List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of North Perth, Ontario
#Street Name
1140 Road
2140 Road
3146 Road
4146 Road
5147 Road
6148 Road
7152 Road
8152 Road
9152 Road
10153 Road
11154 Road
12154 Road
13154 Road
14157 Road
15157 Road
16158 Road
17158 Road
18159 Road
19165 Road
20165 Road
21166 Road
22166 Road
23166 Road
24167 Road
25167 Road
26169 Road
27169 Road
28171 Road
29171 Road
30175 Road
31175 Road
32176 Road
33177 Road
3457 Line
3557 Line
3658 Line
3758 Line
3860 Line
3960 Line
4060 Line
4160 Line
4262 Line
4366 Line
4466 Line
4566 Line
4666 Line
4768 Line
4869 Line
4969 Line
5069 Line
5172a Line
5275 Line
5375 Line
5475 Line
5575 Line
5677 Line
5778 Line
5878 Line
5978 Line
6078 Line
6181 Line
6281 Line
6381 Line
6481 Line
6582 Line
6684 Line
6784 Line
6884 Line
6984 Line
7087 Line
7187 Line
7287 Line
7387 Line
7487 Line
7587 Line
7688 Line
7788 Line
7888 Line
7988 Line
8088 Line
8189 Line
8289 Line
8389 Line
8489 Line
8590 Line
8690 Line
8790 Line
8892 Line
89Albert Avenue North
90Alder Street East
91Alexander Avenue North
92Anger Street West
93Ann Street West
94Argyle Avenue North
95Armstrong Street West
96Arthur Street
97Arthur Street East
98Baker Avenue
99Baker Street
100Bamford Drive
101Barber Avenue North
102Barber Avenue South
103Barnett Street West
104Binning Street West
105Blair Street
106Blake Street East
107Bolton Street East
108Bowman Court
109Boyd Avenue South
110Boyne Avenue
111Briarwood Avenue North
112Bright Street East
113Brock Street
114Brock Street
115Campbell Street East
116Campbell Street West
117Centennial Court
118Churchill Drive
119Clayton Court
120Clayton Street East
121County Road 4
122Danby Street East
123David Street
124Davidson Avenue North
125Davidson Avenue South
126Denstedt Street West
127Derry Street East
128Donegan Street
129Edgar Street West
130Edward Avenue North
131Elizabeth Street East
132Elizabeth Street West
133Ellen Street
134Elm Avenue North
135Elm Lane
136Elma Centre Street
137Elma Street East
138Elma Street West
139Erie Street West
140Erskine Avenue
141Fairlane Road
142Fairview Crescent
143Fern Place
144Fisher Avenue
145Fishleigh Street
146George Street
147Halstead Avenue North
148Havelock Avenue South
149Hay Avenue South
150Herbert Street West
151Highway 23
152Highway 23
153Highway 23
154Highway 23
155Highway 23
156Highway 86
157Hutton Street
158Inkerman Street East
159Inkerman Street West
160Jackson Crescent
161James Street
162John Rosa Street East
163John Street
164John Street West
165Jones Street
166Kilberg Court
167Kincaid Street
168King Avenue
169King Street
170King Street
171Lavery Street
172Leisure Lane
173Lillico Avenue South
174Lincoln Court
175Livingstone Avenue North
176Livingstone Avenue South
177Louise Avenue North
178Maddison Street East
179Main Street
180Main Street East
181Main Street West
182Maitland Avenue North
183Maitland Avenue South
184Maple Avenue North
185Maple Lane Road
186Market Street
187Mcdonald Street East
188Mcdonald Street West
189Mckenzie Street East
190Mclaren Avenue North
191Meadowview Lane
192Mill Street
193Mitchell Road South
194Monument Road
195Mowat Street East
196Napier Street West
197Nelson Avenue South
198Nelson Street
199Nichol Avenue North
200Nichol Avenue South
204Palace Street East
205Park Avenue North
206Parkmeadow Place
207Parkview Crescent
208Patrick Street
209Perkin Crescent
210Perth 147 Road
211Perth 147 Road
212Perth 178 Road
213Perth 55 Line
214Perth 55 Line
215Perth 55 Line
216Perth 72 Line
217Perth 72 Line
218Perth 72 Line
219Perth 86 Line
220Perth 86 Line
221Perth 86 Line
222Perth 86 Line
223Perth 86 Line
224Perth 88a Line
225Perth 91 Line
226Perth Line 86
227Perth Road 178
228Pleasant View Drive
229Queen Avenue
230Queen Street
231Queen Street East
232Reserve Avenue South
233Rhine Street East
234Richileau Avenue South
235Richmond Avenue North
236Riverview Drive
237Road 172
238Road 173
239Road 174
240Robarts Court
241Robert Avenue
242Rogers Road West
243Royal Street East
244Salisbury Avenue South
245Sarah Avenue North
246Scott Street West
247Selby Street
248Smith Street
249Tanner Court
250Tatham Place
251Tremaine Avenue South
252Union Street East
253Union Street West
254Victoria Avenue North
255Victoria Avenue South
256Victoria Street
257Village Avenue
258Wallace Avenue North
259Wallace Avenue South
260Wallace Industrial Row
261Walleye Court
262Walton Avenue
263Walton Avenue North
264Wellington 123 Road
265Wellington 9 Road
266Wellington 9 Road
267Wellington Avenue North
268Wellington Avenue South
269West Avenue
270West Street
271William Street
272Windham Court
273Winstanley Street
274Winston Boulevard
275Winston Street East
276Winston Street West
277Woodview Drive
278York Avenue North

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)