List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Sarnia, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
3Abbott Street
4Aberdeen Avenue
5Acadia Court
6Adam Street
7Admiral Avenue
8Afton Court
9Afton Drive
10Agnes Street
11Airport Road
12Albion Place
13Alder Crescent
14Alex Cameron Court
15Alexander Street
16Alexi Drive
17Alfred Street
18Algonquin Court
19Alice Street
20Allandale Drive
21Althouse Court
22Amesbury Court
23Amsterdam Court
24Andover Lane
25Andrew Court
26Ann Street
27Arbor Court
28Arlington Avenue
29Arlington Court
30Arthur Street
31Ascot Circle
32Ash Crescent
33Ashby Crescent
34Aspen Court
35Assiniboine Crescent
36Assumption Court
37Athena Avenue
38Athlone Street
39Atkin Avenue
40Auburn Place
41Augusta Boulevard
42Autumn Breeze Drive
43Avenue Road
44Banbury Avenue
45Barclay Drive
46Barrington Crescent
47Baxter Avenue
48Bay Street
49Beach Lane
50Beachwood Avenue
51Beacon Court
52Bedford Crescent
53Bel Aire Drive
54Bennett Street
55Berger Road
56Berkshire Road
57Bernard Court
58Bessborough Drive
59Bettina Court
60Beverley Road
61Bill Boulevard
62Birch Avenue
63Birkdale Crescent
64Bishops Road
65Blackwell Road
66Blackwell Road
67Blanche Street
68Bloomfield Drive
69Bluaire Gate
70Bluevale Court
71Bond Street
72Borden Street
73Bove Court
74Bradford Drive
75Bradley Place
76Braemar Lane
77Bratanek Boulevard
78Breakey Road
79Brenchley Street
80Brentwood Road
81Brescia Court
82Briarfield Avenue
83Bridlepath Trail
84Brigden Road
85Bright Street
86Bright Street Bridge
87Brimwood Crescent
88Bristol Street
89Brock Street North
90Brock Street South
91Brook View Court
92Brookridge Court
93Brookside Crescent
94Brown Street
95Bruce Street
96Buckingham Road
97Buena Ventura Street
98Burr Street
99Business Park Drive
100Cambrian Close
101Cambridge Crescent
102Cambridge Place
103Camelot Crescent
104Cameron Street
105Campbell Street
106Canadian Court
107Canadore Court
108Canterbury Court
109Capel Court
110Capel Street
111Capri Street
112Cardiff Court
113Cardiff Drive
114Cardiff Place
115Carl Street
116Carleton Place
117Carr Street
118Carriage Way
119Cartier Court
120Cassandra Boulevard
121Cathcart Boulevard
122Cathcart Boulevard
123Cecil Street
124Cedar Crescent
125Centennial Avenue
126Centre Street
127Champlain Road
128Chantel Court
129Charlesworth Drive
130Charlesworth Lane
131Charlotte Street
132Chelsea Drive
133Cherry Blossom Court
134Cherry Drive
135Chester Street
136Chestnut Avenue
137Chippewa Street
138Chris Hadfield Airport Road
139Christina Street North
140Christina Street South
141Chudleigh Road
142Churchill Line
143Churchill Line
144Churchill Line
145Churchill Line
146Clarence Street
147Clarendon Drive
148Clark Drive
149Claxton Avenue
150Clearwater Court
151Clifford Street
152Cobblestone Crescent
153Cobden Street
154Colborne Road
155College Avenue North
156College Avenue South
157Collingwood Street
158Concordia Drive
159Conestoga Drive
160Confederation Line
161Confederation Line
162Confederation Street
163Connaught Crescent
164Connolly Street
165Conrad Street
166Copland Road
167Copperfield Court
168Coral Way
169Coronation Lane
170Cotterbury Street
171Court Street
172Coventry Court
173Covington Court
174Craig Court
175Crawford Street
176Crestwood Place
177Crocker Lane
178Cromwell Street
179D'marrocco Court
180Dagan Street
181Daley Avenue
182Daley Court
183Danbury Court
184Danbury Crescent
185David Blackwood Drive
186David Bolduc Street
187Davis Street
188Debora Court
189Degurse Drive
190Delia Crescent
191Dell Avenue
192Denmark Street
193Dent Drive
194Derby Lane
195Devine Street
196Devon Avenue
197Devonshire Drive
198Diane Drive
199Donalda Street
200Dorchester Drive
201Doris Court
202Doris Mccarthy Court
203Driftwood Avenue
204Driftwood Court
205Duff Drive
206Dufferin Place
207Dukinfield Court
208Dundas Street
209Durand Street
210Durco Avenue
211Durham Drive
212D`andrea Trail
213Earlscourt Drive
214East Street North
215East Street South
216Eastfield Close
217Eastlawn Avenue
218Eastwood Street
219Echo Road
220Eddings Street
221Eddy Drive
222Edgewater Court
223Edgewood Street
224Egmond Drive
225Elena Court
226Elgin Street
227Elizabeth Avenue
228Ellwood Avenue
229Elm Avenue
230Elmhurst Avenue
231Elprado Street
232Elrick Crescent
233Elsfield Crescent
234Emma Street
235Ennisclaire Drive
236Erica Court
237Erindale Court
238Errol Road East
239Errol Road West
240Esser Crescent
241Essex Street
242Estella Street
243Euphemia Street North
244Euphemia Street South
245Evan Street
246Everest Court
247Evergreen Drive
248Evett Street
249Exmouth Street
250Fairlane Avenue
251Fairview Crescent
252Fairview Place
253Fanshawe Drive
254Farris Park
255Felix Street
256Ferndale Drive
257Ferry Dock Hill
258Finch Drive
259Flamingo Drive
260Fleming Street
261Forest Drive
262Forest Hill Court
263Forest Street
264Forsyth Street North
265Forsyth Street South
266Fort Street
267Foxwood Court
268Frances Lane
269Franklin Avenue
270Fraser Avenue
271Front Street North
272Front Street South
273Frost Avenue
274Frost Court
275Garrison Gate
276Gemstone Court
277George Street
278Georgian Court
279Germain Street
280Gibson Street
281Giffel Road
282Gladwish Drive
283Gladys Street
284Glen Allen Drive
285Glen Douglas Drive
286Glendale Drive
287Goldie Lane
288Gordon Street
289Grace Avenue
290Grandview Avenue
291Grant Street
292Gratiot Avenue
293Graycliff Drive
294Green Acres Road
295Green Haven
296Green Street
297Green Street Bridge
298Greenbriar Trail
299Greendale Street
300Grey Crescent
301Griffith Road
302Grove Avenue
303Gurd Street
304Guthrie Drive East
305Guthrie Drive West
306Hadfield Crescent
307Hagle Street
308Haight Lane
309Hall Street
310Hamilton Road
311Hampton Avenue
312Hanna Crescent
313Hansard Lane
314Hansard Street
315Harbour Road
316Hardick Drive
317Harkness Street
318Harrogate Drive
319Hastings Crescent
320Havergal Road
321Hay Court
322Hay Street
323Hazelwood Court
324Hedden Court
325Helen Avenue
326Hemlock Avenue
327Henley Crescent
328Heritage Park Drive
329Hickory Avenue
330Highbury Park
331Highway 40
332Highway 40
333Highway 402
334Highway 402
335Highway 402
336Highway 402
337Highway Drive
338Highway Drive East
339Hillary Street
340Hillcrest Drive
341Hillcrest Nisbet Drive
342Hogan Street
343Holden Drive
344Hollands Avenue
345Hollywood Place
346Howston Avenue
347Hull Court
348Humber Drive
349Hunt Street
350Huron Avenue
351Huron Boulevard
352Huron Landing
353Huron Shores Court
354Huron Shores Drive
355Huronfield Close
356Huronview Trail
357Huxley Avenue
358Imperial Avenue
359Indian Road
360Indian Road North
361Indian Road South
362Isabella Street
363Jackson Road
364James Maitland Court
365James Street
366James Street East Bridge
367James Street West Bridge
368Jamieson Lane
369Jean Avenue
370Joel Park
371John Hall Court
372John Street
373John Street Bridge
374Johnston Street
375Jones Avenue
376Jordon Drive
377Jubilee Street
378Julia Street
379Kamal Drive
380Kathleen Avenue
381Kathleen Avenue Bridge
382Kaymar Crescent
383Keane Lane
384Keddco Street
385Kember Avenue
386Kemsley Drive
387Kenny Street
388Kensington Boulevard
389Kenwick Street
390Kenwood Avenue
391Kim Street
392Kimball Road
393King Street
394Kintail Street
395Kipling Street
396Kiran Court
397Kirby Street
398L'heritage Drive
399La Salle Line
400La Salle Line
401Laidlaw Place
402Lake Chipican Drive
403Lake Huron Parkway
404Lakefield Close
405Lakeland Avenue
406Lakeshore Road
407Lakeshore Road
408Lakeshore Road
409Lakeside Drive
410Lakeview Trail
411Lakewood Avenue
412Lambert Road
413Lambton College
414Lambton Court
415Lambton Mall
416Lambton Mall Road
417Lanark Court
418Lanark Crescent
419Lanark Place
420Lancaster Avenue
421Lang Street
422Lansdowne Avenue North
423Lansdowne Avenue South
424Laurentian Crescent
425Laurier Crescent
426Lecaron Avenue
427Leckie Drive
428Lee Court
429Len Avenue
430Lena Court
431Leopold Drive
432Lewis Road
433Lilac Avenue
434Lillian Street
435Lincoln Park Avenue
436Linden Way
437Lisa Crescent
438Lisgar Street
439Loch Lomond Place
440Lochiel Street
441Lockhart Circle
442Locus Lane
443Logan Street East
444Logan Street West
445Lombardy Drive
446London Line
447London Line
448London Line
449London Road
450London Road
451Lori Avenue
452Lorne Crescent
453Lottie Neely Park Road
454Lougar Avenue
455Lydia Street
456Lyndale Crescent
457Lynwood Avenue
458Mack Avenue
459Mackenzie Street North
460Mackenzie Street South
461Madison D'andrea Avenue
462Maidstone Crescent
463Malcolm Crescent
464Mallah Drive
465Mandaumin Road
466Manhattan Drive
467Manor Park Crescent
468Maple Avenue
469Maplestone Avenue
470Marcin Road
471Margaret Street
472Maria Street
473Marianna Place
474Marion Avenue
475Marisa Court
476Marjories Way
477Marlborough Lane
478Marquette Court
479Marshall Road
480Martha Street
481Martin Street
482Mary Street
483Marys Lane Bridge
484Massey Crescent
485Mater Drive
486Mathews Avenue
487Maxwell Street
488Mayfair Drive
489Maynard Road
490Mccaw Street
491Mccrie Street
492Mcdougall Court
493Mcgee Street
494Mcgibbon Street
495Mcgill Gate
496Mckay Avenue
497Mclaren Avenue
498Mcmaster Court
499Mcmillen Parkway East
500Mcmillen Parkway West
501Meadowlark Lane
502Mego Court
503Mehta Court
504Meighen Crescent
505Melrose Avenue
506Metcalfe Drive
507Michael Snow Court
508Michener Road
509Michigan Avenue
510Michigan Avenue
511Michigan Line
512Michigan Line
513Michigan Line
514Mike Weir Drive
515Mike Weir Park Road
516Miller Drive
517Mills Street
518Minto Street
519Mitton Street North
520Mitton Street South
521Modeland Road
522Montcalm Avenue
523Montrose Street
524Moores Lane
525Morningside Drive
526Mulberry Street
527Murphy Road
528Napier Street
529Nassau Crescent
530Nelson Street
531Netherlands Place
532Newcastle Drive
533Newell Street
534Newton Court
535Niagara Crescent
540Norfolk Avenue
541Norman Street
542Northfield Close
543Northwood Drive
544Norway Avenue
545Notre Dame Place
546Nottingham Drive
547O'dell Avenue
548O'dell Street
549O'rae Avenue
550Oak Avenue
551Oakburne Place
552Oakdale Avenue
553Oaklea Court
554Oakridge Trail
555Old Lakeshore Road
556Old Lakeshore Road
557Old London Road
558Old Post Road
559Oldfield Way
560Oldham Place
561Olive Avenue
562Olympus Court
563Ontario Street
564Orchard Avenue
565Orchard Avenue Bridge
566Osgoode Court
567Oslo Crescent
568Overlea Crescent
569Oxford Street
570Palmerston Street North
571Palmerston Street South
572Pamela Court
573Park Avenue
574Park Avenue Bridge
575Park Place Bridge
576Parker Street
577Parkland Place
578Parkwood Avenue
579Parsons Street
580Passingham Drive
581Patton Place
582Paul Sloggett Drive
583Pearl Street
584Pebble Beach Court
585Penhuron Drive
586Penhuron Lane
587Penrose Street
588Phillip Street East
589Phillip Street West
590Pine Avenue
591Pine Avenue Bridge
592Pineridge Trail
593Pineview Avenue
594Plank Road
595Plymouth Street
596Pontiac Court
597Pontiac Drive
598Poplar Avenue
599Poplar Lane Bridge
600Porter Street
601Praill Avenue
602Prentice Avenue
603Prescott Drive
604Preston Avenue
605Prestwick Crescent
606Princess Avenue
607Princeton Crescent
608Procor Drive
609Proctor Street
610Pullen Drive
611Queen Street
612Quinn Drive
613Rainbow Trail
618Randy Road
619Rayburne Avenue
620Regency Street
621Remo Drive
622Retford Avenue
623Retlaw Drive
624Rex Street
625Richard Street
626Ridgewood Drive
627Riding Club Lane
628Ridley Court
629Riopelle Drive
630River Road
631Rivergate Court
632Robert Street
633Robin Lane
634Robinson Street
635Rocco Drive
636Roger Street
637Ron Bolt Street
638Ron Martin Court
639Ronald Bloore Drive
640Roosevelt Drive
641Roper Street
642Rose Street
643Rosedale Avenue
644Ross Avenue
645Rowe Avenue
646Rowellas Way
647Royal Crescent
648Russell Street North
649Russell Street South
650Rutherglen Close
651Rutherglen Drive
652Rutland Place
653Ryan Street
654Ryerson Court
655Salisbury Street
656Samuel Street
657Sandalwood Court
658Sandfield Crescent
659Sandpiper Drive
660Sandy Lane
661Savoy Street
662Sawgrass Place
663Schafer Court
664Scott Road
665Seaway Road
666Senate Court
667Seneca Court
668Severin Drive North
669Severin Drive South
670Shamrock Street
671Sheffield Street
672Shepherd Street
673Sherida Court
674Sherwood Trail
675Siddall Street
676Sideroad Blackwell
677Sideroad Mcgregor
678Sitter Drive
679Smith Lane
680Sole Street
681Somerset Crescent
682Southern Avenue
683Southfield Close
684Spartan Avenue
685Springbank Drive
686St Andrew Street
687St Clair Parkway
688St Clair Street
689St Laurent Drive
690St Lawrence Court
691St Michaels Court
692St Vincent Street
693Stacy Court
694Stafford Place
695Stathis Boulevard
696Stockwell Street
697Stone Court
698Stonebrook Road
699Stonecrest Avenue
700Stonehaven Court
701Stonehollow Court
702Stoneridge Court
703Stoney Creek Drive
704Strathmoor Avenue
705Strathuron Avenue
706Stuart Street
707Sun Avenue
708Sunset Avenue
709Sunset Boulevard
710Sunset Lane
711Superior Street
712Sutton Street
713Sweden Street
714Sycamore Drive
715Sylvan Court
716Sylvia Avenue
717Talfourd Street
718Tashmoo Avenue
719Tawny Road
720Tecumseh Street
721Telfer Road
722Temple Street
723Thames Crescent
724The Beaches
725The Rapids Parkway
726Thelma Avenue
727Thistledown Avenue
728Thomas Drive
729Thompson Street
730Thorncrest Road
731Thurston Avenue
732Tom Hodgson Court
733Toro Street
734Treewood Crescent
735Trillium Park
736Trinity Crescent
737Trudeau Drive
738Tudor Close East
739Tudor Close West
740Tunis Avenue
741Tunnel Street
742Tupper Street
743Turner Drive
744Tweedsmuir Avenue
745Twin Lakes Drive
746Twin Pines Crescent
747Tyrie Drive East
748Tyrie Drive West
749Ube Drive
750Union Street
751University Court
752Upper Canada Drive
753Valleyfield Drive
754Vanier Road
755Varsity Crescent
756Victoria Street North
757Victoria Street South
758Vidal Street North
759Vidal Street South
760Vimy Crescent
761Virgil Avenue
762Vroom Avenue
763Vye Street
764Walnut Avenue North
765Walnut Avenue South
766Wanner Avenue
767Washington Court
768Water Street
769Waterworks Road
770Watson Street
771Wayne Avenue
772Webster Drive
773Wedgewood Avenue
774Wellington Street
775Wellington Street
776Wespencer Gate
777Westbury Court
778Westfield Close
779Westgate Crescent
780Westgrove Drive
781Westminster Drive
782Westmount Drive
783Westview Court
784Westwood Avenue
785Wheatley Drive
786Whitmore Avenue
787Wilaurie Court
788Wildwood Drive
789Wilgrun Drive
790Willa Court
791Willa Drive
792Willard Avenue
793William Avenue
794Willow Glen Court
795Willowbrook Crescent
796Willowdale Crescent
797Wilmers Lane
798Wilmont Place
799Wilson Drive
800Wiltshire Drive
801Winchester Crescent
802Windemere Crescent
803Winslow Close
804Winslow Crescent
805Winton Road
806Woodhaven Avenue
807Woodland Avenue
808Woodrowe Avenue
809Woodward Crescent
810Yeates Court
811Yonge Street
812York Crescent

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)