List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of Clarington, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Avenue
54th Street
67th Hole Court
78th Hole Court
8Abbeywood Crescent
9Abernethy Crescent
10Acres Road
11Adair Street
12Adams Road
13Aked Road
14Albert Street
15Aldcroft Crescent
16Alderbrook Drive
17Alexander Boulevard
18Alfred Shrubb Lane
19Algonquin Trail
20Allan Wearn Street
21Alldread Crescent
22Allens Lane
23Allin Road
24Allison Street
25Allworth Crescent
26Alonna Street
27Amos Street
28Andelwood Court
29Andrew Court
30Andrew Street
31Andrews Road
32Andrews Road
33Ann Street
34Annisson Court
35Apple Blossom Boulevard
36Argent Street
37Argyle Street
38Arran Court
39Arthur Street
40Ashdale Crescent
41Aspen Springs Drive
42Auburn Court
43Auburn Lane
44Audrey Court
45Avery Road
46Avi Court
47Avondale Drive
48Aylesworth Avenue
49Bagnell Crescent
50Baker School Road
51Baldwin Street
52Banister Street
53Barbara Street
54Barker Court
55Barley Mill Crescent
56Barrington Place
57Barron Court
58Barton Road
59Baseline Road
60Baseline Road
61Baseline Road East
62Baseline Road West
63Bates Court
64Bathgate Crescent
65Baxter Street
66Beacham Crescent
67Beaucage Road
68Beaver Street North
69Beaver Street South
70Beckett Crescent
71Beech Avenue
72Beechnut Crescent
73Bellamy Road
74Belleview Court
75Bellman Court
76Bellwood Drive
77Belsey Lane
78Bennett Road
79Bernard Street
80Best Road
81Bethesda Road
82Bice Court
83Bingham Gate
84Birchfield Court
85Birchfield Drive
86Birmingham Avenue
87Blackcreek Trail
88Bloom Avenue
89Bloor Street
90Bloor Street
91Bluegrass Gate
92Bluehaven Court
93Bluenose Lane
94Bluffs Road
95Bonathon Crescent
96Bonnycastle Drive
97Bons Avenue
98Borland Court
99Boswell Drive
100Bottrell Street
101Boulton Street
102Bowen Street
103Bradley Boulevard
104Bradshaw Street
105Bragg Road
106Briar Hill Gate
107Bridges Drive
108Bridle Court
109Britton Court
110Broadlands Crescent
111Brodie Court
112Brookhouse Drive
113Brooking Street
114Brough Court
115Brown Road
116Brown Street
117Brownstone Crescent
118Brownsville Court
119Brownsville Road
120Browview Road
121Bruntsfield Street
122Buckley Lane
123Budd Lane
124Burk Court
125Bushford Street
126Butler Court
127Buttery Court
128Buyson Crescent
129Cabot Court
130Caldwell Crescent
131Caleche Avenue
132Cambrian Road
133Campling Court
134Candler Court
135Canoe Court
136Caristrap Street
137Carlisle Avenue
138Carlson Place
139Caroline Street East
140Caroline Street West
141Carriage Lane
142Carruthers Drive
143Carscadden Road
144Carveth Crescent
145Catherwood Lane
146Cecil Found Crescent
147Cedar Crest Beach Road
148Cedar Park Road
149Cedar Valley Road
150Centerfield Drive
151Centre Court
152Centre Street
153Centreview Street
154Challenger Court
155Champine Square
156Champlain Court
157Chance Court
158Chantel Court
159Chapel Street
160Charles Tilley Crescent
161Charlesville Lane
162Chater Lane
163Cherry Blossom Crescent
164Chester Lane
165Childs Court
166Church Lane
167Church Street
168Church Street
169Church Street North
170Church Street South
171Churchill Avenue
172Cigas Road
173Circlefield Court
174Clancy Lane
175Claret Road
176Clarington Boulevard
177Clarke Street
178Clayton Crescent
179Clemens Road
180Clifton Street
181Climie Court
182Clinton Court
183Cloverfield Street
184Co Op Road
185Cobbledick Road
186Cobbledick Street
187Cochrane Road
188Cold Springs Camp Road
189Cole Avenue
190Cole Court
191Cole Road
192Coleman Street
193Collille Avenue
194Concession Road 1
195Concession Road 1
196Concession Road 1
197Concession Road 10
198Concession Road 10
199Concession Road 10
200Concession Road 10
201Concession Road 10
202Concession Road 2
203Concession Road 3
204Concession Road 3
205Concession Road 3
206Concession Road 3
207Concession Road 3
208Concession Road 3
209Concession Road 4
210Concession Road 4
211Concession Road 4
212Concession Road 4
213Concession Road 4
214Concession Road 4
215Concession Road 5
216Concession Road 5
217Concession Road 5
218Concession Road 5
219Concession Road 6
220Concession Road 6
221Concession Road 6
222Concession Road 6
223Concession Road 6
224Concession Road 6
225Concession Road 6
226Concession Road 7
227Concession Road 7
228Concession Road 7
229Concession Road 7
230Concession Road 7
231Concession Road 7
232Concession Road 8
233Concession Road 8
234Concession Road 8
235Concession Road 8
236Concession Road 8
237Concession Road 9
238Concession Road 9
239Concession Road 9
240Concession Street East
241Concession Street West
242Cooney Road
243Copeland Gate
244Cornerbrook Court
245Cornish Drive
246Corporal Patterson Lane
247Cotton Street
248Coulson Court
249Courtice Court
250Courtice Road
251Courtney Street
252Cousins Street
253Couvier Crescent
254Cove Road
255Coven Road
256Cowanville Road
257Craig Court
258Crockett Place
259Crough Street
260Cutler Drive
261Dadson Road
262Daiseyfield Avenue
263Dalepark Drive
264Daley Avenue
265Darcy Street
266Darlington Boulevard
267Darlington Park Road
268Darlington Street
269Darryl Caswell Way
270Dart Court
271Davids Crescent
272Davis Court
273Dawson Road
274Deerpark Crescent
275Devitts Lane
276Devondale Street
277Dickey Street
278Dickson Street
279Division Street
280Dodds Square
281Dolan Court
282Don Morris Court
283Donaldson Drive
284Doncaster Crescent
285Doreen Crescent
286Dorset Street
287Doug Walton Lane
288Down Road
289Downham Drive
290Driftwood Lane
291Duchess Street
292Dudley Court
293Duke Street
294Dunkin Avenue
295Durham Street
296Eagle Court
297East Beach Road
298East Townline Road
299East Townline Road
300Eastbank Road
301Eastfield Crescent
302Eastfield Drive
303Edgerton Drive
304Edinborough Lane
305Edmonson Avenue
306Edsall Avenue
307Edward Street East
308Edward Street West
309Eldad Drive
310Elephant Hill Drive
311Elford Drive
312Elgin Lane
313Elgin Street
314Ella Mae Lane
315Elliott Road
316Elliott Street
317Emily Street East
318Emily Street West
319Empire Crescent
320Enfield Road
321Fairbairn Court
322Faircomb Crescent
323Fairway Drive
324Farmington Drive
325Farncomb Crescent
326Farrow Avenue
327Fenning Drive
328Fenwick Avenue
329Fewster Street
330Fices Road
331Fieldcrest Avenue
332Fire Route 101
333Firner Street
334Firwood Avenue
335Flaxman Avenue
336Flett Street
337Forrester Drive
338Foster Creek Court
339Foster Creek Drive
340Found Court
341Foxhunt Trail
342Frank Street
343Frank Wheeler Avenue
344Frederick Avenue
345Freeland Avenue
346Fry Crescent
347Galbraith Court
348Gamsby Road
349Ganaraska Road
350Ganaraska Road
351Ganaraska Road
352Gary Court
353Gaud Gate
354Gearings Lane
355George Manners Street
356George Reynolds Drive
357George Street
358George Street East
359George Street West
360Gibbs Road
361Gibson Road
362Gifford Road
363Gilmore Road
364Gimblett Street
365Given Road
366Glanville Crescent
367Glass Court
368Glen Eagles Drive
369Glen Ray Court
370Glenabbey Drive
371Glenelge Court
372Glenview Road
373Goldpine Avenue
374Golf Course Road
375Goodall Crescent
376Goodwin Avenue
377Gord Vinson Avenue
378Grady Drive
379Graham Court
380Graham Road
381Granary Lane
382Grants Lane
383Granville Drive
384Grasshopper Park Road
385Green Road
386Grist Mill Court
387Guildwood Drive
388Hailey Court
389Haines Street
390Halstead Road
391Hammond Street
392Hampstead Gate
393Hancock Road
394Hanna Drive
395Hanning Court
396Harmer Drive
397Harris Road
398Hart Boulevard
399Hart Court
400Hartsfield Drive
401Hartwell Avenue
402Hathaway Drive
403Hawke Court
404Hearthstone Crescent
405Hemmingway Drive
406Hendry Gate
407Henry Road
408Heritage Lane
409Herriman Street
410Hetherington Drive
411Higgon Street
412High Street
413Highway 115
414Highway 2
415Highway 2
416Highway 2
417Highway 2
418Highway 2
419Highway 2
420Highway 2
421Highway 35
422Highway 35 And 115
423Highway 401
424Highway 401
425Highway 401
426Highway 401
427Highway 401
428Highway 401
429Highway 401
430Highway 401
431Hill Street
432Hillcrest Lane
433Hillen Road
434Hillhurst Crescent
435Hillier Street
436Hillside Court
437Hillside Drive
438Hilltop Drive
439Hobbs Drive
440Hockaday Court
441Hockley Avenue
442Hogan Crescent
443Holgate Crescent
444Holt Road
445Holt Road
446Homefield Square
447Honeyman Drive
448Hoonett Crescent
449Hooper Square
450Horsey Street
451Hoy Street
452Hunt Street
453Huntington Crescent
454Huron Court
455Hutton Place
456Inglis Avenue
457Inglis Court
458Ireland Street
459Irwin Road
460Islay Court
461Ivory Court
462Jackman Road
463James Street East
464James Street West
465Jane Avenue
466Jane Street
467Jaynes Road
468Jennings Drive
469Jewel Road
470John Scott Avenue
471John Scott Court
472John Walter Crescent
473Jolliffe Street
474Jollow Drive
475Jones Avenue
476Jura Court
477Kaukonen Court
478Kawartha Road
479Keating Drive
480Keller Crescent
481Kelman Place
482Kendal Church Street
483Kennedy Drive
484Kerr Avenue
485Kersey Crescent
486Kershaw Street
487Kilgannon Avenue
488King Avenue East
489King Avenue West
490King Court
491King Lane
492King Street
493King Street East
494King Street West
495Kingscourt Road
496Kingsview Court
497Kingsway Gate
498Kingswood Drive
499Kintyre Street
500Kresia Lane
501Kurve Inn Road
502Ladd Court
503Lake Road
504Lakebreeze Drive
505Lakeshore Road
506Lakeshore Road
507Lakeview Road
508Laking Drive
509Lambert Street
510Lambs Lane
511Lambs Road
512Lancaster Road
513Landerville Lane
514Langmaid Road
515Langstaff Road
516Laprade Square
517Laurelwood Street
518Lawrence Crescent
519Lawrence Gate
520Lawrence Road
521Lawson Road
522Leask Road
523Leigh Street
524Leith Court
525Leskard Road
526Lettner Road
527Liberty Place
528Liberty Street
529Liberty Street North
530Liberty Street North
531Liberty Street South
532Lightheart Drive
533Lillian Crescent
534Limmiman Court
535Linden Lane
536Little Avenue
537Littlebrook Road
538Living Court
539Lockhart Gate
540Lockhart Road
541Longsault Road
542Longwood Court
543Longworth Avenue
544Lord Duncan Court
545Lorraine Court
546Loscombe Drive
547Lovekin Court
548Lovekin Road
549Lovers Lane
550Lowe Street
551Lowery Road
552Lownie Court
553Loyalist Court
554Lunney Crescent
555Luverme Court
556Lyndale Crescent
557Lynwood Avenue
558Maconnachie Place
559Madden Place
560Main Street
561Mallory Street
562Mann Street
563Manvers Road
564Maple Grove Road
565Maple Street
566Maplefield Drive
567Marchwood Crescent
568Marine Drive
569Marnie Drive
570Martin Road
571Mary Street
572Maryleah Court
573Massey Drive
574Maxwell Court
575Maynard Road
576Mcauliffe Street
577Mccallum Street
578Mccorkell Street
579Mccrimmon Crescent
580Mcfeeters Crescent
581Mcknight Road
582Mclean Road
583Mclellan Court
584Mclellan Drive
585Mcmann Crescent
586Mcmillan Road
587Mcnair Street
588Meadowglade Road
589Meadowview Boulevard
590Mearns Avenue
591Mearns Avenue South
592Mearns Court
593Mercer Road
594Meredith Court
595Merryfield Court
596Metcalf Street
597Middle Road
598Middle Road
599Mill Lane
600Mill Pond Road
601Mill Street
602Mill Street North
603Mill Street South
604Millburn Drive
605Milligan Street
606Millson Hill Drive
607Millstream Lane
608Millville Avenue
609Moffat Road
610Monck Street
611Monroe Street East
612Monroe Street West
613Montague Avenue
614Morgandale Crescent
615Morgans Road
616Morton Road
617Mosport Road
618Mossgrove Court
619Moulton Court
620Moyse Drive
621Mulholland Court
622Mull Crescent
623Munday Court
624Murphy Road
625Mutton Court
626Nash Road
627Nash Road
628Nash Road
629Nelson Lane
630Nelson Street
631Newport Avenue
632Newtonville Mill Street
633Newtonville Road
634Newtonville Road
635Niagara Trail
636Nicholls Road
637Nicks Street
638Nixon Road
646North Division Street
647North Mill Lane
648North Scugog Court
649North Station Street
650North Street
651Oak School Road
652Oakfield Gate
653Oatley Court
654Oban Court
655Ochonski Road
656Odell Street
657Odlum Street
658Oke Road
659Old Cemetary Road
660Old Highway 2
661Old Highway 35
662Old Kingston Road
663Old Kirby Road
664Old Kirby School Road
665Old Mill Street
666Old Scugog Road
667Old Scugog Road
668Old Varcoe Road
669Ontario Street
670Orchard Heights Drive
671Orchard Park Drive
672Orchardview Boulevard
673Ormiston Lane
674Ormiston Road
675Ormiston Street
676Orono Division Street
677Orr Court
678Osbourne Road
679Osgoode Gate
680Ovens Road
681Ovens Road North
682Oxley Court
683Padfield Drive
684Pamela Court
685Park Drive
686Park Lane
687Park Street
688Parklane Circle
689Parklawn Drive
690Parkway Avenue
691Parkway Crescent
692Partner Drive
693Patterson Road
694Paynes Crescent
695Peachtree Crescent
696Pears Court
697Pebblebeach Drive
698Pebblestone Road
699Pebblestone Road
700Penfound Drive
701Pennington Place
702Perry Avenue
703Peters Pike Road
704Phair Avenue
705Pickard Gate
706Pidduck Street
707Piggott Lane
708Pine Street
709Pinedale Crescent
710Pineridge Court
711Piper Crescent
712Pollard Road
713Pomeroy Street
714Poolton Crescent
715Poppyfield Drive
716Port Darlington Road
717Port Of Newcastle Drive
718Potters Lane
719Prestonvale Road
720Prestonway Drive
721Prince Rupert Drive
722Prince Street
723Princess Street
724Progress Drive
725Prospect Street
726Prout Drive
727Providence Road
728Quackenbush Street
729Queen Avenue
730Queen Street
731Quinn Drive
732Rafton Street
740Ravey Street
741Raymond Court
742Rebecca Court
743Redfern Crescent
744Regional Road 20
745Regional Road 20
746Regional Road 3
747Regional Road 3
748Regional Road 42
749Regional Road 57
750Regional Road 57
751Rehder Avenue
752Reid Road
753Remi Court
754Remmington Street
755Renwick Road
756Resnik Drive
757Rhonda Boulevard
758Richfield Square
759Rickaby Street
760Rickard Road
761Riley Road
762Robert Adams Drive
763Robert Street East
764Robert Street West
765Robins Road
766Roenick Drive
767Rosalynne Avenue
768Rose Crescent
769Rosemeadow Crescent
770Roser Crescent
771Rosswell Drive
772Rowe Street
773Rowland Court
774Roy Carter Street
775Royal Pines Court
776Rudell Road
777Rundle Road
778Rundle Road
779Rustwood Street
780Rutherford Drive
781Saddlebrook Court
782Sagewood Avenue
783Saint George Street North
784Saint George Street South
785Salter Court
786Sandringham Drive
787Saunders Avenue
788Sawmill Court
789Schooner Lane
790Scottsdale Drive
791Scugog Street
792Service Road
793Shady Lane Crescent
794Sheco Court
795Sheenan Court
796Shiloh Road
797Shipley Avenue
798Shipway Avenue
799Shoreview Court
800Shoreview Drive
801Short Crescent
802Shuttleworth Drive
803Sideroad 11 & 12
804Silver Street
805Simcoe Court
806Simnick Crescent
807Simpson Avenue
808Sisson Lane
809Skelding Road
810Skinner Court
811Skops Court
812Sleeman Square
813Snowden Court
814Solina Road
815Solina Road
816Somerscales Drive
817Sommerville Drive
818Soper Court
819Soper Creek Drive
820Soper Road
821Souch Court
822South Service Road
823South Service Road
824South Service Road
825Southfield Avenue
826Southway Drive
827Spicer Square
828Springfield Lane
829Sprucewood Crescent
830Spry Avenue
831Squair Road
832Squire Fletcher Drive
833Squires Gate Drive
834Stagemaster Crescent
835Stanford Crescent
836Staples Avenue
837Stapleton Road
838Station Street
839Steelhead Lane
840Stephen Avenue
841Stephens Gulch Drive
842Stephenson Road
843Stevens Mill Road
844Stevens Road
845Stewart Road
846Stillwell Lane
847Stirling Avenue
848Stonefield Street
849Strathallan Drive
850Strathmanor Drive
851Strike Avenue
852Stuart Road
853Sturrock Avenue
854Sumac Court
855Sumac Road
856Summerfield Court
857Summerlea Court
858Summitcrest Court
859Suncrest Boulevard
860Sunicrest Boulevard
861Sunicrest Court
862Sunny Ridge Trail
863Sunset Boulevard
864Sunset Road
865Swarbrick Street
866Swidells Street
867Swindells Street
868Sydel Court
869Sylvia Court
870Symons Road
871Taft Place
872Tamblyn Road
873Tanglewood Court
874Taunton Road
875Taunton Road
876Taunton Road
877Taunton Road
878Taunton Road East
879Taunus Court
880Temperance Street
881The Bridle Path
882The Cove Road
883The Dell Road
884Thertell Road
885Thompson Road
886Thornbury Court
887Thornbury Street
888Tigh Street
889Tilley Road
890Timberlane Court
891Tooley Road
892Toronto Street
893Townline Darlington Clarke
894Townline Darlington Clarke
895Townline Darlington Manvers
896Townline Road South
897Trewin Lane
898Trudeau Drive
899Trulls Road
900Tucker Road
901Turnberry Crescent
902Tyler Street
903Union School Road
904Uptown Avenue
905Vail Meadows Crescent
906Valleycrest Drive
907Vannest Road
908Vanstone Court
909Varcoe Road
910Venton Court
911Vesna Court
912Veterans Avenue
913Vickers Road
914Victoria Street
915Vincent Court
916Virtue Court
917Wabbokish Court
918Wade Square
919Walbridge Court
920Walsh Road
921Washington Place
922Washington Road
923Washington Street
924Water Street
925Waterview Lane
926Watson Drive
927Waverly Road
928Weaver Street
929Weldrick Crescent
930Wellington Street
931Werry Road
932Werrydale Drive
933West Beach Road
934West Scugog Lane
935West Side Drive
936Westlake Street
937Westmore Street
938Westover Drive
939Wharf Street
940Wheelhouse Drive
941White Cliffe Court
942White Cliffe Drive
943White Road
944Whittaker Avenue
945Wilcox Road
946Wilde Court
947Wilkins Crescent
948Willey Drive
949William Allin Court
950William Cowles Drive
951William Jose Court
952Williams Mill Road
953Willow Court
954Wilmot Creek Drive
955Wilmot Creek Road
956Wilmot Street
957Wilmot Trail
958Windham Crescent
959Windsor Valley Gate
960Windsor Valley Place
961Winter Road
962Woodley Road
963Woolner Lane
964Worthington Drive
965Wotten Road
966Wrenn Boulevard
967Wyse Gate
968Yorkville Court
969Yorkville Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)