List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Municipality of Southwest Middlesex, Ontario
#Street Name
1Amy Street
2Anderson Avenue
3Ann Street
4Appin Road
5Archer Street
6Argyle Street
7Argyll Drive
8Argyll Drive
9Bentpath Line
10Big Bend Road
11Big Bend Road
12Big Bend Road
13Big Bend Road
14Brook Street
15Bute Street
16Buttonwood Drive
17Calvert Drive
18Carolinian Drive
19Carroll Drive
20Cashmere Road
21Catherine Street
22Centreville Drive
23Centreville Drive
24Centreville Drive
25Centreville Drive
26Century Drive
27Century Drive
28Century Drive
29Charles Street
30Church Street
31Clark Street
32Coad Street
33Coltsfoot Drive
34Coltsfoot Drive
35Concession Drive
36Concession Drive
37Concession Drive
38Conservation Road
39Cpr Drive
40Cpr Drive
41Cpr Drive
42Currie Street
43Davis Street
44Deane Street
45Dobie Drive
46Dogwood Road
47Dogwood Road
48Dornoch Street
49Dugald Street
50Dundonald Road
51Dundonald Road
52Dundonald Road
53Dundonald Road
54Elgin Avenue
55Elgin Street
56Elizabeth Street
57Ewen Avenue
58Falconbridge Drive
59Falconbridge Drive
60Falconbridge Drive
61Frederick Street
62Front Avenue
63Gates Drive
64Gentleman Drive
65Gentleman Drive
66George Street
67Glendon Drive
68Glendon Drive
69Glendon Drive
70Graham Street
71Hagerty Road
72Hagerty Road
73Hamilton Avenue
74Hannah Street
75Hyndman Drive
76Hyndman Drive
77Inadale Drive
78Industrial Road
79Irish Drive
80Irish Drive
81Jubilee Drive
82Junction Road
83Kennedy Street
84King Street
85Knapdale Drive
86Knapdale Drive
87Krista Lane
88Leonard Street
89Lethbridge Road
90Limerick Road
91Lobelia Drive
92Longwoods Road
93Longwoods Road
94Longwoods Road
95Longwoods Road
96Longwoods Road
97Longwoods Road
98Lovell Street
99Main Street
100Main Street
101Mayfair Road
102Mayfair Road
103Mayfair Road
104Mcarthur Road
105Mcarthur Road
106Mckellar Street
107Mcmaster Place
108Mcrae Street
109Melbourne Road
110Melbourne Road
111Melbourne Road
112Melbourne Road
113Mill Street
114Montrose Street
115Newbiggen Drive
116Newbiggen Drive
121North Street
122Oil Field Drive
123Oil Field Drive
124Old Airport Road
125Old Airport Road
126Old Airport Road
127Old Airport Road
128Olde Drive
129Olde Drive
130Olde Drive
131Oliver Street
132Omara Street
133Ontario Street
134Orange Street
135Parkhouse Drive
136Parkhouse Drive
137Parkhouse Drive
138Peak Of Mosa Road
139Pine Road
140Pratt Siding Road
141Pratt Siding Road
142Pratt Siding Road
143Queen Street
144Ramsey Avenue
145Randolph Street
146River Drive
147Riverside Drive
148Roe Street
149Sassafras Road
150Shields Siding Drive
151Shields Siding Drive
152Shiloh Line
153Simpson Road
154Simpson Street
155South Street
156Springfield Road
157Springfield Road
158Springfield Road
159Stella Avenue
160Switzer Drive
161Switzer Drive
162Symes Street
163Taits Road
164Taits Road
165Taits Road
166Tanya Drive
167Thames Road
168Thames Road
169Thames Road
170Trillium Drive
171Trillium Drive
172Trillium Drive
173Trillium Drive
174Victoria Street
175Volanski Place
176Walker Street
177Wall Street
178Walnut Drive
179Ward Street
180Water Street
181Watterworth Road
182Welch Drive
183Wellington Street
184Wellington Street
185William Street
186William Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)