List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Pembroke, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
21st Avenue North
32nd Avenue
42nd Avenue South
53rd Avenue
6Agnes Street
7Albert Street
8Alexander Street
9Alfred Street
10Alfred Street East
11Almira Street
12Almira Street South
13Angus Campbell Drive
14Apple Blossom Drive
15Arnolds Lane
16Bell Street
17Belmont Avenue
18Bennett Street
19Blakely Crescent
20Blakely Crescent West
21Blank Street
22Boundary Road
23Boundary Road East
24Broadview Drive
25Bronx Street
26Carmody Street
27Catherine Street
28Catherine Street South
29Cecelia Street
30Cecil Street
31Cedar Brae Drive
32Cedar Lane
33Centre Street
34Chamberlain Street
35Champlain Street
36Christie Street
37Christink Lane
38Church Street
39Clemow Avenue
40Cockburn Crescent
41Coolidge Street
42Cooper Street
43Craig Street
44Crandall Street
45D'arcy Street
46D'youville Drive
47Deacon Street
48Dickson Street
49Dominion Street
50Doran Street
51Douglas Street
52Draper Street
53Dunlop Street
54Eddy Street
55Eganville Road
56Elizabeth Street
57Ellis Avenue
58Estelle Street
59Esther Street
60Everett Street
61Fischer Street
62Flora Street
63Forced Road
64Francis Street
65Frank Nighbor Street
66Fraser Lane
67Fraser Street
68Fred Blackstein Boulevard
69Fringewood Street
70Front Street
71Garden Street
72George Street
73Giroux Street
74Glenwood Drive
75Gordon Street
76Gourley Avenue
77Greenside Street
78Griffith Street
79Herbert Street
80Herbert Street East
81Highway 17
82Hillside Avenue
83Hincks Street
84Horace Street
85Howard Street
86Howe Street
87Hunter Street
88Indian Lane
89International Drive
90Irving Street
91Isabella Street
92James Street
93John Street
94Joseph Street
95Jule Street
96Julien Street
97Julien Street West
98Koss Lane
99Kyle Avenue
100Lair Street
101Lake Street
102Laurier Avenue
103Lea Street
104Leahey Street
105Lourdesview Drive
106Lynn Street
107Mackay Street
108Maiden Lane
109Maple Avenue
110Maple Avenue North
111Margaret Street
112Market Street
113Martin Street
114Mary Street
115Matheson Drive
116Mcallister Street
117Mcgee Street
118Mcgee Street East
119Mckenzie Avenue
120Melton Street
121Metcalfe Street
122Miller Street
123Moffat Street
124Moffat Street South
125Morris Street
126Moss Drive
127Mud Lake Road
128Munro Street
129Murray Street
130Nancy Street
131Nelson Street
132New Street
133Noik Drive
136Norman Street
137O'brien Street
138O'brien Street North
139Olympic Drive
140Owens Street
141Park Avenue
142Patricia Avenue
143Patterson Street
144Paul Martin Drive
145Pembroke Street East
146Pembroke Street West
147Pembroke Street West
148Perreault Street
149Perth Street
150Peter Street
151Peter Street South
152Poirier Street
153Poplar Ridge Road
154Prince Street
155Quarry Road
156Ramsey Street
157Renfrew Street
158Reta Crescent
159Reynolds Street
160River Road
161Riverside Drive
162Rosewood Avenue
163Rowan Street
164Sawmill Road
165Shea Avenue
166Somerset Street
167Springfield Crescent
168St Anne Crescent
169Steel Street
170Stuart Street
171Supple Street
172Sussex Street
173Sweezey Court
174Thompson Street
175Townline Road
176Trafalgar Road
177Upper Valley Drive
178Victoria Street
179Villa Street
180Wallace Street
181Water Street
182Welland Street
183Weston Street
184Wilbert Street
185Wilfred Street
186Willard Street
187William Street
188Willoughby Drive
189Wilson Place
190Woodcrest Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)