List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of St. Catharines, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street Louth
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue Louth
43rd Street
53rd Street Louth
64th Avenue
74th Avenue
85th Avenue Louth
95th Avenue Louth
105th Street Louth
117 Oaks Circle
127th Street Louth
138th Avenue Louth
14Abbey Avenue
15Abbot Street West
16Abbott Street
17Aberdeen Circle
18Abraham Drive
19Academy Street
20Acadia Crescent
21Adams Street
22Addison Drive
23Adel Drive
24Adelene Crescent
25Adie Place
26Admiral Road
27Afton Court
28Agar Drive
29Agincourt Crescent
30Aiken Street
31Albany Drive
32Albert Street
33Alden Court
34Alex Grant Place
35Alexandra Boulevard
36Alice Street
37Allan Drive
38Allanburg Road
39Allandale Drive
40Almond Lane
41Almond Street
42Alphies Lane
43Alpine Street
44Altmar Court
45Amberwood Court
46Ambrose Street
47Ameer Drive
48Ancaster Boulevard
49Anchor Bay
50Anderson Street
51Andrea Drive
52Ann Street
53Annette Street
54Antwerp Street
55Apollo Court
56Appelby Drive
57Appleford Road
58Aquadale Drive
59Arbour Glen Drive
60Arden Court
61Argyle Crescent
62Arlene Street
63Arlington Avenue
64Arlington Street
65Arran Drive
66Arthur Street
67Arvona Drive
68Ascot Place
69Ashford Place
70Ashley Circle
71Atherton Avenue
72Athlone Place
73Atwood Street
74Audrey Street
75Augusta Avenue
76Autumn Place
77Avalon Place
78Bahama Bay
79Bailey Street
80Baker Road
81Bala Place
82Balfour Street
83Ball Avenue
84Ball Avenue West
85Balmoral Place
86Balsam Street
87Baraniuk Street
88Barbara Place
89Barbican Gate
90Barbican Trail
91Bardadyn Court
92Barley Drive
93Barnaby Drive
94Barnes Road
95Barnsdale Lane
96Barry Street
97Bartlett Street
98Barton Street
99Bascary Crescent
100Basch Circle
101Battersea Avenue
102Bayridge Cove
103Bayshore Crescent
104Bayview Drive
105Beachaven Drive
106Beachview Drive
107Beacon Hill Drive
108Beamer Avenue
109Beard Place
110Beatrice Street
111Beau Valley Drive
112Beckenridge Crescent
113Bedford Court
114Beech Street
115Beecher Street
116Beechwood Court
117Belair Drive
118Belfast Court
119Bellevue Street
120Belmont Avenue
121Belton Boulevard
122Bendingroad Crescent
123Benfield Drive
124Benjamin Boulevard
125Benson Drive
126Berkley Drive
127Bermuda Drive
128Bern Street
129Bernhardt Street
130Berryman Avenue
131Bertram Street
132Bessborough Drive
133Bessey Street
134Bethany Court
135Beverly Street
136Birch Lane
137Birch Street
138Birchwood Circle
139Birkdale Drive
140Bishops Road
141Black Friars Road
142Black Knight Road
143Blain Place
144Blair Crescent
145Bloomfield Avenue
146Blue Spruce Court
147Bluegrass Crescent
148Bluewater Bay
149Boese Court
150Bogart Street
151Bolger Drive
152Bonavem Drive
153Bond Street
154Booth Street
155Boulton Place
156Bounty Bay
157Bowman Street
158Bowstead Drive
159Brackencrest Road
160Bradley Street
161Bradman Drive
162Bravetti Circle
163Breckenridge Boulevard
164Brentwood Drive
165Brewery Street
166Brian Avenue
167Briardale Drive
168Briarfield Crescent
169Briarwood Drive
170Bridge Street
171Brigantine Court
172Brigger Street
173Brighton Avenue
174Brimley Crescent
175Brisbane Glen Street
176Brisson Lane
177Bristol Court
178Brittany Court
179Broadmore Avenue
180Broadview Avenue
181Broadway Street
182Brock Street
183Brock University Road West
184Bromley Drive
185Brookbanks Drive
186Brookdale Avenue
187Brown Drive
188Bruce Street
189Brucedale Avenue
190Brucehill Court
191Brunswick Street
192Buchanan Road
193Buckland Street
194Bula Drive
195Bullocks Court
196Bunting Road
197Burbank Drive
198Burdy Drive
199Burleigh Hill Drive
200Burness Drive
201Butler Crescent
202Byrne Boulevard
203Byron Place
204Cabot Drive
205Calvin Street
206Cambria Drive
207Cambridge Avenue
208Camelot Court
209Cameron Road
210Campbell Avenue
211Canada Court
212Canal Street
213Cantebury Drive
214Capner Street
215Capri Circle
216Captain Tenbrock Terrace
217Cardiff Street
218Cardinal Circle
219Carina Street
220Carlisle Street
221Carlton Park Drive
222Carlton Street
223Carlton Street
224Carluccio Crescent
225Carmine Crescent
226Carn Castle Gate
227Caroline Street
228Carousel Circle
229Carriage Road
230Carson Court
231Cartier Drive
232Cascade Court
233Castlemere Court
234Castlewood Street
235Catherine Street
236Cayuga Avenue
237Cecelia Court
238Cecil Street
239Cedar Court
240Cedardale Avenue
241Centennial Drive
242Centre Street
243Chaffey Street
244Chalmers Street
245Champa Drive
246Chancery Circle
247Chapleau Gate
248Chaplin Avenue
249Chapman Court
250Charleen Circle
251Charles Avenue
252Charlotte Street
253Charnby Place
254Chartwell Court
255Chatham Road
256Chelmsford Court
257Chelsea Street
258Cherie Road
259Cheritan Court
260Cherry Blossom Lane
261Cherry Street
262Cherrylane Drive
263Chessington Street
264Chestnut Lane
265Chestnut Street
266Chestnut Street West
267Chetwood Street
268Chopin Road
269Chorley Avenue
270Christie Street
271Christina Street
272Christopher Street
273Church Street
274Churchill Street
275Cindy Drive
276Circle Heights
277Clarendon Road
278Clark Street
279Clayburn Avenue
280Clayton Court
281Clearmount Circle
282Clearview Crescent
283Clearview Heights
284Clearview Heights Street
285Clement Place
286Cliff Road
287Clifford Street
288Clifton Court
289Clipper Bay
290Clover Street
291Colbey Street
292Cole Farm Boulevard
293Colinwood Avenue
294College Street
295Collier Street
296Colonial Court
297Colton Avenue
298Columbia Street
299Commerce Place
300Commodore Bay
301Concord Avenue
302Considine Avenue
303Consiglia Drive
304Coral Drive
305Corbett Avenue
306Cornwell Circle
307Coronation Boulevard
308Corporate Park Drive
309Cosby Avenue
310Costen Boulevard
311Coster Boulevard
312Countryside Drive
313Court Alley
314Court Street
315Courtlan Street
316Courtleigh Road
317Coventry Street
318Cozocar Crescent
319Craiglee Terrace
320Cranbrook Crescent
321Crescentwood Drive
322Crestcombe Road
323Crestdale Avenue
324Cricket Hollow Road
325Cross Street
326Crown Street
327Croydon Drive
328Cullen Drive
329Cumberland Street
330Cumming Street
331Currie Street
332Cushman Road
333Cypress Street
334Dacotah Street
335Dale Court
336Dalecrest Avenue
337Dalemere Boulevard
338Dalemere Crescent
339Daley Drive
340Dalhousie Avenue
341Damson Street
342David Street
343Davidson Street
344Dawn Road
345Deanna Crescent
346Deborah Court
347Decew Road
348Delaware Avenue
349Densgrove Drive
350Derby Lane
351Devon Road
352Dexter Street
353Dianne Drive
354Dieppe Road
355Dieppe Road
356Disher Street
357Division Street
358Dixie Road
359Dolly Circle
360Dolphin Circle
361Donalda Court
362Doncaster Boulevard
363Donlon Circle
364Dorchester Boulevard
365Dorothy Street
366Dorset Street
367Downing Street
368Draper Drive
369Drayton Court
370Drury Crescent
371Dufferin Street
372Dufferin Street East
373Duke Street
374Dunbar Crescent
375Dunblane Avenue
376Duncan Drive
377Dundalk Court
378Dundas Crescent
379Dundee Drive
380Dundonald Street
381Dunelm Drive
382Dunkeld Avenue
383Dunkirk Road
384Dunlop Drive
385Dunn Street
386Dunraven Avenue
387Dunvegan Road
388Durham Drive
389Dwyer Drive
390Dwyer Street
391Eagleson Drive
392East Hampton Road
393East Lynn Street East
394East Street
395Eastbourne Avenue
396Eastchester Avenue
397Eastfield Court
398Eden Drive
399Edgedale Road
400Edgehill Road
401Edgewood Road
402Edinburgh Drive
403Edith Street
404Edmund Street
405Edward Avenue
406Elaine Court
407Elberta Street
408Eldenwood Drive
409Elderwood Drive
410Eleanordale Circle
411Elgin Street
412Elizabeth Street
413Elk Street
414Ellen Circle
415Elm Lane
416Elm Park Place
417Elm Street
418Elma Street
419Elmridge Drive
420Elmvale Court
421Elmwood Avenue
422Else Street
423Embassy Street
424Emmett Road
425Empire Court
426Empress Court
427Endicott Drive
428Englehart Court
429Ennismore Court
430Erie Street
431Erinbrook Crescent
432Erindale Avenue
433Erion Road
434Ernest Street
435Essex Lane
436Eva Road
437Evangilista Court
438Evelyne Circle
439Everton Court
440Exeter Drive
441Export Avenue
442Facer Street
443Fairburn Avenue
444Fairhaven Drive
445Fairington Crescent
446Fairlawn Court
447Fairview Avenue
448Fallingbrook Court
449Farmington Drive
450Farris Avenue
451Fawell Avenue
452Faye Crescent
453Ferndale Avenue
454Fernwood Terrace
455Fir Avenue
456Firelane 200
457Firelane 300
458Firelane 400
459Firelane 500
460Firelane 600
461Firelane 700
462Fitzgerald Street
463Fitzroy Lane
464Flamingo Avenue
465Flanders Avenue
466Florence Street
467Flower Street
468Flumerfelt Street
469Fonthill Court
470Forest Hill Road
471Forster Street
472Fosh Court
473Foxglove Avenue
474Foxhill Crescent
475Foxtail Drive
476Francesco Crescent
477Francis Creek Boulevard
478Francis Street
479Frank Street
480Franklin Boulevard
481Frederick Street
482Fredonia Crescent
483Friars Court
484Frontenac Drive
485Furminger Place
486Galbraith Street
487Gale Crescent
488Garden Park
489Gardiner Place
490Garfield Lane
491Garnet Street
492Gary Road
493Gavin Drive
494Gaywood Drive
495Geneva Street
496George Street
497Gerrard Street
498Gertrude Street
499Ghent Street
500Gibson Place
501Gladman Avenue
502Glass Avenue
503Glen Avenue
504Glen Morris Drive
505Glen Park Road
506Glenayr Place
507Glenbarr Road
508Glenbrae Avenue
509Glencairn Drive
510Glencoe Lane
511Glendale Avenue
512Glendale Avenue
513Glendale Lane
514Glenellen Drive
515Glengarry Road
516Glengrove Circle
517Glenholme Drive
518Glenhurst Circle
519Glenridge Avenue
520Glenview Avenue
521Glenwood Drive
522Golden Boulevard
523Goldsmith Avenue
524Goodman Crescent
525Gordon Place
526Gormley Crescent
527Governor Simcoe Drive
528Graham Avenue
529Grammar Avenue
530Granada Drive
531Grandview Drive
532Grangeway Court
533Grantham Avenue
534Grapeview Drive
535Grass Avenue
536Graves Crescent
537Great Western Street
538Green Maple Drive
539Greenbriar Place
540Greenlaw Place
541Greenleaf Court
542Greenmeadow Court
543Greenmore Court
544Greenock Circle
545Greenview Gate
546Greenwood Avenue
547Gregory Road
548Grenadier Court
549Greystone Crescent
550Grosvenor Street
551Grote Street
552Grove Avenue
553Guildwood Court
554Guy Road
555Haig Street
556Haight Street
557Hainer Street
558Halene Court
559Hallcrest Avenue
560Hamilton Street
561Hampstead Place
562Hampton Road
563Hannover Drive
564Hanson Drive
565Harbour Road
566Harbourheights Lane
567Harcove Street
568Hardwood Grove
569Harper Street
570Hartzel Road
571Harvest Grove Crescent
572Harvest Oak Drive
573Hastings Street
574Hawthorne Avenue
575Hayes Street
576Haynes Avenue
577Hazel Lane
578Hazel Street
579Hazelwood Gate
580Head Street
581Heathcote Place
582Heather Lane
583Heatherington Street
584Helen Street
585Helliwells Lane
586Helm Street
587Hemlock Street
588Henley Drive
589Henley Island Drive
590Henrietta Street
591Henry Street
592Heritage Court
593Herrick Avenue
594Hessford Road
595Hewko Street
596Heywood Avenue
597Hickory Street
598Hidden Key Place
599Highcourt Crescent
600Highfield Avenue
601Highland Avenue
602Highway 406
603Hilda Street
604Hill Park Lane
605Hillcrest Avenue
606Hilldale Circle
607Hillgarden Road
608Hillside Drive
609Hillview Road
610Hillview Road North
611Hiscott Street
612Hogans Alley
613Holden Street
614Hollywood Avenue
615Homewood Avenue
616Howard Avenue
617Hudson Drive
618Huntington Lane
619Huntingwood Gate
620Huntley Crescent
621Huron Street
622Hutchinson Court
623Hutton Road
624Ida Street
625Inglewood Drive
626Inglis Circle
627Ingram Place
628Isaac Brock Boulevard East
629Isaac Brock Boulevard North
630Isaac Brock Boulevard West
631Isaac Brock Circle
632Island Road
633Ivy Avenue
634Jacobson Avenue
635Jamar Circle
636James Street
637Janet Court
638Jarrow Court
639Jasmin Crescent
640Jeannette Drive
641Jefferson Drive
642Jelicoe Drive
643Jennifer Crescent
644Jessica Drive
645Jill Court
646Joanna Drive
647John Street
648Johnston Road
649Johnston Street
650Jolie Court
651Jones Street
652Jordan Court
653Joseph Street
654Josephine Street
655Jubilee Drive
656Juliana Crescent
657Juniper Court
658Junkin Street
659Justin Crescent
660Kamla Drive
661Karen Avenue
662Keating Street
663Keefer Road
664Keele Street
665Keistan Drive
666Kenmore Crescent
667Kennedy Avenue
668Kensington Place
669Kent Street
670Kenworth Drive
671Ker Lane
672Ker Street
673Kernahan Street
674Kerwin Gate
675Keswick Street
676Kilbourne Crescent
677Kilkenny Drive
678Killarney Circle
679Kimberdale Court
680Kimbermount Drive
681King Street
682Kings Grant Court
683Kings Grant Road
684Kingston Bay
685Kingsway Crescent
686Kinsey Street
687Kirk Street
688Knightwood Drive
689La Salle Drive
690Laffayette Drive
691Laguna Crescent
692Lailey Street
693Laird Drive
694Lake Street
695Lakebreeze Crescent
696Lakehurst Drive
697Lakeport Road
698Lakeshore Road
699Lakeshore Road
700Lakeshore Road West
701Lakeside Drive
702Lakeview Avenue
703Lamson Avenue
704Lanark Crescent
705Lancaster Avenue
706Lanchwood Drive
707Langdale Drive
708Lantana Circle
709Larchwood Drive
710Largo Drive
711Laurie Street
712Lawson Street
713Le Havre Drive
714Leamington Place
715Leaside Drive
716Leawood Crescent
717Lee Ann Place
718Leeper Street
719Leeson Street
720Leicester Court
721Leonard Drive
722Lighthouse Road
723Lily Street
724Lincoln Avenue
725Linden Street
726Linfield Drive
727Linhaven Court
728Linlake Drive
729Linwell Road
730Linwell Road
731Linwell Road East
732Linwood Street
733Lisgar Street
734Listwan Drive
735Little Forks Square
736Lloyd Street
737Lochinvar Drive
738Lock Street
739Lockhart Drive
740Lockview Crescent
741Lockwood Drive
742Logan Street
743Lombardy Avenue
744Longfellow Avenue
745Longford Crescent
746Lonsdale Avenue
747Lora Street
748Loraine Drive
749Lorne Street
750Louis Avenue
751Louisa Street
752Louth Street
753Lowell Avenue
754Loyalist Drive
755Lucerne Place
756Lundys Lane
757Lyman Street
758Lynn Street
759Macbeth Boulevard
760Macintosh Crescent
761Mackenzie King Avenue
762Mackie Street
763Macturnbull Drive
764Main Street
765Malibu Crescent
766Malo Court
767Maltese Boulevard
768Manchester Avenue
769Manning Street
770Manor Road
771Maple Street
772Maplecrest Avenue
773Maplewood Drive
774Maracay Way
775Margery Avenue
776Maria Street
777Marina Drive
778Mariners Court
779Market Street
780Marks Crescent
781Marlborough Avenue
782Marlene Drive
783Marmac Drive
784Marmora Street
785Marquis Street
786Marren Street
787Marsdale Drive
788Marsten Drive
789Martindale Road
790Marvin Drive
791Marwood Circle
792Mary Street
793Masterson Avenue
794Mathies Street
795Matthews Court
796May Alley
797Mayfair Court
798Mayfield Court
799Mayholme Court
800Maywood Avenue
801Mcbride Avenue
802Mcbride Drive
803Mccaffery Crescent
804Mccalla Drive
805Mccordick Drive
806Mcdermid Road
807Mcdonald Street
808Mcghie Street
809Mcguire Street
810Mcintyre Avenue
811Mckay Street
812Mckenzie Street
813Mcnicholl Circle
814Mcphail Crescent
815Meadowbrook Crescent
816Meadowlark Crescent
817Meadowvale Drive
818Melba Road
819Melbourne Avenue
820Melody Trail
821Meredith Drive
822Merigold Street
823Merritt Street
824Meteor Street
825Miami Drive
826Michael Avenue
827Michelle Drive
828Michigan Avenue
829Midland Street
830Midway Street
831Mildred Avenue
832Millward Avenue
833Milton Road
834Minto Court
835Mississauga Road
836Mitchell Street
837Moffatt Street
838Mohawk Drive
839Monarch Park Drive
840Monck Street
841Monique Crescent
842Monro Street
843Montcalm Avenue
844Montebello Place
845Montgomery Avenue
846Montrose Street
847Moote Street
848Morgan Street
849Morningside Drive
850Morris Street
851Mountain Street
852Mountainview Drive
853Muir Street
854Murray Street
855Myrtle Avenue
856Nadine Crescent
857Nancy Drive
858Napier Street
859Nash Street
860Nassau Road
861Neelon Street
862Neilson Avenue
863Nello Street
864Neptune Drive
865Nestor Street
866Newport Street
867Newton Street
868Niagara Street
869Nicholas Drive
870Nickel Street
871Nickerson Avenue
872Nihan Drive
873Nina Avenue
874Noelle Drive
879Norhtglen Avenue
880Norman Road
881Norris Place
882North Service Road
883North Service Road
884North Street
885Northcliff Drive
886Northdale Road
887Northridge Avenue
888Northrup Crescent
889Northwood Drive
890Norwood Street
891Nottingham Court
892Oakdale Avenue
893Oakmedow Place
894Oakmount Drive
895Oakridge Avenue
896Oakwood Avenue
897Oarsman Crescent
898Oblate Street
899October Drive
900Oille Street
901Old Coach Road
902Old Lakeshore Boulevard
903Old Martindale Road
904Old Mill Road
905Old Orchard Road
906Old Oxford Drive
907Old Pine Trail
908Omalley Drive
909Omara Drive
910Ontario Lane
911Ontario Street
912Orchard Avenue
913Oriole Drive
914Orlando Drive
915Ormonde Avenue
916Oscar Avenue
917Oswald Avenue
918Oswego Avenue
919Ottawa Street
920Overholt Street
921Oxford Street
922Page Street
923Park Avenue
924Parker Street
925Parkhill Drive
926Parkhill Road
927Parklane Crescent
928Parkview Road
929Parkway Street
930Parkwood Drive
931Parnell Road
932Pasut Drive
933Patricia Drive
934Pawling Street
935Paxton Avenue
936Peachdale Avenue
937Peacock Bay
938Pearce Avenue
939Pearl Ann Drive
940Pebble Beach Court
941Peel Street
942Pelham Road
943Pelham Road
944Perma Court
945Permilla Street
946Perry Street
947Perth Street
948Peter May Court
949Petrie Street
950Phelps Street
951Philip Street
952Philpark Road
953Pine Street
954Pinecrest Street
955Pinedale Avenue
956Pinehill Road
957Pinemeadow Place
958Pioneer Court
959Pleasant Avenue
960Plymouth Avenue
961Port Master Drive
962Port Royal Crescent
963Post Road
964Power Glen
965Powerview Avenue
966President Court
967Preston Drive
968Prestwick Avenue
969Prince Andrew Court
970Prince Charles Drive
971Prince David Court
972Prince Edward Drive
973Prince Henry Court
974Prince Paul Court
975Prince Philip Drive
976Prince Robert Court
977Prince Street
978Princess Ann Circle
979Princess Street
980Princeway Drive
981Promenade Boulevard
982Prospect Avenue
983Pyramid Place
984Queen Elizabeth Way
985Queen Elizabeth Way
986Queen Mary Drive
987Queen Street
988Queens Court
989Queenston Street
990Queenston Street
991Rabuka Avenue
992Race Street
993Racer Street
994Radcliffe Road
995Rae Street
996Railway Street
997Rainbow Drive
998Ramlee Road
1001Rampart Drive
1002Ramsey Street
1003Ravine Road
1004Ray Woodfield Drive
1005Raymond Street
1006Read Road
1007Rebecca Street
1008Redwood Avenue
1009Regatta Drive
1010Regent Drive
1011Regina Avenue
1012Rendale Avenue
1013Rene Lane
1014Renforth Square
1015Renown Road
1016Residence Road
1017Rexleigh Court
1018Rice Avenue
1019Richard Street
1020Richardson Court
1021Richelieu Circle
1022Richelieu Drive
1023Richmond Avenue
1024Rideau Crescent
1025Ridge Point Drive
1026Ridgeview Avenue
1027Ridgewood Road
1028Ridley Heights Road
1029Ridley Road
1030Rio Lane
1031Riordon Street
1032Rivercrest Drive
1033Riverdale Drive
1034Riverview Boulevard
1035Robert Street
1036Robertson Place
1037Robin Court
1038Rochelle Drive
1039Rockdale Avenue
1040Rockliffe Road
1041Rockwood Avenue
1042Rodger Street
1043Rodman Hall Drive
1044Rodman Street
1045Roehampton Avenue
1046Roehampton Drive
1047Roland Street
1048Rolls Avenue
1049Romko Court
1050Rondelle Place
1051Rose Street
1052Rosedale Avenue
1053Roseland Avenue
1054Rosemore Road
1055Rosemount Avenue
1056Ross Street
1057Rossie Place
1058Rountree Road
1059Roxanne Drive
1060Roxborough Court
1061Royal Henley Boulevard
1062Royal Manor Drive
1063Royal Oak Drive
1064Royal Orchard Crescent
1065Royal York Road
1066Royale Road
1067Runcorn Street
1068Rusholme Crescent
1069Russell Avenue
1070Rykert Street
1071Sajur Court
1072Salina Street
1073Salvatore Street
1074Samuel Court
1075Sandown Street
1076Sandy Beach Bay
1077Sandy Cove
1078Sandy Cove Street
1079Sarah Court
1080Saturn Court
1081Sawmill Road
1082Scarth Road
1083Schwalm Circle
1084Scott Street
1085Scott Street
1086Scullers Way
1087Seapark Drive
1088Seaway Haulage Road
1089Secord Drive
1090Senator Drive
1091Seneca Street
1092Sequoia Avenue
1093Seymour Avenue
1094Shadetree Crescent
1095Shakespeare Avenue
1096Sharon Street
1097Shauna Court
1098Shaver Court
1099Shaver Road
1100Sheldonbury Court
1101Shelley Avenue
1102Shepherds Circle
1103Sherbourne Street
1104Sheridan Drive
1105Sherman Drive
1106Sherwood Avenue
1107Shetland Crescent
1108Shickluna Street
1109Shore Boulevard
1110Shoreham Street
1111Shoreline Drive
1112Sikorski Avenue
1113Silverdale Road
1114Simcoe Street
1115Simpson Road
1116Smith Street
1117Smythe Street
1118South Drive
1119South Service Road
1120South Service Road
1121Southdale Drive
1122Southgate Circle
1123Southwood Drive
1124Sovereign Drive
1125Soverign Drive
1126Sparkes Street
1127Spartan Court
1128Spring Garden Boulevard
1129Spring Street
1130Springbank Drive
1131Springdale Avenue
1132Spruce Street
1133Squires Gate
1134St Anns Crescent
1135St Augustine Drive
1136St Columba Drive
1137St Davids Road
1138St George Street
1139St Helena Street
1140St Hildas Court
1141St John Street
1142St Joseph Street
1143St Julien Drive
1144St Lawrence Drive
1145St Louis Place
1146St Patrick Street
1147St Paul Crescent
1148St Paul Street
1149St Paul Street East
1150St Paul Street West
1151St Paul Street West
1152St Peter Street
1153Stanley Street
1154Stanmary Drive
1155Star Circle
1156Stephen Street
1157Stepney Street
1158Sterling Street
1159Stillwater Bay
1160Stockwell Drive
1161Stonebridge Gate
1162Stonegate Drive
1163Stoney Brook Crescent
1164Stoyanoff Drive
1165Strada Boulevard
1166Strathcana Drive
1167Strathcona Drive
1168Strathmore Road
1169Struk Place
1170Stuart Avenue
1171Sullivan Drive
1172Summer Street
1173Summerton Place
1174Sunnylea Drive
1175Sunnyside Drive
1176Sunrise Drive
1177Sunset Lane
1178Surrey Place
1179Sussex Court
1180Sutton Court
1181Swan Drive
1182Swansea Place
1183Tabor Drive
1184Tamarack Avenue
1185Tammy Circle
1186Tanera Crescent
1187Tanner Circle
1188Tara Court
1189Tasker Street
1190Tavistock Road
1191Taylor Avenue
1192Tecumseh Street
1193Ted Street
1194Terrace Hill Road
1195Terrama Court
1196Terry Lane
1197Tews Place
1198Thairs Avenue
1199The Cedars Street
1200The Meadows Street
1201The Parkway Street
1202The Pinery Street
1203Thomas Street
1204Thompson Avenue
1205Thorn Place
1206Thorncliff Drive
1207Thorndale Avenue
1208Thornton Street
1209Tiffany Court
1210Timber Lane
1211Timco Place
1212Towering Heights Boulevard
1213Townline Road East
1214Townline Road Louth
1215Tracey Road
1216Trafalgar Street
1217Trapnell Street
1218Treehaven Road
1219Treeview Place
1220Trelawne Circle
1221Trelawne Drive
1222Tremont Drive
1223Trevor Court
1224Trillium Lane
1225Trinidad Court
1226Trinidad Crescent
1227Trinity Circle
1228Tudor Gate Place
1229Tunis Street
1230Turner Crescent
1231Turnova Street
1232Union Street
1233University Circle
1234Upper Canada Drive
1235Ursula Avenue
1236Vale Avenue
1237Valencia Drive
1238Valerie Drive
1239Valley Road
1240Valleyview Road
1241Valvano Court
1242Vanier Court
1243Vansickle Road
1244Vansickle Road North
1245Ventura Drive
1246Venus Court
1247Vera Street
1248Verdun Avenue
1249Vergorda Circle
1250Via Dell Monte Street
1251Victor Boulevard
1252Victoria Street
1253Videl Crescent
1254Viking Drive
1255Village Gate
1256Village Green Drive
1257Village Road
1258Vine Street
1259Vineyard Street
1260Vintage Crescent
1261Violet Street
1262Viscount Place
1263Vivian Avenue
1264Vollette Street
1265Waite Lane
1266Wakelin Terrace
1267Wakil Drive
1268Walker Avenue
1269Wallace Street
1270Walnut Lane
1271Walnut Street
1272Walsh Avenue
1273Walters Court
1274Wanda Road
1275Warkdale Drive
1276Warren Road
1277Warrington Place
1278Water Street
1279Watersedge Circle
1280Watkins Street
1281Waverley Road
1282Wedgewood Court
1283Wedsworth Street
1284Weiden Street
1285Welland Avenue
1286Welland Canals Parkway
1287Welland Vale Road
1288Wellandvale Road
1289Wellington Street
1290Welstead Drive
1291Wembly Drive
1292Wendover Place
1293West Farmington Drive
1294West Hampton Road
1295West Lynn Street
1296Westbury Drive
1297Westchester Avenue
1298Westchester Crescent
1299Westdale Drive
1300Westfield Drive
1301Westgate Park Drive
1302Westlake Lane
1303Westland Street
1304Westmount Court
1305Weston Road
1306Westport Avenue
1307Westwood Street
1308White Street
1309Whitecrest Court
1310Whitehall Road
1311Whiteoak Drive
1312Whitmore Street
1313Whitworth Street
1314Wildwood Road
1315Wiley Street
1316Wilfred Laurier Crescent
1317Wilholme Avenue
1318Wilholme Drive
1319Wilkes Avenue
1320Willcher Drive
1321William Street
1322Willow Street
1323Willowbank Circle
1324Willowdale Avenue
1325Wills Street
1326Willver Drive
1327Wilson Street
1328Windemere Road
1329Windsor Road
1330Windward Street
1331Winfield Court
1332Winnifred Avenue
1333Winston Road
1334Wolfdale Place
1335Wolseley Avenue
1336Wood Dale Drive
1337Wood Street
1338Woodbine Avenue
1339Woodbriar Circle
1340Woodbridge Drive
1341Woodburn Avenue
1342Woodcrest Drive
1343Woodcroft Avenue
1344Woodelm Drive
1345Woodgarden Court
1346Woodgate Avenue
1347Woodglen Drive
1348Woodington Crescent
1349Woodland Avenue
1350Woodmount Drive
1351Woodrow Street
1352Woodruff Avenue
1353Woodside Drive
1354Wright Street
1355Wychwood Drive
1356Wychwood Road
1357Wynn Street
1358Xavier Court
1359Yale Crescent
1360Yates Street
1361Ymca Drive
1362Yonge Street
1363York Street
1364Youngblut Avenue
1365Ziraldo Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)