List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Peterborough, Ontario
#Street Name
13rd Avenue
2Abbey Lane
3Aberdeen Avenue
4Abound Crescent
5Ackerman Crescent
6Adeline Street
7Afton Road
8Albany Court
9Albert Street
10Albertus Avenue
11Alexander Avenue
12Alexander Court
13Alfred Street
14Algonquin Boulevard
15Allum Road
16Americredit Way
17Amundsen Avenue
18Amys Court
19Anne Street
20Anson Street
21Antrim Street
22Applegrove Avenue
23Applewood Court
24Applewood Crescent
25Arcadia Court
26Archibald Avenue
27Argyle Street
28Armour Road
29Armstrong Drive
30Arndon Avenue
31Arthur Avenue
32Ashburnham Drive
33Ashdale Crescent East
34Ashdale Crescent West
35Auburn Street
36Aylmer Street North
37Aylmer Street South
38Baker Street
39Balsam Avenue
40Bankside Drive
41Barbara Crescent
42Barker Avenue
43Barlesan Road
44Barnardo Avenue
45Barnes Crescent
46Barret Street
47Bathurst Street
48Bayleaf Court
49Beechwood Drive
50Bellaire Street
51Bellevue Street
52Belmont Avenue
53Bennet Street
54Bensfort Road
55Benson Avenue
56Bertrand Trail
57Bethune Street
58Beverly Street
59Bianco Crescent
60Birch Avenue
61Birdsall Street
62Bissonnette Drive
63Bobolink Court
64Bolivar Street
65Bonaccord Street
66Boothia Place
67Borden Avenue
68Boswell Avenue
69Braidwood Avenue
70Bramble Road
71Braund Place
72Brealey Drive
73Brewer Street
74Briarhill Road
75Bridle Drive
76Brimwood Crescent
77Brinton Drive
78Brioux Avenue
79Brittany Street
80Brock Street
81Brookdale Crescent
82Brown Street
83Bruce Street
84Brunswick Avenue
85Burnham Court
86Burnham Street
87Burrows Street
88Cable Drive
89Cabot Street
90Caddy Street
91Cahill Drive
92Cambridge Street
93Cameron Place
94Cameron Street
95Cardinal Drive
96Carlisle Avenue
97Carnegie Avenue
98Carol Drive
99Carriage Lane
100Carson Court
101Cartier Boulevard
102Cartier Court
103Cedargrove Drive
104Cedarview Drive
105Centre Street
106Chamberlain Place
107Chamberlain Street
108Chambers Street
109Champlain Crescent
110Champlain Drive
111Chapel Drive
112Charles Street
113Charlotte Street
114Chemong Road
115Cherryhill Road
116Chester Street
117Chesterfield Avenue
118Christopher Road
119Church Street
120Churchill Drive
121Cindy Street
122Clancy Crescent
123Clarke Drive
124Claudette Court
125Clearview Court
126Clearview Drive
127Clifton Street
128Clonsilla Avenue
129Cloverleaf Street
130Cluxton Street
131Cochrane Crescent
132College Park Drive
133College Street
134Collison Avenue
135Collison Crescent
136Colonial Crescent
137Conger Street
138Consumers Place
139Cordach Crescent
140Corrigan Crescent
141Corrigan Hill Road
142Cottonwood Drive
143Cowling Height
144Crawford Drive
145Crawford Place
146Creekwood Drive
147Crescent Street
148Crestwood Avenue
149Cricket Place
150Croftdale Crescent
151Cross Street
152Crossridge Road
153Crowley Crescent
154Crown Drive
155Crystal Drive
156Cumberland Avenue
157Cunningham Boulevard
158Curtis Road
159Dafoe Drive
160Dainard Drive
161Dainton Drive
162Daleview Avenue
163Daleview Court
164Dalhousie Street
165Danita Boulevard
166Denne Crescent
167Dennistoun Avenue
168Denure Drive
169Devon Avenue
170Dickson Street
171Dobbin Avenue
172Dominion Crescent
173Donegal Street
174Douglas Avenue
175Douro 9th Line
176Douro Street
177Downie Street
178Driscoll Trail
179Dublin Street
180Dufferin Street
181Duffus Street
182Dumble Avenue
183Dunlop Street
184Dutton Road
185Eagle Crescent
186Earlwood Drive
187East Bank Drive
188Eastdale Court
189Easthill Drive
190Edgewater Boulevard
191Edgewood Road
192Edinburgh Street
193Edison Avenue
194Edmison Drive
195Edwards Street
196Elcombe Crescent
197Eldon Court
198Elgin Street
199Elias Avenue
200Elizabeth Avenue
201Ellesmere Avenue
202Elmdale Crescent
203Engleburn Avenue
204Engleburn Boulevard
205Engleburn Place
206Ephgrave Boulevard
207Erskine Avenue
208Euclid Avenue
209Evans Drive
210Facendi Court
211Facendi Drive
212Fagan Avenue
213Fair Avenue
214Fairbairn Street
215Fairmount Boulevard
216Farm House Lane
217Farmcrest Avenue
218Farrier Crescent
219Fenwood Close
220Ferguson Place
221Ferndale Avenue
222Finchurst Road
223Firwood Crescent
224Fisher Drive
225Fleming College Way
226Fleming Place
227Ford Street
228Forest Hill Boulevard
229Forster Avenue
230Fortye Drive
231Fortye Gate
232Foxe Street
233Foxfarm Road
234Foxmeadow Road
235Fradette Avenue
236Frances Stewart Road
237Frank Street
238Franklin Drive
239Franmor Drive
240Frederick Avenue
241Frobisher Street
242Gallagher Street
243Garbutt Trail
244Garside Drive
245George Street North
246George Street South
247Geraldine Avenue
248Gilbert Street
249Gilchrist Street
250Giles Avenue
251Gillespie Avenue
252Gilmour Street
253Glebemount Crescent
254Glencairn Avenue
255Glendale Drive
256Glenforest Boulevard
257Glenforest Crescent
258Glengarry Avenue
259Glenholme Avenue
260Glenmead Road
261Golfview Road
262Goodfellow Road
263Gordon Avenue
264Grady Avenue
265Graham Avenue
266Grandview Avenue
267Green Boulevard
268Greencrest Drive
269Greenhill Drive
270Greenlawn Avenue
271Guthrie Drive
272Haden Avenue
273Haggart Street
274Haggis Drive
275Hall Street
276Hamilton Street
277Hancox Court
278Harold Drive
279Harold Place
280Harper Road
281Hart Avenue
282Hartley Street
283Harvard Court
284Harvey Street
285Hastings Avenue
286Hatfield Crescent
287Hawley Street
288Hawthorne Drive
289Hayes Street
290Hazeldean Avenue
291Hazlitt Street
292Heather Lane
293Hedonics Road
294Hemlock Street
295Herbert Street
296Herman Street
297Hetherington Drive
298Hewitt Drive
299High Street
300Highland Court
301Highland Road
302Highway 7
303Highway 7 And 115
304Highway 7 And 115
305Hillcrest Avenue
306Hilliard Street
307Hillside Street
308Hilltop Street
309Holloway Drive
310Homewood Avenue
311Hopewell Avenue
312Hopkins Avenue
313Hospital Drive
314Howden Street
315Hudson Court
316Hudson Street
317Huffman Street
318Humber Road
319Hunter Street East
320Hunter Street West
321Huntington Close
322Hurley Street
323Huron Street
324Hywood Road
325Idyllwood Crescent
326Inglewood Road
327Inverlea Street
328Ireland Drive
329Jackson Avenue
330James Street
331Jameson Drive
332Jane Street
333Jennifer Drive
334John Street
335Juliet Road
336Juniper Road
337Kawartha Crescent
338Kawartha Drive
339Kawartha Heights Boulevard
340Keene Road
341Keewatin Boulevard
342Keitel Drive
343Kennedy Road
344Kenneth Avenue
345Kensington Drive
346Kent Street
347Keppler Crescent
348Kildare Road
349King George Street
350King Street
351Kingan Street
352Kingdon Avenue
353Kingsway Court
354Kingswood Drive
355Kinsmen Way
356Kirk Street
357Knox Street
358Lafayette Avenue
359Laing Court
360Lake Street
361Langton Street
362Lansdowne Street East
363Lansdowne Street West
364Lansdowne Street West
365Larchwood Avenue
366Laurel Close
367Laurie Avenue
368Leahys Lane
369Lee Street
370Leighton Road
371Leslie Avenue
372Lillian Street
373Lillico Crescent
374Linden Lee
375Link Street
376Lisburn Street
377Little Street
378Lloyd Avenue
379Lock Street
380Lockside Drive
381London Street
382Lorraine Drive
383Louis Street
384Ludgate Street
385Lundys Lane
386Lynch Street
387Lynhaven Road
388Macfarlane Avenue
389Maiden Lane
390Maitland Avenue
391Major Bennett Drive
392Maniece Avenue
393Manning Avenue
394Manorhill Avenue
395Maple Crescent
396Maple Street
397Mapleridge Court
398Mapleridge Drive
399Margaret Avenue
400Maria Street
401Marina Boulevard
402Mark Street
403Marsdale Drive
404Maryland Avenue
405Mason Avenue
406Matthews Court
407Maude Street
408Mauro Court
409Maxwell Avenue
410Mayfair Avenue
411Mcauliffe Lane
412Mccannan Avenue
413Mcclennan Street
414Mcdonnel Street
415Mcfarlane Street
416Mcgill Street
417Mckee Court
418Mckellar Street
419Meadowview Road
420Melody Crescent
421Melville Road
422Merino Road
423Mervin Avenue
424Middlefield Road
425Middleton Drive
426Milburn Street
427Milford Drive
428Milford Gate
429Mill Street
430Milroy Drive
431Moir Street
432Monaghan Road
433Moncrief Road
434Montague Court
435Montcalm Drive
436Montgomery Street
437Montrose Street
438Moorecraig Road
439Morphet Avenue
440Morrow Street
441Mountain Ash Road
442Mountland Drive
443Munroe Avenue
444Murray Street
445Museum Drive
446Naish Drive
447Nassau Mills Road
448Neal Drive
449Neptune Street
450Nevin Avenue
451New Romaine Street
452Nicholls Place
453Nicholls Street
454Noble Place
458Normandy Street
459Nornabell Avenue
460North Monaghan Parkway
461Northminster Avenue
462Norwood Trail
463Notte Street
464O'brien Drive
465O'carroll Avenue
466O'connell Road
467O'dette Road
468Oakwood Crescent
469Old Norwood Road
470Old Towerhill Road
471Olive Avenue
472Olympus Avenue
473Oriole Crescent
474Oriole Drive
475Orpington Road
476Otonabee Drive
477Otonabee Place
478Overend Gardens
479Oxford Street
480Paddock Wood
481Parcells Crescent
482Park Place
483Park Street North
484Park Street South
485Parkhill Road East
486Parkhill Road West
487Parkhill Road West
488Parkview Drive
489Parkwood Close
490Parkwood Lane
491Parnell Street
492Paterson Street
493Payne Street
494Pearl Avenue
495Peary Place
496Penrose Avenue
497Perry Street
498Philip Street
499Pido Road
500Pine Street
501Pinehill Drive
502Pinewood Drive
503Pioneer Road
504Plastics Road
505Poplar Street
506Powell Court
507Prince Street
508Princess Street
509Priscilla Street
510Pulpit Road
511Queen Street
512Queensway Court
513Ralphson Crescent
514Ramblewood Drive
516Ravenwood Drive
517Raymond Street
518Redwood Court
519Redwood Drive
520Reid Street
521Renforth Court
522Residence Close
523Reynolds Court
524Richard Road
525Rideau Crescent
526Ridgetop Crescent
527Ridgewood Court
528Ridgewood Road
529Rink Street
530Rishor Crescent
531River Road South
532Riverside Drive
533Riverview Height
534Robert Road
535Robinson Street
536Rochelle Court
537Rocklands Road
538Roger Neilson Way
539Rogers Street
540Romaine Street
541Roper Drive
542Rose Avenue
543Rosedale Avenue
544Rosehill Drive
545Ross Street
546Royal Crescent
547Royal Drive
548Rubidge Street
549Rutherford Avenue
550Rye Street
551Sabatino Court
552Sandalwood Drive
553Sanderson Court
554Saugeen Crescent
555Schneider Place
556Scollard Crescent
557Scollard Drive
558Scott Street
559Seneca Road
560Settlers Rise
561Severn Road
562Shelbourne Street
563Sherbrooke Street
564Sherburne Street
565Sheridan Street
566Sherin Avenue
567Sherwood Crescent
568Shirley Avenue
569Silverdale Road
570Simcoe Street
571Simmons Avenue
572Simons Avenue
573Sir Sandford Fleming Drive
574Smithside Court
575Snelgrove Road
576Sophia Street
577Southlawn Drive
578Southpark Drive
579Spencleys Lane
580Spillsbury Drive
581Springbrook Drive
582Springwood Road
583Spruce Avenue
584Spurway Place
585St Annes Crescent
586St Catherine Street
587St Joseph Street
588St Lukes Avenue
589St Marys Street
590St Patricks Street
591St Pauls Street
592Stanley Avenue
593Stannor Drive
594Steele Avenue
595Stenson Boulevard
596Steve Terry Way
597Stewart Drive
598Stewart Place
599Stewart Street
600Stewartcroft Crescent
601Stocker Road
602Stonebridge Court
603Stormont Street
604Stornoway Place
605Stratton Avenue
606Sumac Street
607Summerhill Drive
608Summit Drive
609Sunnylea Court
610Sunnylea Street
611Sunset Boulevard
612Survey Street
613Sutherland Place
614Swanston Avenue
615Sydenham Road
616Talwood Court
617Talwood Drive
618Tamarack Road
619Tamblin Way
620Technology Drive
621Television Road
622Terrace Road
623The Kingsway
624The Parkway
625The Queensway
626Thomas Street
627Thompson Avenue
628Thornhill Road
629Timothy Street
630Tivey Street
631Tobin Court
632Towerhill Court
633Towerhill Road
634Towersgate Road
635Townline Batten
636Townline Hargrove
637Townline Heritage
638Townline Wintergreen
639Townsend Street
640Trailview Drive
641Treetop Road
642Trent Street
643Trentview Road
644Trentway Vista
645Trillium Lane
646Tudor Crescent
647Tully Crescent
648Ungava Avenue
649Union Street
650University Heights Boulevard
651Valleyview Drive
652Victoria Avenue
653Victory Crescent
654Victory Drive
655Village Crescent
656Vinette Street
657Waddell Avenue
658Waddell Crescent
659Walker Avenue
660Walkerfield Avenue
661Wallace Point Road
662Wallace Street
663Wallis Drive
664Walnut Street
665Walton Street
666Ware Street
667Water Street
668Waterford Street
669Watts Avenue
670Webber Avenue
671Wedgewood Court
672Wedgewood Place
673Weller Crescent
674Weller Street
675Wellington Street
676Welsh Street
677Wentworth Street
678West Bank Drive
679Westbrook Drive
680Westcott Street
681Westdale Avenue
682Western Avenue
683Westman Avenue
684Westridge Boulevard
685Whitaker Street
686White Crescent
687Whitefield Drive
688Whitla Street
689Whittington Drive
690Wightman Avenue
691Wildlark Drive
692Wildlark Gate
693Wilfred Drive
694William Street
695Willowcreek Boulevard
696Wilson Street
697Winch Street
698Windermere Avenue
699Wintergreen Court
700Wolfe Street
701Wolsely Street
702Woodbine Avenue
703Woodglade Boulevard
704Woodgrove Crescent
705Woodland Drive
706Woodland Street
707Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)