List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Prince Edward County, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
21st Street
32nd Avenue
42nd Street
53rd Street
6Ackerman Street
7Adolphus Lane
8Agnes Street
9Airport Lane
10Albert Street
11Aletha Drive
12Alexander Road
13Allison Road
14Amelia Street
15Anderson Lane
16Argyle Crescent
17Army Reserve Road
18Army Reserve Road
19Arthur Road
20Babylon Road
21Babylon Road
22Back Lane
23Badgley Road
24Baigent Court
25Bailey Road
26Baitleys Road
27Bakker Road
28Bakker Road
29Barker Street
30Barkers Lane
31Barley Road
32Bass Lane
33Bay Avenue
34Bay Breeze Street
35Bay Street
36Beach Street
37Beckwith Street
38Bell Road
39Belleville Road
40Benham Place Road
41Bentons Lane
42Benway Road
43Bethel Road
44Bethesda Road
45Bishop Lane
46Black Road
47Blakely Road
48Bloomfield Main Street
49Blossom Lane
50Blue Heron Lane
51Bockus Street
52Bond Road
53Bongards Crossroad
54Bongards Lane
55Bonters Lane
56Bowery Street
57Bradley Crossroad
58Brewers Lane
59Brewers Road
60Brick Street
61Brickworks Lane
62Bridge Street
63Broad Street
64Browns Street
65Brummell Road
66Bryant Road
67Burns Avenue
68Burr Road
69Burr Road
70Bush Lane
71Caen Court
72Caley Lane
73Cannery Road
74Captains Drive
75Carla Court
76Carls Lane
77Carmans Lane
78Carnrike Road
79Carson Road
80Carter Road
81Cassino Court
82Catherine Street
83Caughey Road
84Cedar Lane
85Cemetery Lane
86Centre Street
87Century Drive
88Chapel Street
89Chapmans Crescent
90Chase Road
91Chourney Lane
92Christ Church Lane
93Christian Road
94Christian Road
95Chuckery Hill Road
96Church Street
97Clapp Street
98Claramount Court
99Clarke Road
100Cleminson Street
101Clinton Lane
102Closson Road
103Closson Road
104Cold Creek Road
105Cold Storage Street
106Coleman Street
107Colliers Road
108Conley Road
109Consecon Main Street
110Consecon Street
111Copenhagen Lane
112Corey Street
113County Road 1
114County Road 1
115County Road 1
116County Road 1
117County Road 1
118County Road 1
119County Road 1
120County Road 10
121County Road 10
122County Road 11
123County Road 12
124County Road 12
125County Road 13
126County Road 13
127County Road 13
128County Road 14
129County Road 14
130County Road 15
131County Road 15
132County Road 15
133County Road 16
134County Road 17
135County Road 18
136County Road 18
137County Road 18
138County Road 19
139County Road 19
140County Road 19
141County Road 19
142County Road 2
143County Road 20
144County Road 21
145County Road 22
146County Road 23
147County Road 24
148County Road 25
149County Road 27
150County Road 28
151County Road 29
152County Road 3
153County Road 3
154County Road 3
155County Road 3
156County Road 30
157County Road 32
158County Road 33
159County Road 34
160County Road 35
161County Road 38
162County Road 39
163County Road 4
164County Road 4
165County Road 4
166County Road 5
167County Road 5
168County Road 6
169County Road 64
170County Road 7
171County Road 7
172County Road 7
173County Road 7
174County Road 8
175County Road 8
176County Road 8
177County Road 8
178County Road 8
179County Road 8
180Cowan Road
181Crawford Road
182Cressy Bayside Road
183Cressy Lakeside Road
184Cretney Drive
185Crofton Road
186Crowes Road
187Cumberland Street
188Cunningham Road
189Curry Lane
190Dainard Road
191Danforth Road
192Danforth Road
193Davidson Road
194Davis Road
195Deerfield Court
196Demille Street
197Dempsey Road
198Disraeli Street
199Diver Belt Drive
200Division Boulevard
201Division Street
202Dorenburg Lane
203Downes Avenue
204Downey Lane
205Doxsee Road
206Drew Lane
207Duetta Road
208Duncan Street
209Dutch Road
210Eames Road
211East Mary Street
212East Street
213Easterbrook Road
214Eastern Avenue
215Eatonville Road
216Edgecliffe Crescent
217Edward Drive
218Elizabeth Road
219Elizabeth Street
220Elks Street
221Elm Street
222Elmbrook Road
223Elmdale Drive
224Empire Boulevard
225Ena Street
226Erdman Lane
227Eyre Street
228Factory Lane
229Fairfield Street
230Fawcett Avenue
231Fennell Crescent
232Fenwood Crescent
233Ferguson Street
234Fish Lake Road
235Fish Lake Road
236Folkard Lane
237Fort Kente Road
238Foster Road
239Friendship Lane
240Fry Road
241Fry Road
242Gagne Road
243Gardenville Road
244Georges Road
245Gibson Road
246Gilead Road
247Gilead Road
248Gladstone Avenue
249Glenora Estates Road
250Gommorah Road
251Goodman Crescent
252Gore Road
253Gorsline Road
254Gravelly Bay Road
255Grays Lane
256Green Point Lane
257Greer Road
258Greer Road
259Grove Street
260Gun Club Road
261Hambly Lane
262Hanthorn Street
263Harbard Lane
264Harbard Road
265Harbourview Crescent
266Harvey Street
267Hayes Drive
268Head Street
269Helmer Road
270Hennessy Street
271Henry Street
272Heritage Drive
273Heritage Drive
274Hermon Lane
275Hickory Lane
276Hicks Lane
277Highway 49
278Highway 49
279Highway 62
280Highway 62
281Highway 62
282Highway 62
283Hill Street
284Hill Top Road
285Hineman Street
286Hiscock Shores Road
287Hook Lane
288Horseshoe Lane
289Howard Crescent
290Hubbs Creek Crescent
291Hubbs Creek Road
292Hubbs Road
293Huffs Island Road
294Huffs Island Road
295Hull Road
296Hummel Lane
297Hurst Lane
298Huycks Bay Road
299Hyatt Lane
300Inkerman Avenue
301Island Road
302Ivy Ridge Road
303Jacksons Falls Road
304Jacksons Lane
305Jacobs Lane
306James Avenue
307James Street
308Jane Street
309Jericho Road
310John Street
311Johnson Street
312Johnston Road
313Jones Road
314Juniper Lane
315Kaiser Crossroad
316Kellars Crossroad
317Kelly Road
318Kerford Lane
319Kimball Lane
320Kincaid Lane
321King Street
322Kings Road
323Kingsley Road
324Kleinsteuber Parks Road
325Kronstein Lane
326Kull Lane
327Lake Avenue Lane
328Lake Street
329Lakeshore Lodge Road
330Lakeside Drive
331Lakeside Drive
332Lakeview Avenue
333Lalor Street
334Lands End Lane
335Lees Lane
336Lewisville Drive
337Lighthall Road
338Lilac Lane
339Limestone Ledges Lane
340Link Road
341Lipson Avenue
342Little Creek Road
343Little Lane
344London Avenue
345Long Point Road
346Long Point Road
347Loop Lane
348Lott Lane
349Low Street
350Lower Highshore Road
351Loyalist Parkway
352Loyalist Parkway
353Loyalist Parkway
354Loyalist Parkway
355Loyalist Parkway
356Loyalist Parkway
357Loyalist Parkway
358Loyalist Parkway
359Loyalist Parkway
360Loyalist Parkway
361Loyalist Parkway
362Lucks Crossroad
363Lyons Road
364Macdonald Lane
365Macdonald Street
366Machills Road
367Macsteven Drive
368Maitland Street
369Mallory Road
370Malloy Lane
371Maple Avenue
372Maple Street
373Maplehurst Crescent
374Marisett Road
375Marsh Road
376Martin Street
377Mary Avenue
378Mary Street
379Massassauga Road
380Massassauga Road
381Matthie Road
382May Road
383Mayne Lane
384Maypul Layn Road
385Mccarthy Lane
386Mccomb Lane
387Mcdonald Drive
388Mcfarland Court
389Mcfarland Drive
390Mcfarland Park Lane
391Mcfaul Road
392Mcintyre Road
393Mckenzie Lane
394Mckinley Crossroad
395Mcknight Lane
396Mcmahon Lane
397Melton Road
398Melville Road
399Memory Lane
400Mill Street
401Miller Road
402Miller Road
403Mitchells Crossroad
404Monroe Court
405Moore Lane
406Morgan Road
407Morrison Point Road
408Mortimer Street
409Mosquito Lane
410Mount Carmel Road
411Mount Grove Crescent
412Mountain Road
413Mowbray Road
414Munroe Lane
415Murphy Road
416N Big Island Road
417N Marysburgh Court
418Narrow Street
419Nelsons Lane
420Nery Avenue
421Nicholas Street
422Niles Street
433North Avenue
434North Big Island Road
435North Big Island Road
436North Street
437Northport Street
438Norton Road
439Novotny Court
440Noxon Avenue
441Oak Street
442Old Milford Road
443Old Orchard Road
444Old Stone Road
445Onderdonk Lane
446Ontario Street
447Oram Road
448Ortona Crescent
449Ostrander Point Road
450Ould Drive
451Outlet Road
452Owen Lane
453Owen Street
454Palmer Burris Road
455Parkview Road
456Parrs Lane
457Partridge Hollow Road
458Pats Lane
459Paul Street
460Pc Lane
461Peats Point Road
462Perrys Lane
463Peter Street
464Philip Street
465Picton Main Street
466Pierce Road
467Pigtail Lane
468Pirates Cove Lane
469Pitt Street
470Pleasant Bay Road
471Point Petre Road
472Point Pleasant Lane
473Porter Street
474Portland Street
475Potter Road
476Pottery Lane
477Presbyterian Street
478Prince Edward Drive
479Prinyers Cove Crescent
480Prinyers Drive
481Prospect Avenue
482Provincial Park Road
483Pulver Road
484Pumphouse Lane
485Quaker Court
486Quaker Road
487Queen Street
488Quick Short Road
489Quigg Lane
490Rankin Road
491Reddick Street
492Redner Lane
493Reichswald Court
494Reynolds Place
495Richardson Lane
496Richardson Road
497Richmond Street
498Ridge Road
499Ridley Street
500Robb Lane
501Robinson Street
502Roblin Lane
503Roblins Hill Road
504Rock Crossroad
505Roger Street
506Roses Crossroad
507Ross Eaton Lane
508Ross Street
509Rosseau Crossroad
510Rowlands Lane
511Royal Road
512Royal Road
513Roydens Lane
514Ryerson Street
515Saint Philip Street
516Salem Road
517Salem Road
518Salem Road
519Salisbury Road
520Salmon Point Road
521Sandbanks Court
522Sandy Cove Drive
523Sandy Lane
524Scheldt Court
525School House Road
526Scotts Mill Road
527Shannon Road
528Sheba Drive
529Shenendoah Road
530Short Street
531Shourds Street
532Sidney Shore Lane
533Simeon Street
534Simpson Road
535Skiff Cove Road
536Skyway Bridge
537Slaven Road
538Smiths Bay Avenue
539Smokes Point Road
540Snider Road
541Solmes Street
542Soup Harbour Road
543South Bay Crescent
544South Big Island Road
545South Big Island Road
546South Street
547Spencer Road
548Spencer Street
549Sprague Road
550Spring Street
551Squires Street
552Stanley Street
553Stapleton Road
554Station Road
555Stevens Road
556Stinson Block Road
557Store Street
558Storms Lane
559Storms Road
560Sugar Lane
561Sunrise Court
562Sunrise Drive
563Swamp College Road
564Taft Road
565Talbot Street
566Tall Trees Lane
567Taylor Drive
568The Alley
569Thistle Dew Lane
570Thomas Street
571Thompson Road
572Thrush Lane
573Tomlinson Lane
574Tooth Acres Lane
575Tops Lane
576Treasure Cove Lane
577Tripp Road
578Trumble Lane
579Trumble Road
580Trumpour Road
581Tubbs Road
582Union Road
583Union Street
584Upper Lake Street
585Valley Road
586Victoria Road
587Victoria Road
588Victoria Road
589Vienna Road
590Vimy Court
591Wallbridge Circle
592Walmsley Road
593Walton Street
594Wannamaker Lane
595Washburn Street
596Water Road
597Water Street
598Ways Landing Road
599Weatherhead Road
600Weese Road
601Welbanks Road
602Wellers Lane
603Wellington Avenue
604Wellington Main Street
605Wellington Street
606Wells Lane
607Welsh Lane
608Wesley Acres Road
609West Mary Street
610West Street
611Westwind Crescent
612Wexford Court
613Wharf Lane
614Wharf Street
615Whattams Road
616White Chapel Road
617Whites Lane
618Whitney Road
619Wights Street
620Wild Oak Lane
621Wilkes Road
622Williams Lane
623Willis Road
624Willoughby Lane
625Willow Creek Road
626Willow Lane
627Wilolea Lane
628Wilson Road
629Wilson Road
630Winns Drive
631Woods Lane
632Wright Lane
633Wycott Lane
634York Street
635Young Road
636Yuill Crescent
637Zufelt Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)