List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Cobourg, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Street
55th Street
66th Street
77th Street
8Abbott Boulevard
9Acadia Drive
10Adele Street
11Albert Street
12Alder Road
13Alexandria Drive
14Alice Street
15Anne Street
16Armour Crescent
17Ash Road
18Ashland Court
19Ashland Drive
20Bagot Street
21Ball Street
22Ballantine Street
23Balls Lane
24Baltimore Road
25Barbara Street
26Battell Court
27Battell Street
28Bay Street
29Bayfield Court
30Bayview Crescent
31Beatty Crescent
32Birchwood Trail
33Blake Street
34Bond Street
35Booth Court
36Booth Street
37Boulton Street
38Brook Road North
39Brook Road South
40Buchanan Street
41Buck Street
42Burke Street
43Burnet Drive
44Burnham Manor Court
45Burnham Street
46Burwash Street
47Caddy Drive
48Campbell Street
49Carlisle Street
50Carroll Crescent
51Cedermere Avenue
52Centre Street
53Chapel Street
54Charles Street
55Charles Wilson Parkway
56Chestnut Place
57Chipping Park Boulevard
58Chris Garrett Way
59Church Street
60Clare Street
61Clarke Court
62Clergy Lane
63Clyde Street
64College Street
65Conger Avenue
66Conger Court
67Cooper Court
68Cornell Crescent
69Coronation Crescent
70Cottesmore Avenue
71County Road 2
72Court House Road
73Coverdale Avenue
74Covert Street
75Crossen Street
76Curtis Crescent
77Daintry Crescent
78Danforth Road East
79Darcy Street
80Delanty Road
81Densmore Road
82Denton Drive
83Depalma Drive
84Division Street
85Dodge Street
86Duffy Street
87Duncan Court
88Durham Street
89Eadie Crescent
90East House Crescent
91East Street
92Elgin Street East
93Elgin Street West
94Elizabeth Street
95Ewart Street
96Ewing Court
97Ewing Street
98Fairbanks Road
99Field Court
100Fitzhugh Lane
101Foote Crescent
102Forth Street
103Fraser Court
104Frei Street
105Furnace Street
106Gardiner Crescent
107George Street
108Gillett Court
109Glen Watford Road
110Glenhare Street
111Gravely Street
112Green Street
113Greer Crescent
114Greer Road
115Gummow Court
116Hamilton Avenue
117Hamilton Crescent
118Harden Crescent
119Harden Street
120Havelock Street
121Hawthorne Avenue
122Hayden Crescent
123Heath Street
124Heenan Street
125Henry Street
126Hibernia Street
127Highway 401
128Hooey Court
129Huycke Street
130Ivey Crescent
131James Street East
132James Street West
133Jane Street
134Jarvis Road
135Jeffrey Crescent
136Jexs Lane
137John Street
138Kane Terrace
139Kent Street
140Kerr Street
141King Street East
142King Street West
143Lake Street
144Lakeshore Road
145Lakeview Court
146Lees Avenue
147Leonard Street
148London Street
149Mackechnie Crescent
150Madison Avenue
151Maher Crescent
152Maher Street
153Major Street
154Maplewood Boulevard
155Margaret Street
156Marias Quay
157Marion Street
158Marisa Lane
159Mathew Street
160Mcarthur Street
161Mcgill Street
162Mcguire Street
163Meredith Avenue
164Meredith Crescent
165Monk Street
166Morgans Way
167Munroe Street
168Munson Crescent
169Murray Crescent
170Nagle Road
171New Amherst Boulevard
172New Densmore Road
173Nickerson Drive
175Norma Street
176Normar Road
177Northwood Drive
178O'conner Court
179Ontario Street
180Orange Street
181Orchard Avenue
182Orr Street
183Otto Drive
184Park Lane
185Park Street
186Parkview Hills Drive
187Parkwood Drive
188Pebble Beach Drive
189Perry Street
190Prince Of Wales Drive
191Princess Street
192Queen Street
194Rankin Boulevard
195Ravensdale Road
196Rayner Road
197Read Street
198Riddell Avenue
199Rockingham Court
200Roe Street
201Rogers Road
202Ruth Street
203Rutherford Street
204Sandmere Crescent
205Sandra Crescent
206Shirley Street
207Sinclair Street
208Smith Road
209Spencer Street East
210Spencer Street West
211Spragge Crescent
212Spring Street
213Springbrook Road
214St Lawrence Place
215Stanton Road North
216Stanton Road South
217Station Street
218Strathy Road
219Stuart Street
220Sutherland Crescent
221Swayne Street
222Sydenham Street
223Tay Street
224Thomas Street
225Thompson Road
226Tillison Avenue
227Tracey Road
228Tremaine Street
229Tremaine Terrace
230Tweed Street
231University Avenue East
232University Avenue West
233Veronica Street
234Victoria Street
235Walton Street
236Water Street
237Weller Court
238West Street
239Westwood Crescent
240Westwood Drive
241White Street
242Wilkins Gate
243William Street
244Willmott Street
245Willow Crescent
246Wilson Road
247Workman Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)