List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Innisfil, Ontario
#Street Name
110th Line
210th Line
310th Line
410th Line
511th Line
613th Line
714th Line
814th Line
914th Line
1014th Line
1114th Line
1215th Line
1315th Line
142nd Line
152nd Line
162nd Line
172nd Line
183rd Line
193rd Line
203rd Line
213rd Line
224th Line
234th Line
244th Line
255th Line
265th Line
275th Line
286th Line
296th Line
306th Line
316th Line
327th Line
337th Line
347th Line
357th Line
367th Line
379th Line
389th Line
399th Line
409th Line
419th Line
42Acres Street
43Adams Road
44Adullam Avenue
45Agnes Street
46Albert Street
47Alberta Avenue
48Alcina Avenue
49Alderly Avenue
50Alderslea Crescent
51Alfred Street
52Algoma Avenue
53Algonquin Avenue
54Allan Street
55Amanda Court
56Andrade Lane
57Angus Street
58Anna Maria Avenue
59Annecca Street
60Applewood Avenue
61Ardill Street
62Arnold Street
63Arthur Place
64Ashley Court
65Ashwood Avenue
66Aspen Court
67Aspen Street
68Balmoral Street
69Balsam Road
70Barrie Street
71Barry Avenue
72Bassingthwaite Court
73Batters Loop
74Bayfront Place
75Bayshore Road
76Bayview Avenue
77Beach Avenue
78Beach Road
79Beachcomber Place
80Bear Point Place
81Belle Aire Beach Road
82Belle Isle Arm
83Bells Lane
84Benson Street
85Big Bay Point Road
86Big Bay Point Road
87Birch Court
88Birch Road
89Birchlea Drive
90Blackwoods Avenue
91Bonavista Arm
92Bonsecour Crescent
93Booth Avenue
94Botwood Court
95Bowman Street
96Breard Street
97Briarwood Place
98Bridle Path
99Broadway Avenue
100Buchanan Street
101Burton Drive
102Button Place
103Cairns Gate
104Cameron Street
105Campus Place
106Candaras Street
107Carmans Cove
108Carniola Drive
109Carson Avenue
110Cedar Court
111Cedar Grove
112Cedar Grove Avenue
113Cedar Path
114Cedar Point Place
115Cedarvale Drive
116Celeste Street
117Central Avenue
118Centre Avenue
119Centre Road
120Centre Street
121Ceresino Crescent
122Chalmers Crescent
123Chandos Avenue
124Chantler Street
125Chapman Street
126Cherrywood Lane
127Chestnut Court
128Chestnut Street
129Christie Street
130Church Drive
131Church Street
132Clarkesville Street
133Claver Avenue
134Clifford Court
135Clifton Boulevard
136Cloverhill Crescent
137Coleman Court
138Come By Chance
139Comforts Cove
140Commerce Gate
141Commerce Park Drive
142Cook Avenue
143Cook Street
144Corm Street
145Corner Avenue
146Corner Brook Trail
147Corrie Street
148County Road 27
149County Road 89
150Cove Avenue
151Cowan Avenue
152Craig Road
153Crescent Harbour Road
154Crescent Road
155Cross Street
156Crystal Beach Road
157Cumberland Street
158Cynthia Court
159Dalkab Crescent
160Degrassi Cove Place
161Degrassi Place
162Della Street
163Dempsey Street
164Dempster Avenue
165Dixon Road
166Dogwood Court
167Doral Drive
168Douglas Avenue
169Dufferin Street
170Earl Street
171East John Street
172East Street
173Eastern Avenue
174Edgar Street
175Edgewood Avenue
176Edith Drive
177Edna Street
178Edward Street
179Elizabeth Avenue
180Elizabeth Street
181Elm Court
182Elm Road
183Elmwood Court
184Emerald Court
185Emily Street
186Emilys Place
187Empress Lane
188Erl Place
189Essa Road
190Evans Place
191Evelyn Street
192Everton Drive
193Ewart Street
194Exploits Arm
195Fairbirch Court
196Fairway Boulevard
197Fairway Road
198Fennell Drive
199Ferguson Street
200Fern Road
201Ferrier Avenue
202Fir Court
203Fisher Lane
204Fleming Boulevard
205Flora Court
206Flora Drive
207Florence Road
208Forest Street
209Forest Valley Drive
210Fox Hill Street
211Frederick Street
212Front Street
213Froud Street
214Gander Cove
215Garden Avenue
216Gardner Place
217Garibaldi Street
218George Street
219Gilford Road
220Gilford Road
221Gilford Road
222Gilmore Avenue
223Gimby Crescent
224Gina Street
225Glazebrook Place
226Glen Cedar Crescent
227Glen Kerr Drive
228Glenhaven Beach Road
229Glenn Avenue
230Goldie Street
231Golfview Drive
232Gooch Park Drive
233Goodfellow Avenue
234Gordon Street
235Goshen Road
236Grand Vista Court
237Green Glade Court
238Greenwood Court
239Griggs Road
240Grove Place
241Guest Road
242Hamilton Street
243Happy Vale Drive
244Harbour Street
245Hartley Road
246Hastings Avenue
247Hawthorne Drive
248Hazels Gate
249Hearts Content
250Helen Street
251Henderson Drive
252Heritage Road
253Hewson Street
254Hickory Court
255Highway 400
256Highway 89
257Highway 89
258Hill Street
259Holiday Way
260Honeysuckle Lane
261Houston Avenue
262Hughes Drive
263Hunter Street
264Huron Court
265Industrial Park Road
266Inglewood Drive
267Innisbrook Street
268Innisfil Beach Road
269Innisfil Beach Road
270Innisfil Beach Road
271Innisfil Beach Road
272Innisfil Heights Crescent
273Innisfree Place
274Inniswood Street
275Ireton Street
276Ironwood Court
277Irwin Street
278Isabella Street
279Jack Crescent
280James Street
281Jane Street
282Jans Boulevard
283John Avenue
284John Drive
285John Street
286Joseph Street
287Juniper Court
288Kale Drive
289Kate Avenue
290Kathryn Road
291Kell Street
292Kelly Street
293Kennedy Road
294Kensington Street
295Kidds Lane
296Kildare Avenue
297Killarney Beach Road
298Killarney Beach Road
299Kimberley Street
300King Street North
301King Street South
302Ladywood Way
303Lakelands Avenue
304Lakeshore Boulevard
305Lakeside Drive
306Lakeview Road
307Lamstone Street
308Larch Street
309Laurand Street
310Lawrence Avenue
311Lea Road
312Lebanon Drive
313Leonard Street
314Leslie Drive
315Liah Lane
316Lilac Court
317Lilac Drive
318Lillian Street
319Limerick Street
320Linda Street
321Linden Lane
322Linden Street
323Lindy Lane
324Little Cedar Avenue
325Lloyd Street
326Lockhart Road
327Lockhart Road
328Lockhart Road
329Locust Hill Court
330Locust Hill Drive
331Longwood Road
332Lorne Avenue
333Lowrie Street
334Lynn Street
335Maclean Street
336Macnaughton Drive
337Main Street
338Mall Square
339Maple Court
340Maple Grove Drive
341Maple Grove Road
342Maple Leaf Terrace
343Maple Road
344Maple Way
345Mapleview Drive
346Mapleview Drive East
347Maplewood Drive
348Margs Lane
349Marine Drive
350Martha Street
351Martin Crescent
352Mary Lou Street
353Mason Drive
354May Street
355Mayes Avenue
356Mccormick Gate
357Mckay Street
358Mckee Court
359Mcmurrich Place
360Meadowland Street
361Merrett Street
362Mildred Avenue
363Mill Street
364Miller Place
365Mimosa Crescent
366Mimosa Drive
367Minnetonka Road
368Mitchell Court
370Mountbatten Avenue
371Moyer Avenue
372Mulberry Court
373Muriel Street
374Murray Boulevard
375Nantyr Drive
376Nature Trail Court
377Nature Trail Road
378Nectarine Court
379Neilly Road
380Nelson Crescent
381Nesbitt Road
382Nettles Cove
383Nevils Street
384Newholme Circle
388Norris Arm
389North Gate
390North Shore Drive
391Northern Avenue
392Oak Court
393Oak Street
394Oakwood Road
395Old Highway 11
396Orchard Avenue
397Oriole Crescent
398Osbond Road
399Park Lane
400Park Place
401Park Road
402Parkside Crescent
403Parkview Drive
404Parkview Ridge
405Parkway Drive
406Perniegie Crescent
407Pine Avenue
408Pine Hill Court
409Pine Rock Avenue
410Pinecrest Circle
411Pinegrove Avenue
412Pitt Street
413Pleasantview Place
414Plum Drive
415Point Place
416Poplar Court
417Poplar Drive
418Poplar Road
419Primrose Lane
420Prince Court
421Purvis Street
422Quantz Crescent
423Quarry Drive
424Queen Street
425Ralph Street
427Rankin Way
428Raynor Court
429Recreation Drive
430Redwood Court
431Reid Avenue
432Reid Street
433Reive Boulevard
434Richard Street
435Richardson Street
436Richview Road
437Riverview Circle
438Roberts Road
439Robertson Crescent
440Robinson Place
441Robinson Street
442Rockaway Beach Place
443Rogers Place
444Romina Court
445Rose Lane
446Rosemary Lane
447Rosewood Court
448Roslyn Avenue
449Royal Oak Drive
450Ruffet Street
451Ruth Road
452Saint Johns Road
453Saint Paul Road
454Saint Pauls Crescent
455Salem Road
456Salem Road
457Sandy Cove Drive
458Sandy Trail
459Saunders Street
460Scythes Street
461Selby Street
462Shadylane Place
463Sheppards Trail
464Shering Crescent
465Shore Acres Drive
466Shoreview Drive
467Sideroad 10
468Sideroad 20
469Sideroad 25
470Sideroad 30
471Sideroad 5
472Silver Birch Drive
473Simcoe Boulevard
474Sloan Circle Drive
475Small Street
476Smith Avenue
477Somers Boulevard
478Somers Street
479South Boulevard
480South Porcupine Avenue
481South Sandycove Place
482South Street
483Southview Avenue
484Spooners Road
485Spring Street
486Sproule Street
487Spruce Court
488Spruce Road
489Squire Street
490Stonegate Place
491Stoney Point Road
492Strathallan Woods Lane North
493Strathallan Woods Lane South
494Strathallan Woods Place
495Summer Place
496Sunnybrae Avenue
497Sunnypoint Drive
498Sunset Cove
499Sunset Crescent
500Sunset Drive
501Sussex Place
502Swan Street
503Sylvan Avenue
504Sylvester Street
505Taggart Court
506Tall Tree Lane
507Tamarack Court
508Taylor Street
509Taylorwoods Boulevard
510Temple Avenue
511Terra Nova Arm
512Thomas Drive
513Thomas Street
514Thompson Street
515Tijou Woods Place
516Timber Trail Place
517Timmins Avenue
518Tonia Gate
519Trefoil Drive
520Trillium Place
521Trinity Street
522Trombley Street
523Valley View Drive
524Vance Crescent
525Vernor Drive
526Vicrol Drive
527Victoria Street
528Victoria Street East
529Victoria Street West
530Vincent Crescent
531Wallace Avenue
532Walnut Court
533Walter Street
534Wards Lane
535Warnica Avenue
536Warrington Way
537Webb Street
538Webster Boulevard
539Weeping Willow Court
540Weeping Willow Drive
541Wellington Street
542Wesley Street
543West Lane
544West Street
545Western Avenue
546Westminister Street
547Westmount Avenue
548Whitecap Drive
549Wildwood Place
550Wilkinson Street
551Willard Avenue
552William Drive
553William Street
554Willow Avenue
555Willow Landing
556Willow Street
557Willowdale Beach
558Wilson Place
559Wilson Street
560Windsor Street
561Wingrove Avenue
562Winnifred Court
563Wisker Avenue
564Wood Street
565Woodfield Road
566Woodgreen Avenue
567Woodlands Avenue
568Yew Court
569Yonge Street
570Yonge Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)