List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Newmarket, Ontario
#Street Name
12nd Street
23 Seasons Drive
3Adam Place
4Aggers Street
5Ainsworth Drive
6Alex Doner Drive
7Alexander Road
8Alfred Court
9Alfred Smith Way
10Allan Avenue
11Amberlee Court
12Amelia Street
13Andrew Street
14Arden Avenue
15Armitage Drive
16Arnold Crescent
17Art West Avenue
18Arthur Street
19Asa Street
20Ash Drive
21Ashley Place
22Ashton Road
23Ashworth Drive
24Aspenwood Drive
25Astor Drive
26Ataire Road
27Aubrey Court
28Austinpaul Drive
29Avenue Road
30Ballard Crescent
31Banbrooke Crescent
32Banksia Court
33Barbara Road
34Bartholomew Drive
35Bathurst Street
36Bayley Court
37Bayview Avenue
38Bayview Parkway
39Beare Trail
40Beechwood Crescent
41Belfry Drive
42Beman Drive
43Bergin Road
44Bert Budd Avenue
45Best Circle
46Beswick Drive
47Bexhill Road
48Billings Crescent
49Binns Avenue
50Birchwood Drive
51Blackstock Road
52Bogart Avenue
53Bogart Mill Trail
54Bogartown Curve
55Bolton Avenue
56Bondi Avenue
57Bonshaw Avenue
58Boothbay Crescent
59Borden Avenue
60Borland Court
61Boronia Crescent
62Bosworth Court
63Botany Hill Crescent
64Bothwell Crescent
65Botsford Street
66Brammar Street
67Brandy Lane Way
68Bray Circle
69Brickell Place
70Brimson Drive
71Bristol Road
72Brooker Ridge
73Brooks Howard Court
74Brookstone Place
75Broughton Lane
76Brunton Place
77Buckingham Road
78Bulmer Crescent
79Burford Street
80Burgess Crescent
81Burling Place
82Caldwell Street
83Calgain Road
84Cane Parkway
85Caradonna Crescent
86Carberry Street
87Cardinal Crescent
88Caribou Valley Circle
89Carlisle Street
90Carlissa Run
91Carlson Drive
92Carol Avenue
93Carr Circle
94Carruthers Avenue
95Cassie Road
96Cawthra Boulevard
97Cedar Street
98Cedarwood Avenue
99Chaleur Place
100Chambers Crescent
101Charles Street
102Charlotte Street North
103Charlotte Street South
104Cherrywood Drive
105Cheryl Mews Boulevard
106Chester Avenue
107Chilcott Crescent
108Church Street
109Civic Drive
110Clancey Crescent
111Clearmeadow Boulevard
112Clematis Road
113Cliff Gunn Road
114Cloverdale Court
115Coachwhip Trail
116Cody Crescent
117Coleridge Drive
118College Manor Drive
119College Street
120Colter Street
121Columbia Court
122Columbus Way
123Comfort Lane
124Concession Road 2
125Concession Street
126Cotter Street
127Court Street
128Coventry Hill Trail
129Creebridge Crescent
130Creekfront Way
131Crescent Road
132Cresta Rider Place
133Crone Court
134Crossland Gate
135Crowder Boulevard
136Crowther Drive
137Culler Mews
138Currey Crescent
139Dales Avenue
140Damascus Court
141Darcy Street
142Darlington Crescent
143Davis Drive
144Davis Drive
145Davis Drive West
146Dawson Manor Boulevard
147Dean Burton Way
148Deerfield Road
149Denise Circle
150Denne Boulevard
151Dennie Avenue
152Derby Court
153Devanjan Circle
154Dillman Avenue
155Dixon Boulevard
156Don Mor Drive
157Donald Court
158Donlin Avenue
159Donmark Avenue
160Dorchester Court
161Dorchester Street
162Doris Crescent
163Doubletree Lane
164Dover Crescent
165Dowson Loop
166Doyle Court
167Druery Court
168Durham Court
169Dutch Elliott Court
170Eagle Street
171Eagle Street West
172Easthill Court
173Eastman Crescent
174Eden Court
175Edward Street
176Elgin Street
177Ella Court
178Ellen Street
179Elm Street
180Elman Crescent
181Emerson Way
182Erin Trail
183Eves Court
184Exceller Circle
185Exeter Court
186Fadine Road
187Fairway Gardens
188Far North Circle
189Fernbank Road
190Ferndale Crescent
191Filiberto Place
192Firth Court
193Flagstone Way
194Flanagan Court
195Ford Wilson Boulevard
196Forest Glen Road
197Forhan Avenue
198Forsyth Road
199Foxcroft Boulevard
200Foxtail Ridge
201Franklin Street
202Fred Evans Court
203Fred Hagan Court
204Gagnon Place
205Gail Park Crescent
206Gaston Place
207Geer Terrace
208George Street
209Gibney Crescent
210Gibson Court
211Gilpin Drive
212Gladman Avenue
213Glenrose Road
214Glenway Circle
215Glover Lane
216Goldsmith Crescent
217Goodyear Crescent
218Gorham Street
219Grace Street
220Granby Place
221Grant Blight Crescent
222Greenfield Crescent
223Greig Circle
224Groves Terrace
225Gwillimbury Road
226Haines Road
227Hamilton Drive
228Hamilton Street
229Hampton Court
230Handley Crescent
231Harewood Boulevard
232Harrison Drive
233Harry Beer Court
234Harry Walker Parkway
235Harry Walker Parkway South
236Hartford Crescent
237Hazelwood Drive
238Heddle Crescent
239Helmer Street
240Heman Street
241Herbcain Avenue
242Herridge Circle
243Hewitt Circle
244Hibiscus Court
245Highland Avenue
246Highland Blade Road
247Highway 404
248Hill Gate
249Hill Street
250Hillview Drive
251Hilton Boulevard
252Hodgson Drive
253Holgate Circle
254Hollander Road
255Hope Circle
256Howard Road
257Howlett Avenue
258Huron Heights Drive
259Hutchcroft Court
260Inniscarra Gate
261Irwin Crescent
262Isaac Phillips Way
263Ivsbridge Boulevard
264Jacarandah Drive
265Jack Rettie Court
266Jackson Court
267James Avenue
268James Street
269Jane Street
270Janette Street
271Jeff Smith Court
272Jefferson Street
273Jelley Avenue
274Joe Persechini Drive
275John Bowser Crescent
276John Street
277Jordanray Boulevard
278Joseph Street
279Journeys End Circle
280Julia Court
281Kalinda Road
282Karl Rose Trail
283Kathryn Crescent
284Keffer Circle
285Keith Avenue
286Kelly Crescent
287Kemp Road
288Ken Bishop Way
289Kensit Avenue
290Kent Drive
291Kerrisdale Boulevard
292Kingdale Road
293Kingsmere Avenue
294Kingston Road
295Kinrara Court
296Kirby Crescent
297Knapton Drive
298Krista Court
299Kwapis Boulevard
300Lambeth Court
301Lancaster Avenue
302Landresse Court
303Laurelwood Gate
304Lavas Road
305Leeder Court
306Legge Court
307Legion Avenue
308Legresley Lane
309Lemar Road
310Leslie Street
311Leslie Valley Drive
312Lewis Drive
313Lexus Court
314Limpert Terrace
315Lindsay Avenue
316Little Court
317Liverpool Road
318Lloyd Avenue
319Lockwood Circle
320London Road
321Londry Court
322Longford Drive
323Lorne Avenue
324Lowe Boulevard
325Lowell Avenue
326Luesby Lane
327Lumsden Drive
328Lundys Lane
329Lydia Street
330Lyman Boulevard
331Macedonia Court
332Maciver Boulevard
333Macnab Gate
334Madeline Heights
335Mae Brooks Drive
336Magnolia Avenue
337Main Street North
338Main Street South
339Malton Road
340Malvern Crescent
341Manchester Drive
342Manning Crescent
343Mantopic Road
344Maple Hill Court
345Maple Street
346Marble Place
347Mariner Lane
348Market Square
349Marlin Court
350Marsden Court
351Mary Street
352Mathew Boyd Crescent
353Mathews Court
354Maurice Court
355Mcbean Avenue
356Mcbride Crescent
357Mccaffrey Road
358Mccauley Court
359Mcconnell Lane
360Mcintyre Court
361Mckinnon Court
362Mclaren Street
363Meadow Lane
364Meadowbank Road
365Meegan Court
366Memorial Gardens Drive
367Menzcel Crescent
368Millard Avenue
369Millard Avenue West
370Monkswood Crescent
371Morley Cook Crescent
372Mossbank Court
373Mountview Place
374Mulock Court
375Mulock Drive
376Mulock Drive
377Muriel Avenue
378Mynden Way
379Narinia Crescent
380Needler Crescent
381Nellie Little Crescent
382Nelson Circle
383Nesbitt Road
384Newbury Drive
385Newpark Boulevard
386Newton Street
387Niagara Street
388Nicholson Road
391Norsan Court
392Northern Prospect Crescent
393Norwick Road
394Oak Street
395Oaktree Crescent
396Oakwood Court
397Old Main Street
398On Bogart Circle
399Ontario Street
400Orchid Gardens
401Orsi Drive
402Osborne Family Way
403Osler Court
404Osmond Crescent
405Otton Road
406Pam Crescent
407Park Avenue
408Park Court
409Parkside Drive
410Parkview Crescent
411Parnham Avenue
412Patterson Street
413Patti Mcculloch Way
414Paxton Crescent
415Pearson Street
416Peevers Crescent
417Pelletier Court
418Pembridge Court
419Penn Avenue
420Penn Avenue East
421Penrose Street
422Perrin Avenue
423Peter Hall Drive
424Peterwood Court
425Petheram Place
426Pickering Crescent
427Pinder Avenue
428Pine Street
429Plantation Gate
430Playter Crescent
431Pleasantview Avenue
432Plymouth Trail
433Ponting Place
434Pony Drive
435Poppy Lane
436Portland Crescent
437Portminster Court
438Premier Place
439Priddle Road
440Primrose Lane
441Pritchard Place
442Prospect Street
443Pucks Place
444Quaker Trail
445Quantra Crescent
446Queen Street
447Queens Crescent
448Queens Lane
449Raglan Street
450Ralston Crescent
452Rannie Road
453Ray Snow Boulevard
454Reading Place
455Red Deer Street
456Red River Crescent
457Renzius Court
458Revell Road
459Rhodes Circle
460Richard Avenue
461Riddell Court
462Ringwell Drive
463Ritas Avenue
464Roadhouse Boulevard
465Robellino Court
466Robertson Place
467Robin Court
468Robinson Drive
469Rockway Court
470Roeder Court
471Rogers Road
472Ross Patrick Crescent
473Rourke Place
474Roxborough Road
475Roywood Crescent
476Rushbrook Drive
477Rutledge Avenue
478Rye Crescent
479Salisbury Lane
480Sandford Street
481Savage Road
482Sawmill Valley Drive
483Schaeffer Outlook
484Scott Avenue
485Secretariate Road
486Selby Crescent
487Seneca Court
488Septonne Avenue
489Shadrach Drive
490Shanahan Boulevard
491Sheffield Street
492Sheldon Avenue
493Sheridan Court
494Sherman Brock Circle
495Sherwood Place
496Shoniker Drive
497Silen Laumann Drive
498Silken Laumann Drive
499Silverbirch Drive
500Simcoe Street
501Simpson Road
502Sir Ivor Court
503Sisler Avenue
504Skelton Street
505Skinner Avenue
506Slingerland Circle
507Society Crescent
508Southwind Court
509Sparrow Road
510Spillette Court
511Spruce Grove Crescent
512Srigley Street
513Stafford Place
514Stanley Street
515Stellar Drive
516Stellick Avenue
517Steven Court
518Stewart Avenue
519Stickwood Court
520Stiver Drive
521Stonehaven Avenue
522Sunnypoint Drive
523Superior Street
524Surgeoner Crescent
525Surin Court
526Sutherland Avenue
527Sydor Court
528Sykes Road
529Talbot Crescent
530Tallantine Place
531Tecumseth Street
532Tegal Place
533Terry Drive
534Thoms Crescent
535Thornwillow Court
536Timothy Street
537Tom Taylor Crescent
538Towercrest Drive
539Trailhead Avenue
540Traviss Drive
541Tugwell Place
542Twinney Drive
543United Circle
544Upper Canada Road
545Vale Avenue
546Valley Green Trail
547Vanden Bergh Boulevard
548Veale Place
549Vernon Place
550Veterans Way
551Vice Regent Place
552Victoria Street
553Vincent Street
554Vivian Road
555Wainscot Avenue
556Wakefield Place
557Walpole Crescent
558Walsh Court
559Walter Avenue
560Waratah Avenue
561Warby Trail
562Warner Crescent
563Warwick Crescent
564Water Street
565Watson Avenue
566Wayne Drive
567Webb Court
568Weddel Court
569Wellington Street
570Wesley Street
571Widdifield Avenue
572Wildrush Place
573Wildwood Drive
574William Booth Avenue
575William Curtis Circle
576William Roe Boulevard
577William Street
578Williamson Family Hollow
579Willow Lane
580Willowick Drive
581Wilstead Drive
582Wimbleton Court
583Winkworth Court
584Wood Duck Lane
585Woodbury Crescent
586Woodfern Way
587Woodhaven Court
588Woodland Court
589Woodland Hills Boulevard
590Woodmount Place
591Woodpark Place
592Woodspring Avenue
593Yonge Street
594Yorkshire Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)