List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Fort Frances, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Street East
21st Street West
32nd Street East
42nd Street West
53rd Street East
63rd Street West
74th Street East
84th Street West
95th Street East
105th Street West
116th Street East
126th Street West
138th Street
148th Street
158th Street East
168th Street East
17Armit Avenue
18Armit Avenue North
19Baeker Bay
20Banta Boulevard
21Bayview Avenue
22Biddeson Avenue
23Birch Road
24Butler Avenue
25Central Avenue
26Christie Avenue
27Christie Avenue North
28Church Street
29Colonization Road East
30Colonization Road West
31Cornwall Avenue
32Cornwall Avenue North
33Crowe Avenue
34Daniel Avenue
35Elizabeth Street East
36Elizabeth Street West
37Elm Avenue
38Elmcrest Drive
39Emo Road
40Erin Crescent
41Evergreen Drive
42Fernette Avenue
43Flinders Avenue
44Frenette Avenue
45Front Street
46Gillon Street
47Holmes Avenue
48Hudson Drive
49Joseph Crescent
50Kaitlyn Drive
51Keating Avenue
52Keating Avenue North
53Kerr Place
54Kings Highway
55Kirsti Place
56Lillie Avenue
57Lillie Avenue North
58Lyndy Place North
59Lyndy Place South
60Maple Drive
61Mcirvine Road
62Mcirvine Road North
63Mckenzie Avenue
64Mckenzie Avenue North
65Minnie Avenue
66Morrison Crescent
67Mosher Avenue
68Mowat Avenue
69Nelson Street
73Oakwood Road
74Osborne Street
75Palmcrest Drive
76Patcin Avenue
77Phair Avenue
78Pine Crescent
79Pit 1 Road
80Pit 2 Road
81Portage Avenue
82Portage Avenue North
83Reid Avenue
84River Road West
85Riverview Drive
86Russell Bay
87Scott Street
88Shevlin Avenue
89Sinclair Street
90Smith Avenue
91Spruce Road
92Stewart Street
93Strachan Place
94Thompson Street
95Victoria Avenue
96Victoria Avenue North
97Walker Avenue
98Walleye Court
99Webster Avenue
100Webster Avenue North
101Williams Avenue
102Willow Road
103Wright Avenue
104Wright Avenue North
105York Avenue
106York Avenue North

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)