List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of North Middlesex, Ontario
#Street Name
1Adare Drive
2Adare Drive
3Adare Drive
4Adare Drive
5Adare Drive
6Adare Drive
7Ailsa Craig Main Street
8Albert Street
9Allness Street
10Alma Street
11Ann Street
12Anna Street
13Annie Ada Shipley Street
14Ardross Street
15Argyle Street
16Argyle Street
17Argyle Street
18Atkinson Street
19Ausable Drive
20Ausable Drive
21Ausable Road
22Avenue Drive
23Bear Creek Road
24Bear Creek Road
25Bethany Street
26Bingo Road
27Boot Hill Road
28Bornish Drive
29Bornish Drive
30Bornish Drive
31Bornish Drive
32Brinsley Road
33Broad Street
34Broadway Street
35Broken Front Road
36Bruce Street
37Bullock Road
38Cameron Road
39Cassidy Road
40Catherine Street
41Cauder Street
42Cedar Swamp Road
43Cemetery Road
44Centre Road
45Centre Road
46Centre Street
47Charlton Road
48Church Street
49Clandeboye Drive
50Coldstream Road
51Coldstream Road
52Coldstream Road
53Coldstream Road
54Coldstream Road
55Coldstream Road
56Corbett Road
57Craig Street
58Creamery Road
59Delaware Street
60Denfield Road
61Drummond Road
62Duchess Avenue
63Duke Street
64Eagle Street
65East Williams Street
66Elginfield Road
67Elginfield Road
68Elginfield Road
69Elginfield Road
70Elginfield Road
71Elginfield Road
72Elginfield Road
73Elk Street
74Ellen Street
75Elliot Drive
76Elliot Drive
77Elliot Drive
78Elliot Street
79Elm Tree Drive
80Elm Tree Drive
81Elm Tree Drive
82Elm Tree Drive
83Emily Street
84Evergreen Road
85Falkirk Street
86Fernhill Drive
87Fernhill Drive
88Fernhill Drive
89Finch Street
90Fletcher Road
91Fort Rose Road
92Fossil Road
93Gale Road
94George Street
95Glasgow Street
96Glasgow Street
97Godkin Road
98Grand Bend Road
99Grieves Road
100Hagmier Road
101Hall Road
102Hamilton Street
103Harmony Road
104Haskett Road
105Hastings Street
106Hawthorn Crescent
107Henderson Street
108High Street
109Hodgins Road
110Hungry Hollow Road
111Hutchinson Road
112Island Road
113James Street
114Jameson Street
115John Street
116Kerwood Road
117King Street
118Lamon Drive
119Leonard Avenue
120Lieury Road
121Macdonald Drive
122Maguire Road
123Maple Lodge Drive
124Maple Road
125Mark Settlement Drive
126Mark Settlement Drive
127Mcadam Road
128Mcandrew Street
129Mccubbin Road
130Mcgillivray Drive
131Mcgillivray Drive
132Mcgillivray Drive
133Mcgillivray Drive
134Mcgillivray Drive
135Mcguffin Hills Drive
136Mcguffin Hills Drive
137Mcinnis Road
138Mcintyre Road
139Mclean Road
140Mcleod Street
141Michelle Avenue
142Mill Crescent
143Mill Street
144Millcraig Street
145Mooresville Drive
146Mooresville Drive
147Mooresville Drive
148Mooresville Drive
149Nairn Road
150Nairn Road
151Nairn Road
152Nairn Road
153Neil Road
154Neil Street
155Ness Street
156New Ontario Road
157New Ontario Road
158New Ontario Road
164North Street
165Old Mill Street
166Park Street
167Parkhill Drive
168Parkhill Drive
169Parkhill Drive
170Parkhill George Street
171Parkhill King Street
172Parkhill Main Street
173Parkhill Richmond Street
174Pearl Street
175Pedden Road
176Pete Sebe Road
177Petty Street
178Petty Street
179Poplar Hill Road
180Prance Road
181Prince Street
182Prince William Street
183Prince William Street
184Queen Street
185Queen Street
186Queen Street
187Queens Avenue
188Rabbitwood Court
189Richmond Street
190River Drive
191River Road
192Robin Street
193Roddick Road
194Roskeen Street
195Ross Road
196Salem Road
197Scout Road
198Siddall Road
199Springbank Road
200Station Street
201Stewart Street
202Sylvan Road
203Tain Street
204Tasko Drive
205Townsend Line
206Townsend Line
207Union Street
208Vernon Road
209Victoria Street
210Wardell Drive
211Waterloo Street
212Watson Road
213Wellington Street
214West Corner Drive
215West Corner Drive
216West Corner Drive
217West Corner Drive
218West Corner Drive
219West Park Drive
220William Street
221William Street East
222William Street West
223Windsor Road
224Wyatt Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)