List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Huntsville, Ontario
#Street Name
1Allensville Road
2Allisons Point Road
3Anthony Crescent
4Ashworth Road
5Aspdin Road
6Aspdin Road
7Aspdin Road
8Aspdin Road
9Balsam Chutes Road
10Bay Meadows Road
11Bayshore Boulevard
12Beach Road
13Beaver Meadow Road
14Beechwood Path
15Belleview Avenue
16Bethune Road North
17Bethune Road South
18Bickley Country Drive
19Billys Lane
20Bottings Road
21Boundary Road
22Boundary Road
23Bowyer Road
24Breisacher Road
25Bridgedale Crescent
26Bridgedale Road
27Bridgeview Lane
28Britannia Road
29Britannia Road
30Brodie Kay Trail
31Brooks Lane
32Brunel Road
33Brunel Road
34Brunel Road
35Buckhorn Road
36Butler Lane
37Byroad Lock Acres
38Cairns Crescent
39Camp Kitchen Road
40Camp Newport Road
41Canal Road
42Candytown Lane
43Cann Street
44Caroline Street East
45Caroline Street West
46Ceasars Lane
47Cedar Patch Lane
48Cemetery Lane
49Centre Street North
50Centre Street South
51Chaffey Street
52Chaffey Township Road
53Chalet Crescent
54Christ Church Street
55Chub Lake Road
56Church Street
57Clarke Crescent
58Clarkes Lane
59Clearwater Lake Road
60Clearwater Lake Road
61Cliff Avenue
62Clovelly Road
63Concession Road 2 & 3 Newhome West
64Concession Road 4 & 5 Newhome East
65Concession Road 4 & 5 Newhome West
66Cookson Bay Crescent
67Cora Street East
68Cora Street West
69Cottrill Bay Road
70Coveside Drive
71Crescent Road
72Crestview Drive
73Crockford Lane
74Dairy Lane
75Deer Lake Road
76Deer Street
77Deerhurst Drive
78Deerhurst Highlands Drive
79Deerview Trail
80Deerwood Drive
81Delaware Road
82Demaine Road
83Domtar Road
84Down Memory Lane
85Downs Road
86Duncan Street East
87Duncan Street West
88Dyer Memorial Road
89Earls Road
90East Airport Road
91East Browns Road
92East Court
93East Elliott Street
94East Fox Lake Road
95East Menominee Lake Road
96East Waseosa Lake Road
97Echo Bay Road
98Elm Street
99Ena Drive
100Estonian Camp Road
101Etwell Road
102Etwell Road
103Etwell Road
104Evergreen Trail
105Fairy Avenue
106Fairy Lake Circle
107Fairyview Drive
108Falcon Road
109Falkenburg Road
110Falls View Road
111Ferguson Road
112Fetterly Street
113Fish Lake Road
114Fish Rock Road
115Fitzgerald Drive
116Florence Street East
117Florence Street West
118Forest Glen Road
119Forest View Drive
120Fowler Road
121Frederick Street
122Gall Trail
123Gatto Lane
124George Street
125Glen Acres Road
126Glencairn Crescent
127Glenwood Drive
128Golden Pheasant Drive
129Golf Course Road
130Goodwin Drive
131Gore Street
132Gouldie Street
133Grandview Drive
134Grassmere Resort Road
135Grassmere Road
136Greaves Avenue
137Greer Road
138Gryffin Lodge Road
139Gullins Road
140Gun Club Road
141Hanes Road
142Hanes Street
143Hares Road
144Harp Lake Road
145Hart Court
146Hawkes Road
147Helen Street
148Henry Street
149Heritage Crescent
150Herman Avenue
151Hiawatha Drive
152Hibberd Lane
153Hibberd Road
154Hidden Valley Road
155High Street
156Highview Drive
157Highway 11
158Highway 11
159Highway 141
160Highway 141
161Highway 592
162Highway 60
163Highway 60
164Highway 60
165Hillcrest Drive
166Hilltop Drive
167Hood Road
168Hoodstown Road
169Hoodstown Shores
170Hoths Lane
171Howland Drive
172Hubbel Crescent
173Hughes Road
174Hunters Bay Drive
175Hunts Road
176Hutcheson Beach Road
177Indian Trail
178Irene Street
179Iris Street
180Jarvies Road
181Jenner Court
182Jessup Lane
183Jingo Lake Road
184Jo Lee Point Road
185Johanna Street
186John Street
187Jones Lane
188Kay Road West
189Kelly Road
190Kimberley Clark
191King Crescent
192King Street North
193King William Street
194Kinton Avenue
195Kitchen Road North
196Kitchen Road South
197Knotty Pine Trail
198La Neige Avenue
199Ladell Heights Road
200Lake Drive
201Lakeshore Road
202Lakeview Crest
203Lakewood Park Road
204Lansdowne Street East
205Lansdowne Street West
206Lawrence Avenue
207Lighthouse Point Road
208Lindgren Road East
209Lindgren Road West
210Linehill Road
211Lockview Road
212Lone Pine Drive
213Long Point Road
214Longs Lake Road
215Lorne Street North
216Lorne Street South
217Luckey Road
218Lynx Lake Road
219Madeline Street
220Madill Church Road
221Madill Court
222Main Street East
223Main Street West
224Mainhood Road
225Manominee Street
226Maple Avenue
227Maple Heights Drive
228Maplecrest Court
229Markles Road
230Marsh Road East
231Marsh Road West
232Mary Lake Crescent
233Mary Lake Mg
234Mary Lake Road North
235Mary Street
236Mary Street East
237Mary Street West
238Mawhiney Court
239Maws Hill Road
240Maws Road
241Maxes Road
242May Lane
243Mcdermott Road
244Mclean Drive
245Meadow Park Drive
246Mica Mine Road
247Middaugh Road
248Mill Street
249Mineral Springs Road
250Minerva Street East
251Minerva Street West
252Monahan Drive
253Morgan Heights Drive
254Morgan Street
255Morgans Road
256Morris Avenue
257Mount Pleasant Court
258Mount Vernon Trail
259Mountview Avenue
260Muskoka 10 Road
261Muskoka 10 Road
262Muskoka 10 Road
263Muskoka 3 Road North
264Muskoka Glenns Cottage Road
265Newhaven Court
274North Court
275North Deer Lake Road
276North Drive
277North Dufferin Street
278North Fox Lake Road
279North Lancelot Road
280North Mary Lake Road
281North Menominee Lake Road
282North Street
283North Waseosa Lake Road
284Northdown Street
285Northwoods Drive
286Novar Road
287Oak Ridge Road
288Old Aspdin Road
289Old Centurian Road
290Old Ferguson Road
291Old Muskoka Road
292Old Muskoka Road
293Old North Road
294Old Novar Road
295Old School House Road
296Ontario Street
297Orr Road
298Otter Lake Cottage Road
299Otter Lake Road
300Oudaze Lake Road
301Paget Lane
302Park Drive
303Parkside Drive
304Parsons Lane
305Peacock Bay Road
306Penfold Lake Road
307Peters Road
308Phillips Crescent
309Pine Ridge Road
310Pinedale Road
311Pinewood Drive
312Pitman Bay Road
313Pleasant Avenue
314Pond Crescent
315Pontiac Drive
316Prices Point Road
317Princess Street
318Proudfoot Road
319Queen Street
322Ravenscliffe Road
323Ravenscliffe Road
324Ravensglen Crescent
325Ravensglen Drive
326Renwick Drive
327Rice Lane
328Rice Road
329Ridge Cove Driveway
330Ripple & Pallett Lake Road
331Ripple Lane
332River Cove Drive
333River Street
334River Valley Drive
335Riverlea Road
336Riverside Drive
337Riverview Crescent
338Robert Road West
339Rockhaven Road
340Rogers Cove Drive
341Rogers Road
342Rose Lake Road
343Ross Road
344Rowan Road
345Rowanwood Heights
346Rowanwood Lane
347Rowanwood Road
348Rusnick Road
349Sabrina Park Drive
350Sallys Lane
351Sam English Road
352Scott Street
353Scotts Point Road
354Sharon Drive
355Shaw Crescent
356Shay Road
357Shellwood Shores
358Shoemaker Lane
359Silver Oaks Crescent
360Silver Street
361Silverdale Drive
362Silverwood Drive
363Sinclair Road
364Skyhills Road
365Skyline Drive
366Slalom Drive
367South Bay Lane
368South Court
369South Drive
370South Dufferin Street
371South Fairy Lake Road
372South Lancelot Road
373South Lancelot Road
374South Mary Lake Road
375South Mary Lake Road
376South Portage Road
377South Portage Road
378South Waseosa Lake Road
379Southdale Drive
380Spring Creek Lane
381Springfield Road
382Spruce Drive
383Spruce Glen Drive
384Stahls Road
385Station Road
386Stebco Street
387Stephenson 1 Road East
388Stephenson 1 Road East
389Stephenson 12 Road East
390Stephenson 12 Road West
391Stephenson 2 Road East
392Stephenson 2 Road East
393Stephenson 2 Road West
394Stephenson 2 Road West
395Stephenson 4 Road West
396Stephenson 7 Road East
397Stephenson 7 Road West
398Stephenson 8 Road East
399Stephenson 8 Road West
400Stisted Landfill Road
401Sugar Maple Lane
402Summit Drive
403Sunrise Road
404Susan Street East
405Susan Street West
406Swallowdale Road
407Tait Street
408Tall Pine Road
409Tambrook Lane
410Thomas Crescent
411Thoms Bay Road North
412Thoms Bay Road South
413Timber Bay Road
414Timber Crescent
415Timber Trail South
416Tipper Lane
417Tower Road
418Townline Logging
419Townline Road East
420Townline Road West
421Trillium Point Road
422Tucker Lake Road
423Turnbull Lane
424Valley Road
425Vernon Lane
426Vernon Shores Avenue
427Vernon Shores Boulevard
428Village Hill Road
429Walkers Road
430Walpole Street
431Walter Street
432Watson Lane
433West Browns Road
434West Browns Road
435West Court
436West Elliott Street
437West Fox Lake Road
438West Point Sands
439West Road
440West Street North
441West Street South
442West Waseosa Lake Road
443White Birch Lane
444White House Road
445Williams Street
446Williamsport Road
447Wilmott Street
448Wilson Drive
449Winona Drive
450Wolf Paw Road
451Woodland Drive
452Woods Street
453Yearley Road
454Yearley Road
455Yearley Road
456Yearly Community Centre Road
457Yonge Street North
458Yonge Street South

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)