List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
#Street Name
11 Road
23rd Street
34th Street
4Agnes Avenue
5Albert Street East
6Albert Street West
7Algonquin Drive
8Amwell Street
9Annette Avenue
10Armstrong Street North
11Armstrong Street South
12Arnold Drive
13Baker Avenue
14Barr Drive
15Bateson Street
16Bay Street
17Beach Boulevard
18Beavis Terrace
19Bedard Road
20Beech Street
21Birch Drive
22Birch Street
23Blackwall Street
24Bolger Avenue
25Bradley Street
26Brewster Street
27Broadway Street
28Broadwood Avenue
29Browning Street
30Bruce Street
31Buffam Drive
32Byam Avenue
33Caroline Court
34Carter Boulevard
35Cecil Street
36Cedar Avenue
37Cemetary Road
38Cemetery Road
39Champlain Street
40Cherry Road
41Christian Avenue
42Church Street
43Clover Valley Road
44Cobalt Street
45Colette Street
46Concession 5 Dymond
47Concession 5 Dymond
48Concession 6 Dymond
49Cooke Street
50Cosman Crescent
51Cottage Road
52Crossing Lake Road
53Crystal Crescent
54Davidson Street
55Dawson Point Road
56Dixon Street
57Drive In Theatre Road
58Dump Road
59Dutton Street
60Dymond Crescent
61Dymond Street
62Edith Street
63Edward Street
64Elliott Street
65Elm Avenue
66Ethel Street
67Farah Avenue
68Farr Drive
69Ferguson Avenue
70Ferland Street
71Fleming Drive
72Fleming Road
73Florence Street
74Foster Street
75Georgina Avenue
76Glen Road
77Glenhill Road
78Golding Street
79Golf Course Road
80Golf Course Road
81Gordon Drive
82Grant Street
83Grills Street
84Groom Drive
85Groom Road
86Haliburton Avenue
87Haliburton Avenue East
88Haliburton Avenue West
89Hardy Avenue
90Harley Dymond Township Road
91Hartman Street
92Haynes Crescent
93Heard Street
94Helmer Pedersen Drive
95Hessle Avenue
96High Street
97Highway 11
98Highway 11
99Highway 11b
100Highway 11b
101Highway 558
102Highway 558
103Highway 558
104Highway 567
105Highway 65
106Highway 65
107Highway 65
108Jaffray Street
109Jayne Street
110John Street
111Joyal Drive
112Katherine Street
113Kendall Street
114Kennedy Street
115King Edward Street
116King Street
117Lagoon Road
118Lakeshore Road
119Lakeshore Road
120Lakeview Avenue
121Lakeview Avenue
122Lakeview Drive
123Landry Drive
124Lane Street
125Latchford Street
126Laurette Street
127Lawlor Street
128Little Street
129Lowry Street
130Mailli Drive
131Main Street
132Maple Street
133Maple Street South
134Marcella Street
135Market Street
136Mary Street
137May Street
138Mccamus Avenue
139Mckay Clements Drive
140Mckelvie Avenue
141Mclean Road
142Melville Street
143Meridian Avenue
144Montgomery Avenue
145Moose Lake Road
146Morissette Drive
147Murray Street
148Nipissing Avenue
149Niven Street
150Niven Street South
151Nixon Crescent
155Oak Avenue
156Paddon Crescent
157Paget Street North
158Paget Street South
159Park Avenue
160Pine Avenue
161Pine Street
162Probyn Street
163Quarry Road
164Queen Street
165Radleys Hill Road
166Ramsey Road
167Raymond Street East
168Raymond Street West
169Rebecca Street
170Regina Street
171Ring Street
172River Road
173Robert Street
174Rockley Road
175Rockley Road
176Rokeby Street
177Roland Road
178Rondeau Road
179Rorke Avenue
180Roseneath Avenue
181Ross Avenue
182Russell Street
183Salebarn Road
184Scott Street
185Scotts Plastic Road
186Seeds Road
187Seton Street
188Sharp Street
189Sharpe Lake Road
190Shepherdson Road
191Silver Avenue
192Smith Street
193Spion Kop Street
194Spruce Avenue
195Station Street
196Stewart Avenue
197Stewart Street
198Sunnyside Road
199Sunnyside Road
200Sutcliffe Crescent
201Taylor Drive
202Timiskaming Street
203View Street
204Wedgewood Avenue
205Wellington Street North
206Wellington Street South
207Wendigo Street
208Whitewood Avenue
209Whitewood Avenue East
210Whitewood Avenue West
211Winona Street
212Yonge Street
213Zetta Court

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)