List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Aurora, Ontario
#Street Name
112 Oaks Drive
21st Comerce Drive
3Abbott Avenue
4Academy Drive
5Adair Drive
6Adena Meadows Way
7Albery Crescent
8Alder Grove
9Algonquin Crescent
10Allaura Boulevard
11Allenvale Drive
12Alm Court
13Amberhill Way
14Ames Crescent
15Anderson Place
16Annonay Gate
17April Gardens
18Archerhill Court
19Ardill Crescent
20Ashford Court
21Ashley Place
22Aspen Leaf Court
23Attridge Drive
24Aurora Heights Drive
25Ausman Gate
26Autumn Way
27Avondale Crescent
28Awesome Again Lane
29Babcock Boulevard
30Bailey Crescent
31Baldwin Road
32Ballymore Drive
33Banbury Court
34Banff Drive
35Barr Crescent
36Bathurst Street
37Batson Drive
38Baycroft Lane
39Bayfair Road
40Bayview Avenue
41Baywell Crescent
42Beacon Hall Drive
43Beatty Crescent
44Beau Court
45Beechbrooke Way
46Bell Drive
47Benville Crescent
48Berczy Street
49Bigwin Drive
50Bilbrough Street
51Billingham Heights
52Birch Court
53Birkshire Drive
54Black Court
55Blaydon Lane
56Bloomington Road
57Bloomington Road
58Bloomington Road West
59Blue Grass Drive
60Bonnell Crescent
61Bonny Meadows Drive
62Borealis Avenue
63Boulding Drive
64Bovair Trail
65Bowler Street
66Briardale Place
67Bridgenorth Drive
68Britton Trail
69Brookeview Drive
70Brookland Avenue
71Brooks Avenue
72Browning Court
73Brush Grove
74Buchanan Crescent
75Burgon Place
76Butler Court
77Buttonwood Trail
78Cabot Court
79Cady Court
80Calmar Crescent
81Cameron Avenue
82Candac Valley Drive
83Carisbrooke Circle
84Carlyle Crescent
85Carriage Walk
86Caruso Gardens
87Casemount Street
88Casey Court
89Cashel Court
90Catherine Avenue
91Cedar Crescent
92Centre Court
93Centre Street
94Chadburn Crescent
95Championship Circle Place
96Chapman Court
97Charing Crescent
98Child Drive
99Chippingwood Manor
100Chiswick Crescent
101Church Street
102Civic Square Gate
103Cliff Trail
104Clift Road
105Closs Square
106Clubine Court
107Collingwood Court
108Collins Crescent
109Collis Drive
110Community Centre Lane
111Connaught Avenue
112Conover Avenue
113Copland Trail
114Corbett Crescent
115Corner Ridge Road
116Cosford Street
117Cossar Drive
118Cottinghill Way
119Cousins Drive
120Cousins Drive East
121Covent Crescent
122Cowie Court
123Craiglee Court
124Cranberry Lane
125Crawford Rose Drive
126Crossing Bridge Place
127Crows Nest Gate
128Cypress Court
129Dafoe Court
130Danbrook Court
131Davidson Road
132Davis Road
133Dawlish Avenue
134Dawson Crescent
135Deerglen Terrace
136Deerhorn Crescent
137Delattave Avenue
138Delayne Drive
139Devins Drive
140Devlin Place
141Dinsmore Terrace
142Dodie Street
143Dol Terrace
144Don Hillock Drive
145Dovercourt Lane
146Downey Circle
147Duggan Lane
148Duncton Wood Crescent
149Dunham Crescent
150Dunning Avenue
151Eakins Drive
152Earl Stewart Drive
153Edward Street
154Egan Crescent
155Elderberry Trail
156Eldon Crescent
157Englehard Drive
158Equestrian Drive
159Evelyn Buck Lane
160Fairway Drive
161Falan Heights Crescent
162Falconwood Hollow
163Falling Leaf Court
164Fielding Drive
165Fields Court
166Fife Road
167Fleury Street
168Foreht Crescent
169Fouracre Way
170Fox Point
171Furbacher Lane
172Gateway Drive
173George Street
174Gilbank Drive
175Gilbert Drive
176Glass Drive
177Gleave Court
178Glenview Drive
179Glorious Sons Lane
180Gold Metal Gate
181Golf Links Drive
182Goulding Avenue
183Gowan Lane
184Greenbriar Court
185Greenlefe Court
186Gundy Way
187Gurnett Street
188Gwilliam Lane
189Hadley Court
190Haida Drive
191Halldorsen Avenue
192Hammond Drive
193Harmon Avenue
194Harriman Road
195Harrison Avenue
196Hartwell Way
197Haskell Crescent
198Haverhill Terrace
199Hawthorne Lane
200Hawtin Lane
201Heanley Court
202Heatherfield Lane
203Heathwood Heights Drive
204Henderson Drive
205Highland Court
206Highland Gate
207Hill Drive
208Hillary Place
209Hilldale Road
210Hillside Drive
211Hillview Road
212Hodgkinson Crescent
213Hogaboom Avenue
214Hollandview Trail
215Hollidge Boulevard
216Hollingshead Drive
217Holman Crescent
218Horsely Court
219Houdini Way
220Hunters Glen Road
221Hunting Trail
222Huron Court
223Hutchinson Road
224Iber Court
225Illingworth Court
226Industrial Parkway North
227Industrial Parkway South
228Industry Street
229Ing Court
230Ironshore Court
231Irwin Avenue
232Isaacson Crescent
233Ivy Jay Crescent
234James Henry Drive
235Jarvis Avenue
236Jasper Drive
237John West Way
238Johnson Road
239Jones Court
240Joseph Tuck Court
241Kane Crescent
242Karindon Court
243Kemano Road
244Kendrick Crescent
245Kenlea Court
246Kennedy Street East
247Kennedy Street West
248Kerr Lane
249Keystone Court
250Kidd Circle
251Kirkvalley Crescent
252Kitimat Crescent
253Klaimen Court
254Knole Haven Drive
255Knowles Crescent
256Lacey Court
257Lanewood Drive
258Langman Place
259Larmont Street
260Laurentide Avenue
261Laurwood Court
262Lee Gate
263Lenarthur Court
264Lensmith Drive
265Leslie Street
266Lewis Honey Drive
267Lille Court
268Limeridge Street
269Little Erika Way
270Long Valley Road
271Longthorp Court
272Loraview Lane
273Lougheed Court
274Luxton Avenue
275Machell Avenue
276Magna Drive
277Mahogany Court
278Maple Street
279Mark Street
280Marksbury Court
281Marsh Harbour
282Marshview Avenue
283Martell Gate
284Mary Street
285Matson Court
286Mavrinac Boulevard
287Mcclellan Way
288Mcclenny Drive
289Mcdonald Drive
290Mcgee Crescent
291Mciarty Gate
292Mckinley Gate
293Mcleod Drive
294Mcmaster Avenue
295Mcnally Way
296Mcroberts Place
297Meadow Lark Lane
298Meadowood Drive
299Mendys Forest
300Metcalfe Street
301Milestone Crescent
302Milgate Place
303Mill Street
304Millcliff Circle
305Milloy Place
306Moffat Crescent
307Monkman Court
308Moorcrest Drive
309Morland Crescent
310Morning Crescent
311Mosley Street
312Mugford Road
313Murdock Avenue
314Murray Drive
315Navan Crescent
316Nicklaus Drive
317Nisbet Drive
320Northern Dancer Lane
321Oak Court
322Ochalski Road
323October Lane
324Odin Crescent
325Offord Crescent
326Ohara Drive
327Old Bloomington Road
328Old Yonge Street
329Orchard Heights Boulevard
330Ostick Street
331Ottawa Court
332Owls Foot Crescent
333Parkland Court
334Patrick Drive
335Pattermore Gate
336Pedersen Drive
337Perivale Gardens
338Petch Crescent
339Petermann Street
340Pinehurst Court
341Pineneedle Drive
342Pinnacle Trail
343Pittypat Court
344Pointon Street
345Poplar Court
346Poplar Crescent
347Preston Thompson Place
348Primeau Drive
349Quail Ridge Drive
350Rachewood Court
351Raiford Street
353Ransom Court
354Ransom Street
355Reuben Street
356Reynolds Crescent
357Richardson Drive
358Ridge Road
359River Ridge Boulevard
360Ross Linton Drive
361Ross Street
362Royal Road
363Rush Road
364Saint Johns Sideroad
365Saint Johns Sideroad
366Sandfield Drive
367Sandlewood Court
368Sandusky Crescent
369Scanlon Court
370Seaton Drive
371Senator Court
372Sherman Oaks Court
373Sideroad Vandorf
374Sideroad Vandorf
375Simmons Crescent
376Sioux Gate
377Sirona Lane
378Sisman Avenue
379Skipton Trail
380Skyview Lane
381Snedden Avenue
382Soleil Boulevard
383Somerton Court
384Spence Drive
385Spring Farm Road
386Springburn Crescent
387Springfair Avenue
388Springmaple Chase
389Spruce Street
390Spyglass Court
391St Andrews Court
392Starr Crescent
393State Farm Way
394Steckley Street
395Steel Drive
396Steeplechase Avenue
397Stemmle Drive
398Stiles Avenue
399Stoddart Drive
400Stone Road
401Stonecliffe Crescent
402Storrington Gate
403Stronach Boulevard
404Suffolk Avenue
405Sunray Place
406Tamarac Trail
407Tannery Creek Crescent
408Tara Hill Circle
409Teasdale Court
410Tecumseh Drive
411Temperance Street
412Thompkins Crescent
413Tilston Grove
414Timberline Trail
415Timbertrail Crescent
416Timpson Drive
417Tonner Crescent
418Touch Gold Lane
419Tradewind Terrace
420Tree Top Lane
421Treegrove Circle
422Trent Street
423Tribbling Crescent
424Trillium Drive
425Tucker Court
426Turnbridge Road
427Tyler Street
428Underhill Crescent
429Urquhart Court
430Usherwood Street
431Valemount Way
432Valhalla Court
433Valley Crescent
434Van Allan Way
435Vata Court
436Victoria Street
437Wallwark Street
438Walton Drive
439Wardle Gate
440Watkins Glen Crescent
441Watts Meadow
442Webster Drive
443Wellington Heights Court
444Wellington Street East
445Wellington Street East
446Wellington Street West
447Wells Street
448Wenderly Drive
449Weslock Crescent
450Westview Drive
451Wethersfield Court
452Whispering Pine Trail
453Whitfield Court
454Wiles Court
455Wilkes Court
456Wilkinson Place
457Williamson Terrace
458Willis Drive
459Willow Farm Lane
460Wilton Trail
461Windham Trail
462Woodland Hills Boulevard
463Woodroof Crescent
464Woodsend Crescent
465Wyatt Lane
466Yonge Street
467Yvonne Place
468Zokol Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)