List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Thunder Bay, Ontario
#Street Name
1103rd Street
2104th Street
3105th Avenue
4105th Street
5106th Avenue
6106th Street
7108th Avenue
810th Avenue
9110th Avenue
1011th Avenue
1112th Avenue
1213th Avenue
1315th Sideroad
141st Avenue
1520th Sideroad
1622nd Sideroad
172nd Avenue
183rd Avenue
194th Avenue
205 Ash Road
215th Avenue
226th Avenue
23702 Fire Road
247th Avenue
2584 Road North
268th Avenue
27Abbey Court
28Academy Drive
29Academy Parkway
30Acadia Court
31Acorn Square
32Ada Avenue
33Adams Road
34Adams Street
35Adderley Road
36Adderley Road
37Adelaide Street
38Admiral Court
39Adrian Lake Road
40Adrian Lake Road
41Adrian Lake Road
42Adrian Loop Road
43Agate Bay
44Agnes Street
45Agora Circle
46Aintree Avenue
47Albany Street
48Alberta Street
49Alder Avenue
50Alexandra Street
51Algoma Street North
52Algoma Street South
53Algonquin Avenue North
54Algonquin Avenue South
55Alice Avenue
56Allan Arickson Road
57Alloy Drive
58Alloy Place
59Almira Avenue
60Almon Road 30
61Almon Road 30
62Almon Road 30
63Almon Road 30
64Alpha Road
65Alpine Avenue
66Alpine Place
67Alton Road
68Amber Drive
69Ambrose Street
70Amelia Street East
71Amelia Street West
72Amethyst Crescent
73Anders Road
74Anders Road
75Andrew Street
76Angelo Road
77Angus Street
78Anten Street
79Antonisen Avenue
80Archibald Street North
81Archibald Street South
82Argyle Street
83Armistice Road
84Armistice Road
85Armistice Road
86Arrow River Road
87Arrow River Road
88Arrow River Road
89Arrow River Road
90Arthur Street East
91Arthur Street West
92Arthur Street West
93Arthur Street West
94Arundel Street
95Ashdale Place
96Ashland Place
97Aspen Street
98Aster Place
99Astrop Road
100Athabasca Street
101Atikokan Drive
102Atlantic Avenue
103Atlantic Avenue West
104Audrey Street
105Auto Road
106Autumnwood Drive
107Avondale Place
108Baccus Drive
109Baffin Street
110Bailey Avenue
111Baker Avenue
112Balmoral Street
113Balmoral Street North
114Balmoral Street South
115Balsam Street
116Banksian Road
117Banksian Road
118Banning Street
119Bare Point Road
120Barton Street
121Baseball Diamond Driveway
122Bay Street
123Bayberry Crescent
124Beaver Avenue
125Beaver Court
126Beaverhall Place
127Beck Street
128Beckwick Road
129Beechdale Court
130Begin Bay
131Begin Place
132Begin Street East
133Begin Street West
134Belrose Road
135Belton Street
136Belview Road
137Bendell Street
138Bentwood Drive
139Beresford Street
140Bernard Street
141Bessie Avenue
142Bethune Street
143Beverly Street
144Bfpl Railway Road
145Biloski Road
146Birch Grove Drive
147Birch Street
148Birchwood Crescent
149Black Bay Crescent
150Black Bay Road
151Black Sturgeon Road
152Black Sturgeon Road
153Black Sturgeon Road
154Black Sturgeon Road
155Blanchard Street
156Blaquier Street
157Bloor Street
158Blucher Avenue
159Blucher Crescent
160Bolton Crescent
161Bond Court
162Bordeaux Crescent
163Boreal Road
164Boreal Road
165Boreal Road
166Boreal Road
167Bowlker Road
168Boy Scout Road
169Boyko Road
170Brannon Lane
171Brant Street
172Brent Street
173Brescia Court
174Briar Bay
175Briarwood Drive
176Bristol Court
177Brittany Drive
178Broad Oaks Drive
179Broad Oaks Place
180Broadmore Avenue
181Broadway Avenue
182Brock Street East
183Brock Street West
184Brodie Street North
185Brodie Street South
186Brook Street
187Brookview Place
188Brown Street
189Bruce Street
190Brunswick Street North
191Brunswick Street South
192Bryan Street
193Buldoc Bay Road
194Burbidge Street
195Burns Road
196Burriss Street
197Burwood Road
198Bylunds Pit Road
199C P R Subway
200Cabot Court
201Cadillac Circle
202Cambrian Crescent
203Cambridge Street
204Camelot Street
205Cameron Street
206Camp 45 Road
207Campbell Street
208Canterbury Crescent
209Capital Way
210Cardinal Court
211Caribou Crescent
212Carl Avenue
213Carlton Place
214Caroline Street
215Carrick Street
216Carrie Street
217Cartier Court
218Cascade Crescent
219Caspian Place
220Caspian Street
221Castlegreen Drive
222Catherine Street
223Cavar Road
224Cavern Road
225Cedar Avenue
226Cedar Sites Road
227Cedarview Bay
228Centennial Park Road
229Central Avenue
230Centre Avenue
231Century Court
232Chamberlain Street
233Champlain Place
234Chapples Drive
235Cheeseman Road
236Cheeseman Road
237Chelsea Crescent
238Chercover Drive
239Cherry Lane
240Cherry Ridge Road
241Cherrydale Place
242Chestnut Street
243Chilton Avenue
244Chippewa Park Road
245Chippewa Road
246Christie Street
247Christina Street East
248Christina Street West
249Churchill Drive East
250Churchill Drive West
251Churchill Place
252City Road
253City Road
254Clarke Street
255Clarkson Street North
256Clarkson Street South
257Clavet Street
258Clayte Street
259Clearwater Way
260Clover Court
261Coady Avenue
262Coady Place
263Cobalt Crescent
264Cochrane Street
265College Street
266Collins Place
267Colonel Keane Drive
268Commerce Street
269Community Hall Road
270Concession 5 Strange
271Concession Road 2
272Concession Road 2
273Concession Road 2
274Concession Road 3
275Concession Road 3
276Concession Road 3
277Concession Road 4
278Conestoga Street
279Confederation Court
280Confederation Drive
281Conmee Street
282Connolly Road
283Connolly Street
284Conservation Road
285Contessa Court
286Conyers Street
287Cooke Street
288Copenhagen Road
289Copper Crescent
290Copperhead Road
291Coppin Road
292Cornwall Avenue
293Cottonwood Crescent
294County Boulevard
295Court Street North
296Court Street South
297Cowan Street
298Cox Crescent
299Coyote Place
300Crawford Avenue
301Crawford Place
302Crescent Avenue
303Cronk Road
304Crooks Street
305Cross Street
306Crossbow Court
307Crossbow Street
308Crown Street
309Crystal Place
310Crystal Street
311Cumberland Street North
312Cumberland Street South
313Cumming Street
314Current Avenue
315Current Bay
316Curry Street
317Cuthbertson Place
318Cuyler Street
319Cypress Drive
320Dacre Street
321Daisy Lane
322Dalhousie Court
323Dalhousie Drive
324Dalton Avenue
325Damon Crescent
326Darkling Road
327Darrel Avenue
328Darwin Court
329Darwin Crescent
330David Street
331David Thompson Drive
332Dawdy Road
333Dawn Street
334Dawson Crescent
335Dawson Road
336Dawson Road
337Dawson Road
338Dawson Road
339Dawson Road
340Dawson Road
341Dawson Street
342Dease Street
343Deepwood Drive
344Demchuk Road
345Demeuron Avenue
346Dennis Street
347Detroit Avenue
348Devon Way
349Dewe Avenue
350Dixon Street
351Dobie Street
352Dock Street
353Dog Lake Road
354Dog Lake Road
355Donald R Caddo Drive
356Donald Street East
357Donald Street West
358Donnet Road
359Dorion Road
360Doris Street
361Dorothy Street
362Downing Street
363Dublin Avenue
364Dufferin Street
365Duke Street
366Duluth Road
367Duncan Street
368Dundas Street
369Dunlop Street
370Durban Street
371East Arrow Lake Road
372East Arrow Lake Road
373East Avenue
374East Island Lake Road
375East Road North
376Eayrs Road
377Eayrs Road 651
378Eayrs Road 652
379Edgewood Drive
380Edgewood Place
381Edison Road
382Edith Avenue
383Edward Street North
384Edward Street South
385Egan Place
386Egan Street
387Eira Street
388Elgin Street
389Elizabeth Street
390Elk Square
391Ellen Road
392Elliott Street
393Elm Street
394Elmwood Crescent
395Elron Crescent
396Embassy Court
397Emerald Drive
398Emmerson Avenue
399Emo Drive
400Empire Avenue
401Empress Avenue North
402Empress Avenue South
403Empson Avenue
404Enniskillen Avenue
405Erie Avenue
406Erikson Road
407Erindale Crescent
408Erindale Street
409Erle Street
410Ernestine Avenue
411Essex Court
412Essex Street
413Euclid Avenue
414Evans Street
415Everton Avenue
416Fairbank Crescent
417Fairbank Place
418Fairbrooke Crescent
419Faircrest Street
420Fairview Avenue
421Fairwinds Way
422Falconcrest Drive
423Falling Snow Road
424Falling Snow Road
425Fallingsnow Lake Road
426Fanshaw Street
427Farrand Street
428Fassina Street
429Feaver Road
430Fensom Road 600
431Fensom Road 600
432Fensom Road 600
433Fenwood Drive
434Ferndale Crescent
435Field Street
436Fieldstone Street
437Finch Street
438Finlayson Street
439Finmark Road
440Finmark Road
441Fisher Road
442Fitzgerald Street
443Flamingo Drive
444Flett Road
445Foley Street
446Forbes River Road
447Ford Street
448Ford Street North
449Ford Street South
450Forest Street
451Fort Frances Crescent
452Fort William Road
453Fortune Street
454Foxborough Place
455Fraleig Pit Road
456Fraleighlit Road
457Francis Street East
458Francis Street West
459Franklin Street North
460Franklin Street South
461Frankwood Avenue
462Fraser Street
463Frederica Street East
464Frederica Street West
465Freeman Drive
466Freeman Street
467Front Street
468Frontenac Bay
469Frontenac Street
470Fulton Boulevard
471Furcate Road
472Furcate Road
473Garden Avenue
474Gardenbriar Road
475Garrard Street
476Geikie Loop Road
477Geikie Road
478Geikie Road
479Gemstone Drive
480George Street
481Georgina Avenue
482Georgina Bay
483Gertrude Avenue
484Gibbon Street
485Gibson Avenue
486Gilbride Road
487Gladman Crescent
488Glasgow Place
489Glauca Road
490Glendale Crescent
491Glengary Court
492Glengary Drive
493Glenn Court
494Glenoah Avenue
495Glenwater Road
496Glenwater Road
497Glenwood Crescent
498Goldengate Road
499Goldie Road
500Golf Links Road
501Goodman Road
502Goods Road
503Gordon Avenue
504Gordon Street
505Gordonvale Street
506Gore Street East
507Gore Street West
508Gorevale Road
509Gorevale Road
510Gorham Street
511Government Road
512Government Road
513Graham Road
514Grandview Road
515Granite River Road
516Gratton Road
517Gravel Lakes Road
518Greengate Circle
519Greenpark Crescent
520Greenwood Lane
521Gregio Road
522Gregio Road
523Gregio Road
524Gregor Road
525Grenville Avenue
526Gresley Court
527Grew Road 500
528Grew Road 500
529Grew Road 500
530Grey Crescent
531Grey Street
532Grid Road
533Gull Road
534Gus Wouri Road
535Hall Place
536Hallam Street
537Halton Street
538Hamilton Avenue
539Hammond Avenue
540Hanley Street
541Harbour Expressway
542Hardisty Street North
543Hardisty Street South
544Hargrave Street
545Harkness Street
546Harold Crescent
547Harold Street North
548Harold Street South
549Harrington Avenue
550Harrison Place
551Harrison Street
552Hartland Street
553Hartviksen Street
554Harvard Street
555Hastings Place
556Hawkeye East Road
557Hawkridge Drive
558Hawthorne Drive
559Hazelwood Drive
560Heath Court
561Heath Street
562Heathcliff Drive
563Heather Crescent
564Hebert Street
565Hector Dougall Way
566Helen Street
567Hemlock Avenue
568Hemlock Place
569Henry Street
570Hermia Lake Road
571Heron Street
572Herrick Place
573Hester Street
574Hewitson Street
575Hicky Road
576Hicky Road
577High Street North
578High Street South
579Highgate Road
580Highland Court
581Highway 102
582Highway 11
583Highway 11
584Highway 11 And 17
585Highway 11 And 17
586Highway 11 And 17
587Highway 11 And 17
588Highway 11 And 17
589Highway 11 And 17
590Highway 17
591Highway 17
592Highway 17
593Highway 17
594Highway 17
595Highway 17
596Highway 17
597Highway 17
598Highway 400 Heaven Road
599Highway 527
600Highway 527
601Highway 527
602Highway 527
603Highway 527
604Highway 527
605Highway 527
606Highway 587
607Highway 588
608Highway 588
609Highway 588
610Highway 588
611Highway 588
612Highway 588
613Highway 588
614Highway 588
615Highway 588
616Highway 588
617Highway 588
618Highway 588
619Highway 588
620Highway 590
621Highway 591
622Highway 593
623Highway 593
624Highway 593
625Highway 599
626Highway 61
627Highway 61
628Highway 811
629Highway 811
630Highway 811
631Highway 811
632Highway 811
633Highway 811
634Highway 811
635Highway 811
636Highway 811
637Highway 811
638Highway 811
639Hill Road
640Hill Street North
641Hill Street South
642Hilldale Place
643Hilldale Road
644Hinton Avenue
645Hirret Bay Road
646Hodder Avenue
647Hodge Street
648Hogarth Place
649Hogarth Street
650Holinshead Road
651Holinshead Road
652Holinshead Road
653Holly Crescent
654Hollylane Street
655Holt Place
656Home Avenue
657Hourigan Crescent
658Howe Street
659Hudson Avenue
660Hull Avenue
661Humber Crescent
662Hunata Road
663Hunick Road
664Hunt Street
665Hunter Road
666Huntington Avenue
667Huntington Court
668Huntington Street
669Huntsman Court
670Huron Avenue
671Huron Crescent
672Hutton Park Drive
673Hyde Park Avenue
674Ibbetson Street
675Inchiquin Street
676Inglewood Crescent
677Innovation Drive
678Iris Crescent
679Ironwood Avenue
680Isabel Street
681Isabella Street East
682Isabella Street West
683Island Drive
684Island Lake Road
685Jackpine Road
686Jade Court
687Jakobsen Road
688James Street North
689James Street South
690Jameson Street
691Jasmine Court
692Jasper Drive
693Jean Street
694Jewell Street
695John Patterson Drive
696John Street
697John Street Road
698John Street Road
699John Street Road
700John Street Road
701Johnson Avenue
702Jolly Road
703Juniper Drive
704Junot Avenue North
705Junot Avenue South
706Kab Road
707Kab Road
708Kab Road
709Kab Road
710Kam Current Road
711Kam Current Road
712Kam Current Road
713Kam Road
714Kamview Road
715Kamwood Drive
716Kari Court
717Keefer Street
718Keelor Road
719Keelor Road 200
720Keelor Road 250
721Keelor Road 300
722Keewatin Street
723Keith Jobbitt Drive
724Keith Street
725Kelly Street
726Kelner Place
727Kembel Road
728Kennah Road
729Kennah Road 20
730Kennah Road 20
731Kennah Road 24
732Kennah Road 24
733Kennah Road 24
734Kenogami Avenue North
735Kenogami Avenue South
736Kensington Drive
737Kent Court
738Kenwood Avenue
739Kerega Road
740Kettle Creek Drive
741Keystone Court
742King Road
743Kingston Street
744Kingstone Road
745Kingstone Road
747Kirby Street
748Kirkland Street
749Kitchen Road
750Kitchen Road
751Kitchen Road
752Kitchen Road
753Kitchen Road
754Kivela Road
755Kivikoski Road
756Kivinens Road
757Kline Road
758Knight Street
759Koivu Road
760Kolvokoski Road
761Kusznier Crescent
762Lacewood Drive
763Laidlaw Drive
764Lake Street
765Lakehead University Drive North
766Lakehead University Drive South
767Lambton Crescent
768Lambton Place
769Lamont Street
770Lanark Crescent
771Lancaster Avenue
772Lancaster Road
773Langworthy Crescent
774Lansdowne Court
775Lansing Street
776Lar Den Court
777Lark Street
778Laughing Bird Road
779Laurel Court
780Laurentian Drive
781Laval Street
782Law Road
783Lawrence Avenue
784Lawrence Road
785Legion Track Drive
786Leith Street
787Leland Avenue North
788Leland Avenue South
789Leslie Avenue
790Leys Street
791Light Court
792Lighthall Road
793Lillian Street
794Lillie Street
795Lillie Street North
796Lillie Street South
797Limbrick Street
798Lime Road
799Lime Road Extension
800Lincoln Street
801Lincoln Street
802Linden Court
803Linke Road
804Linwood Crescent
805Lisa Court
806Lisgar Street
807Lithium Drive
808Little Harry Road
809Little Petry Road
810Lloyd Street
811Loch Lomond Road
812Logan Avenue
813Loganberry Road
814Lombard Court
815London Drive
816Longbow Street
817Lorne Street
818Lost Road
819Lost Road
820Louis Street
821Loxley Bay
822Loyola Place
823Luci Court
824Lunch Road
825Lunch Road
826Lydia Avenue
827Lyle Street
828Lynch Road
829Lynda Avenue
830Lynx Crescent
831Lyon Boulevard East
832Lyon Boulevard West
833Macdonell Street
834Macdougall Street
835Machar Avenue
836Machray Avenue
837Madden Road
838Madden Road 800
839Madden Road 800
840Madden Road 800
841Madden Road 800
842Madeline Street
843Madison Street
844Magone Lake Road
845Main Street
846Maki Lake Road
847Maki Road
848Malibu Court
849Malibu Street
850Manchester Road
851Manchester Road
852Manion Place
853Manion Street
854Manitou Street
855Manor Court
856Maple Avenue
857Mapleleaf Crescent
858Mapleward Road
859Maplewood Street North
860Maplewood Street South
861Margaret Street
862Marina Park Drive
863Marina Park Overpass
864Marion Street
865Market Street
866Markland Street
867Marks Street North
868Marks Street South
869Marlborough Street
870Marlwood Road
871Marquette Street
872Marquis Drive
873Marshall Street
874Martha Street
875Martin Avenue
876Mary Lake Road
877Mary Street East
878Mary Street West
879Masters Street
880Matthews Street
881Maureen Street
882Mawn Road
883Max Road South
884Maxwell Avenue
885May Street North
886May Street South
887Mayflower Drive
888Mcauliffe Crescent
889Mcauliffe Place
890Mcbain Street
891Mcbean Street
892Mccauley Road
893Mccomber Crescent
894Mcconnell Road
895Mcculloch Street
896Mccusky Road
897Mcdonald Street
898Mcgill Crescent
899Mcgillivray Street
900Mcgregor Avenue
901Mcgregor Place
902Mcintosh Street
903Mcintyre Street
904Mckellar Street North
905Mckellar Street South
906Mckenzie Street
907Mckibbin Street
908Mclaughlin Street
909Mcleod Street
910Mcmaster Road
911Mcmaster Street
912Mcmillan Street
913Mcmullen Road
914Mcmurray Street
915Mcnaughton Street
916Mcpherson Street
917Mctavish Road 4
918Mctavish Street
919Mcvicar Street
920Meek Street
921Melbourne Road
922Melbourne Road
923Melbourne Road
924Melody Court
925Melon Street
926Melvin Avenue
927Memorial Avenue
928Mercedes Drive
929Mercier Street
930Merrill Street
931Meryle Street
932Metcalfe Avenue
933Michigan Avenue
934Midland Street
935Mile 43 Road
936Mile 43 Road
937Mile 43 Road
938Mile 49 1/2
939Mile 49 1/2
940Mile 49 1/2
941Mile 82 Road
942Mile 82 Road
943Miles Street East
944Miles Street West
945Millford Road
946Milne Street
947Mine Road
948Mine Road
949Mink Court
950Minnesota Street
951Minot Avenue
952Minstrel Bay
953Minto Place
954Minto Street
955Mireault Court
956Mohawk Crescent
957Mona Street
958Montclair Street
959Montgomery Street
960Montreal Street
961Montrose Place
962Moodie Street East
963Moodie Street West
964Mooney Street
965Moore Avenue
966Mooseland Road 70
967Moraine Road
968Morecombe Avenue
969Morgan Avenue
970Morse Street
971Mortar Road
972Mortimer Avenue
973Mott Road
974Mott Road
975Mount Forest Boulevard
976Mount Mccrae Court
977Mount Mccrae Crescent
978Mountain Road
979Mountdale Avenue
980Munro Street
981Murphy Avenue
982Murray Avenue
983N 1 Island
984Nakina Drive
985Natasha Court
986Neebing Avenue
987Nelson Avenue
988Nelson Street
989New Street
990New Vickers Street
991Newberry Crescent
992Newcastle Drive
993Newport Avenue
994Newton Street
995Niagara Avenue
996Nickle Street
997Niemi Road
998Nipigon Avenue
999Nipigon Road
1000Nobel Road
1007Norah Crescent
1008Norah Street North
1009Norah Street South
1010Norkooli Road
1011Normandy Court
1012Norswman Road
1013North Fowl Lake Road
1014North Road
1015North Street
1016North Water Street
1017Northern Avenue
1018Northwest Corner Road
1019Northwest Corner Road
1020Northwest Corner Road
1021Northwest Corner Road
1022Norwester Drive
1023Nottingham Crescent
1024Nova Drive
1025Nugent Street
1026Oak Avenue
1027Oak Heights Place
1028Oakdale Crescent
1029Oakwood Street
1030Ogden Street
1031Old Silver Mountain Road
1032Oliver Road
1033Oliver Road
1034Oliver Road
1035Oliver Road
1036Olmala Road
1037Olympia Place
1038Onion Lake Road
1039Ontario Street
1040Opal Street
1041Oriole Place
1042Oriole Street
1043Orville Wieben Crescent
1044Oswald Street
1045Ottawa Street
1046Otto Street
1047Otway Street
1048Oxford Street
1049Pace Road
1050Pacer Place
1051Pacific Avenue East
1052Pacific Avenue West
1053Pakkard Road
1054Paquette Road
1055Park Avenue
1056Park Row
1057Parkdale Boulevard
1058Parkway Drive
1059Parkwood Street
1060Parsons Avenue
1061Partridge Falls Road
1062Partridge Falls Road
1063Partridge Falls Road
1064Passage Lake Road
1065Pasteur Road
1066Patola Road
1067Pearl Street
1068Peel Street
1069Penfold Street
1070Pento Road
1071Perozak Street
1072Perth Crescent
1073Peter Street
1074Petry Crossover Road
1075Phillips Avenue
1076Phillips Street
1077Phyllis Street
1078Piccadilly Avenue
1079Piccard Avenue
1080Picton Avenue
1081Picton Place
1082Pike Lake Road
1083Pine Grove Place
1084Pine Street
1085Pinedale Place
1086Pineview Bay
1087Pintail Road
1088Pioneer Drive
1089Pipeline Road
1090Pipeline Road
1091Pipeline Road
1092Pipeline Road
1093Pipeline Road
1094Pipeline Road
1095Pipeline Road
1096Pipeline Road
1097Pipeline Road
1098Pipeline West Road
1099Piper Avenue
1100Pit Road
1101Pit Road
1102Pole Line Road
1103Pole Line Road
1104Pomona Drive
1105Ponderosa Drive
1106Poplar Avenue
1107Porcupine Boulevard
1108Posters Road
1109Powley Street
1110Premier Way
1111Prescott Crescent
1112Primrose Street
1113Prince Arthur Boulevard
1114Princess Street
1115Princeton Place
1116Pringle Street
1117Prokops Road
1118Prospect Avenue
1119Pruden Street
1120Quail Drive
1121Quebec Street
1122Queen Street
1123R S Piper Avenue
1125Radio Road
1126Rainbow Street
1127Ramsays Road
1128Randall Court
1129Rankin Street
1130Ravenwood Avenue
1131Ray Boulevard
1132Ray Court
1133Raynard Road
1134Reaume Street
1135Red Lake Road
1136Red Pine Way
1137Red River Road
1138Red Rock Drive
1139Redmond Street
1140Redwood Avenue
1141Redwood Avenue West
1142Regent Street
1143Regina Avenue
1144Reindeer Avenue
1145Reta Lake Road
1146Richard Street
1147Richmond Road
1148Ridgecrest Road
1149Ridgeway Street East
1150Ridgeway Street West
1151Rinker Road
1152Rinker Road
1153Rinker Road
1154Rita Street
1155River Road
1156River Street
1157Riverdale Road
1158Riverside Drive
1159Riverveiw Drive West
1160Riverview Drive East
1161Riviera Drive
1162Road 1
1163Road 1
1164Road 19
1165Road 300
1166Road 301
1167Road 400 North
1168Road 400 North
1169Road 400 North
1170Road 401
1171Road 50
1172Road 520
1173Road 583
1174Road 585
1175Road 610
1176Road 620
1177Road 620
1178Road 630
1179Road 640
1180Road 650
1181Road 650
1182Road 650
1183Road 655
1184Road 660
1185Road 660
1186Road 670
1187Road 680
1188Road 680
1189Road 690
1190Road 694
1191Road 730
1192Road 734
1193Road 80 & Roaring Road
1194Roaring Road
1195Roaring Road
1196Roaring Road 101
1197Roaring Road 101
1198Robbie Bay
1199Roberta Street
1200Robertson Street
1201Robin Crescent
1202Robinson Drive
1203Rockcliff Drive
1204Rockwood Avenue North
1205Rockwood Avenue South
1206Roland Street
1207Rollins Street
1208Rona Street
1209Rondeau Road
1210Rondeau Road
1211Rosedale Avenue
1212Rosewood Crescent
1213Ross Street
1214Rosslyn Road
1215Rosslyn Road
1216Round Boulevard
1217Rowand Street
1218Royal Street
1219Royston Court
1220Ruby Crescent
1221Ruffo Road
1222Rupert Street
1223Ruskin Crescent
1224Russell Street
1225Ruttan Street
1226Ryde Avenue
1227Ryerson Crescent
1228Sanders Drive
1229Sandhill East Road
1230Sandhill Road
1231Sandhill West Road
1232Sandpiper Drive
1233Sandstone Street
1234Sandy Beach Road
1235Sapphire Drive
1236Sauerbrei Lake Road
1237Sauerbrei Road 200
1238Sauerbrei Road 200
1239Sauerbrei Road 250
1240Sauerbrei Road 300
1241Sauerbrei Road 300
1242Saxon Drive
1243Scalp Creek Road
1244Scalp Creek Road
1245Scandrett Road 700
1246Scandrett Road 700
1247Scandrett Road 710
1248Scandrett Road 710
1249Scandrett Road 710
1250Scandrett Road 710
1251Scarlet Avenue
1252Schreiber Road
1253Scotland Street
1254Seagull Road
1255Seagull Road
1256Secord Street
1257Selkirk Street North
1258Selkirk Street South
1259Seminole Crescent
1260Seneca Crescent
1261Seneca Place
1262Sequoia Crescent
1263Sequoia Drive
1264Sequoia Street
1265Shabaqua Road
1266Shamrock Crescent
1267Sheppard Street
1268Sherbrooke Street
1269Sheridan Crescent
1270Sheriff Court
1271Sherrington Drive
1272Sherwood Drive
1274Shipley Street
1275Shipyard Road
1276Shirley Road
1277Shuniah Bay
1278Shuniah Street
1279Sibley Drive
1280Sifton Avenue
1281Sigh Road
1282Silles Court
1283Sillesdale Crescent
1284Sills Street
1285Simcoe Street
1286Simon Fraser Drive
1287Simon Fraser Street
1288Simpson Street
1289Skunk Road
1290Skyline Avenue
1291Smart Road
1292South Creek Bay
1293South Water Street
1294Southern Avenue
1295Southgate Court
1296Southridge Place
1297Spencer Road
1298Spofford Street
1299Sprague Street
1300Spring Street
1301Springlet Road
1302Springlet Road
1303Springview Square
1304Spruce Court
1305Squaw Bay Road
1306Squier Place
1307Squier Street
1308St Clair Avenue
1309St George Avenue
1310St James Street
1311St Joseph Street
1312St Paul Street
1313St Vincent Avenue
1314Stanley Avenue
1315Stapleton Street
1316Stardust Crescent
1317Starnes Road
1318Starnes Road
1319Stephens Street
1320Stokes Street
1321Strachan Crescent
1322Strand Avenue
1323Strathcona Avenue
1324Summerhill Drive
1325Summit Avenue
1326Suncrest Place
1327Sunflower Street
1328Sunrise Boulevard
1329Sunset Bay
1330Sunset Lake Road
1331Superior Avenue
1332Superiorview Drive
1333Surprise Lake Road West
1334Surrey Street
1335Swallow Crescent
1336Sward Lake Road
1337Sycamore Avenue
1338Sycamore Place
1339Sydney Street
1340Syndicate Avenue North
1341Syndicate Avenue South
1342Talbot Street
1343Tamarack Place
1344Tarbutt Street
1345Taylor Drive
1346Tease Road 500
1347Terminal Street
1348Terrace Crescent
1349Theresa Street
1350Thistle Crescent
1351Thompson Road
1352Thorndale Crescent
1353Thornloe Drive
1354Thunder Bay Expressway
1355Thunder Bay Expressway
1356Thunder Bay Expressway
1357Thunder Road
1358Timberline Drive
1359Toivo Street
1360Tokio Street
1361Toledo Street
1362Tomlinson Road
1363Toms Road
1364Tonkin Road
1365Townline Road
1366Trendiak Road
1367Trillium Court
1368Trillium Place
1369Trillium Way
1370Trinity Crescent
1371Triple Creek Road
1372Triple Creek Road
1373Trojek Road
1374Trojek Road
1375Trotter Road
1376Trout Bay Road
1377Trout Bay Road
1378Trowbridge Road
1379Tudor Court
1380Tungsten Street
1381Tupper Street
1382Tuscany Drive
1383Tuxedo Drive
1384Twin City Crossroads
1385Twin Mountains Road
1386Twin Mountains Road
1387University Drive
1388Upper Wolf Road
1389Vale Avenue
1390Vale Crescent
1391Valhalla Inn Road
1392Valley Street
1393Valleywood Crescent
1394Valour Place
1395Van Horne Street
1396Van Norman Street
1397Vanguard Avenue
1398Varsity Place
1399Varsity Row
1400Velva Avenue
1401Vera Avenue
1402Veradale Street
1403Vickers Street North
1404Vickers Street South
1405Victor Street
1406Victoria Avenue East
1407Victoria Avenue West
1408Vienna Street
1409Vigars Street
1410Villa Street
1411Vimy Street
1412Vintage Crescent
1413Violet Street
1414Wabikon Road
1415Wabikon Road
1416Wade Crescent
1417Walbros Road
1418Walkover Street
1419Wallbridge Avenue
1420Walnut Street
1421Walsh Street East
1422Walsh Street West
1423Wappner Road
1424Ward Avenue
1425Wardrope Avenue
1426Wartman Road
1427Wasco Drive
1428Water Street
1429Waterford Street
1430Waterloo Street North
1431Waterloo Street South
1432Waverley Street
1433Weaver Avenue
1434Weigand Avenue
1435Welland Street
1436Wellington Street
1437Wentworth Crescent
1438Wentworth Street
1439West Riverdale Road
1440West Sandstone Lake Road
1441Westbury Crescent
1442Westminster Street
1443Westview Place
1444Whalen Street
1445Wharton Road
1446Whistle Creek Road
1447Whistle Road
1448White Park Road
1449Whitefin Road
1450Whitegates Drive
1451Whitehall Drive
1452Whitestone Square
1453Whitestone Way
1454Whitney Street
1455Wild Rose Road
1456Wiley Street
1457Willard Avenue
1458William Street
1459William Street
1460Willow Park Drive
1461Willow Place
1462Willrod Road
1463Wilroy Avenue
1464Wilson Street
1465Wiltshire Crescent
1466Windemere Avenue North
1467Windemere Avenue South
1468Windsor Street
1469Winnipeg Avenue
1470Wishart Crescent
1471Wolf Lake Dam Road
1472Wolf Pup Road
1473Wolf Pup Road
1474Wolf Pup Road
1475Wolf Pup Road
1476Wolf Pup Road
1477Wolf Road 216
1478Wolf Road 216
1479Wolseley Street
1480Wolverine Crescent
1481Wood Street
1482Woodbine Avenue
1483Woodcrest Road
1484Woodlawn Avenue
1485Woodside Street
1486Woodvale Square
1487Woodward Avenue
1488Wren Court
1489Wyndale Street
1490Yale Court
1491York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)