List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Arnprior, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
55th Avenue
67th Avenue
7Addie Street
8Albert Street
9Alicia Street
10Allan Drive
11Arthur Street
12Ashbury Street
13Atkinson Street
14Baskin Drive East
15Baskin Drive West
16Bell Street
17Bridge Street
18Burwash Street
19Campbell Drive
20Carss Street
21Caruso Street
22Charles Street
23Charlotte Street North
24Charlotte Street South
25Chats Crescent
26Church Street
27Claude Street
28Craig Street
29Cranston Street
30Dan Street
31Daniel Street North
32Daniel Street South
33Decosta Street
34Diamond Springs Street
35Didak Drive
36Division Street
37Edey Street
38Edward Street North
39Edward Street South
40Elgin Street East
41Elgin Street West
42Elizabeth Street
43Ewen Street
44Fairbrooke Court
45Fairview Crescent
46Frieday Street
47Galvin Street
48Gardner Street
49Gary Crescent
50Harriet Street
51Harrington Street
52Hartney Street
53Havey Street
54Herrick Drive
55Highway 17
56Hugh Street North
57Hugh Street South
58Huyck Drive
59Ida Street North
60Ida Street South
61Isabella Street
62Jack Crescent
63James Street
64John Findlay Terrace
65John Street North
66John Street South
67Johnston Road
68Kenwood Place
69Kinsmen Crescent
70Laird Street
71Lake Street
72Landrigan Street
73Laurentian Place
74Lena Street
75Leo Lavoie Road
76Macdonald Street North
77Macdonald Street South
78Madawaska Boulevard
79Madawaska Street
80Maple Drive
81Marina Way
82Mary Street
83Mccartney Street
84Mcgonigal Street East
85Mcgonigal Street West
86Mclachlin Street North
87Mclachlin Street South
88Mclean Avenue
89Mcnab Street
90Meehan Street
91Melville Road
92Michael Street
93Mill Lane
94Mima Street
95Moorhead Crescent
96Mulvihill Crescent
99Norma Street North
100Norma Street South
101Ottawa Street
102Richards Lane
103Richman Lane
104River Ridge Crescent
105Riverview Drive
106Robert Street
107Rock Lane East
108Rock Lane West
109Russell Street North
110Russell Street South
111Russett Drive
112Sheffield Street
113Short Road
114Smolkin Street
115Spruce Crescent
116Staye Court Drive
117Stonehaven Way
118Sullivan Crescent
119Thomas Street North
120Thomas Street South
121Tierney Street North
122Tierney Street South
123Van Dusen Drive
124Vancourtland Street North
125Vancourtland Street South
126Vanjumar Drive
127Verona Drive
128Victoria Street
129White Lake Road
130Wilfred Crescent
131William Street East
132William Street West
133Winners Circle

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)