List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Halton Hills, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line
210th Line
310th Line
43rd Line
53rd Line
63rd Line
74th Line
84th Line
94th Line
104th Line
115th Line
125th Line
135th Line
145th Line
156th Line
166th Line
176th Line
186th Line
196th Line
206th Line West
218th Line
228th Line
238th Line
248th Line
258th Line
269th Line
279th Line
289th Line
29Abbitt Crescent
30Academy Road
31Acton Boulevard
32Adams Court
33Adamson Street North
34Adamson Street South
35Agnes Street
36Ainley Trail
37Airedale Court
38Albert Street
39Alcott Drive
40Alexander Street
41Alice Street
42Allen Road
43Alley Street
44Allison Court
45Anderson Court
46Ann Street
47Appelbe Court
48Apple Blossom Crescent
49Arborglen Drive
50Argyll Road
51Arletta Street
52Armstrong Avenue
53Arthur Street
54Atwood Avenue
55Back Street
56Bain Court
57Bairstow Crescent
58Ballantine Drive
59Banting Road
60Barber Drive
61Bard Lane
62Barnes Crescent
63Barraclough Boulevard
64Baylor Crescent
65Beacon Gate
66Beardmore Crescent
67Beaumont Court
68Beaver Street
69Belmont Boulevard
70Bennett Place
71Berry Street
72Berton Boulevard
73Beverly Lane
74Birchway Place
75Bishop Court
76Black Creek Court
77Blue Mountain Place
78Bonnette Street
79Bower Street
80Bowman Street
81Bradley Drive
82Brian Lane
83Bridlewood Boulevard
84Brigden Gate
85Brock Street
86Brownridge Road
87Browns Crescent
88Brucewood Road
89Burbank Street
90Byron Street
91Callaghan Crescent
92Calvert Drive
93Cameron Street
94Campbell Court
95Campbell Gate
96Carole Street
97Caroline Street
98Carruthers Road
99Casa Court
100Caseley Drive
101Cedar Road
102Cedarvale Court
103Chantelay Crescent
104Chapel Street
105Chaplin Crescent
106Charity Lane
107Charles Street
108Chelton Street
109Chelvin Drive
110Cherry Street
111Chester Crescent
112Chetholme Place
113Chipper Court
114Church Street
115Church Street East
116Church Street West
117Churchill Crescent
118Churchill Road North
119Churchill Road South
120Cindebarke Terrace
121Clare Court
122Clayhill Road
123Cleaveholm Drive
124Cobblehill Road
125Colbert Road
126Coles Court
127College Street
128Commerce Crescent
129Comset Gate
130Confederation Street
131Cook Street
132Corey Circle
133Costigan Court
134Cotswold Court
135Country Lane Crescent
136Craig Crescent
137Credit Street
138Crescent Street
139Crewsons Line
140Cromar Court
141Crombie Place
142Cross Street
143Curry Crescent
144Dairy Drive
145Dale Gate
146Danby Road
147Daniela Court
148Danridge Crescent
149Danville Avenue
150Davidson Drive
151Davis Crescent
152Dawkins Crescent
153Dawson Crescent
154Dayfoot Drive
155Deer Run Crescent
156Delaware Street
157Delma Court
158Delrex Boulevard
159Division Street
160Doctor Moore Court
161Dominion Gardens Drive
162Donaghedy Drive
163Draper Street
164Draper Street
165Dublin Line
166Dublin Line
167Dublin Line
168Dublin Line
169Duby Road
170Dufferin Street
171Duncan Drive
172Durham Street
173Eagleview Way
174Early Street
175Eastern Avenue
176Eaton Street
177Eden Place
178Edith Street
179Edward Street
180Edward Street
181Edwin Lane
182Elderberry Gate
183Eleanor Crescent
184Elena Court
185Elgin Street
186Elgin Street North
187Elgin Street South
188Elizabeth Drive
189Elizabeth Street
190Elizabeth Street
191Elliott Drive
192Elmore Drive
193Emery Street
194Emslie Street
195Erin Street
196Evans Place
197Ewing Street
198Fagan Drive
199Fairview Avenue
200Fallbrook Trail
201Faludon Drive
202Fellows Street
203Flamingo Court
204Forest Ridge Crescent
205Forster Street
206Forsyth Crescent
207Frederick Street North
208Frederick Street South
209Gairey Drive
210Gamble Street
211Gardiner Drive
212Garnet Drive
213Garrison Square
214George Street
215George Street
216Gibbons Place
217Gilmer Court
218Glen Crescent Drive
219Glen Lawson Road
220Glen Road
221Goldham Way
222Gollop Crescent
223Gooderham Drive
224Gordons Creek Court
225Gould Crescent
226Gower Court
227Gower Road
228Gray Gate
229Green Street
230Greenore Crescent
231Grey Owl Run
232Greystone Crescent
233Grist Mill Drive
234Guelph Street
235Guelph Street
236Guelph Street West
237Hale Drive
238Hall Road
239Halton Hills Drive
240Hamilton Crescent
241Harding Street
242Harley Avenue
243Harold Street
244Harriet Street
245Harrison Place
246Harrop Avenue
247Hawks Place
248Heather Court
249Henry Street
250Hepburn Crescent
251Herb Wild Street
252Heslop Court
253Hewson Crescent
254Highway 401
255Highway 401
256Highway 407
257Highway 7
258Highway 7
259Highway 7
260Highway 7
261Highway 7
262Hill Street
263Hillcrest Street
264Hillside Drive
265Hilts Court
266Hinchcliff Road
267Holdroyd Court
268Holmesway Place
269Hornby Road
270Huffmann Drive
271Hume Court
272Hurst Street
273Hyde Park Drive
274Hyland Avenue
275Irwin Crescent
276James Street
277James Young Drive
278Janet Court
279Jason Crescent
280Jeffrey Avenue
281Jessop Court
282John Goy Sr Trail
283John Street
284John Street North
285John Street South
286Johnson Crescent
287Joseph Street
288Joycelyn Crescent
289Karen Drive
290Kay Lane
291Keats Avenue
292Kennedy Street
293Kenney Street
294Killaloe Crescent
295King Street
296King Street
297Kingham Road
298Kingsley Road
299Kirkpatrick Lane
300Knox Street
301La Roche Avenue
302Lake Avenue
303Lakeview Avenue
304Lamb Street
305Lane Court
306Langstone Crescent
307Lasby Lane
308Lauchlin Crescent
309Lawlor Street
310Leslie Hill Road
311Lewis Street
312Lilac Lane
313Lily Lane
314Lindsay Court
315Logan Court
316Longfield Road
317Lookout Court
318Lorne Street
319Louisa Street
320Lucinda Place
321Lynden Circle
322Lyons Court
323Mackenzie Drive
324Main Street
325Main Street North
326Main Street North
327Main Street South
328Main Street South
329Mansewood Court
330Maple Avenue
331Maple Avenue East
332Margaret Street
333Maria Street
334Marilyn Crescent
335Market Street
336Mary Street
337Mary Street
338Mason Boulevard
339Matthew Court
340May Street
341Mcclure Court
342Mccullough Crescent
343Mcdonald Boulevard
344Mcfarlane Drive
345Mcgilvray Crescent
346Mcintyre Crescent
347Mckinnon Avenue
348Mcmaster Street
349Mcnabb Street
350Mcnally Street
351Meadowglen Boulevard
352Meadowlark Drive
353Meadvale Road
354Meagan Drive
355Metcalfe Court
356Milfoil Street
357Mill Pond Drive
358Mill Street
359Mill Street East
360Mill Street West
361Miller Drive
362Moore Park Crescent
363Morden Neilson Way
364Morgan Drive
365Morningside Drive
366Morris Street
367Moultrey Crescent
368Mountain Street
369Mountainview Road North
370Mountainview Road South
371Mowat Crescent
372Mowbray Place
373Mull Gate
374Mullen Place
375Munro Circle
376Murdock Street
377Nazer Street
378Nelles Street
379Nelson Court
380Newman Place
381Newton Street
382Niagara Trail
383Nixon Crescent
384Noble Court
385Noble Street
390Norman Avenue
391Normandy Boulevard
392North Ridge Crescent
393Norton Crescent
394Oak Ridge Drive
395Oak Street
396Old Pine Crest Road
397Olivia Street
398Ontario Street
399Orchard Boulevard
400Orchid Avenue
401Orville Road
402Ostrander Boulevard
403Palmer Court
404Palomino Trail
405Park Avenue
406Park Avenue
407Park Street East
408Park Street West
409Parkview Boulevard
410Pauline Street
411Pearl Court
412Peel Street
413Pennington Crescent
414Perth Street
415Pine Court
416Pine Valley Trail
417Poets Path
418Pomeroy Court
419Poplar Avenue
420Preston Street
421Prince Charles Drive
422Prince Street
423Princess Anne Drive
424Queen Street
425Queen Street
426Rachlin Drive
429Ransom Street
430Raylawn Crescent
431Regan Crescent
432Regional Road 25
433Regional Road 25
434Regional Road 25
435Regional Road 25
436Reid Court
437Rennie Street
438Rexway Drive
439River Drive
440River Street
441Riverview Crescent
442Roane Avenue
443Robert Lane
444Robina Avenue
445Robinson Road
446Rosefield Drive
447Roseford Terrace
448Rosemary Road
449Rosetta Street
450Rosset Valley Court
451Roydon Place
452Ruddell Crescent
453Russell Street
454Ryan Road
455Salmon Way
456Samuel Crescent
457Sarah Street
458Sargent Road
459Saxton Street
460Scene Street
461School Lane
462Seed House Lane
463Serenity Street
464Shelley Street
465Sherman Court
466Shortill Road
467Sideroad 10
468Sideroad 10
469Sideroad 10
470Sideroad 15
471Sideroad 15
472Sideroad 17
473Sideroad 17
474Sideroad 17
475Sideroad 20
476Sideroad 22
477Sideroad 22
478Sideroad 22
479Sideroad 25
480Sideroad 27
481Sideroad 32
482Sideroad 5
483Sideroad 5
484Sideroad 5
485Silvercreek Drive
486Sims Gate
487Sinclair Avenue
488Smith Drive
489Snowberry Crescent
490Somerville Road
491Southwinds Drive
492Split Maple Lane
493Sprowl Street
494Spruce Boulevard
495St Albans Drive
496St Helena Road
497St Michaels Street
498Standish Street
499Steeles Avenue
500Steeles Avenue
501Stevens Crescent
502Stewart Maclaren Road
503Stewarttown Road
504Stockman Crescent
505Stone Street
506Stonebrook Crescent
507Storey Drive
508Sumach Trail
509Summit Lane
510Sutcliff Lane
511Tanners Drive
512Temple Road
513Terry Court
514Thomas Court
515Thompson Drive
516Tidey Avenue
517Timber Court
518Todd Road
519Torino Gate
520Townline Nassagaweya Esquesing
521Townline Nassagaweya Esquesing
522Townline Nassagaweya Esquesing
523Trafalgar Road
524Trafalgar Road
525Trafalgar Road
526Trafalgar Road
527Trafalgar Road
528Treanor Crescent
529Trillium Terrace
530Trinity Court
531Turtle Lake Drive
532Tweedle Street
533Tyler Avenue
534Union Street
535Uplands Court
536Valley View Road
537Victoria Avenue
538Victoria Street
539View Point Circle
540Vimy Street
541Wallace Street
542Watson Road
543Weber Drive
544Webster Way
545Wellington Street
546Wesleyan Street
547Westcott Road
548Wilbur Street North
549Wilbur Street South
550Wildwood Road
551William Street
552Willoughby Way
553Willow Street North
554Willow Street South
555Wilson Court
556Windsor Road
557Winston Churchill Boulevard
558Winston Churchill Boulevard
559Winston Churchill Boulevard
560Wolseley Street
561Woodcote Crescent
562Worden View
563Wright Avenue
564Wylie Circle
565Wynford Place
566York Street
567Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)