List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of North Bay, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Street
211th Street
31st Avenue
41st Avenue East
51st Avenue West
62nd Avenue
72nd Avenue East
82nd Avenue West
93rd Avenue East
103rd Avenue West
114 Mile Lake Road
124 Mile Lake Road
134 Mile Lake Road
144th Avenue East
154th Avenue West
165th Avenue East
175th Avenue West
186th Avenue West
197th Avenue
20Abbott Court
21Aberdeen Avenue
22Acme Road
23Airport Road
24Airport Road
25Airport Way
26Albert Avenue
27Alexander Road
28Algonquin Avenue
29Amelia Street
30Angus Avenue
31Anita Avenue
32Ann Street
33Arthur Court
34Ashdale Crescent
35Athlone Street
36Aubrey Street West
37Austin Street
38Avalon Street
39Aviation Lane
40Ayr Street
41B Line Road
42Bailey Street
43Bain Drive
44Balmoral Crescent
45Balsam Crescent
46Bank Street
47Banner Avenue
48Barber Avenue
49Barker Street
50Barnett Road
51Bayview Road
52Baywood Road
53Beattie Street
54Beaver Crescent
55Beechwood Road
56Bell Street
57Belleview Crescent
58Bennett Street
59Berkely Boulevard
60Besserer Road
61Beth Avenue
62Beverly Road
63Bindon Street
64Birch Street
65Birchcove Road
66Birchs Road
67Birchwood Crescent
68Birchwood Road
69Blair Street
70Bloem Street
71Bolton Drive
72Bomarc Road
73Bond Street
74Booth Road
75Borden Avenue
76Borge Avenue
77Bourke Street
78Brennan Street
79Brent Court
80Briarwood Court
81Britton Avenue
82Brock Street
83Bromley Avenue
84Brookes Street
85Browning Street
86Brule Street
87Bryan Road
88Bunting Drive
89Bunyan Avenue
90Burns Street
91Burrows Street
92Callander Bay Road
93Camelot Drive
94Campbell Avenue
95Canterbury Crescent
96Canyon Court
97Carlo Crescent
98Carmichael Drive
99Carriage Crescent
100Carruthers Street
101Cartier Street
102Cartwright Avenue
103Cassells Street
104Cecelia Court
105Cedar Heights Road
106Cedar Street
107Cedargrove Drive
108Cemetery Road
109Centennial Crescent
110Chadbourn Drive
111Champlain Park Road
112Champlain Street
113Chapais Street
114Chapleau Street
115Charland Drive
116Charles Street East
117Charles Street West
118Charlton Crescent
119Cherry Point Court
120Chippewa Street East
121Chippewa Street West
122Cholette Street
123Christopher Court
124Circle Lake Road
125Clara Court
126Clarence Street
127Claudia Court
128Clifford Avenue
129Cloverbrae Crescent
130Cochrane Road
131Coles Street
132Colgan Avenue
133College Drive
134Collins Drive
135Commerce Crescent
136Commercial Street
138Connaught Avenue
139Cook Mills Road
140Copeland Street
141Corbett Street
142Coreen Crescent
143Cormack Street
144Cranberry Road
145Crawford Drive
146Crown Crescent
147Cullen Court
148Cypress Court
149Dale Avenue
150Daleys Road
151Dane Avenue
152Dashnay Street
153David Court
154Decaire Road
155Delaney Street
156Delaware Avenue
157Delorme Pit Road
158Devonshire Avenue
159Diefenbaker Court
160Division Street
161Donald Drive
162Doran Street
163Dorothy Street
164Douglas Street
165Dover Court
166Dreany Street
167Drew Street
168Drury Street
169Dudley Avenue
170Duke Street East
171Duke Street West
172Duncan Avenue
173Dupont Road
174Durril Street
175Duxford Road
176Eastview Crescent
177Eastwood Avenue
178Echo Place
179Edna Street
180Edward Street
181Eglee Avenue
182Elizabeth Street
183Ellendale Drive
184Ellis Street
185Elmwood Avenue
186Eloy Road
187Ethel Street
188Eugene Road
189Eva Street
190Evergreen Road
191Exeter Street
192Farley Avenue
193Fee Street
194Ferguson Street
195Feronia Road
196Feronia Road
197Ferris Drive
198Fisher Street
199Fodor Street
200Foran Street
201Foster Avenue
202Found Court
203Francis Street
204Franklin Street
205Fraser Street
206Fricker Court
207Front Street
208Frost Street
209Gagnon Court
210Galahad Court
211Galt Street
212Gardiner Avenue
213Garland Drive
214George Street
215Georgian Road
216Gertrude Street East
217Gertrude Street West
218Gibson Street
219Giroux Street
220Gladstone Avenue
221Glen Avenue
222Glen Rouge Drive
223Glenwood Road
224Golf Club Road
225Gordon Drive
226Gore Street
227Gorman Street
228Gormanville Road
229Gould Avenue
230Graham Drive
231Granite Street
232Greenhill Avenue
233Greenwood Avenue
234Gregory Drive
235Guelph Street
236Guinevere Court
237Haig Street
238Hammond Street
239Hardy Street
240Harriet Street
241Harris Drive
242Harrison Street
243Harvey Street
244Haviland Avenue
245Hazelton Lane
246Hearst Street
247Henry Street
248Herman Crescent
249Hewitt Road
250High Street
251Highland Road
252Highway 11
253Highway 11
254Highway 11
255Highway 11 And 17
256Highway 17
257Highway 17
258Highway 17
259Hillcrest Avenue
260Hillside Lake Road
261Hollywood Street
262Howard Avenue
263Howell Avenue
264Hughes Road
265Hughes Road
266Huron Crescent
267Hurtubise Road
268Hutcheson Avenue
269Imperial Road
270Industrial Avenue
271Ivanhoe Drive
272James Avenue
273Jane Street
274Janey Avenue
275Janice Street
276Jet Avenue
277John Street
278Johnston Road
279Joseph Street
280Josephine Street
281Judge Avenue
282Junction Street
283Justin Street
284K & K Drive
285Kadi Court
286Karla Drive
287Kathryn Crescent
288Kehoe Street
289Kennedys Road
290Kenreta Drive
291Kenwood Hills Drive
292Killare Street
293Kilmorey Court
294King Henrys Court
295King Street East
296King Street West
297Kingston Crescent
298Kingsway Avenue
299Kirkpatrick Street
300Knox Court
301Kodiak Crescent
302Labreche Drive
303Lake Heights Road
304Lake Street
305Lakeshore Drive
306Lakeshore Drive
307Lakeside Drive
308Lakeview Drive
309Lamorie Street
310Lancelot Avenue
311Lansdowne Avenue
312Larocque Road
313Laughrin Road
314Laurentian Avenue
315Laurier Avenue
316Lavase Road
317Lavery Street
318Lawson Street
319Leask Avenue
320Lee Avenue
321Lees Road
322Legault Street
323Leger Street
324Legion Drive
325Lennox Road
326Leonard Street
327Lester Square
328Lilian Avenue
330Lindsay Street
331Lisgar Street
332Little Down Lane
333Lorne Avenue
334Lovell Avenue
335Macbeth Crescent
336Macdonald Avenue East
337Macdonald Avenue West
338Madelena Drive
339Maher Street
340Main Street East
341Main Street West
342Manitou Street
343Manston Crescent
344Mantha Road
345Maple Street
346Maplegrove Drive
347Mapleview Place
348Maplewood Avenue
349Margaret Street
350Mariah Street
351Mark Street
352Market Street
353Marsh Drive
354Marshall Avenue East
355Marshall Avenue West
356Marshall Park Drive
357Martin Street
358Mary Street
359Massey Drive
360Mattawa Street
361Mcgaughey Avenue
362Mcgibbon Street
363Mcgruthers Road
364Mcintyre Street East
365Mcintyre Street West
366Mckay Avenue
367Mckee Drive
368Mckenzie Avenue
369Mckeown Avenue
370Mclaren Street
371Mclean Road
372Mcleod Street
373Mcmurray Avenue
374Mcnabb Crescent
375Mcnamara Street
376Mcnaughton Avenue
377Mcphail Street
378Meighen Avenue
379Melina Close
380Melissa Crescent
381Memorial Drive
382Mercer Drive
383Merlin Avenue
384Metcalfe Street
385Michener Drive
386Milani Road
387Milford Crescent
388Minto Road
389Mitchells Road
390Mobile Crescent
391Moffat Street
392Monastery Road
393Monk Street
394Montrose Avenue
395Morel Boulevard
396Morin Street
397Morland Avenue
398Morris Street
399Mountainview Drive
400Mowat Crescent
401Mud Lake Road
402Mulligan Street
403Murphy Street
404Murray Street
405Nancy Drive
406Nelson Avenue
407Nichols Street
408Nightingale Drive
409Nipissing Crescent
410Nipissing Street
417Norah Street
418Norman Avenue
419North Portal
420Northmount Road
421Northolt Road
422Northshore Road
423Northshore Road
424Norwood Avenue
425Nottingham Drive
426Oak Street East
427Oak Street West
428Oakdale Road
430Oakwood Avenue
431Obrien Street
432Old Callander Road
433Olive Street West
434Olympia Court
435Ontario Hydro Access Road
436Orange Crescent
437Overholt Place
438Packard Crescent
439Palmer Court
440Park Avenue
441Parker Avenue
442Parkwood Drive
443Parkwood Village
444Parsons Avenue
445Passmore Avenue
446Patricia Street
447Patton Street
448Paul Street
449Pearce Street
450Pearson Street
451Peninsula Road
452Peninsula Road
453Percy Street
454Phillip Street
455Pinegrove Crescent
456Pinewood Crescent
457Pinewood Road
458Plouffe Street
459Plue Road
460Plumtree Place
461Pollard Avenue
462Portage Avenue
463Premier Road
464Preston Street
465Price Avenue
466Prince Edward Drive
467Princedale Place
468Princess Street East
469Princess Street West
470Progress Court
471Progress Road
472Queen Street
473Queenston Row
474Queensway Road
475Ralph Place
479Ramsey Street
480Rancier Street
481Rankin Avenue
482Regal Road
483Regent Court
484Regina Street
485Reginald Road
486Reynolds Street
487Richard Road
488Riddle Court
489Riddle Street
490Rita Road
491Ritchie Avenue
492Riverbend Road
493Robarts Avenue
494Robinhood Court
495Rock Street
496Rodney Drive
497Romeo Court
498Rose Avenue
499Rosedale Court
500Ross Drive
501Rowe Avenue
502Roy Drive
503Royal Crescent
504Ryan Avenue
505Sable Crescent
506Sage Road
507Sandra Avenue
508Scollard Street
509Sergio Court
510Seymour Street
511Shallot Crescent
512Shannon Avenue
513Shaw Street West
514Shea Street
515Shelp Street
516Sherbrooke Street
517Sherryl Crescent
518Shirreff Avenue
519Shore Acres Boulevard
520Shorewood Road
521Silver Lady Lane
522Ski Club Road
523Smith Road
524South Street
525Southview Crescent
526Sovereign Drive
527Sparks Street
528Spencer Avenue
529Springdale Drive
530St Laurent Court
531Stanley Street
532Stanleys Road
533Stanmore Drive
534Station Road
535Sterling Avenue
536Stevens Street
537Stockdale Road
538Stones Street
539Strathcona Drive
540Summit Drive
541Sunset Boulevard
542Sunshine Lane
543Superior Crescent
544Surrey Drive
545Sylvan Crescent
546Tackaberry Drive
547Talon Street
548Tecumseh Street
549Terrace Lawn Drive
550Thelma Avenue
551Thompson Avenue
552Tiffany Court
553Tilley Street
554Timmins Street
555Toronto Street
556Tower Drive
557Tower Drive
558Trappers Glen Road
559Trout Lake Road
560Trout Lake Road
561Trout Lake Road
562Trout Lake Road
563Tupper Drive
564Turner Drive
565Tweedsmuir Drive
566Ursula Street
567Uxbridge Road
568Van Horne Crescent
569Vanier Street
570Venture Crescent
571Vermont Crescent
572Veronica Drive
573Viceroy Road
574Victoria Street East
575Victoria Street West
576Vimy Street
577Vincent Avenue
578Vivyenne Court
579Wallace Heights Drive
580Wallace Road
581Water Street
582Welch Avenue
583Wesley Street
584West Peninsula Road
585Whippletree Drive
586Whitney Avenue
587Whitson Street
588Wickstead Avenue
589Widdifield Station Road
590Widdifield Station Road
591Wigston Drive
592Wild Cherry Lane
593William Street
594Willingdon Drive
595Willow Drive
596Wilmot Street
597Wilson Road
598Wilton Avenue
599Windsor Crescent
600Winters Street
601Woodward Avenue
602Worthington Street East
603Worthington Street West
604Wyld Street
605York Street
606Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)