List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Kapuskasing, Ontario
#Street Name
1Abbot Street
2Airport Place
3Albany Street
4Albert Street
5Algonquin Street
6Anderson Street
7Ash Street
8Aurora Avenue
9Avenue Road
10Ballantyne Road
11Balsam Avenue
12Birch Street
13Bonnieview Road
14Borden Avenue
15Bouldier Street
16Bowman Avenue
17Brock Crescent
18Brown Crescent
19Brunelle Road North
20Brunelle Road South
21Brunetville Road
22Byng Avenue
23Cabot Street
24Cain Avenue
25Cargill Road
26Caron Avenue
27Cartier Avenue
28Cedar Street
29Centennial Court
30Champlain Crescent
31Cherry Avenue
32Circle Street
33Citi Des Jeunes Boulevard
34Clark Street
35Clear Lake Road North
36Clear Lake Road South
37Cloutier Place
38Corona Avenue
39Cournoyer Street
40Dallyn Avenue
41De L'etang Boulevard
42Devonshire Street
43Dominion Avenue
44Don Street
45Downs Avenue
46Drury Street
47Egerton Street
48Elm Street
49Empire Avenue
50Erickson Avenue
51Erie Street
52Federal Road
53Fowler Drive
54Frontenac Crescent
55Godin Street
56Golf Avenue
57Gough Road
58Gough Road
59Government Road
60Government Road
61Gurney Road
62Gurney Road
63Hall Avenue
64Hanlan Road
65Harry Road
66Hazel Street
67Hemlock Street
68Henderson Avenue
69Highway 11
70Highway 11
71Hill Street
72Hudson Place
73Huron Street
74Kennedy Avenue
75Kent Place
76Kimberley Drive
77Kimberly Drive
78King Street
79Kolb Avenue
80Lang Avenue
81Lasalle Avenue
82Laurier Crescent
83Lemarier Street
84Macdonald Street
85Maple Drive
86Marquette Crescent
87Mateev Avenue
88Mcpherson Avenue
89Migneault Avenue
90Mill Street
91Millview Road
92Mitchell Road
93Montcalm Avenue
94Montgomery Avenue
95Mundy Avenue
96Murdock Street
97Murray Street
98Nipigon Avenue
102North Street
103Oak Street
104Obrien Avenue
105Olive Road
106Ontario Avenue
107Ottawa Street
108Owens Road South
109Park Crescent
110Pine Crescent
111Poplar Crescent
112Progress Crescent
113Queen Street
114Radisson Crescent
115Richmond Avenue
116Riverside Drive
117Seaborne Crescent
118Sheppard Street
119Sinai Road
120Smokey Line
121Sofija Place
122Spruce Street
123St Clair Avenue
124St Lawrence Avenue
125St Patrick Street
126Stewart Avenue
127Summers Avenue
128Superior Street
129Sussex Place
130Swanson Road
131Swanson Road
132Thibeault Street
133Thompson Road
134Tremblay Street
135Vanier Street
136Victoria Street
137West Access Road
138Willow Street
139Winnipeg Street
140Wolfe Street
141Woods Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)