List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of Red Lake, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
34th Street
45th Street
56th Street
67th Street
78th Street
8Berry Drive
9Beveridge Street
10Birch Lane
11Birch Street
12Birks Drive
13Blende Street
14Brewis Avenue
15Bruce Channel Crescent
16Buffalo Street
17Calcite Street
18Campbell Road
19Chelsea Street
20Chukuni Street
21Church Street
22Cochenour Crescent
23Contact Street
24Crosscut Street
25Detta Road
26Dexter Road
27Dickenson Road
28Discovery Road
29Drift Street
30Dupont Drive
31Dynes Street
32Edward Avenue
33Edward Street
34Elliot Street
35Farrington Road
36Forestry Road
37Gallagher Road
38Gold Eagle Avenue
39Goldshore Road
40Granite Road
41Grizzly Street
42Gustafson Crescent
43Hammell Road
44Hasaga Street
45Head Frame Street
46Highway 105
47Highway 105
48Highway 125
49Highway 125
50Highway 618
51Hill Street
52Howey Bay Road
53Howey Street
54Irwin Drive
55Jackleg Avenue
56Keetch Street
57Keewatin Road
58Kenora Road
59Lake Road
60Lakeshore Drive
61Lakeview Avenue
62Lakeview Court
63Lassie Road
64Laverty Road
65Little Long Lac Avenue
66Macintosh Street
67Madsen Drive
68Main Street
69Mckee Street
70Mcmanus Street
71Mcmarmac Road
72Mcneeley Road
73Mcneely Road
74Mill Road
75Mill Street
76Mills Avenue
77Mine Road
78Murdock Street
85Nungessor Road
86Ore Zone Avenue
87Paisck Crescent
88Park Lane
89Patricia Drive
90Patricia Square
91Pickerel Drive
92Pine Crescent
93Poplar Road
94Poplar Street
95Prospect Street
96Pugsley Street
97Quartz Street
98Service Road
99Shephard Street
100Short Street
101Springbank Drive
102Spruce Street
103St Pauls Bay
104Starrat Street
105Stope Street
106Stovel Avenue
107Sullivan Street
108Summers Road
109Sygnite Street
110Weavers Road
112Westerlund Street
113William Street
114Williams Crescent
115Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)