List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of Central Elgin, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Street
57th Avenue
6Adelaide Street
7Aileen Street
8Andrea Crescent
9Anita Court
10Bailey Avenue
11Barnums Gully Line
12Barons Court
13Bartholemew Street
14Battram Avenue
15Beamish Street
16Beck Line
17Belmont Road
18Bessie Street
19Blanche Road
20Bodkin Street
21Boltville Place
22Borden Avenue
23Bostwick Road
24Bostwick Street
25Bradish Road
26Brayside Street
27Brentwood Crescent
28Bridge Street
29Brouwers Line
30Buis Line
31Caesar Road
32Canterbury Place
33Carlow Road
34Carr Road
35Catherine Street
36Centennial Avenue
37Centennial Road
38Charles Street
39Charlotte Street
40Chestnut Grove Road
41Church Street
42Colborn Road
43Colborne Street
44College Street
45Copeland Street
46Cornell Drive
47Coulter Avenue
48Crescent Avenue
49Crestview Court
50Currie Boulevard
51Dalewood Road
52Davis Street
53Dexter Line
54Dexter Line
55Dover Place
56Drake Street
57Dufferin Street
58Dyer Street
59East Road
60East Street
61Edgeware Line
62Edgeware Line
63Edgeware Line
64Edgewell Crescent
65Edith Cavell Boulevard
66Edith Street
67Edward Street
68Elizabeth Street
69Elm Line
70Elm Street
71Elmwood Avenue
72Emery Street
73Erie Street
74Fairview Road
75Fairview Street
76Ferguson Line
77Ferguson Line
78Ferguson Line
79Fernie Street
80Forsyth Line
81Frances Street
82Frederick Street
83Freeman Lane
84Front Street
85Fruit Ridge Line
86Fruit Ridge Line
87Fruit Ridge Line
88Gentry Lane
89George Street
90Gertrude Street
91Glanworth Drive
92Glenwood Avenue
93Goudy Road
94Harding Smith Line
95Harrison Place
96Hawk Cliff Road
97Hazelwood Crescent
98Helkaa Line
99Hetty Street
100High Street
101Highbury Avenue
102Highland Street
103Hill Street
104Hillcrest Avenue
105Hillcrest Drive
106Hindley Crescent
107Hobson Road
108Hydro Road
109Independent Street
110Invererie Heights Lane
111James Street
112James Street
113James Turvey Place
114Jamieson Street
115John Street
116John Wise Line
117John Wise Line
118John Wise Line
119Johnathon Street
120Jonathan Way
121Joseph Street
122Karen Street
123Kettle Creek Drive
124Kitchener Avenue
125Lake Line
126Lakeview Street
127Landon Lane
128Larry Street
129Lawton Street
130Linda Street
131Little Creek Place
132Lois Avenue
133Lorne Street
134Louise Street
135Lower Spring Street
136Lyndale Avenue
137Lynhurst Avenue
138Main Street
139Manning Drive
140Maple Street
141Mapleton Line
142Mapleton Line
143Marlene Street
144Martyn Line
145Matilda Street
146Maud Street
147Mcbain Line
148Mcclary Avenue
149Meadow Wood Lane
150Merville Street
151Methodist Street
152Mill Pond Lane
153Mill Road
154Mitchell Street
155Mortensen Road
156Nathan Street
161Nora Place
162Norma Place
163North Street
164Oak Street
165Oakdale Crescent
166Oakview Crescent
167Odell Street
168Old Victoria Road
169Orchard Street
170Owen Court
171Parkins Street
172Paul Street
173Penhale Road
174Peter Street
175Pine Grove Road
176Pleasant Valley Line
177Plymouth Court
178Powers Road
179Prospect Street
180Pulley Road
181Quaker Road
182Queen Street
183Ramona Lane
184Reagan Bourne
185River Road
186Roberts Line
187Roberts Line
188Roberts Line
189Ron Mcneil Line
190Ron Mcneil Line
191Ron Mcneil Line
192Rouen Street
193Ryan Street
194Scarlett Place
195Selbourne Drive
196Shaw Boulevard
197Sherwood Avenue
198Shorelea Line
199Smith Street
200Smith Street
201Snyders Avenue
202South Street
203Southdale Line
204Southdale Line
205Southdale Line
206Sparta Line
207Sparta Line
208Sparta Line
209Sparta Line
210Spring Street
211Springwater Road
212St George Street
213St Thomas Expressway
214Stanley Park Drive
215Stanley Street
216Stone Church Street
217Sunset Drive
218Sunset Road
219Sydenham Street
220Symphony Court
221Talbot Line
222Talbot Line
223Talbot Line
224Talbot Road
225Thomson Line
226Thomson Line
227Timberlane Crescent
228Tisdale Road
229Tower Heights Drive
230Tower Road
231Tracey Street
232Truman Line
233Truman Line
234Truman Line
235Turner Road
236Union Road
237Union Street
238Valerie Street
239Valley Street
240Victoria Street
241Victoria Street
242Vimy Ridge
243Vineden Drive
244Walnut Street
245Walnut Street
246Walter Street
247Warren Street
248Washburn Street
249Water Tower Line
250Watson Crescent
251Wellington Road
252West Street
253William Street
254Willow Street
255Willsie Bourne
256Woodland Road
257Yarmouth Centre Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)