List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of Marmora and Lake, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Road
2Algonquin Street
3Arrowhead Road
4Austin Road
5Bailey Road
6Beaver Creek Road
7Beaver Falls Lane
8Bell Road
9Birch Court
10Bonter Pioneer Drive
11Bontervale Road
12Booster Park Road
13Boyd Road
14Bronson Road
15Bursthall Street
16Buttermilk Lane
17Callaghan Rapids Road
18Cameron Street
19Caverly Lane
20Cedar Court
21Centre Line Road
22Centre Line Road
23Chipmunk Lane
24Clear Lake Court
25Clemenger Road
26Cook Road
27Cordova Road
28Cordova Road
29Cottage Lane
30County Road 3 Hastings
31Cove Road
32Coyote Canyon Lane East
33Crawford Drive
34Crofts Road
35Crofts Road
36Crowe Court
37Croweview Court
38Croweview Place
39Davidson Road
40Deloro Dam Road
41Deloro Road
42Deloro Road
43Deloro Street
44Dickey Lake Road
45Drummond Road
46Eady Lane
47East Dickey Road
48Felbers Road
49Fidlar Court
50Fidlar Glen Road
51Fish Hook Lane
52Forest Park Road
53Forsyth Street
54Fox Lane
55Foxes Den Lane East
56Foxes Den Lane West
57Gemm Court
58Gemm Lane
59Glen Allen Park Lane
60Glen Allen Road
61Glen Ridge Road
62Goat Hill Road
63Greensides Lane
64Gulf Road
65Hastings Avenue
66Hayes Street
67Hemlock Court
68High Shore Road
69Highway 7
70Highway 7
71Highway 7
72Highway 7
73Hilbert Road
74Honkers Landing Lane East
75Hughes Lane
76Industry Lane
77Iron Bridge Road
78Iroquois Avenue
79Island View Court
80Jade Court
81James Street
82Jasper Crescent
83Jones Road
84Juniper Court
85Koa Campground Road
86Lajoie Road
87Lake Of Islands Road
88Lakeshore Road
89Lasswade Road
90Launch Road
91Ledge Road
92Linn Street
93Lowery Road
94Mackenzie Road
95Madoc Street
96Main Street
97Mallards Way Lane
98Malone Quarry Road
99Malone Road
100Maloney Road
101Maple Road
102Marble Court
103Marble Point Road
104Marmora Mine Road
105Mary Street
106Matthew Street
107Mccleary Road
108Mcgill Street
109Mcgregor Lane
110Mckinnon Lane
111Mikolla Court
112Mikolla Road
113Milk Run Road
114Mill Road
115Murphy Road
116Nash Street
117Nelson Lane
122North Hastings Avenue
123North Maloney Street
124North Marmora Road
125North River Court
126North Steenburg Lake Road
127Norwood Road
128O'brien Street
129O'heir Road
130Old Hastings Road
131Old Marmora Road
132Old Norwood Road
133Paradise Road
134Pearce Street
135Peepy Horn Road
136Peninsula Road
137Pickeral Point Lane
138Pine Tree Place
139Pineview Court
140Pipers Run Lane
141Pleasant View Lane
142Private Road
143Prospectors Point Lane
144Quinlan Road
145Quinn Road
146Red Oak Court
147Red Oak Place
148Red Oak Road
149Reginald Street
150River Garden Road
151River Heights Road
152Riverview Crescent
153Road Of Memories
154Rockhaven Crescent
155Rockhaven Road
156Roscoe Street
157Rose Avenue
158Sandy Beach Road
159Sauna Road
160Savage Crescent
161Shanick Road
162Shawano Trail
163Short Road
164Silver Maple Lane
165Smith Lane
166South Maloney Street
167Station Road
168Stirling Marmora Road
169Sunset Shore Road
170Tall Pine Court
171Tangamong Lake Road
172Tecumseh Drive
173Terry Court
174Thanet Lake Road
175The Gut Trail
176The Ridge Road
177The South Road
178Thomas Street
179Thompson Lake Lane
180Thompson Lane
181Tiffen Road
182Tipperary Court
183Tipperary Road
184Twin Court
185Twin Shore Lane
186Twin Sister Lakes Road
187Victoria Street
188Waite Court
189Water Street
190Wells Lane
191Wilkes Settlement Lane
192William Street
193Yarrow Lane
194Young Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)