List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Greater Napanee, Ontario
#Street Name
11 Road
21 Road North
31 Road South
41st Avenue
52nd Avenue
63rd Concession Road
73rd Concession Road
8Abrams Road
9Adelphi Street
10Advance Avenue
11Alfred Street
12Alkenbrack Street
13Alma Avenue
14Amy Court
15Angila Street
16Angus Drive
17Ann Street
18Applewood Cove
19Apsley Street
20Armstrongs Lane
21Asselstine Road
22Baker Street
23Barker Sideroad
24Barmish Lane
25Barrett Boulevard
26Bass Cove Road
27Bathurst Street
28Bayshore Road
29Bayview Drive
30Beechwood Road
31Beechwood Road
32Belleville Road
33Benns Point Road
34Beverly Street
35Big Creek Road
36Blake Street
37Bracken Street
38Brady Road
39Bridge Street East
40Bridge Street West
41Bridge Street West
42Bridge Street West
43Briggs Street
44Brown Sideroad
45Buttermilk Falls Road
46Buttermilk Falls Road
47Camden Road
48Campbell Crescent
49Caniff Drive
50Cardiff Lane
51Carscallen Drive
52Catherine Street
53Centre Street North
54Centre Street South
55Centreville Road
56Chambers Road
57Champlain Street
58Cheese Factory Road
59Cherrywood Parkway
60Church Street
61Clara Street
62Clarke Avenue
63Clonmere Crescent
64Cold Water Road
65Commercial Court
66Cooks Road
67Cottage Lane
68County Road 1 East
69County Road 1 West
70County Road 1 West
71County Road 1 West
72County Road 11
73County Road 11
74County Road 11
75County Road 12
76County Road 12
77County Road 18
78County Road 2
79County Road 2
80County Road 2
81County Road 21
82County Road 22
83County Road 25
84County Road 3
85County Road 41
86County Road 41
87County Road 41 North
88County Road 5
89County Road 8
90County Road 8
91County Road 8
92County Road 8
93County Road 9
94County Road 9
95County Road 9
96County Road 9
97Crouse Street
98Cuthill Lane
99Cynthia Street
100Dafoe Street
101Dairy Avenue
102Daly Circle
103Denison Road
104Denridge Road
105Deseronto Road
106Dollar Crescent
107Donald Street
108Dorland Drive
109Drive In Road West
110Drive In Road West
111Dry Well Lane
112Dundas Street East
113Dundas Street West
114East Street
115Eden Street
116Edgewood Drive
117Elizabeth Street
118Elliots Lane
119Elmwood Boulevard
120Enviro Park Lane
121Fitchett Road
122Fretts Lane
123Frisk Road
124Front Street
125Galt Street
126Gerow Road
127Ginger Street
128Glennelm Road
129Golf Course Lane
130Goodyear Road
131Graham Street East
132Graham Street West
133Grange Circle
134Hambly Road
135Hambly Road
136Hartwood Crescent
137Hay Dor Lane
138Heming Lane
139Hemling Lane
140Henderson Road
141Henry Street
142Heritage Park Drive
143Herrington Lane
144Hessford Street
145Hickory Lane
146Highway 33
147Highway 33
148Highway 33
149Highway 33
150Highway 33
151Highway 33
152Highway 401
153Highway 401
154Highway 401
155Highway 401
156Hillside Avenue
157Hinch Road
158Hollands Road
159Homestead Road
160Huffman Street
161Huffs Lane
162Huron Street
163Huyck Street
164Industrial Boulevard
165Isabella Street East
166Isabella Street West
167James Street
168Jim Kimmett Boulevard
169John Street
170Johnsons Sideroad
171Kellwood Crescent
172Kent Avenue
173Kimmett Sideroad
174King Street
175Kingston Road
176Lashers Road
177Legend Way Lane
178Lime Lake Road
179Lime Lake Road
180Lindsay Drive
181Little Creek Road
182Macdonalds Lane
183Manion Road
184Maple Drive
185Marilyn Avenue
186Market Square
187Mccabe Street
188Mcdonald Crescent
189Mcknights Sideroad
190Meach Road
191Meach Road
192Meadow Crescent
193Meadow Lane
194Mill Street East
195Mill Street West
196Milligan Lane
197Moore Avenue
198Napier Street
199Neilson Road
200Newburgh Street
207Northfork Road
208Noxon Road
209Oakwood Lane
210Oconnell Sideroad
211Oke Road
212Old Cy 9 Road
213Old Hamburg Road
214Old Orchard Road
215Oliver Sideroad
216Original Road
217Palace Road
218Park Drive
219Park Road
220Parks Street
221Parkview Hill Street
222Pearl Street
223Perch Cove Lane
224Perry Road
225Pine Grove Road
226Pleasant Drive
227Pringles Sideroad
228Quaker Hill Road
229Queen Street
230Quinte View Road
231Raglan Street
236Reid Street
237Richard Street
238Richmond Boulevard
239Richmond Park Drive
240Richmond Street
241Ridge Road
242River Road
243Riverview Drive
244Robert Street
245Robinson Street
246Roblin Road
247Russell Street
248Ruuths Lane
249Salmon River Road
250Sans Souci Road
251Sarah Street
252Sarah Street South
253Schenk Street
254Sharpes Corners Road
255Sharpes Corners Road
256Shermans Point Road
257Shore Drive
258Shoreline Crescent
259Shorey Road
260Simcoe Street
261Slash Road
262Smart Crescent
263Smith Crescent
264Smith Road
265South Shore C Road
266South Shore Perch Co Lane
267South Shore Road
268South Shore Road
269Southcrest Drive
270Southwood Crescent
271Splinter Drive
272Staples Lane
273Stone Hedge Road
274Storey Street
275Sunset Crescent
276Sunset Lane
277Switzerville Road
278Tany Bryn Road
279Thomas Street East
280Thomas Street West
281Thompson Point Road
282Townline Road
283Trillium Lane
284Unger Island Road
285Union Street
286United Street
287Vanluven Road
288Victoria Street
289Water Combe Road
290Water Street East
291Water Street West
292Wellington Street
293West Street
294Westplain Road
295Winchester Drive
296Woodcock Street
297Wright Place
298Yeomans Street
299York Street
300Youngs Point Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)