Road
45Alexandra Street
46Alfred Street
47Algoma Avenue
48Algoma Place
49Algonquin Crescent
50Allen Avenue
51Allen Place
52Alma Street
53Almond Court
54Almond Road
55Alomar Drive
56Alston Road
57Amberley Avenue
58Amberwood Road
59Ambleside Drive
60Ambleside Gate
61Amy Crescent
62Anderson Avenue
63Andover Drive
64Angus Court
65Angus Road
66Ann Street
67Annadale Drive
68Ansondale Road
69Antrim Crescent
70Apache Road
71Apeldoorn Crescent
72Aponi Crescent
73Aponi Place
74Appel Street
75Applegreen Grove
76Applewood Crescent
77Applewood Lane
78Arbour Glen Crescent
79Arcadia Crescent
80Archer Crescent
81Ardaven Place
82Ardsley Crescent
83Ardsley Road
84Argyle Street
85Arlington Crescent
86Arran Place
87Arthur Street
88Artisans Crescent
89Arundell Street
90Arvilla Boulevard
91Ascot Street
92Ash Street
93Ashbury Avenue
94Ashbury Court
95Ashgrove Court
96Ashland Avenue
97Ashley Crescent
98Ashley Place
99Askin Street
100Aspen Place
101Aspenridge Crescent
102Astoria Court
103Astoria Place
104Atkinson Boulevard
105Atlantic Court
106Attawandaron Gate
107Attawandaron Road
108Auburn Avenue
109Audrey Avenue
110Augusta Crescent
111Aurora Court
112Avalon Street
113Avenue Road
114Averill Crescent
115Averill Gate
116Averill Place
117Aviation Lane
118Avondale Road
119Avro Road
120Ayreswood Avenue
121Baffin Place
122Baffin Road
123Bainard Street
124Baker Street
125Balcarres Road
126Balderstone Avenue
127Balfour Place
128Balmoral Avenue
129Balnagowan Place
130Balnagowan Road
131Banbury Crescent
132Banbury Road
133Bancroft Road
134Banting Crescent
135Barberry Court
136Barclay Place
137Barclay Road
138Barker Street
139Barons Court
140Barrett Crescent
141Barrington Avenue
142Barry Place
143Barrydale Court
144Barrydale Crescent
145Barrymont Avenue
146Bartlett Crescent
147Barton Street
148Baseline Road Byron
149Baseline Road East
150Baseline Road East
151Baseline Road West
152Bassenthwaite Court
153Bassenthwaite Crescent
154Basswood Place
155Basswood Road
156Bathurst Street
157Baycliffe Place
158Bayside Court
159Bayview Court
160Beachwood Avenue
161Beaconsfield Avenue
162Beatrice Street
163Beattie Avenue
164Beattie Street
165Beaufort Street
166Beaverbrook Avenue
167Becher Street
168Beckworth Avenue
169Bedford Road
170Beech Drive
171Beechbank Crescent
172Beechmount Crescent
173Beechwood Place
174Belfield Street
175Belgrave Avenue
176Belhaven Road
177Belleisle Court
178Bellevue Avenue
179Bellrock Crescent
180Bellwood Crescent
181Belmont Drive
182Belorun Court
183Belvedere Avenue
184Belvedere Place
185Benedict Court
186Benson Crescent
187Bentley Drive
188Berkley Crescent
189Berkshire Court
190Berkshire Drive
191Berkshire Place
192Bernard Avenue
193Bessemer Court
194Bessemer Road
195Beverly Street
196Bexhill Close
197Bexhill Drive
198Billybrook Crescent
199Birch Street
200Birchmount Street
201Birchmount Walk
202Birchwood Drive
203Birchwood Place
204Biscay Road
205Blackacres Boulevard
206Blackfriars Street
207Blackmaple Court
208Blackmaple Drive
209Blacksmith Street
210Blackthorne Crescent
211Blackwater Court
212Blackwater Place
213Blackwater Road
214Blair Boulevard
215Blake Street
216Blakie Road
217Blanchard Crescent
218Blanchard Road
219Bloomfield Drive
220Bloomsbury Court
221Bloxam Avenue
222Blue Forest Drive
223Blue Forest Place
224Blue Heron Drive
225Blue Ridge Crescent
226Blue Ridge Place
227Blythwood Road
228Bobbybrook Drive
229Boler Road
230Bonaparte Lane
231Bonaventure Drive
232Bond Street
233Borden Street
234Bostwick Road
235Boullee Street
236Bourbon Court
237Bourbon Lane
238Bournemouth Drive
239Bow Street
240Bowcott Crescent
241Bracebridge Court
242Bradish Road
243Bradley Avenue
244Bradley Avenue
245Bradley Avenue
246Brady Drive
247Braemar Crescent
248Braesyde Avenue
249Bramblewood Place
250Bramblewood Street
251Brampton Road
252Brandy Lane Court
253Brandy Lane Road
254Brant Street
255Breck Avenue
256Breckenridge Crescent
257Brentwood Crescent
258Brentwood Place
259Brescia Lane
260Breton Park Crescent
261Brian Avenue
262Briarhill Avenue
263Briarhill Court
264Briarhill Place
265Bricklin Place
266Bridle Path
267Bridlington Road
268Bridport Street
269Brighton Street
270Brimley Court
271Brimley Place
272Brisbin Street
273Briscoe Street East
274Briscoe Street West
275Britannia Avenue
276Brixham Crescent
277Brixham Road
278Broadway Avenue
279Brock Lane
280Brock Street
281Bromleigh Avenue
282Brookdale Avenue
283Brookhaven Place
284Brookline Road
285Brookside Street
286Brough Street
287Broughdale Avenue
288Bruce Street
289Brunswick Avenue
290Brunswick Crescent
291Brussels Road
292Brydges Street
293Buchan Road
294Buchanan Court
295Bucke Street
296Buckingham Street
297Bugle Place
298Burbrook Place
299Burdick Place
300Burlington Crescent
301Burlington Gate
302Burlington Street
303Burnside Drive
304Burslem Street
305Burtwistle Lane
306Burwell Street
307Butler Avenue
308Buttermere Road
309Butternut Grove
310Butternut Lane
311Bybrook Court
312Byron Avenue East
313Byron Avenue West
314Byron Boulevard
315Cabell Street
316Cadeau Terrace
317Cairn Place
318Cairn Street
319Caithness Court
320Caldwell Place
321Caledonia Street
322Calgary Street
323Calvin Street
324Camberdale Place
325Cambridge Street
326Camden Court
327Camden Crescent
328Camden Place
329Camden Road
330Camellia Road
331Camelot Crescent
332Cameron Street
333Campbell Street
334Campbell Street North
335Camrose Court
336Canterbury Road
337Cantley Crescent
338Caprice Crescent
339Capulet Lane
340Cardigan Court
341Cardigan Drive
342Cardigan Place
343Carey Crescent
344Carfrae Crescent
345Carfrae Street
346Carling Street
347Carlton Avenue
348Carlyle Drive
349Carmen Crescent
350Carnegie Lane
351Carnforth Road
352Carol Street
353Carriage Hill Crescent
354Carriage Hill Drive
355Carrick Lane
356Carrothers Avenue
357Carson Lane
358Cartier Road
359Cartwright Street
360Case Court
361Castle Drive
362Castlegrove Boulevard
363Castlegrove Close
364Castlegrove Court
365Castlegrove Place
366Castleton Road
367Cathcart Street
368Cavendish Crescent
369Cawrse Street
370Cayley Drive
371Cayuga Court
372Cayuga Crescent
373Cecilia Avenue
374Cecilia Place
375Cedar Avenue
376Cedarwood Crescent
377Cedarwood Road
378Centennial Lane
379Central Avenue
380Centre Crescent
381Centre Street
382Centre Street
383Century Place
384Chalet Court
385Chalet Crescent
386Chalfont Crescent
387Chalfont Road
388Chalk Court
389Chalkstone Drive
390Chalmers Street
391Chambers Avenue
392Chambers Place
393Champlain Crescent
394Chancton Court
395Chancton Crescent
396Chandler Avenue
397Chantry Place
398Chapman Court
399Chapple Hill Road
400Charles Street
401Charlotte Street
402Charterhouse Crescent
403Chateau Court
404Chaucer Court
405Chaucer Road
406Cheapside Street
407Cheapside Street
408Cheese Factory Road
409Chelsea Avenue
410Cheltenham Road
411Chelton Road
412Chepstow Close
413Chepstow Gate
414Cherish Court
415Cherokee Road
416Cherry Street
417Cherryhill Boulevard
418Cherryhill Circle
419Cherryhill Place
420Chesham Avenue
421Chesham Court
422Chesham Grove
423Chesham Place
424Chesley Avenue
425Chessington Avenue
426Chester Street
427Chesterfield Avenue
428Chestnut Court
429Chestnut Hill
430Chestnut Place
431Cheswick Circle
432Cheviot Place
433Cheviot Road
434Chiddington Avenue
435Chiddington Gate
436Chiddington Place
437Childers Street
438Chippendale Crescent
439Chippewa Drive
440Christ Church Lane
441Christians Court
442Christians Drive
443Christians Place
444Christie Street
445Churchill Avenue
446Citation Drive
447Clara Crescent
448Clarence Street
449Clarendon Crescent
450Clarke Road
451Classic Court
452Classic Crescent
453Classic Drive
454Clearview Avenue
455Clearview Crescent
456Clemens Street
457Clenray Place
458Clermont Avenue
459Cleve Place
460Cleveland Avenue
461Cleveland Place
462Clifford Street
463Clifton Crescent
464Cliftonvale Avenue
465Cluney Place
466Coachwood Crescent
467Cobblestone Gate
468Cobblestone Road
469Cobblestone Street
470Colborne Street
471Coldstream Crescent
472Colette Court
473Colette Drive
474Colgrove Place
475College Avenue
476Colley Avenue
477Collingwood Avenue
478Collip Circle
479Colonel Talbot Road
480Colonial Crescent
481Columbia Avenue
482Colville Boulevard
483Commercial Crescent
484Commissioners Road East
485Commissioners Road East
486Commissioners Road West
487Commissioners Road West
488Commissioners Road West
489Communications Road
490Comox Court
491Compton Court
492Compton Crescent
493Compton Place
494Concord Crescent
495Concord Road
496Condor Court
497Conifer Court
498Conifer Crescent
499Conifer Place
500Connaught Avenue
501Connington Street
502Consortium Court
503Constable Court
504Constable Street
505Conway Court
506Conway Drive
507Conway Lane
508Cook Road
509Coombs Avenue
510Cooper Street
511Corinth Court
512Corley Drive
513Cornell Crescent
514Cornerbrook Avenue
515Cornish Street
516Cotswold Gate
517Cottonwood Crescent
518Country Club Court
519Country Club Crescent
520Country Club Drive
521Country Club Lane
522Country Club Mews
523Country Club Place
524Country Lane
525Court Lane
526Cousins Avenue
527Cove Road
528Covent Market Place
529Coventry Avenue
530Cowan Avenue
531Cowan Court
532Cowan Crescent
533Cowan Place
534Crabtree Avenue
535Craig Street
536Cramston Crescent
537Cranbrook Place
538Cranbrook Road
539Crawford Green
540Crawford Street
541Creamery Road
542Cree Place
543Cresthaven Crescent
544Crestly Place
545Creston Avenue
546Crestview Crescent
547Crestwood Drive
548Crimson Crescent
549Croatia Road
550Cromwell Street
551Cronyn Crescent
552Crosscreek Crescent
553Croxton Road East
554Croxton Road West
555Crumlin Sideroad
556Crystal Crescent
557Cuddy Boulevard
558Cuddy Court
559Cudmore Street
560Culver Court
561Culver Crescent
562Culver Drive
563Culver Place
564Cumberland Crescent
565Cummings Avenue
566Curry Street
567Curtis Avenue
568Cuthbert Circle
569Cynthia Street
570Cypress Avenue
571Dakin Street
572Dale Street
573Daleview Crescent
574Dalhousie Crescent
575Dalhousie Drive
576Dalkeith Avenue
577Dalkeith Crescent
578Dame Street
579Danielle Crescent
580Danielle Lane
581Darlene Crescent
582Darnley Boulevard
583Dartmouth Drive
584David Street
585Dawn Drive
586Daybreak Court
587Daybreak Drive
588Deadmans Road
589Deane Street
590Dearborn Avenue
591Dearness Drive
592Debbie Lane
593Decker Drive
594Deer Park Circle
595Deer Valley Crescent
596Delacourt Road
597Delaware Street
598Delmage Avenue
599Delmont Avenue
600Delmont Place
601Delphi Place
602Delphi Road
603Delta Place
604Denali Terrace
605Dengate Crescent
606Denlaw Road
607Dennis Avenue
608Derby Place
609Derwent Road
610Deveron Crescent
611Devonshire Avenue
612Devonshire Place
613Devos Drive
614Diamond Court
615Diane Crescent
616Dickens Avenue
617Dieppe Street
618Dillabough Street
619Dingman Drive
620Dingman Drive
621Dingman Drive
622Dissing Crescent
623Dixie Street
624Dobie Street
625Dolway Place
626Donahoe Road
627Donalda Street
628Doncaster Avenue
629Doncaster Gate
630Doncaster Place
631Donegal Drive
632Donna Street
633Donnybrook Road
634Doon Drive
635Dorinda Street
636Douglas Court
637Doulton Street
638Dover Place
639Dow Road
640Dowell Drive
641Downes Court
642Downing Crescent
643Dreaney Avenue
644Driftwood Road
645Drummond Place
646Duchess Avenue
647Dudley Crescent
648Dufferin Avenue
649Duffield Street
650Duke Street
651Dulaney Drive
652Duluth Crescent
653Dumont Street
654Dunboyne Crescent
655Duncan Crescent
656Duncan Lane
657Dunctonwood Place
658Dundalk Drive
659Dundas Street
660Dundas Street
661Dundas Street
662Dundee Court
663Dundee Place
664Dunedin Drive
665Dunelm Lane
666Dunkirk Place
667Dunsmoor Road
668Durham Street
669Durrow Street
670Eagle Court
671Eagle Crescent
672Eagle Drive
673Ealing Street
674East Afton Place
675East Mile Road
676East Street
677Eastcastle Place
678Eastgate Crescent
679Eastman Avenue
680Eastwood Street
681Easy Street
682Eaton Park Drive
683Ebury Crescent
684Ebury Place
685Ecclestone Street
686Echo Place
687Eden Avenue
688Edenridge Drive
689Edgar Drive
690Edgehill Crescent
691Edgehill Place
692Edgehill Road
693Edgemere Crescent
694Edgemere Place
695Edgepark Place
696Edgevalley Road
697Edgeworth Avenue
698Edinburgh Street
699Edith Street
700Edmonton Street
701Edmunds Crescent
702Edmunds Place
703Edna Street
704Edward Street
705Edwin Drive
706Egerton Street
707Eldorado Avenue
708Eleanor Street
709Elgin Drive
710Elgin Street
711Elias Street
712Elizabeth Street
713Ellerslie Road
714Elliott Street
715Ellsworth Avenue
716Ellsworth Close
717Ellsworth Crescent
718Elm Street
719Elmdale Avenue
720Elmgrove Crescent
721Elmwood Avenue East
722Elmwood Avenue West
723Elmwood Place
724Elviage Drive
725Elvira Crescent
726Elworthy Avenue
727Embassy Avenue
728Emerald Road
729Emerson Avenue
730Emery Street East
731Emery Street West
732Empire Street
733Empress Avenue
734English Street
735Ensign Crescent
736Ensign Drive
737Enterprise Drive
738Enterprise Drive South
739Epworth Avenue
740Erica Crescent
741Erie Avenue
742Erindale Crescent
743Ernest Avenue
744Essex Street
745Estella Court
746Estella Road
747Estevan Road
748Ethel Street
749Euclid Avenue
750Eula White Crescent
751Eula White Place
752Euston Road
753Evangeline Street
754Evelyn Drive
755Everglade Crescent
756Evergreen Avenue
757Ewald Place
758Exeter Road
759Exeter Road
760Exmoor Place
761Exmouth Circle
762Exmouth Drive
763Fairchild Court
764Fairchild Crescent
765Fairchild Place
766Faircloth Court
767Faircloth Road
768Fairfax Court
769Fairhaven Circle
770Fairhaven Gate
771Fairhaven Place
772Fairhaven Street
773Fairlane Avenue
774Fairlane Crescent
775Fairlane Road
776Fairmont Avenue
777Fairview Avenue
778Fairview Court
779Fairway Avenue
780Falaise Road
781Falcon Street
782Fallons Lane
783Fanshawe Park Road East
784Fanshawe Park Road East
785Fanshawe Park Road West
786Fanshawe Park Road West
787Farm Manor Court
788Farmbrook Road
789Farmhouse Court
790Farmhouse Road
791Farmington Court
792Farmington Crescent
793Farmington Terrace
794Farmington Way
795Farnham Court
796Farnham Crescent
797Farnham Grove
798Farnham Place
799Farnham Road
800Farnsborough Crescent
801Farrah Road
802Fawn Court
803Fellner Avenue
804Fennel Crescent
805Feren Avenue
806Ferguson Place
807Ferndale Avenue
808Ferndale Court
809Fernley Avenue
810Fiddlers Green Road
811Field Road
812Fieldgate Circle
813Finch Crescent
814Finsbury Crescent
815Firefly Drive
816Firestone Boulevard
817Fisher Lane
818Fitzroy Place
819Fitzwilliam Boulevard
820Flanders Row
821Fleet Street
822Fleming Drive
823Fletcher Road
824Flight School Road
825Flintlock Court
826Flintlock Road
827Flora Street
828Florence Street
829Flying Club Road
830Fogerty Street
831Folkstone Court
832Fontaine Place
833Fontaine Road
834Forbes Street
835Ford Crescent
836Forest Creek Place
837Forest Edge Road
838Forest Hill Avenue
839Forest Lawn Avenue
840Forest Street
841Forest View Circle
842Forward Avenue
843Foster Avenue
844Fourwinds Place
845Fourwinds Road
846Fox Avenue
847Fox Hollow Crescent
848Fox Mill Court
849Fox Mill Crescent
850Fox Mill Grove
851Fox Mill Place
852Foxbar Road
853Foxborough Grove
854Foxchapel Road
855Foxcroft Crescent
856Foyston Road
857Frances Street
858Frank Place
859Franklin Avenue
860Franklinway Crescent
861Fraser Avenue
862Freele Street
863Fremont Avenue
864Friars Way
865Frobisher Crescent
866Front Street
867Frontenac Road
868Fullarton Street
869Fuller Place
870Fuller Street
871Fulton Avenue
872Fundy Avenue
873Gablewood Crescent
874Gabor Court
875Gabor Street
876Gagel Street
877Gainsborough Road
878Gainsborough Road
879Galloway Crescent
880Gammage Street
881Garden Walk
882Gardenvale Crescent
883Gardenwood Drive
884Garfield Avenue
885Garland Crescent
886Garland Lane
887Garnet Court
888Gatewood Crescent
889Gatewood Place
890Gatewood Road
891Gatineau Crescent
892Gatineau Road
893Geary Avenue
894Genereaux Place
895Genevive Crescent
896Genevive Place
897Georgia Road
898Gerald Crescent
899Geraldine Avenue
900Gerrard Street
901Gibbons Park Entry
902Gibbons Place
903Gideon Drive
904Gilbert Street
905Giles Street
906Gladman Avenue
907Gladstone Avenue
908Glanworth Drive
909Glanworth Drive
910Glanworth Drive
911Glanworth Drive
912Glasgow Street
913Glass Avenue
914Glebe Street
915Gleeson Street
916Glen Crescent
917Glenbanner Road
918Glenburnie Court
919Glenburnie Crescent
920Glendale Avenue
921Glengarry Avenue
922Glengyle Crescent
923Glenmore Drive
924Glenora Drive
925Glenridge Crescent
926Glenrose Drive
927Glenroy Court
928Glenroy Crescent
929Glenroy Road
930Glenview Crescent
931Glenwood Avenue
932Gloucester Road
933Goddard Boulevard
934Godfrey Drive
935Goldwick Crescent
936Golf Course Entry
937Golfdale Crescent
938Golfdale Place
939Golfview Court
940Golfview Crescent
941Golfview Road
942Goodman Drive
943Gordon Avenue
944Gore Road
945Gore Road
946Gould Street
947Gower Street
948Grace Street
949Grafton Street
950Graham Crescent
951Gramercy Park Place
952Grand Avenue
953Grand View Avenue
954Grand View Crescent
955Grangeover Avenue
956Grangeover Court
957Grangeover Crescent
958Grangeover Place
959Granville Street
960Grasmere Crescent
961Graydon Street
962Graywood Avenue
963Great Oak Court
964Green Acres Drive
965Green Hedge Court
966Green Hedge Crescent
967Green Hedge Lane
968Green Lane
969Green Valley Road
970Greenbrier Crescent
971Greenfield Court
972Greenfield Drive
973Greenhills Place
974Greenside Avenue
975Greenway Entrance
976Greenwood Avenue
977Grenfell Court
978Grenfell Crescent
979Grenfell Drive
980Grenfell Place
981Gretna Green
982Grey Street
983Grieve Place
984Griffith Gate
985Griffith Street
986Grosvenor Street
987Guest Avenue
988Guildford Court
989Guildford Crescent
990Guildwood Boulevard
991Guildwood Gate
992Guildwood Walk
993Gunn Street
994Gustin Avenue
995Hackett Street
996Haig Street
997Haighton Road
998Hale Street
999Haliburton Crescent
1000Haliburton Place
1001Haliburton Road
1002Hall Street
1003Halls Mill Place
1004Halls Mill Road
1005Hamber Court
1006Hamilton Road
1007Hamilton Road
1008Hamilton Road
1009Hamley Road
1010Hamlyn Street
1011Hammond Crescent
1012Hampstead Road
1013Hampton Court
1014Hampton Crescent
1015Hansuld Street
1016Harcroft Crescent
1017Harding Crescent
1018Hargrieve Road
1019Harlech Gate
1020Harley Street
1021Harper Street
1022Harris Park Entrance
1023Harris Park Gate
1024Harrison Avenue
1025Harrison Crescent
1026Harrow Court
1027Harry White Drive
1028Hart Crescent
1029Hartlet Street
1030Hartop Place
1031Hartson Close
1032Hartson Court
1033Hartson Place
1034Hartson Road
1035Harvard Street
1036Hastings Drive
1037Hastings Gate
1038Havenridge Crescent
1039Havenwood Way
1040Hawkesbury Avenue
1041Hawthorne Road
1042Haycock Place
1043Haymarket Place
1044Hazel Avenue
1045Hazelden Grove
1046Hazelden Lane
1047Hazelwood Avenue
1048Headley Drive
1049Hearthside Place
1050Heath Place
1051Heathcote Avenue
1052Heathdale Court
1053Heather Crescent
1054Heather Place
1055Helena Avenue
1056Helena Montague Avenue
1057Hellmuth Avenue
1058Henry Street
1059Herbert Avenue
1060Heritage Court
1061Herkimer Street
1062Hesketh Place
1063Hesketh Street
1064Hesler Crescent
1065Hewitt Street
1066Hibiscus Avenue
1067Hickory Road
1068Hickson Avenue
1069High Holborn Street
1070High Street
1071Highbury Avenue North
1072Highbury Avenue South
1073Highland Avenue
1074Highland Place
1075Highland Woods Court
1076Highview Avenue East
1077Highview Avenue West
1078Highview Crescent
1079Highway 401
1080Highway 401
1081Highway 401
1082Highway 402
1083Highway 402
1084Highway Avenue
1085Highwood Avenue
1086Hill Street
1087Hillcrest Avenue
1088Hillcrest Drive
1089Hillhead Road
1090Hillsborough Road
1091Hillside Drive
1092Hillsmount Crescent
1093Hillsmount Road
1094Hillview Boulevard
1095Hilton Avenue
1096Hilton Place
1097Hines Crescent
1098Holborn Avenue
1099Holgate Road
1100Holiday Avenue
1101Hollywood Crescent
1102Homan Street
1103Homestead Court
1104Homestead Crescent
1105Homeview Court
1106Homeview Road
1107Homewood Lane
1108Honeysuckle Crescent
1109Hope Street
1110Horace Street
1111Horizon Drive
1112Horn Street
1113Horton Street East
1114Horton Street West
1115Howard Avenue
1116Howland Avenue
1117Hubrey Road
1118Hudson Drive
1119Hume Street
1120Hummingbird Crescent
1121Hungerford Street
1122Hunt Club Drive
1123Hunt Club Mews
1124Hunt Village Crescent
1125Hunter Woods Crescent
1126Huntingdon Drive
1127Huntingdon Place
1128Huron College Driveway
1129Huron College Entry
1130Huron Drive
1131Huron Green
1132Huron Street
1133Huron Street
1134Huron Street
1135Hurricane Road
1136Hutchinson Court
1137Hutton Place
1138Huxley Street
1139Hyatt Avenue
1140Hyde Park Road
1141Hydro Street
1142Hyla Street
1143Hyman Street
1144Idylwood Road
1145Imperial Road
1146Indian Road
1147Industrial Road
1148Ingleside Place
1149Inkerman Street
1150Intrepid Court
1151Inverary Crescent
1152Inverary Road
1153Inverness Avenue
1154Invicta Court
1155Irish Lane
1156Iroquois Avenue
1157Irving Place
1158Irwin Street
1159Ivanhill Road
1160Ivy Court
1161Jackson Road
1162Jacksway Crescent
1163Jacqueline Street
1164Jalna Boulevard
1165Jamaica Court
1166Jamaica Street
1167James Street
1168Jarvis Street
1169Jasmine Drive
1170Jason Court
1171Jason Crescent
1172Jasper Crescent
1173Jeffreybrook Close
1174Jeffreybrook Drive
1175Jellicoe Crescent
1176Jena Crescent
1177Jenedere Court
1178Jennifer Crescent
1179Jennifer Gardens
1180Jennifer Road
1181Jensen Road
1182Jermyn Place
1183Jetstream Road
1184Jim Ashton Street
1185John Street
1186Johnston Street
1187Joliet Street
1188Jonathan Street
1189Josephine Street
1190Josselyn Drive
1191Josselyn Place
1192Julia Court
1193Juniper Street
1194Justamere Road
1195Jutta Crescent
1196Kains Road
1197Kaladar Drive
1198Kaladar Place
1199Kanata Crescent
1200Kathleen Avenue
1201Kathryn Drive
1202Kellerton Road
1203Kellogg Lane
1204Kelly Street
1205Kendall Court
1206Kenmore Place
1207Kennedy Place
1208Kenneth Avenue
1209Kennon Place
1210Kensington Avenue
1211Kensington Place
1212Kent Street
1213Kenwood Crescent
1214Kernohan Parkway
1215Kernohan Street
1216Kerr Road
1217Kerrigan Court
1218Kevin Court
1219Key Hill Place
1220Key Hill Road
1221Kilally Road
1222Kilbourne Road
1223Kildare Road
1224Killarney Court
1225Killarney Grove
1226Killarney Place
1227Killarney Road
1228Kimberley Avenue
1229Kinburn Crescent
1230King Edward Avenue
1231King Street
1232Kingbird Court
1233Kingsbridge Street
1234Kingsford Crescent
1235Kingspark Crescent
1236Kingston Avenue
1237Kingston Gate
1238Kingston Place
1239Kingsway Avenue
1240Kininvie Drive
1241Kinnear Crescent
1242Kintail Crescent
1243Kipling Avenue
1244Kipling Court
1245Kipps Lane
1246Kirk Drive
1247Kirkland Crescent
1248Kirkton Court
1249Kitchener Avenue
1250Kiwanis Park Drive
1251Knights Bridge Road
1252Knights Hill Road
1253Koru Court
1254Kostis Avenue
1255Kristina Crescent
1256Krupp Street
1257La Stradella
1258Lacey Crescent
1259Ladybrook Crescent
1260Laing Court
1261Lambeth Avenue
1262Lambeth Walk
1263Lambton Drive
1264Lambton Street
1265Lancaster Street
1266Landor Street
1267Lane Street
1268Langarth Street East
1269Langarth Street West
1270Langley Street
1271Langmuir Avenue
1272Langton Road
1273Lansing Avenue
1274Larkspur Crescent
1275Lauderdale Avenue
1276Laurel Court
1277Laurel Crescent
1278Laurel Street
1279Laurentian Drive North
1280Laurentian Drive South
1281Lavender Place
1282Lavender Way
1283Lawson Road
1284Layard Street
1285Leathorne Street
1286Leicester Crescent
1287Leland Place
1288Leland Road
1289Lenore Street
1290Leonard Street
1291Leroy Avenue
1292Leslie Street
1293Lexington Avenue
1294Leyton Crescent
1295Lhsc Driveway
1296Lighthouse Road
1297Limberlost Road
1298Lime Kiln Drive
1299Lincoln Place
1300Lindbrook Court
1301Linksgate Road
1302Linwood Street
1303Lisa Court
1304Little Grey Street
1305Little Hill Street
1306Little Simcoe Street
1307Littleford Place
1308Littlewood Drive
1309Lloyd Manor Crescent
1310Lochern Road
1311Lockyer Street
1312Locust Crescent
1313Logan Avenue
1314Loggers Grove
1315Lola Street
1316Lombardo Avenue
1317Longbow Place
1318Longbow Road
1319Longview Court
1320Longwoods Road
1321Longwoods Road
1322Longworth Road
1323Lonsdale Drive
1324Lookout Court
1325Lorne Avenue
1326Lorraine Avenue
1327Louise Boulevard
1328Louise Court
1329Louise Place
1330Loverage Street
1331Lovett Street
1332Lumb Court
1333Lundy Lane
1334Lupus Place
1335Luxton Drive
1336Lyle Street
1337Lyman Street
1338Lynden Crescent
1339Lyndhurst Place
1340Lynne Avenue
1341Lynngate Court
1342Lynngate Grove
1343Lynngate Place
1344Lysanda Avenue
1345Lysanda Court
1346Mackay Avenue
1347Mackellar Avenue
1348Mackinnon Place
1349Madeira Drive
1350Madison Avenue
1351Magee Place
1352Magee Street
1353Magnolia Crescent
1354Magnolia Gate
1355Mahogany Crescent
1356Mahogany Road
1357Main Street
1358Maitland Street
1359Major Street
1360Malcolm Street
1361Maldon Place
1362Maldon Road
1363Mallard Road
1364Malpass Place
1365Malpass Road
1366Mamelon Street
1367Manchester Road
1368Manitoba Street
1369Manitoulin Drive
1370Manning Drive
1371Manning Drive
1372Mantle Place
1373Mapledale Avenue
1374Mapleton Place
1375Marbenor Crescent
1376Marconi Boulevard
1377Marconi Gate
1378Marcus Crescent
1379Mardell Place
1380Mardell Street
1381Margaret Street
1382Marianna Drive
1383Marigold Street
1384Marion Street
1385Mark Street
1386Markland Drive
1387Marla Crescent
1388Marlborough Avenue
1389Marley Place
1390Marmora Street
1391Marshall Street
1392Martin Street
1393Martinet Avenue
1394Martinet Place
1395Mary Avenue
1396Masefield Crescent
1397Masonville Court
1398Masonville Crescent
1399Masson Court
1400Masterson Circle
1401Mathers Street
1402Maud Street
1403Maurice Street
1404Maxwell Court
1405Maxwell Crescent
1406May Street
1407Mayfair Drive
1408Maynard Patterson Boulevard
1409Mcalpine Avenue
1410Mccallum Road
1411Mcclary Avenue
1412Mcclure Drive
1413Mccormick Boulevard
1414Mccracken Court
1415Mcdiarmid Street
1416Mcdonald Avenue
1417Mcdougall Close
1418Mcgarrell Drive
1419Mcgill Place
1420Mcgregor Avenue
1421Mcintosh Court
1422Mckenzie Avenue
1423Mckeon Avenue
1424Mclarenwood Terrace
1425Mclean Drive
1426Mcleod Crescent
1427Mcmahen Street
1428Mcmanus Place
1429Mcmaster Court
1430Mcmaster Crescent
1431Mcmaster Drive
1432Mcmillan Street
1433Mcnay Place
1434Mcnay Street
1435Mcstay Road
1436Mctaggart Court
1437Mctaggart Crescent
1438Mctavish Crescent
1439Meadowbrook Drive
1440Meadowdown Drive
1441Meadowgate Boulevard
1442Meadowlily Road North
1443Meadowlily Road South
1444Meadowoak Crescent
1445Meadowridge Crescent
1446Meadowridge Road
1447Meadowview Road
1448Medway Crescent
1449Medway Park Court
1450Meg Drive
1451Melanie Court
1452Melcrest Road
1453Melsandra Avenue
1454Melsandra Court
1455Mendip Crescent
1456Meridene Crescent East
1457Meridene Crescent West
1458Merlin Crescent
1459Merlin Street
1460Metamora Crescent
1461Metcalfe Crescent
1462Michael Street
1463Michaelmas Street
1464Micro Court
1465Midale Court
1466Midale Crescent
1467Midale Road
1468Middlesex Drive
1470Midpark Crescent
1471Midpark Road
1472Milan Place
1473Miles Street
1474Milestone Road
1475Milford Court
1476Milford Crescent
1477Mill Street
1478Millbank Drive
1479Millers Court
1480Millers Place
1481Millers Road
1482Millmead Road
1483Millridge Court
1484Millridge Road
1485Mincing Lane
1486Mitchell Street
1487Mockingbird Crescent
1488Mody Court
1489Moffat Crescent
1490Moffatt Avenue
1491Mohawk Road
1492Mohegan Crescent
1493Moir Street
1494Monmore Road
1495Monsarrat Avenue
1496Monsarrat Crescent
1497Montague Place
1498Montclair Avenue
1499Monte Vista Crescent
1500Montebello Drive
1501Monterey Crescent
1502Montgomery Gate
1503Montgomery Road
1504Moore Street
1505Moraine Court
1506Moraine Crescent
1507Moraine Walk
1508Moreau Crescent
1509Mornington Avenue
1510Morrison Road
1511Mount Pleasant Avenue
1512Mountainview Crescent
1513Mountbatten Place
1514Mountbatten Street
1515Mountsfield Crescent
1516Mountsfield Drive
1517Mto Driveway
1518Mto Entrance
1519Muir Street
1520Mumford Court
1521Murdock Street
1522Muriel Crescent
1523Murray Road
1524Murray Street
1525Muskoka Court
1526Muskoka Crescent
1527Nadine Avenue
1528Nairn Avenue
1529Nanette Crescent
1530Nanette Drive
1531Naomee Crescent
1532Naomee Place
1533Napier Street
1534Napoleon Court
1535Napoleon Drive
1536Nashua Avenue
1537Nathaniel Court
1538Nelson Street
1539Neptune Crescent
1540Neville Drive
1541Newbold Court
1542Newbold Street
1543Niagara Street
1544Nicholas Crescent
1545Nightingale Avenue
1546Nissouri Road
1547Nixon Avenue
1548Noel Avenue
1554Norfolk Place
1555Norlan Avenue
1556Norman Avenue
1557Norman Place
1558Normandy Gardens
1559Normandy Gate
1560Normandy Place
1561North Almond Place
1562North Centre Road
1563North Leaksdale Circle
1564North Mile Road
1565North Pond Court
1566North Routledge Park
1567North Street
1568North Vernon Avenue
1569Northbrae Drive
1570Northcrest Drive
1571Northcrest Gate
1572Northdale Street
1573Northumberland Road
1574Norton Avenue
1575Norton Crescent
1576Norwood Avenue
1577Notre Dame Court
1578Notre Dame Crescent
1579Notre Dame Drive
1580Nottinghill Crescent
1581Nottinghill Road
1582Novello Avenue
1583Novello Court
1584Oak Grove Place
1585Oak Park Drive
1586Oak Park Place
1587Oak Street
1588Oakdale Street
1589Oakland Avenue
1590Oakridge Drive
1591Oakside Street
1592Oakville Avenue
1593Oakwood Drive
1594Oban Crescent
1595Observer Road
1596October Court
1597October Crescent
1598Odessa Avenue
1599Old Bridge Road
1600Old Hunt Road
1601Old Mill Court
1602Old Oak Lane
1603Old Riverside Drive
1604Old Victoria Road
1605Old Wharncliffe Road
1606Old Wonderland Road
1607Oldham Street
1608Oliver Street
1609Olympic Crescent
1610Olympic Place
1611Oneida Road
1612Ontario Street
1613Opp Entrance
1614Optimist Park Drive
1615Orchard Street
1616Oregon Place
1617Oregon Road
1618Orkney Crescent
1619Orkney Place
1620Ormsby Street
1621Orr Drive
1622Orr Drive
1623Ortona Road
1624Osborne Street
1625Osgoode Drive
1626Osler Street
1627Ottawa Court
1628Outer Drive
1629Oxford Drive
1630Oxford Street East
1631Oxford Street East
1632Oxford Street West
1633Oxford Street West
1634Paardeberg Crescent
1635Pacific Court
1636Pack Road
1637Paddington Avenue
1638Paddock Green Crescent
1639Page Street
1640Paisley Place
1641Paisley Street
1642Palace Street
1643Pall Mall Street
1644Palmer Street
1645Palmerston Place
1646Palmtree Avenue
1647Panorama Crescent
1648Paperbirch Crescent
1649Park Avenue
1650Park Lane Court
1651Park Lane Crescent
1652Parkdale Avenue
1653Parkdale Crescent
1654Parkhurst Avenue
1655Parkinson Court
1656Parks Edge Close
1657Parks Edge Crescent
1658Parkside Crescent
1659Parkview Court
1660Parliament Crescent
1661Parsons Street
1662Partridge Street
1663Patann Drive
1664Paterson Avenue
1665Patience Crescent
1666Patricia Street
1667Patrick Street
1668Paul Street
1669Pauline Crescent
1670Pawnee Crescent
1671Pawnee Gate
1672Pawnee Road
1673Paymaster Avenue
1674Pearl Street
1675Pegler Street
1676Pelkey Road
1677Pennybrook Court
1678Pennybrook Crescent
1679Penrith Court
1680Penrith Crescent
1681Pension Lane
1682Percy Street
1683Periwinkle Road
1684Perkins Road
1685Perry Street
1686Perth Avenue
1687Perth Drive
1688Perth Street
1689Peter Street
1690Phair Crescent
1691Philip Street
1692Phillbrook Court
1693Phillbrook Crescent
1694Phillbrook Drive
1695Phyllis Street
1696Piccadilly Street
1697Pickwick Crescent
1698Pickwick Place
1699Picton Street
1700Piedmont Crescent
1701Piers Crescent
1702Piers Place
1703Pine Lawn Avenue
1704Pine Ridge Drive
1705Pine Ridge Grove
1706Pine Ridge Place
1707Pine Street
1708Pine Valley Boulevard
1709Pine Valley Drive
1710Pine Valley Gate
1711Pine Valley Lane
1712Pinebrook Court
1713Pinebrook Place
1714Pinegrove Crescent
1715Pinehurst Place
1716Pinetree Drive
1717Pinewood Drive
1718Piper Drive
1719Piper Lane
1720Pitcarnie Crescent
1721Pitcarnie Road
1722Plane Tree Drive
1723Plantation Road
1724Platts Lane
1725Plymouth Avenue
1726Pochard Court
1727Pochard Lane
1728Pond Mills Road
1729Pond View Place
1730Pond View Road
1731Pond View Terrace
1732Ponderosa Crescent
1733Ponds Edge Court
1734Poplar Court
1735Poplar Crescent
1736Poplar Grove
1737Poplar Place
1738Portal Court
1739Portal Crescent
1740Portland Street
1741Portsmouth Court
1742Portsmouth Crescent East
1743Portsmouth Crescent West
1744Portsmouth Road
1745Power Street
1746Preston Street
1747Price Street
1748Primrose Court
1749Prince George Road
1750Prince Of Wales Gate
1751Prince Philip Court
1752Prince Philip Drive
1753Princess Avenue
1754Prison Driveway
1755Pritchard Place
1756Progress Drive
1757Prospect Avenue
1758Prosperity Court
1759Proudfoot Lane
1760Purcell Drive
1761Quail Ridge Crescent
1762Quarrier Road
1763Quebec Street
1764Queen Anne Circle
1765Queen Mary Crescent
1766Queens Avenue
1767Queens Place
1768Queenston Crescent
1769Quinella Drive
1770Quinella Place
1771Quinton Place
1772Quinton Road
1773Rabb Street
1774Rachel Street
1775Radcliffe Crescent
1776Raebrook Place
1777Railton Avenue
1778Railton Court
1779Rainbow Avenue
1784Ramsay Road
1785Ranchwood Crescent
1786Randol Drive
1787Raney Crescent
1788Ranson Drive
1789Ranson Place
1790Rathgar Street
1791Rathmine Street
1792Rathnally Street
1793Rathowen Street
1794Ravenglass Crescent
1795Ravenswood Drive
1796Ravine Ridge Crescent
1797Ravine Ridge Way
1798Raymond Avenue
1799Raywood Avenue
1800Reardon Boulevard
1801Rebecca Road
1802Rectory Street
1803Redan Street
1804Redford Road
1805Redoak Avenue
1806Redoak Place
1807Redwood Lane
1808Regal Court
1809Regal Drive
1810Regency Road
1811Regent Street
1812Regina Street
1813Regis Avenue
1814Regis Place
1815Reid Court
1816Rembrandt Place
1817Renfro Crescent
1818Renny Crescent
1819Renwick Avenue
1820Repton Avenue
1821Rexway Road
1822Reynolds Road
1823Rhine Avenue
1824Richmeadow Crescent
1825Richmeadow Road
1826Richmond Street
1827Rideau Court
1828Rideau Gate
1829Rideau Lane
1830Rideau Place
1831Ridge Road
1832Ridgeview Court
1833Ridgeview Drive
1834Ridgeview Place
1835Ridgewood Crescent
1836Ridout Street North
1837Ridout Street South
1838Rington Crescent
1839Ripley Road
1840Rippleton Court
1841Rippleton Place
1842Rippleton Road
1843River Road
1844River Run Terrace
1845Riverside Drive
1846Riverside Drive
1847Riverside Drive
1848Riverview Avenue
1849Roberts Avenue
1850Robin Road
1851Robins Hill Road
1852Robinson Court
1853Robinson Lane
1854Robinwood Crescent
1855Rock Street
1856Rockford Crescent
1857Rockingham Court
1858Rockwyn Crescent
1859Roe Street
1860Roehampton Avenue
1861Rogers Avenue
1862Roland Court
1863Roland Crescent
1864Roland Lane
1865Rollingwood Circle
1866Rollscourt Gardens
1867Rollscourt Place
1868Roman Crescent
1869Ronald Street
1870Rosamond Crescent
1871Rose Hip Court
1872Rose Hip Gate
1873Rose Hip Place
1874Rosecliffe Crescent
1875Rosecliffe Terrace
1876Rosedale Street
1877Rosel Crescent
1878Rosenberg Road
1879Rosewood Avenue
1880Ross Street
1881Rossmore Court
1882Rossmore Place
1883Rostherne Crescent
1884Rothwell Drive
1885Roundhill Court
1886Rowntree Avenue
1887Roxburgh Road
1888Royal Crescent
1889Royal York Road
1890Royce Court
1891Rudy Street
1892Runnymede Crescent
1893Rushland Avenue
1894Ruskin Court
1895Russell Avenue
1896Ryersie Road
1897Sackville Street
1898Saddy Avenue
1899Saddy Crescent
1900Salem Court
1901Salem Grove
1902Salem Place
1903Salem Road
1904Salisbury Street
1905Salvia Court
1906Salvia Street
1907Salway Street
1908Samuel Place
1909Sanatorium Road
1910Sandalwood Crescent
1911Sanders Street
1912Sandford Street
1913Sandra Road
1914Sandringham Crescent
1915Sandy Street
1916Sandybrook Drive
1917Santa Monica Road
1918Sarah Court
1919Sarah Crescent
1920Sarnia Road
1921Sarnia Road
1922Sasha Crescent
1923Saskatoon Street
1924Saul Street
1925Saunby Street
1926Scanlan Street
1927Scarlett Avenue
1928Scenic Drive
1929Schraeder Street
1930Scotchmere Crescent
1931Scotchpine Crescent
1932Scotland Drive
1933Scotland Drive
1934Scotland Drive
1935Scotland Drive
1936Scott Street
1937Scottsbury Place
1938Scottsdale Street
1939Seaforth Court
1940Seagull Road
1941Seawood Avenue
1942Seddon Road
1943Seeley Drive
1944Selden Court
1945Selkirk Street
1946September Crescent
1947September Lane
1948September Place
1949Sevilla Park Place
1950Shady Lane
1951Shaftesbury Avenue
1952Shamrock Road
1953Sharon Drive
1954Sharon Road
1955Shaver Street
1956Shavian Boulevard
1957Shavian Court
1958Shawna Road
1959Shelborne Place
1960Shelborne Street
1961Shelby Court
1962Shepherd Avenue
1963Sherbourne Crescent
1964Sherbourne Road
1965Sherene Terrace
1966Sherwood Avenue
1967Sherwood Forest Square
1968Shetland Crescent
1969Shirl Street
1970Shirley Avenue
1971Sholto Drive
1972Shore Road
1973Short Avenue
1974Sideroad Crumlin
1976Sillers Drive
1977Silverbrook Drive
1978Silverdale Crescent
1979Silverdale Place
1980Silversmith Street
1981Simcoe Street
1982Simms Court
1983Simpson Crescent
1984Sioux Court
1985Sise Road
1986Ski Valley Crescent
1987Ski View Road
1988Sleightholme Avenue
1989Sloane Crescent
1990Smallman Drive
1991Smith Street
1992Snowdon Crescent
1993Somerset Court
1994Somerset Crescent
1995Somerset Place
1996Somerset Road
1997Sommerville Court
1998Sorrel Road
1999South Almond Place
2000South Carriage Road
2001South Leaksdale Circle
2002South Routledge Road
2003South Street
2004South Wenige Drive
2005South Winds Court
2006South Winds Drive
2007Southcott Court
2008Southcrest Drive
2009Southdale Road East
2010Southdale Road West
2011Southdale Road West
2012Southfield Crescent
2013Southgate Street
2014Southland Drive
2015Southview Crescent
2016Southview Place
2017Southwood Crescent
2018Sovereign Court
2019Sovereign Road
2020Spanner Street
2021Sparton Street
2022Speight Boulevard
2023Speight Court
2024Speight Crescent
2025Speight Place
2026Spencer Court
2027Spencer Crescent
2028Spiritwood Court
2029Spitfire Road
2030Sports Field Court
2031Sports Field Crescent
2032Springbank Avenue
2033Springbank Drive
2034Springett Court
2035Springfield Crescent
2036Spruce Street
2037Sprucedale Avenue
2038Sprucedale Court
2039Sprucewood Drive
2040Spyer Road
2041St Andrew Street
2042St Anthony Place
2043St Anthony Road
2044St Bees Close
2045St Bees Court
2046St Bees Place
2047St Clair Court
2048St Clair Crescent
2049St Clair Place
2050St Croix Avenue
2051St George Street
2052St James Street
2053St Julien Street
2054St Lawrence Boulevard
2055St Lawrence Place
2056St Neots Drive
2057St Patrick Street
2058St Stephens Drive
2059Stacey Crescent
2060Stackhouse Drive
2061Staffordshire Road
2062Staghorn Crescent
2063Standfield Road
2064Stanhope Crescent
2065Stanhope Place
2066Stanley Street
2067Stanton Drive
2068Stanton Place
2069Starlight Avenue
2070Stedwell Street
2071Steele Street
2072Steeplechase Drive
2073Stephen Street
2074Sterling Street
2075Stevenson Avenue
2076Stirrup Court
2077Stockton Street
2078Stokes Drive
2079Stonehaven Court
2080Stonehaven Place
2081Stonehenge Court
2082Stonehenge Place
2083Stonehenge Road
2084Stoneridge Lane
2085Stoneybrook Crescent
2086Stoneycreek Crescent
2087Stoneycreek Place
2088Stormont Drive
2089Strand Street
2090Strathcona Drive
2091Strathmeyer Street
2092Stratton Drive
2093Stronach Crescent
2094Stroud Crescent
2095Stuart Street
2096Stuyvesant Place
2097Sudbury Avenue
2098Suffield Court
2099Suffolk Place
2100Summerdale Crescent
2101Summerdale Place
2102Summit Avenue
2103Sumner Place
2104Sumner Road
2105Sundridge Court
2106Sundridge Crescent
2107Sunningdale Road East
2108Sunningdale Road East
2109Sunningdale Road West
2110Sunninghill Avenue
2111Sunnyside Court
2112Sunnyside Crescent
2113Sunnyside Drive
2114Sunray Avenue
2115Sunrise Court
2116Sunrise Crescent
2117Sunset Street
2118Surrey Court
2119Surrey Crescent
2120Susan Avenue
2121Sussex Crescent
2122Sussex Place
2123Sutton Place
2124Sweetbriar Court
2125Sweetbriar Road
2126Swiftsure Court
2127Swinyard Street
2128Sycamore Street
2129Sydenham Street
2130Sylvan Street
2131Talavera Crescent
2132Talbot Street
2133Talltree Crescent
2135Tamarack Crescent
2136Tamblyn Drive
2137Tanglewood Avenue
2138Tanner Drive
2139Tanoak Drive
2140Taplow Road
2141Tarbart Terrace
2142Tartan Drive
2143Tavistock Road
2144Taylor Street
2145Tecumseh Avenue East
2146Tecumseh Avenue West
2147Teeple Terrace
2148Tempo Road
2149Tennent Avenue
2150Tennent Court
2151Tennyson Street
2152Teresa Street
2153Terminal Circle Road
2154Terrace Street
2155Terrence Street
2156Tetherwood Boulevard
2157Tetherwood Court
2158Tewksbury Crescent
2159Thackerey Place
2160Thames Street
2161Thames Valley Avenue
2162The Birches
2163The Parkway
2164The Ridgeway
2165Thiel Street
2166Thirlmere Road
2167Thistledown Way
2168Thistlewood Drive
2169Thomas Janes Drive
2170Thomas Lane
2171Thompson Road
2172Thorncrest Crescent
2173Thorne Avenue
2174Thornicroft Crescent
2175Thornley Street
2176Thornton Avenue
2177Thornwood Court
2178Thornwood Drive
2179Thunderbird Crescent
2180Thurman Circle
2181Tiffany Drive
2182Tilipe Road
2183Timber Crescent
2184Timber Drive
2185Tobin Court
2186Tommy Hunter Way
2187Toohey Court
2188Toohey Lane
2189Topping Lane
2190Toronado Place
2191Torrington Crescent
2192Tote Road
2193Toukay Crescent
2194Toulon Crescent
2195Tower Lane
2196Towerline Place
2197Townsend Drive
2198Tozer Avenue
2199Trafalgar Street
2200Trafalgar Street
2201Trafalgar Street
2202Trapper Street
2203Travelled Road
2204Traverse Street
2205Trellis Crescent
2206Tremont Road
2207Trevithen Street
2208Trevor Place
2209Trillium Crescent
2210Trossacks Avenue
2211Trott Drive
2212Trowbridge Avenue
2213Tudor Street
2214Tufton Place
2215Tumbleweed Crescent
2216Tweed Crescent
2217Tweedsmuir Avenue
2218Tynedale Avenue
2219Tynedale Road
2220Tynemouth Drive
2221Ullswater Crescent
2222University Crescent
2223University Drive
2224Upcott Crescent
2225Uplands Drive
2226Upper Avenue
2227Upper Queen Street
2228Valetta Street
2229Valleyview Avenue
2230Van Street
2231Vancouver Street
2232Vandusen Street
2233Vaubois Place
2234Vaughan Road
2235Vauxhall Street
2236Vermont Avenue
2237Veronica Avenue
2238Verulam Street
2239Vesta Place
2240Vesta Road
2241Vict Hospital Driveway
2242Vict Hospital Entry
2243Victor Street
2244Victoria Drive
2245Victoria Street
2246Victoria Street
2247Village Green Avenue
2248Villeneuve Crescent
2249Vincent Crescent
2250Vinewood Court
2251Virginia Court
2252Virginia Crescent
2253Virginia Road
2254Viscount Road
2255Wadsworth Street
2256Wakefield Crescent
2257Wakefield Place
2258Walbrook Crescent
2259Walker Street
2260Wallace Street
2261Walmer Gardens
2262Walmer Grove
2263Walnut Street
2264Wanasea Avenue
2265Ward Street
2266Warren Road
2267Waterloo Street
2268Waterman Avenue
2269Waterman Lane
2270Waterstone Place
2271Watling Street
2272Watmar Avenue
2273Watson Street
2274Wavell Street
2275Waverley Place
2276Wayne Court
2277Wayne Road
2278Webb Street
2279Webster Street
2280Wedgewood Drive
2281Well Road
2282Wellesley Crescent
2283Wellingsboro Road
2284Wellington Court
2285Wellington Crescent
2286Wellington Drive
2287Wellington Gardens
2288Wellington Road
2289Wellington Road South
2290Wellington Street
2291Wembley Road
2292Wendy Crescent
2293Wendy Lane
2294Wenlock Crescent
2295Wentworth Court
2296West Afton Place
2297West Graham Place
2298West Mile Road
2299West Street
2300Westbury Avenue
2301Westbury Court
2302Westbury Crescent
2303Westbury Grove
2304Westbury Place
2305Westchester Drive
2306Westcott Street
2307Westdale Avenue
2308Westdel Bourne
2309Westdel Bourne
2310Western Road
2311Westfield Drive
2312Westlake Street
2313Westminster Avenue
2314Westminster Drive
2315Westminster Drive
2316Westminster Drive
2317Westminster Drive
2318Westmorland Court
2319Westmorland Place
2320Westmorland Road
2321Westmount Crescent
2322Westmount Drive
2323Westmount Hills Drive
2324Weston Street
2325Westridge Court
2326Westridge Place
2327Westridge Road
2328Westview Drive
2329Westwinds Drive
2330Westwood Drive
2331Wethered Street
2332Wexford Avenue
2333Wexford Court
2334Weybourne Crescent
2335Weymouth Drive
2336Wharncliffe Road North
2337Wharncliffe Road South
2338Whetherfield Street
2339Whetter Avenue
2340Whisker Street
2341Whisperwood Avenue
2342Whisperwood Crescent
2343White Oak Road
2344White Sands Drive
2345Whiteacres Court
2346Whiteacres Drive
2347Whitehall Drive
2348Whitehaven Crescent
2349Whiteoaks Mall Entry
2350Whitlow Court
2351Whitney Street
2352Whitton Avenue
2353Wickerson Road
2354Widdicomb Crescent
2355Widmore Drive
2356Wildflower Place
2357Wildgoose Road
2358Wildwood Avenue
2359Wilkins Street
2360Willard Crescent
2361William Street
2362Willingdon Avenue
2363Willow Drive
2364Willow Lane
2365Willowdale Avenue
2366Willowick Close
2367Wilson Avenue
2368Wilton Avenue
2369Wilton Grove Road
2370Wilton Grove Road
2371Wimbledon Court
2372Winblest Avenue
2373Winder Grove North
2374Winder Grove South
2375Windermere Court East
2376Windermere Court West
2377Windermere Road
2378Winding Way Crescent
2379Winding Woods Crescent
2380Winding Woods Road
2381Windsor Avenue
2382Windsor Crescent
2383Winery Court
2384Wingate Street
2385Winnipeg Boulevard
2386Winnipeg Street
2387Winship Close
2388Winston Avenue
2389Wintergarden Court
2390Wintergarden Road
2391Wistow Street
2392Wolfe Street
2393Wolseley Avenue
2394Wonderland Road North
2395Wonderland Road South
2396Wonderland Road South
2397Wood Street
2398Woodbine Street
2399Woodborough Street
2400Woodcock Street
2401Woodcrest Boulevard
2402Woodfern Road
2403Woodgate Court
2404Woodgate Place
2405Woodhaven Road
2406Woodhull Road
2407Woodland Place
2408Woodman Avenue
2409Woodrow Crescent
2410Woods Edge Close
2411Woodview Court
2412Woodward Avenue
2413Worthington Avenue
2414Wortley Road
2415Wyatt Street
2416Wychwood Court
2417Wychwood Park
2418Wychwood Place
2419Wyndham Crescent
2420Yale Street
2421Yardley Place
2422Yardley Wood Road
2423Yarmouth Drive
2424Yew Tree Gardens
2425York Street
2426York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)