List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in City of Waterloo, Ontario
#Street Name
1Abbotswood Court
2Aberdeen Road
3Academy Crescent
4Acadia Court
5Ainsworth Court
6Albert Street
7Alexandra Avenue
8Alexmuir Place
9Algonquin Drive
10Allen Street East
11Allen Street West
12Allenby Court
13Allison Court
14Altheim Crescent
15Altheim Place
16Alvin Street
17Amberg Lane
18Amberwood Drive
19Ambleside Court
20American Beech Avenue
21Amos Avenue
22Anatolin Place
23Angler Way
24Anita Court
25Annapolis Court
26Anndale Court
27Anndale Road
28Apache Drive
29Appledale Crescent
30Applegate Court
31Arden Place
32Arlene Place
33Ascot Place
34Ash Tree Place
35Ashberry Place
36Ashby Court
37Ashcroft Place
38Ashton Crescent
39Aspenwood Place
40Atlantic Boulevard
41Auburn Drive
42Austin Drive
43Autumn Place
44Avignon Place
45Avondale Avenue North
46Avondale Avenue South
47Baffin Place
48Bairstow Crescent
49Baker Street
50Balsam Street
51Baringham Place
52Barrie Place
53Barrington Lane
54Barwick Crescent
55Basswood Street
56Batavia Place
57Bathurst Drive
58Bauer Place
59Bayhampton Crescent
60Bearinger Road
61Beaver Creek Crescent
62Beaver Creek Road
63Beaverwood Street
64Beckwith Court
65Beech Street
66Beechlawn Drive
67Beechwood Drive
68Beechwood Place
69Belcan Place
70Belgreen Way
71Bellehaven Drive
72Belmont Avenue
73Benjamin Road
74Bennington Gate
75Bernay Drive
76Bertha Street
77Beverley Street
78Bing Crescent
79Birchleaf Walk
80Birchmount Drive
81Bisch Street
82Black Cherry Street
83Black Forest Place
84Black Oak Crescent
85Blue Beech Boulevard
86Blue Springs Drive
87Bluenose Court
88Bluenose Crescent
89Bluestream Road
90Bluevale Street North
91Bluevale Street South
92Blythwood Place
93Blythwood Road
94Boettger Place
95Bolingbrooke Place
96Bonavista Drive
97Bonn Avenue
98Bordeaux Place
99Bowman Street
100Box Grove Place
101Boxbury Drive
102Braeburn Place
103Braemore Avenue
104Braemore Circle
105Braeside Avenue
106Brandenburg Boulevard
107Brandenburg Court
108Brandenburg Place
109Branstone Drive
110Breakwater Crescent
111Breezewood Crescent
112Brendawood Crescent
113Brentcliffe Drive
114Briarcliffe Crescent
115Briarcliffe Place
116Bricker Avenue
117Bridge Street West
118Bridge Street West
119Bridgeport Road East
120Bridgeport Road West
121Bridgewater Crescent
122Bridle Path Court
123Bridle Trail
124Brigantine Drive
125Brighton Street
126Bristol Street
127Bronco Crescent
128Brookhaven Crescent
129Brookmill Crescent
130Brookmill Place
131Browning Place
132Brynhurst Boulevard
133Buckingham Boulevard
134Burning Bush Road
135Bushview Crescent
136Bushwood Court
137Buttercup Court
138Butternut Avenue
139Cabot Trail
140Cadbury Court
141Cairncroft Place
142Calvington Place
143Cambria Place
144Camelot Court
145Camille Crescent
146Candlewood Crescent
147Canewood Crescent
148Canewood Place
149Canso Place
150Canterbury Drive
151Cardiff Street
152Cardill Crescent
153Cardinal Crescent North
154Cardinal Crescent South
155Carene Court
156Carlaw Place
157Caroline Street North
158Caroline Street South
159Carriage House Court
160Carrington Place
161Carter Avenue
162Casswell Court
163Castlefield Avenue
164Castlegate Crescent
165Cavalier Place
166Cavelletti Court
167Cavendish Drive
168Cedar Bend Drive
169Cedar Bend Place
170Cedarbrae Avenue
171Cedarcliffe Drive
172Cedargrove Place
173Cedarvale Crescent
174Central Street
175Chablis Drive
176Chancery Lane
177Chancery Place
178Charing Cross
179Chelford Crescent
180Chelford Place
181Cheltonwood Crescent
182Chesapeake Crescent
183Chesapeake Drive
184Christopher Drive
185Churchill Court
186Churchill Street
187Citadel Court
188Clair Creek Boulevard
189Clairbrook Crescent
190Claridge Place
191Clayfield Avenue
192Claywood Court
193Clearwater Crescent
194Clipper Drive
195Clovervalley Court
196Coghill Place
197Colby Court
198Colby Drive
199Coldstream Drive
200Coleridge Drive
201Coleridge Place
202Colonial Drive
203Colt Street
204Columbia Forest Boulevard
205Columbia Forest Court
206Columbia Street East
207Columbia Street West
208Combermere Crescent
209Concordia Crescent
210Conestogo Road East
211Conestogo Road West
212Conrad Place
213Conservation Drive
214Conservation Drive
215Coppercroft Court
216Cornerbrook Crescent
217Cornerbrook Place
218Cornridge Place
219Cornwall Street
220Corrie Crescent
221Country Squire Lane
222Country Squire Road
223Craigleith Drive
224Craigston Place
225Cranberry Street
226Creekside Drive
227Creighton Court
228Crimson Crescent
229Crimson Drive
230Croyden Place
231Culpepper Drive
232Culpepper Place
233Dale Crescent
234Dalecroft Place
235Daleside Place
236Daleview Place
237Dalhousie Lane
238Dansbury Drive
239Dansbury Place
240Dartmoor Crescent
241Davenport Road
242Dawson Street
243Dayna Crescent
244Deacon Wood Place
245Dearborn Boulevard
246Dearborn Place
247Deer Run Drive
248Deerberry Place
249Denholm Street
250Devitt Avenue North
251Devitt Avenue South
252Dick Street
253Dietz Avenue North
254Dietz Avenue South
255Dixie Crescent
256Dodds Lane
257Dogwood Lane
258Dominion Lane
259Dorchester Place
260Dorset Street
261Dotzert Court
262Douglas Street
263Dover Street
264Dovercliffe Place
265Downsview Place
266Drake Circle
267Drummerhill Crescent
268Dunbar Road North
269Dunbar Road South
270Dunvegan Drive
271Dupont Street East
272Dupont Street West
273Durward Place
274Dutton Drive
275Eastbridge Boulevard
276Eastgate Walk
277Edenbrook Place
278Edenvalley Crescent
279Edenwood Place
280Edgebrook Place
281Eiwo Court
282Elgin Crescent
283Elgin Street
284Ellesmere Court
285Ellis Crescent North
286Ellis Crescent South
287Elm Ridge Place
288Elmhurst Court
289Empire Street
290Ennismore Place
291Erb Street East
292Erb Street West
293Erb Street West
294Erbsville Court
295Erbsville Road
296Esson Street
297Euclid Avenue
298Exmoor Street
299Ezra Avenue
300Fallingbrook Drive
301Faraday Court
302Father David Bauer Drive
303Fenner Lane
304Fern Crescent
305Fern Road
306Ferndale Place
307Fir Street
308Fischer Hallman Road
309Fischer Hallman Road North
310Fischer Hallman Road South
311Forest Gate Crescent
312Forestlawn Road
313Forsyth Drive
314Forwell Creek Road
315Fountain Street
316Fox Cove Place
317Foxhill Place
318Foxhunt Place
319Foxhunt Road
320Frank Tompa Drive
321Frederick Banting Place
322Freemont Street
323Frieburg Drive
324Frobisher Drive
325Fullerton Street
326Garden Tree Court
327Gaspe Drive
328Gatestone Boulevard
329Gateview Drive
330George Street
331Gillen Street
332Glacier Street
333Glen Forrest Boulevard
334Glen Manor Boulevard
335Glenburn Drive
336Glendene Crescent
337Glenecho Court
338Glenelm Crescent
339Glengrove Place
340Glenridge Drive
341Glenridge Place
342Goldbeck Lane
343Goldbeck Street
344Golden Eagle Road
345Goldthread Street
346Graham Street
347Grand Banks Drive
348Grand Meadow Place
349Grand River Drive
350Grange Crescent
351Grangewood Court
352Grangewood Drive
353Grant Crescent
354Grasslands Court
355Green Acre Park Lane
356Green Acres Drive
357Green Meadow Crescent
358Greenbrier Drive
359Grey Alder Court
360Grey Squirrel Place
361Guildwood Place
362Hagen Court
363Hagey Boulevard
364Haldane Court
365Hallmark Drive
366Hamstead Court
367Harbour View Crescent
368Harper Place
369Hartwood Avenue
370Harvard Place
371Harvard Road
372Havelock Drive
373Havendale Crescent
374Havendale Place
375Hawthorn Street
376Hazel Street
377Heathcliffe Place
378Heather Hill Place
379Helene Crescent
380Hemingway Place
381Hemlock Street
382Herbert Street
383Herron Place
384Hiawatha Drive
385Hickory Street East
386Hickory Street West
387High Street
388Highpoint Avenue
389Highway 85
390Highway 85
391Hillcrest Avenue
392Hillcroft Court
393Hilliard Avenue
394Hillside Street
395Holbeach Court
396Holbeach Crescent
397Holly Street
398Holly View Place
399Homeview Place
400Honeywood Place
401Hughes Lane
402Hunters Place
403Hunterswood Court
404Huntingdon Crescent
405Inglis Falls Place
406Innsbruck Place
407Interlaken Drive
408Inverhuron Crescent
409Ira Needles Boulevard
410Ironwood Place
411Iroquois Place
412Jackpine Place
413Jacob Lane
414James Street
415Jefferson Court
416John Street East
417John Street West
418Kane Drive
419Karen Place
420Karen Walk
421Karlsfeld Road
422Kawartha Street
423Keats Walk
424Keats Way
425Keats Way Place
426Keatswood Crescent
427Kelso Drive
428Kelso Place
429Killbear Court
430King Street North
431King Street North Service Road
432King Street South
433Kingscourt Drive
434Kingsford Place
435Kingsley Crescent
436Kingsmill Court
437Kiwanis Park Drive
438Klosters Drive
439Knightsbridge Court
440Kraus Drive
441Kumpf Drive
442Kuntz Lane
443Labrador Drive
444Lagenfeld Lane
445Lake Louise Boulevard
446Lakeview Drive
447Langford Place
448Larch Street
449Laurel Gate Drive
450Laurel Street
451Laurelwood Drive
452Laurier Place
453Lausanne Crescent
454Leaside Place
455Lee Avenue
456Lee Circle
457Leighland Drive
458Lester Street
459Lexington Court
460Lexington Crescent
461Lexington Road
462Lifestyle Way
463Lighthouse Place
464Lillian Drive
465Lincoln Road
466Lions Court
467Little Dover Crescent
468Lobster Lane
469Lodge Street
470Lonelm Place
471Longfellow Drive
472Longwood Drive
473Lorindale Street
474Lourdes Street
475Lucan Avenue
476Lucerne Avenue
477Lunenburg Lane
478Lynnbrook Crescent
479Lynnbrook Place
480Macdonald Place
481Macgregor Crescent
482Mackay Crescent
483Magnolia Place
484Malabar Drive
485Mallard Crescent
486Manorwood Court
487Maple Court
488Maple Forest Lane
489Maple Forest Place
490Marengo Court
491Margaret Avenue North
492Margaret Avenue South
493Mariner Drive
494Marlowe Drive
495Marshall Street
496Marsland Drive
497Martindale Crescent
498Mary Street
499Maverick Street
500Mayberry Court
501Mayfield Avenue
502Mayfield Court
503Mayflower Street
504Mayview Court
505Mayview Crescent
506Mccarron Crescent
507Mccarron Place
508Mccrae Place
509Mcdougall Road
510Mcmurray Road
511Meadowsweet Avenue
512Meadowvale Place
513Meadowvale Road
514Meaford Drive
515Mediterranean Avenue
516Meersburg Lane
517Melbourne Crescent
518Menno Street
519Middlebury Drive
520Midwood Crescent
521Milford Avenue
522Milla Court
523Millcroft Place
524Millennium Boulevard
525Moccasin Drive
526Mohawk Avenue
527Monarch Place
528Montclair Place
529Moore Avenue North
530Moore Avenue South
531Mooring Post Lane
532Morningdale Crescent
533Moscow Road
534Mossom Place
535Mount Anne Drive
536Mountain Maple Avenue
537Mountbatten Avenue
538Mulberry Lane
539Munich Circle
540Munich Cross
541Murdock Avenue
542Mustang Place
543Neilson Avenue
544New Bedford Drive
545New Forest Court
546New Hampshire Street
547Newport Place
548Niagara Drive
549Noecker Street
553Norman Street
554Normandy Avenue
555North Campus Road
556Northampton Crescent
557Northampton Place
558Northcrest Place
559Northfield Drive East
560Northfield Drive West
561Northgate Avenue
562Northlake Drive
563Northlake Place
564Northland Road
565Norwood Crescent
566Oakfield Court
567Oakridge Place
568Oakvale Drive
569Old Abbey Court
570Old Abbey Road
571Old Albert Street
572Old Meadow Lane
573Old Oak Drive
574Old Oak Place
575Old Orchard Place
576Old Post Cross
577Old Post Road
578Old Stone Road
579Oriole Street
580Osprey Drive
581Oxbow Road
582Pacific Avenue
583Palamino Place
584Pan America Road
585Panama Road
586Panchara Place
587Paradise Crescent
588Paris Boulevard
589Park Lawn Place
590Park Road
591Park Street
592Parkgreen Place
593Parkmount Drive
594Parkmount Place
595Parkridge Court
596Parkside Drive
597Parkwood Court
598Partridge Place
599Pastern Trail
600Peggys Cove Lane
601Penny Lane
602Peppler Street
603Percheron Court
604Phillip Street
605Pilgrim Circle
606Pine Grove Crescent
607Pine Island Crescent
608Pinebrook Place
609Pineland Court
610Pineland Place
611Pinemeadow Crescent
612Pineridge Road
613Pinerow Court
614Pinerow Crescent
615Pinery Trail
616Pinewood Place
617Pitfield Place
618Pittsford Close
619Pleasant Bay Court
620Pommel Gate Crescent
621Portsmouth Gate
622Post Horn Place
623Prince Edward Court
624Princess Street
625Princess Street East
626Princess Street West
627Queensdale Court
628Quickfall Drive
629Quiet Place
630Ralston Place
633Randall Drive
634Rankin Street
635Red Oak Place
636Red Osier Road
637Red Pine Drive
638Red River Drive
639Redfox Road
640Redwood Place
641Regal Place
642Regency Crescent
643Regina Street North
644Regina Street South
645Reiber Court
646Renaud Drive
647Residence Road U Of West
648Rheinland Place
649Rhine Fall Drive
650Rideau River Place
651Rideau River Street
652Ridgegate Drive
653Ridgeview Crescent
654Ring Road
655River Oak Drive
656River Oak Place
657Rock Point Crescent
658Rodney Street
659Roger Street
660Rolling Hills Drive
661Roosevelt Avenue
662Rose Lea Crescent
663Rosebriar Court
664Roselawn Place
665Rosemeadow Crescent
666Rosette Drive
667Roslin Avenue North
668Roslin Avenue South
669Roxton Drive
670Roy Schmidt Road
671Royal Beech Court
672Royal Beech Drive
673Royal Fern Street
674Royal Street
675Rummelhardt Drive
676Running Brook Place
677Rupert Street
678Rustic Court
679Rustic Drive
680Sable Court
681Salzburg Drive
682Sand Wood Place
683Sandbanks Crescent
684Sandbrooke Court
685Sandbury Lane
686Sandcliffe Place
687Sandford Fleming Drive
688Sandowne Drive
689Sandringham Drive
690Sandy Cove Crescent
691Sandy Ridge Place
692Sauve Crescent
693Schaefer Street
694Schnarr Street
695Schooner Crescent
696Scotchmere Court
697Seagram Drive
698Seawind Trail
699Settlersfield Court
700Severn Street
701Shadow Wood Court
702Shadow Wood Crescent
703Shagbark Court
704Shakespeare Drive
705Shakespeare Place
706Shallmar Court
707Shaughnessy Place
708Shediac Crescent
709Short Street
710Silver Wood Place
711Silverbirch Road
712Silvercrest Drive
713Silvermeadow Place
714Skylark Road
715Skyview Place
716Sleaford Street
717Smallwood Drive
718Snowcrest Place
719Somerdale Place
720Somerset Crescent
721Sorrel Place
722South Haven Drive
723Southampton Place
724Southwick Place
725Speckled Alder Street
726Spice Bush Street
727Spinnaker Crescent
728Spring Street East
729Spring Street West
730Spring Tide Court
731Springfield Crescent
732Springfield Place
733Springwater Drive
734Springwater Place
735Spruce Street
736Sprucehill Avenue
737Sprucehurst Crescent
738Squire Court
739St Anton Court
740St Armand Drive
741St Moritz Avenue
742Stanley Drive
743Stanley Drive West
744Stanwood Crescent
745Star Flower Avenue
746Starboard Crescent
747State Court
748State Street
749Steinbeck Place
750Stillmeadow Circle
751Stone Path Court
752Stonebury Crescent
753Stonehaven Drive
754Stoneheight Place
755Strathmere Court
756Strawberry Crescent
757Sugarbush Drive
758Sunnydale Place
759Sunpoint Crescent
760Sunshine Avenue
761Sunview Street
762Superior Drive
763Swallow Street
764Tamarack Drive
765Tatlock Court
766Tatlock Drive
767Teakwood Drive
768Teakwood Place
769Tealby Crescent
770Tealby Place
771Tennyson Place
772Terrystone Walk
773The Boardwalk
774The Lions Gate
775Thistleglen Place
776Thornberry Lane
777Thornbird Place
778Thornbush Crescent
779Thorncrest Drive
780Thorndale Drive
781Thorndale Place
782Thornhill Place
783Thornlea Court
784Thornview Place
785Tidewater Place
786Timbercroft Crescent
787Timlock Place
788Toll Gate Boulevard
789Toman Drive
790Transcanada Road
791Trembling Aspen Avenue
792Tweed Street
793Twin Oaks Crescent
794Twinflower Crescent
795Union Street East
796Union Street West
797University Avenue East
798University Avenue West
799University Downs Crescent
800Valley Ridge Crescent
801Vermont Street
802Villa Place
803Violet Street
804Virginia Creeper Street
805Vogel Place
806Warrington Drive
807Wasaga Crescent
808Washington Avenue
809Waterbury Lane
810Waterbury Place
811Waterloo Street
812Waterton Court
813Waterton Drive
814Weber Street North
815Weber Street South
816Wells Lane
817Werni Court
818Wes Graham Way
819West Hill Drive
820Westcourt Place
821Westcroft Drive
822Westfield Drive
823Westfield Place
824Westhaven Street
825Westhollow Court
826Westmount Road North
827Westmount Road South
828Weston Place
829Westpark Crescent
830Westridge Drive
831Westridge Place
832Westvale Drive
833Westvale Gate
834White Birch Avenue
835White Cedar Avenue
836White Elm Boulevard
837White Oak Place
838White Pine Crescent
839White Rock Crescent
840Whitecap Avenue
841Whitmore Drive
842Wideman Road
843Wild Ginger Avenue
844Wild Iris Avenue
845Wildwood Place
846William Street East
847William Street West
848Willis Way
849Willow Street
850Willow Wood Drive
851Willow Wood Place
852Willowdale Avenue
853Willowdale Place
854Wiltshire Place
855Winchester Drive
856Winder Heights Place
857Windjammer Way
858Winfield Avenue
859Wingrove Court
860Winterberry Avenue
861Winterburg Court
862Winterburg Walk
863Wintergreen Drive
864Wismer Street
865Wissler Road
866Wood Nettle Way
867Woodbend Crescent
868Woodington Place
869Woodlawn Place
870Woodrow Drive
871Woodrow Place
872Woodville Place
873Woolgrass Avenue
874Woolwich Place
875Woolwich Street
876Woolwich Street North
877Wyecroft Boulevard
878Wyman Road
879Yarmouth Drive
880York Street
881Yorkshire Drive
882Young Street East
883Young Street West
884Zermatt Drive
885Zurich Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)