List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Ontario
#Street Name
110 Mile Point Road South
210 Mile Point Road West
3Alberts Street
4Batmans Road
5Bay Estates Road
6Bay Estates Road North
7Bay Estates Road South
8Bay Street
9Bay Village Road
10Bayshore Road East
11Bayshore Road West
12Bayshores Road
13Bidwell Road
14Bidwell Road
15Blake Street
16Boozeneck Road
17Campbell Street
18Cedar Cove
19Channelview Road
20Cherry Street
21Cockburn Street
22Columbas Mountain Road
23Cosby Subdivision Road
24Darius Sideroad
25David Street
26Demmys Road
27Dons Road
28Draper Street
29Dunlop Street
30Dupont Street
31Echo Lane
32Fenwick Street
33Fergusons Road
34Ge Te Milkan
35Glen Street
36Green Bay Road
37Green Bay Road
38Green Bush Road
39Green Bush Road
40Green Bush Road
41Green Bush Road
42Harbourview Road
43Hardbargain Road
44Hayward Street
45Highway 540
46Highway 540
47Highway 540
48Highway 540
49Highway 540
50Highway 6
51Highway 6
52Highway 6
53Hill Street
54Honora Bay Road
55Honora Lakeshore Road
56Indian Mountain Road
57Indian Mountain Road
58Ironside Street
59Jules Lane
60Lake Road
61Lime Kiln Road
62Limit Street
63Loon Trail
64Lucan Point Road
65Macdougall Street
66Manitou Haven Trail
67Manitowaning Road
68Mcgregor Street
69Mcleans Mountain Road
70Meredith Street
71Mikwa Milkan
72Mill Street
73Morphets Sideroad
74Newbys Sideroad
75Ngokan Milkan
76Nimkibak Milkan
83North Channel Drive
84Ogemah Milkan
85Old Barn Road
86Old Highway 6
87Orrs Sideroad
88Park Street
89Pike Lake Road
90Red Lodge Road
91Red Mill Road
92Robert Street
93Robinson Street
94Rockville Road
95Rosewood Lane
96Russell Street
97Shadow Crescent
98Shaftesbury Street
99Sideroad Burnetts
100Sideroad Gaidas
101Sideroad Windovers
102Sims Street
103Sprys Lane
104Sydenham Street
105Tamarack Lane
106Tekumah Street
107Tower Road
108Townline Road
109Townline Road
110Townline Road East
111Trotters Sideroad
112Turner Lane
113Vankoughnet Street
114Vankoughnet Street East
115Waab Gii Gii Milkan
116Wabond Road
117Walcot Street
118Water Street
119Whites Point Road
120Wilson Street
121Worthington Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)