List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Orillia, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Street
5Adair Street
6Albany Avenue
7Albert Street North
8Albert Street South
9Alexander Road
10Allan Street
11Andrea Crescent
12Andrew Street
13Argyle Avenue
14Arthur Street
15Ashton Street
16Atherley Road
17Atlantis Drive
18Barrie Road
19Bass Lake Sideroad East
20Bay Street
21Bayview Parkway
22Belmoral Drive
23Benner Street
24Bennett Street
25Birch Street
26Bleeker Street
27Bond Street
28Borland Street East
29Borland Street West
30Boundary Road
31Brammer Drive
32Brandon Crescent
33Brant Street East
34Brant Street West
35Brewery Lane
36Bridget Drive
37Broadview Avenue
38Burnside Line
39Calverley Street
40Cameron Street
41Canice Street
42Carey Lane
43Carleton Street
44Carmichael Court
45Carter Crescent
46Cedar Island Road
47Cedar Street
48Cedarmere Road
49Centennial Drive
50Champlain Street
51Charles Road
52Chelsea Court
53Cindy Lee Crescent
54Cleopatra Court
55Clifford Street
56Clinton Street
57Cochrane Street
58Colborne Street East
59Colborne Street West
60Coldwater Road West
61Coldwater Street East
62Cole Crescent
63Collegiate Drive
64Collins Drive
65Commerce Road
66Couchiching Point Road
67Cowan Street
68Crawford Street
69Dale Drive
70Dallas Street
71Dalton Crescent North
72Dalton Crescent South
73Dancy Drive
74Davey Drive
75Delia Street
76Delta Street
77Derby Street
78Dorset Drive
79Douglas Street
80Driftwood Road
81Drinkwater Drive
82Dufferin Street
83Dunedin Street
84Dunlop Street
85Dunn Avenue
86East Street
87Edna Street
88Edward Street
89Eleanor Road
90Elgin Street
91Elmer Avenue
92Elmer Park
93Emily Street
94Emperor Drive
95Esther Anne Drive
96Ferguson Road
97Fitton Heights
98Fittons Road East
99Fittons Road West
100Forest Avenue North
101Forest Avenue South
102Fowlie Street
103Francis Road
104Franklin Street
105Frederick Street
106Free Drive
107Front Street North
108Front Street South
109Frontier Avenue
110Frost Court
111Galley Avenue
112Garden Court
113Gaudaur Court
114George Street
115Gerald Avenue
116Gill Street
117Glen Crescent
118Glencoe Avenue
119Goldie Drive
120Grace Avenue
121Grenville Avenue
122Hammond Avenue
123Harmon Road
124Harvey Street
125Harvie Settlement Road
126Heyden Avenue
127High Street
128Highland Avenue
129Highway 11
130Highway 12
131Highway 12
132Hilda Street
133Hillside Drive
134Homewood Avenue
135Hoover Crescent
136Hughes Road East
137Hughes Road West
138Hunter Valley Road
139Huronia Road
140Industrial Street
141James Court
142James Street East
143James Street West
144Jameson Street
145Jamieson Drive
146Jarvis Street
147John Street
148Johnson Street
149Jones Street
150Jordan Crescent
151Joshua Crescent
152Julia Crescent
153June Drive
154Karen Crescent
155Kehoe Court
156Keith Street
157Kevin Court
158King Street
159Kings Court
160Kitchener Street
161Korlea Crescent
162Kris Court
163Laclie Street
164Lahay Avenue
165Lakeview Avenue
166Lakeview Crescent
167Landon Street
168Lankin Boulevard
169Laurentian Lane
170Lavalee Crescent
171Lawrence Avenue
172Lawson Avenue
173Leach Street
174Leonard Drive
175Leslie Street
176Lewis Drive
177Lexington Avenue
178Lindsay Crescent
179Linwood Avenue
180Louise Lane
181Macisaac Drive
182Mackenzie Street
183Maple Drive
184Maple Leaf Avenue
185Mariposa Drive
186Market Street
187Marlisa Drive
188Martin Drive
189Mary Street
190Matchedash Street North
191Matchedash Street South
192Mckinnel Street
193Memorial Avenue
194Millard Street
195Mississaga Street East
196Mississaga Street West
197Moberley Avenue
198Moffat Street
199Monarch Drive
200Mooney Crescent
201Mulcahy Court
202Murphy Road
203Murray Street
204Museum Drive
205Neywash Street
208North Forest Crescent
209North Street
210North Street East
211Nottawasaga Street
212Obrien Street
213Old Barrie Road East
214Old Muskoka Road
215Olive Crescent
216Ontario Street
217Orchard Point Road
218Orma Drive
219Oxford Street
220Park Street
221Parkhurst Crescent
222Parkview Avenue
223Patrick Street
224Pearl Drive
225Penetang Street
226Peter Street North
227Peter Street South
228Place Chestnut
229Place Christine
230Place Clayborne
231Poughkeepsie Street
232Powley Street
233Precision Drive
234Progress Drive
235Queen Street
236Queen Street West
237Quinn Avenue
240Raymond Avenue
241Regent Street
242Rodger Road
243Rose Avenue
244Rosemary Road
245Rosslyn Road
246Royce Avenue
247Rynard Drive
248Saint Jean Street
249Sandra Drive
250Scott Street
251Shannon Street
252Simcoe Street
253Skyline Drive
254South Street
255Southwood Circle
256Sphinx Court
257Stanley Crescent
258Stanton Drive
259Stone Ridge Boulevard
260Sundial Drive
261Sweetland Circle
262Tallwood Drive
263Tecumseth Street
264Terry Fox Circle
265Toboggan Hill Drive
266Uhthoff Line
267United Avenue
268Vanessa Drive
269Victoria Crescent
270Victoria Street
271Walker Avenue
272Ward Avenue
273Watson Court
274West Ridge Boulevard
275West Street North
276West Street South
277Western Avenue
278Westmount Drive North
279Westmount Drive South
280William Street
281Woodland Drive
282Woodside Drive
283Wyandotte Street
284York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)