List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Town of Petrolia, Ontario
#Street Name
11st Avenue
23rd Street
34th Street
45th Street
56th Street
6Albany Street
7Andrew Street
8Annie Street
9Applewood Drive
10Barretts Lane
11Blanche Street
12Bluebird Street
13Cardinal Crescent
14Catherine Street
15Centre Street
16Charlie Street
17Chestnut Street
18Country View Drive
19Derby Street
20Discovery Line
21Dufferin Avenue
22Edward Street
23Egan Avenue
24Ella Street
25Emma Street
26Emmeline Street
27England Avenue
28Ernest Street
29Eureka Street
30Evergreen Trail
31Fairway Court
32Fletcher Street
33Florence Avenue
34Gables Avenue
35Garden Crescent
36Garfield Avenue
37Gem Avenue
38Glenview Road
39Golden Gate Circle
40Greenfield Street
41Grove Street
42Hartford Street
43Hawthorne Place
44Henderson Drive
45Henry Street
46Heritage Heights Lane
47Hickory Street
48Holland Street
49Huggard Street
50Hunter Court
51Ignatiefna Street
52Jacs Court
53James Street
54Jennie Street
55Joe Street
56Juniper Crescent North
57Juniper Crescent South
58Kells Street
59Kentail Street
60Kerby Street
61Kerr Street
62King Street
63Lancey Street
64Lorne Avenue
65Maple Street
66Maude Street
67Mulberry Place
68Mutual Street
69Nelson Street
71North Street
72Northridge Place
73Oil Heritage Road
74Oil Street
75Oozloffsky Street
76Oriole Park
77Parkside Court
78Parkside Drive
79Parkside Place
80Pearl Street
81Petrolia Line
82Petrolia Line
83Pettibone Street
84Pine Crescent
85Portland Street
86Princess Street
87Progress Drive
88Queen Street
89Rail Road Street
90Redwood Court
91Robert Street
92Rosemount Drive
93Sanway Court
94School Street
95Short Street
96Stanley Street
97Station Street
98Sunset Court
99Sycamore Drive
100Tank Street
101Tom Street
102Valentina Street
103Vanderwal Drive
104Victoria Avenue
105Walnut Street
106Warren Avenue
107Wellington Street
108West Street
109Wingfield Street
110Wood Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)