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List of Street Maps in Town of Iroquois Falls, Ontario
#Street Name
1A Avenue
2Academy Street
3Alice Place
4Alphonse Street
5Ambridge Drive
6Ames Avenue
7Anson Drive
8Argyle Avenue
9Aurora Street
10Balsam Street
11Beatrice Street
12Berlinghoff Road
13Besaw Road
14Big Neillie Lake Road
15Biglow Road
16Black River Road
17Boyd Road
18Brousseau Road
19Buckingham Avenue
20Calvert Street
21Cambridge Avenue
22Cameron Avenue
23Camp Bickell Road
24Campion Street
25Cedar Avenue
26Cemetery Road
27Centennial Street
28Charles Street
29Church Street
30Circle Place
31Clarks Road
32Connaught Street
33Cosens Road
34Critchley Avenue
35De Maricourt Avenue
36De Troyes Avenue
37Devonshire Avenue
38Diberville Avenue
39Douglas Road
40Driftwood Lane
41Drury Lane
42Edgewater Road
43Edward Street
44Elm Street
45Essex Avenue
46Evelyn Street
47Fyfe Avenue
48Gauthier Street
49Genest Road
50Goldland Cemetery Road
51Griggs Avenue
52Grosvenor Avenue
53Helena Street
54Henry Street
55Hi Way Beach Road
56Highway 11
57Highway 11
58Highway 11
59Highway 11 And 67
60Highway 626
61Highway 626
62Highway 67
63Highway 67
64Highway 67
65Highway 67
66Hillcrest Road
67Hillside Street
68Hoffman Avenue
69Hopkins Road
70Jacobs Hill Road
71Jacobs Hill Road
72Jacobs Hill Road
73James Street
74Johnson Road
75Kelso Road
76King Street
77King Street
78Lansdell Road
79Lapalme Street
80Laurier Avenue
81Lauzon Road
82Leroux Avenue
83Main Street
84Majalahi Road
85Majestic Street
86Marion Street
87Mary Street
88Mills Avenue
89Mistango Street
90Moffat Road
91Mons Street
92Monteith Road
93Montrock Street
94Morgan Pit Road
95Morgan Pit Road
96New Circle Place
97Nicholls Road
106Northwest Industrial Road
107Nosov Drive
108Ofrank Road
109Ofrank Road
110Oil Tank Road
111Oil Tank Road
112Omara Drive
113Onagon Road
114Paradis Street
115Park Avenue
116Park Street
117Pearl Avenue
118Pedskainy Road
119Piccadilly Circle
120Pipeline Road
121Plummer Road
122Poplar Crescent
123Poplar Place
124Purdy Road
125Queen Street
126Radio Street
127Railway Street
129Redmond Avenue
130Rese Road
131Reynolds Street
132Rice Lake Road
133Rice Lake Road
134Scott Street
135Sheridan Avenue
136Smith Street
137Spruce Street
138Ste Helene Avenue
139Sunset Bay Road
140Sybil Street
141Synagogue Avenue
142Tamarack Street
143Teefy Street
144Tomko Lane
145Union Street
146Vanier Road
147Victoria Road
148Walker 2 Road
149West Circle Place
150Wilson Lake Road
151Windigo Drive
152Windigo Street
153Wings Road
154Zealand Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)