List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Thorold, Ontario
#Street Name
1Abbey Drive
2Albert Street East
3Albert Street West
4Allanburg Road
5Allanport Road
6Angers Hill
7Ann Street
8Baldwin Circle
9Barron Road
10Barron Road
11Barron Road
12Bartlett Street
13Battle Street
14Baxter Crescent
15Beaver Street
16Beaverdams Road
17Beaverdams Road
18Biggar Road
19Bolton Avenue
20Boundary Lane
21Brick Street
22Bridge Street East
23Bridge Street West
24Brock Street
25Broderick Avenue
26Buchanan Crescent
27Buss Court
28Calcott Court
29Canby Street
30Capri Street
31Carl Street
32Carleton Street North
33Carleton Street South
34Cartier Drive
35Cataract Road
36Catarct Road
37Centre Street
38Chapel Street North
39Chapel Street South
40Chippawa Creek Road
41Chippawa Street
42Church Street
43Clairmont Street
44Clancy Crescent
45Clara Street
46Cleveland Street
47Clifton Street
48Colborne Street
49Coleman Court
50Collier Road North
51Collier Road South
52Commerford Street
53Confederation Avenue
54Conlon Crescent
55Connaught Street
56Conroy Crescent
57Court Street
58Cowan Drive
59Crompton Boulevard
60Cross Street
61Crowe Court
62Crysler Crescent
63Culligan Crescent
64Cunningham Street
65Cynthia Street
66Davis Road
67Davis Street
68Decew Road
69Decew Woods Court
70Deerfield Parkway
71Delaware Avenue
72Devine Crescent
73Dobbie Road
74Dock Road
75Dufferin Street
76Egerter Road
77Elgin Street
78Eller Road
79Falls Street
80Fawn Court
81Fayewell Road
82Faywell Road
83Fenton Avenue
84Flannery Lane
85Foley Crescent
86Forster Avenue
87Fortura Court
88Front Street North
89Front Street South
90Fuller Crescent
91Gainer Street
92Garden Street
93George Street
94Glenridge Avenue
95Glover Road
96Gonzales Court
97Greenhill Drive
98Grenville Crescent
99Hagar Street
100Hamilton Boulevard
101Hansler Road
102Hansler Street
103Harper Crescent
104Hayes Road
105Henderson Street
106Highway 20
107Highway 406
108Highway 58
109Highway 58
110Hill Street
111Hodgkins Avenue
112Holland Road
113Holland Road
114Hollow Road
115Honey Locust Circle
116Hoover Street
117Huntington Circle
118Hurricane Road
119Hurricane Road
120Industrial Drive
121Island Street
122Ivy Court
123John Street
124Julie Drive
125Kalmus Street
126Kaye Avenue
127Kaywill Drive
128Keefer Road
129Keholme Crescent
130Kelly Street
131Kenny Court
132Killarney Crescent
133King Street
134Kottmeier Road
135Lake Street
136Lampman Crescent
137Lansdowne Avenue
138Lawrence Drive
139Lee Crescent
140Leslie Street
141Lynden Street East
142Lynden Street West
143Lynn Crescent
144Macartney Court
145Mackan Street
146Maitland Street
147Manley Crescent
148Margaret Street
149Marlatts Road
150Martin Street
151Mary Street
152Mcarthur Lane
153Mccleary Drive
154Mcclure Crescent
155Mccormack Drive
156Mcdonagh Crescent
157Mcdonald Avenue
158Mcdougall Drive
159Mcgee Crescent
160Mcmann Drive
161Mcnamara Street
162Mcsherry Lane
163Melrose Street
164Merritt Road
165Merrittville Highway
166Metcalfe Street
167Michigan Avenue
168Misener Street
169Morton Street
170Mowat Crescent
171Moyer Road
172Munro Street
173Nancy Court
174Naples Court
175Natalie Court
176Niagara Falls Road
177Niagara Street
178Niagara Street
182Nottingham Street
183Old Thorold Stone Road
184Ontario Street
185Orchard Hill Road
186Orchard Street
187Ormond Street North
188Ormond Street South
189Pamela Drive
190Park Lane
191Parkdale Drive
192Parkview Court
193Parkview Drive
194Patricia Street
195Peel Street
196Pilkington Street
197Pine Street North
198Pine Street South
199Pioneer Village Crescent
200Polloway Road
201Port Robinson Road
202Portland Street
203Queen Street North
204Queen Street South
206Rannie Court
207Raspberry Trail
208Regent Street
209Regional Road 20
210Regional Road 20
211Regional Road 20 East
212Regional Road 57
213Remigio Court
214Renfrew Drive
215Richmond Street
216River Street
217Romy Crescent
218Rose Avenue
219Rosedale Street
220Ross Street
221Ryerson Street
222Schmon Parkway
223Seburn Road
224Sentance Avenue
225Shriner Street
226Silvercrest Court
227Silvermaple Road
228South Main Street
229South Street North
230South Street South
231St Charles Avenue
232St David Street East
233St David Street West
234St Davids Road
235St John Road
236Stephenson Court
237Stewart Avenue
238Sugarmaple Road
239Sullivan Avenue
240Summers Drive
241Swayze Court
242Syndenham Street
243Tara Crescent
244Taylor Street
245Theal Court
246Thompson Avenue
247Thorold Avenue
248Townline Road East
249Townline Road Thorold
250Townline Road West
251Townline Thorold
252Towpath Road
253Towpath Street
254Tupper Drive
255Turner Road
256Turner Road
257Turner Road
258Uppers Road
259Vine Street
260Ward Circle
261Water Street
262Welland Canals Parkway
263Welland Street North
264Welland Street South
265Wellington Street North
266West Street North
267West Street South
268Westmount Street
269Whyte Avenue North
270Whyte Avenue South
271Wiley Road
272William Street
273Willow Court
274Windle Village Crescent
275Winslow Crescent
276Winterberry Boulevard
277Yates Street
278York Street
279Yungbluts Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)