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List of Street Maps in Town of Pelham, Ontario
#Street Name
116 Road
216 Road
320 Road
4Alder Crescent
5Allan Crescent
6Alsop Avenue
7Arbor Circle
8Bacon Lane
9Baker Place
10Balfour Road
11Balfour Street
12Baxter Lane
13Beamer Street
14Beckett Crescent
15Beechnut Court
16Beechwood Crescent
17Berkhout Terrace
18Berkwood Place
19Bigelow Crescent
20Brady Street
21Brewerton Boulevard
22Broad Street
23Brock Street
24Brookbank Crescent
25Brookfield Court
26Bruce Wood
27Buckley Terrace
28Burton Avenue
29Canboro Road
30Canboro Road
31Canboro Road East
32Centre Street
33Chantler Road
34Chantler Road
35Cherry Ridge Boulevard
36Cherry Street
37Cherrywood Avenue
38Chestnut Street
39Church Hill
40Church Road
41Church Street
42College Street
43Comfort Court
44Concord Street
45Cream Street
46Crossing Hill Road
47Cynthia Court
48Daleview Crescent
49Daleview Drive
50Dalview Crescent
51Damude Drive
52Darby Lane
53Deborah Street
54Deer Park Crescent
55Deverardo Drive
56Dogwood Court
57Donahugh Drive
58Edward Avenue
59Effingham Road
60Effingham Street
61Elizabeth Drive
62Elm Avenue
63Emmett Street
64Evelyn Court
65Fallingbrook Drive
66Farr Street
67Fern Gate
68Forest Crescent
69Foss Road
70Foss Road
71Garner Avenue
72Giles Crescent
73Greenvale Court
74Haist Court
75Haist Street
76Hansler Road
77Highland Avenue
78Hillcrest Place
79Homestead Boulevard
80Hunters Court
81Hurricane Road
82John Street
83Karen Court
84Kathy Court
85Kerr Crescent
86Kevin Drive
87Kilman Road
88Kimberley Court
89Kinsman Court
90Kline Crescent
91Kunda Park Boulevard
92Lampman Drive
93Lawrence Lane
94Leslie Place
95Leslie Street
96Linden Avenue
97Line Avenue
98Longspur Circle
99Lookout Street
100Lorimer Street
101Luffman Drive
102Lyndhurst Avenue
103Magnolia Court
104Mansfield Drive
105Maple Street
106Marlene Stewart Drive
107Marylea Street
108Mason Drive
109Maureen Court
110Mayfair Avenue
111Mcglashan Street
112Meadowbrook Lane
113Meadowvale Drive
114Memorial Drive
115Merritt Road
116Metler Road
117Metler Road
118Metler Road
119Milburn Drive
120Millbridge Crescent
121Milliner Place
122Moore Drive
123Moote Lane
124Moyer Street
125Murdoch Road
126Mussari Court
129Nursery Lane
130Oak Lane
131Oakridge Boulevard
132Oille Street
133Orchard Hill Road
134Orchard Place
135Oreillys Road
136Overholt Road
137Pancake Lane
138Park Lane
139Park Street
140Parkdale Crescent
141Parkhill Road
142Peachtree Park
143Pelham Road
144Pelham Street North
145Pelham Street South
146Pelham Town Square
147Petronella Parkway
148Pickwick Place
149Pihach Street
150Pinecrest Court
151Port Robinson Road
152Poth Street
153Quaker Road
154Regional Road 20
155Regional Road 20
156Regional Road 20 East
157Rice Road
158River Road
159River Road
160Roland Road
161Roland Road
162Rolling Meadows Boulevard
163Saddler Street
164Sandra Drive
165Sawmill Road
166Sawmill Road
167Scottdale Court
168Shaldan Lane
169Sherri Lee Crescent
170Shoalts Drive
171Shorthill Place
172Spencer Lane
173Spring Creek Road
174Spruceside Crescent
175Staines Street
176Station Street
177Steele Drive
178Steflar Street
179Stella Street
180Stonegate Place
181Strathcona Drive
182Sulphur Spring Drive
183Sumbler Road
184Sumbler Road
185Sunset Drive
186Tanner Drive
187Terrace Heights Court
188Tice Road
189Tice Road
190Timber Creek Crescent
191Timmsdale Crescent
192Townsend Circle
193Trillium Court
194Valiant Street
195Valleyview Court
196Vera Street
197Victoria Avenue
198Victoria Road
199Vinemount Drive
200Vista Drive
201Webber Road
202Webber Road
203Welland Road
204Welland Road
205Wellington Court
206Wessel Drive
207Whitehall Gate
208Willowdale Court
209Willson Crossing
210Woodside Square
211Woodstream Boulevard

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)