List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Parry Sound, Ontario
#Street Name
1Addie Street
2Adelaide Street
3Albert Street
4Almonte Street
5Annie Street
6Ansley Street
7Armstrong Street
8Ashwood Drive
9Avenue Road
10Avery Court
11Bay Street
12Baycrest Drive
13Bayview Road
14Beatty Street
15Beaver Street
16Beechwood Drive
17Belvedere Avenue
18Birch Avenue
19Booth Street
20Bowes Street
21Brenda Avenue
22Burd Street
23Burritt Street
24Carol Court
25Cascade Street
26Cedar Street
27Champaigne Street
28Cherry Street
29Chestnut Drive
30Church Lane
31Church Street
32Claude Street
33Dennis Drive
34Edward Street
35Elizabeth Court
36Emily Street
37Ethel Street
38Forest Street
39Foster Avenue
40George Street
41Georgian Bay Avenue
42Georgina Street
43Gibson Street
44Ginnie Street
45Glen Avenue
46Great North Road
47Greenwood Crescent
48Halls Quary Road
49Halls Road
50Hanna Extension Road
51Hanna Road
52Harmony Lane
53Harris Drive
54Hawthorne Crescent
55Highland Avenue
56Highview Street
57Highway 400
58Hillcrest Avenue
59Isabella Street
60James Street
61John Street
62Johnson Street
63Joseph Street
64Kate Street
65Katherine Court
66Kitchener Avenue
67Kristen Heights
68Laird Drive
69Lawrence Street
70Logans Lane
71Louisa Street
72Macfarlane Street
73Macklaim Drive
74Mall Drive
75Mann Avenue North
76Mann Avenue South
77Mapleview Drive
78Margaret Street
79Marion Avenue
80Mary Street
81May Street
82Mcmurray Street
83Mcnaughton Street
84Meadow Street
85Melissa Street
86Melvin Street
87Mill Lake Road
88Miller Street
89Nancy Crescent
91North Road
92Oak Avenue
93Oastler Park Drive
94Olive Street
95Park Lane
96Parry Sound Drive
97Parry Sound Road
98Parton Road
99Pine Drive
100Prospect Street
101Queen Street
102Railway Avenue
104Redwood Drive
105River Street
106Riverdale Road
107Rose Point Road
108Rosetta Street
109Salt Dock Road
110Seguin Street
111Smith Crescent
112Station Street
113Summit Avenue
114Sunset Avenue
115Tudhope Street
116Victoria Avenue
117Virginia Heights
118Wakefield Street
119Water Street
120Waubeek Street
121Waubuno Crescent
122Waubuno Road
123William Street
124Willow Street
125Winnifred Avenue
126Wood Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)