List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Ajax, Ontario
#Street Name
1Abbs Court
2Abela Lane
3Abraham Court
4Achilles Road
5Adams Drive
6Addley Crescent
7Admiral Road
8Agate Road
9Ainsbury Avenue
10Albery Crescent
11Alden Square
12Aldonschool Court
13Alexanders Crossing
14Alexanders Crossing
15Alford Lane
16Allard Avenue
17Ambassador Street
18Andrea Road
19Angier Crescent
20Angus Drive
21Annable Lane
22Annie Crescent
23Anstead Crescent
24Archer Drive
25Arfield Drive
26Armitage Crescent
27Arnold Estates Lane
28Ashbury Boulevard
29Atherton Avenue
30Athlone Avenue
31Atkinson Court
32Audley Road
33Audley Road
34Audley Road South
35Baggott Lane
36Baker Road
37Ballantyne Drive
38Ballgrove Crescent
39Balsdon Court
40Bambridge Street
41Banner Crescent
42Barbour Crescent
43Barden Crescent
44Barnard Court
45Barnes Drive
46Barnfield Crescent
47Barr Road
48Barrett Crescent
49Bartlett Drive
50Bartolo Crescent
51Bashford Road
52Batt Crescent
53Bayley Street East
54Bayly Street East
55Bayly Street East
56Bayly Street West
57Beachview Street
58Beadle Drive
59Bean Crescent
60Beatty Road
61Beaumont Drive
62Beck Crescent
63Beech Street
64Beer Crescent
65Bellinger Drive
66Bennett Avenue
67Betts Road
68Bevan Crescent
69Bicknell Court
70Bidgood Drive
71Biggs Gate
72Billingsgate Crescent
73Binney Lane
74Birch Crescent
75Birchmount Road
76Bird Crescent
77Bisland Drive
78Black Drive
79Blackburn Crescent
80Blake Court
81Blytheway Gate
82Bolland Crescent
83Bond Crescent
84Bondsmith Street
85Bonner Crescent
86Booker Drive
87Boone Lane
88Booth Crescent
89Bowering Gate
90Bowers Court
91Bowles Drive
92Boyes Court
93Brackenridge Street
94Bradbury Crescent
95Brady Lane
96Bramwell Drive
97Brand Court
98Brandwood Square
99Bray Drive
100Brennan Road
101Brice Drive
102Brightly Drive
103Brind Sheridan Court
104Brock Street
105Brocklesby Crescent
106Brockman Crescent
107Brooks Road
108Brooksbank Crescent
109Bryant Road
110Buggey Lane
111Bunhill Court
112Bunting Court
113Burcher Road
114Burden Crescent
115Burningham Crescent
116Burnsborough Street
117Burrells Road
118Butterworth Drive
119Byram Downs Street
120Cadby Road
121Caldicott Court
122Callander Court
123Callen Court
124Cameron Street
125Camil Avenue
126Cantwell Crescent
127Carberry Crescent
128Card Street
129Carle Crescent
130Carnelly Crescent
131Carpendale Crescent
132Carr Drive
133Carrick Avenue
134Carter Bennett Drive
135Carwin Crescent
136Cater Avenue
137Cedar Street
138Centennial Road
139Chadwick Drive
140Chalmers Crescent
141Chamberlain Court
142Chambers Drive
143Chapman Drive
144Charlton Crescent
145Chatfield Drive
146Cherry Road
147Chesham Court
148Chisholm Court
149Christena Crescent
150Church Street
151Church Street North
152Church Street South
153Churchill Road
154Clapperton Drive
155Clarelyn Boulevard
156Clark Road
157Clegg Lane
158Clements Road East
159Clements Road West
160Clover Ridge Drive East
161Clover Ridge Drive West
162Cluett Drive
163Cluett Drive
164Cockburn Street
165Coe Drive
166Coles Avenue
167Colleridge Street
168Commercial Avenue
169Concession Road 5
170Cook Lane
171Coomer Crescent
172Corby Lane
173Cornwall Drive
174Coughlen Street
175Cowling Crescent
176Coyle Street
177Crabtree Lane
178Cragg Crescent
179Crane Crescent
180Cranley Court
181Cranston Avenue
182Crawford Drive
183Cree Drive
184Crescent 31
185Cullcastle Street
186Culmer Lane
187Cumberland Lane
188Cummings Court
189Curtis Gate
190Dagwell Crescent
191Dakin Drive
192Dale Road
193Daniels Crescent
194Danton Court
195Darbyshire Court
196Darlet Avenue
197Darley Street
198Davey Street
199Deacon Lane
200Decourcy Ireland Circle
201Deeprose Lane
202Delaney Drive
203Dennis Drive
204Dent Street
205Deverill Crescent
206Dewfall Crescent
207Dingley Court
208Distleman Way
209Dobner Lane
210Dobson Street
211Dodsworth Drive
212Dolby Crescent
213Dollery Gate
214Dominy Drive
215Donahoe Avenue
216Dooley Crescent
217Doric Street
218Dorling Avenue
219Dowers Drive
220Down Crescent
221Dowty Road
222Doyle Court
223Drake Lane
224Draycott Avenue
225Dreyer Drive
226Dring Street
227Driscoll Drive
228Ducatel Crescent
229Duckfield Crescent
230Duffin Street
231Dunwell Crescent
232Durham Street
233Durling Rock Street
234Dyerham Drive
235Easton Court
236Ebony Street
237Edward Street
238Elgin Street
239Elizabeth Street
240Elliotglen Drive
241Elliottglen Drive
242Ellis Lane
243Elm Street
244Elston Avenue
245Emperor Street
246Empson Court
247Enderly Crescent
248Epps Crescent
249Ethlyn Court
250Everett Road
251Exeter Road
252Eyreglen Court
253Fairall Street
254Falby Court
255Farley Court
256Farmers Avenue
257Farron Lane
258Farrow Crescent
259Fearn Crescent
260Feint Drive
261Fenn Street
262Fenton Drive
263Field Crescent
264Fielding Court
265Finley Avenue
266Fisher Crescent
267Fishlock Street
268Fitzgerald Drive
269Flazington Court
270Fletcher Avenue
271Flowers Crescent
272Foakes Drive
273Follett Court
274Foord Road
275Forest Road
276Fotheringham Gate
277Frankcom Street
278Frazer Road
279Freer Crescent
280Freeston Crescent
281Fuller Road
282Galea Drive
283Gallager Court
284Gamble Drive
285Gamon Street
286Gandy Court
287Gant Place
288Gardiner Drive
289Garnett Drive
290Gates Crescent
291Gavin Lane
292Genner Drive
293George Jones Street
294George Street
295Georgina Drive
296Gibson Court
297Gill Crescent
298Gillet Drive
299Gillette Drive
300Gillian Lane
301Gilmour Drive
302Glennie Drive
303Glenwood Terrace
304Glifford Court
305Glynn Road
306Good Lane
307Goodhart Crescent
308Gorton Road
309Graham Court
310Grainger Crescent
311Grayson Road
312Green Court
313Greenhalf Drive
314Greenwood Road
315Gregory Road
316Gregson Street
317Griffiths Drive
318Groves Lane
319Gurr Crescent
320Hack Court
321Hanaway Drive
322Handley Crescent
323Harbord Crescent
324Harkins Drive
325Harland Crescent
326Harley Drive
327Harman Drive
328Harridine Lane
329Harty Crescent
330Harwood Avenue North
331Harwood Avenue South
332Haskell Avenue
333Hawker Court
334Hawkins Crescent
335Hayward Lane
336Hazeldine Drive
337Headon Avenue
338Hearne Crescent
339Hearson Street
340Heatherwood Road
341Hemans Court
342Hendley Drive
343Heron Street
344Heslop Street
345Hester Avenue
346Hettersley Drive
347Hewison Court
348Hewitt Crescent
349Hibbard Drive
350Hibbins Avenue
351Highway 401
352Highway 401
353Hiley Avenue
354Hilling Drive
355Hillman Drive
356Hills Road
357Hillside Drive
358Hilton Gate
359Hinchcliff Gate
360Hinden Lane
361Hinsley Crescent
362Hirons Drive
363Hitchen Avenue
364Hobson Avenue
365Hodges Lane
366Hoile Drive
367Holier Drive
368Holliman Lane
369Holloway Drive
370Holmes Crescent
371Hopkinson Crescent
372Hoppe Street
373Horne Avenue
374Hornsell Circle
375Horton Street
376Howes Street
377Howlett Crescent
378Howling Crescent
379Hufton Court
380Hughes Crescent
381Hulley Crescent
382Humphrey Drive
383Hunt Street
384Hunter Drive
385Hunwicks Crescent
386Hurley Road
387Hyde Street
388Iles Street
389Ingold Lane
390Ivers Court
391Jacques Lane
392Jacwin Drive
393Jallan Drive
394Janes Lane
395Jenkins Lane
396Jessett Street
397Jonesridge Drive
398Kane Court
399Kavanaugh Court
400Kearney Drive
401Keeble Crescent
402Kemp Drive
403Kent Street
404Kerrison Drive
405Kerrison Drive West
406Keys Avenue
407Keywood Street
408Kingham Avenue
409Kinghorn Gate
410Kings Crescent
411Kingston Road East
412Kingston Road East
413Kingston Road West
414Kingston Road West
415Kinloch Court
416Kinnison Court
417Kipling Crescent
418Kirkham Drive
419Kitney Drive
420Knapton Avenue
421Knowles Street
422Lachlan Drive
423Lake Driveway East
424Lake Driveway West
425Lake Ridge Road
426Lake Ridge Road
427Lake Ridge Road South
428Lakeview Boulevard
429Lambard Crescent
430Langsdorff Drive
431Lankester Lane
432Large Crescent
433Larner Drive
434Latham Court
435Latimer Street
436Lavan Lane
437Lawrencetown Street
438Lawrie Road
439Lax Avenue
440Leach Drive
441Leah Crescent
442Lear Street
443Leggett Drive
444Lewin Crescent
445Lilley Avenue
446Lincoln Street
447Ling Street
448Linton Avenue
449Littler Lane
450Locker Drive
451Lone Court
452Longstaff Drive
453Loughlin Hill Crescent
454Loughlin Hill Crescent
455Love Crescent
456Lucas Lane
457Luce Drive
458Lucille Street
459Lythgoe Lane
460Macdermott Drive
461Macey Court
462Macintyre Lane
463Mackellar Court
464Mackenzie Avenue
465Maggs Street
466Magill Drive
467Makin Court
468Mandrake Street
469Mansbridge Crescent
470Manser Court
471Mantell Crescent
472Maple Avenue
473Maple Street
474Mapson Crescent
475Marjoram Drive
476Marks Court
477Marriner Crescent
478Marsh Lane
479Marshall Crescent
480Marwin Road
481Mary Street
482Mathews Street
483Matthews Street
484Mattick Lane
485Mayor Crescent
486Mcalpine Avenue
487Mccarrick Street
488Mcclarnan Road
489Mccullock Crescent
490Mcgregor Drive
491Mckie Court
492Mcmaster Avenue
493Mcnamara Court
494Mcnicol Crescent
495Mcqueen Crescent
496Mcrae Road
497Mcsweeny Crescent
498Medley Lane
499Meekings Drive
500Middlecote Drive
501Miles Drive
502Milham Drive
503Mill Street
504Millington Crescent
505Mills Road
506Millward Crescent
507Milner Crescent
508Monarch Avenue
509Monk Crescent
510Montebello Crescent
511Morden Crescent
512Morland Crescent
513Mortimer Crescent
514Mosa Court
515Moss Lane
516Moynahan Crescent
517Mullen Drive
518Mullord Avenue
519Murphy Lane
520Muscat Crescent
521Napiermews Drive
522Naylor Lane
523Nelson Avenue
524Netherway Crescent
525Newing Court
526Nicholls Court
527Noake Crescent
528Nobbs Drive
529Noble Drive
533O'dell Court
534O'leary Drive
535O'shea Crescent
536Oak Street
537Oakins Lane
538Old Harwood Avenue
539Old Kingston Road
540Oldfield Court
541Olsen Drive
542Ontario Street
543Ontoro Boulevard
544Orchard Road
545Oswell Drive
546Oxdale Crescent
547Palmer Drive
548Panter Crescent
549Pantoll Street
550Paramore Court
551Parfitt Crescent
552Parish Avenue
553Parker Crescent
554Parkes Drive
555Parkins Drive
556Parrot Street
557Parry Road
558Parsons Road
559Patterson Crescent
560Peacock Crescent
561Pearce Drive
562Pembry Drive
563Phillpot Lane
564Pickering Beach Road
565Pickering Beach Road
566Pickett Street
567Pine Street
568Pinoak Road
569Pittmann Crescent
570Plowman Drive
571Plumb Street
572Plumridge Court
573Pointer Lane
574Pollard Crescent
575Poplar Avenue
576Porte Road
577Pottle Lane
578Poulton Avenue
579Powers Valley Court
580Preston Court
581Pridham Court
582Prudence Road
583Pughe Street
584Purcell Lane
585Purdue Avenue
586Quaintance Avenue
587Queen Street
588Radford Drive
589Raine Drive
592Randall Drive
593Rands Road
594Range Line Road
595Range Line Road
596Range Road
597Range Road
598Raven Lane
599Ravenscroft Road
600Rea Street
601Reading Street
602Redmond Drive
603Reed Drive
604Reese Avenue
605Reygate Court
606Reynolds Street
607Richards Lane
608Rideout Street
609Ridley Drive
610Ritchie Avenue
611Riverside Drive
612Robbie Crescent
613Roberson Drive
614Rolfe Lane
615Rollo Drive
616Rollo Drive
617Roosevelt Avenue
618Root Crescent
619Rossland Road
620Rossland Road East
621Rossland Road West
622Rossland Road West
623Rotherglen Road North
624Rotherglen Road South
625Rushbrooke Way
626Rushworth Drive
627Ruthel Road
628Ryan Court
629Ryder Crescent
630Sabbe Crescent
631Salem Road
632Sallis Drive
633Salt Drive
634Salvage Street
635Sargeant Avenue
636Sayor Drive
637Schofield Gate
638Schoolbridge Street
639Seabreeze Road
640Searell Avenue
641Seggar Avenue
642Selby Drive
643Selway Road
644Seward Drive
645Shale Drive
646Shapland Crescent
647Sharp Crescent
648Shaw Court
649Shepstone Drive
650Sherwood Road East
651Sherwood Road West
652Shipp Crescent
653Shoal Point Road
654Shorten Place
655Sideline 16 Road
656Sillett Drive
657Silverwood Circle
658Silverwood Circle
659Simms Drive
660Simonds Drive
661Simpson Road
662Singleton Lane
663Sivyer Crescent
664Slader Heights Street
665Slater Crescent
666Smales Crescent
667Smith Lane
668Snowling Drive
669Solway Crescent
670Southam Street
671Spiers Crescent
672Spitty Road
673Squire Drive
674Staines Avenue
675Station Street
676Stearns Court
677Stevensgate Drive
678Stockbridge Crescent
679Stokes Drive
680Stonewood Street
681Strathy Road
682Strickland Drive
683Strong Gate
684Styles Crescent
685Sullivan Drive
686Swanston Crescent
687Sykes Street
688Talbotshire Street
689Tams Drive
690Tanner Lane
691Tansley Crescent
692Tasker Crescent
693Taunton Road East
694Taunton Road West
695Taverner Crescent
696Tawn Crescent
697Taylor Road
698Teasdale Street
699Telford Street
700Templewest Crescent
701Thackery Drive
702Thomson Street
703Thorncroft Crescent
704Thornharrold Street
705Thorogood Street
706Thorp Crescent
707Tiller Street
708Tipton Crescent
709Tobbell Lane
710Todd Road
711Todhunter Crescent
712Tompkins Lane
713Top Street
714Towers Street
715Tozer Crescent
716Tragunna Lane
717Trawley Crescent
718Tresher Court
719Trowell Lane
720Tudor Avenue
721Tulloch Drive
722Tunbridge Gate
723Turnbull Road
724Turnerberry Avenue
725Turriff Crescent
726Twigg Drive
727Unsworth Crescent
728Upchurch Avenue
729Urwin Street
730Vale Crescent
731Varley Drive
732Ventris Drive
733Ventura Lane
734View Street
735Wainwright Drive
736Waldron Court
737Walker Crescent
738Warburton Drive
739Warner Drive
740Warnford Circle
741Warwick Avenue
742Watersplace Avenue
743Watt Street
744Weatherby Avenue
745Webbford Street
746Weekes Drive
747Welbourne Court
748Weld Drive
749Welsh Street
750Westacott Crescent
751Westgate Avenue
752Westney Road North
753Westney Road South
754Weston Crescent
755Westray Crescent
756Wheatley Crescent
757Whitbread Crescent
758Whitefoot Crescent
759Whitlock Crescent
760Whittington Court
761Wickens Crescent
762Wicks Drive
763Wiggins Drive
764Wilce Drive
765Wilkie Lane
766Willcocks Crescent
767Willer Avenue
768Williamson Drive
769Williamson Drive
770Willows Lane
771Wilsongary Circle
772Windebanks Drive
773Windle Drive
774Windsor Avenue
775Windsor Drive
776Winrow Gate
777Wiseman Drive
778Wishbone Crescent
779Withay Drive
780Woodchester Green
781Woodcock Avenue
782Woodhouse Crescent
783Woodward Crescent
784Woolf Crescent
785Wright Crescent
786Wyatt Lane
787York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)